tagLoving WivesSally Likes Showing It Ch. 06

Sally Likes Showing It Ch. 06


Tina and I had spent the night fucking and loving on each other and upon waking I was surprised at how good I felt. I rolled onto my side and as I looked at my naked wife lying wrapped up in Marks arms on the blanket next to Tina and me I smiled to my self at her soft good looks. I stood and slipped quietly off walking down to the shore wanting to clean up from the night of lovemaking. I was washing my hair in the cool water when I felt cool hands on my back.

“Let me wash your back.” Sally said as she took the soap from me. “You know I had no idea that any of this would happen “She said as she ran her hands over my back and down to my ass. “You ok?”

I turned and slipped into her arms as I wrapped mine around her. Looking over her shoulder I could see Mark and Tina sitting face to face on the shore and knew they must be having the same conversation.

I kissed Sally softly biting her bottom lip as I pulled back to look at her. “Yes, I’m ok. Are you?”

“Yes, yes I am.” She looked into my eyes. “You know he is the first since we have been married don’t you?”

“Yes, I knew that and it’s the same for me. I mean I haven’t cheated on you ever.” Sally’s hands worked down to my cock cupping my balls in the water. “Here’s the deal." I looked deep into her eyes.

"I don’t think could handle it if you were with any one else.” I ran my hand down her back lifting her so that she wrapped her legs around my waist mashing her bare pussy into my belly as I walked into deeper water. “I don’t know why it’s ok with Mark and Tina but it felt right last night. It might not ever happen again with them but, Sally, I couldn’t do it with any one else.”

She held herself up tight against me smashing her breasts into my chest as she kissed me. “That, my love, sounds good to me.” She pulled herself tighter. “Hold me Sam! Don’t ever let me go!”

“I won’t because I love you.” I said as I heard the other couple splashing into the water behind us.

I turned us to them as Sally slipped off of me. “Good morning! How are the two of you this morning?”

Tina smiled. “Sore.” She started to laugh. “We are ok.” She moved over to Sally and pulled her into a tight hug. I felt my cock lengthen as I watched their breasts smash into each other nipple to nipple.

I looked at Mark smiling at him as he held out his hand to me. “We have not ever done any thing like that before and, well, hell I don’t know, it just seemed right. We do hope the two of you are ok!”

“We are fine.” I smiled at him as I shook his hand in a new kind of friend ship. “Now come on we need some food and then I want to see if there are any fish in this hole!”

We spend the morning eating and fishing as the four of us talked about what had happened and where we would take it from there. Sally told Mark about her liking to show off and Tina said she thought it might be something she would like to try a little of. None of us bothered with clothes as any sign of shyness was gone between the four of us and all though there was no more sex between us as we went back to or own partners. We did do a lot of touching and feeling as the four of us just enjoying being with each other. That is how we spent the rest of the weekend.

Sally and Tina drove the boat back down the lake as Mark followed me back to the boat ramp. Both girls knew that it would be a while before Mark and I got there and had worn walking shorts and T-shirt tops over their swimsuits. I smiled as I pulled up and started to back down into the water as Sally pulled off her shirt and stood openly in her very small bikini top. It wasn’t much more than two little cloth triangles that just did cover her nipples putting her breasts on display to all the people around us.

Tina walked up to me as Sally backed the boat out so she could drive it onto the trailer. “I don’t know if I could do that.” She said.

“What? Put the boat on the trailer.”

“No silly! Walk around here in that small top with all these guy’s around!” She helped me hook the boat to the trailer. “I guess I could try if you want me to!”

“In time, that is, if Mark wants you to.”

We had been home for a few days and even though we lived next door to each other we didn’t see them at all. Sally and I were having dinner and just talking about the day when she looked at me. “Sam what did you think of Tina touching me?”

I could see it in my head as Tina slipped her tongue into Sally’s pussy. “I don’t know. What did you think about it?” I said putting the ball back in her court.

“Well, I must say it felt good. Umm, it was like with you but softer.” She looked at her hamburger. “I guess I liked it.”

“Do you want to try it again?”

“I don’t know. It has been on my mind a lot though.” She reached across the table putting her hand on top of mine. “I had not in my wildest dreams ever thought of being with a woman before.” Sally picked up a potato chip. “I don’t know.”

“Well, let’s see, like I said it might not ever happen again.” I was just about to say something else when the phone rang.

I went out to my workshop in the garage as Sally talked on the phone. My cock had gotten hard thinking of the two women with each other and I didn’t want Sally to think I was pushing her into it.

That night when we went to bed Sally walked out of the bathroom and came to my side of the bed. She pushed me onto my back. Without a word she looked up at me as she moved onto her knees and took my dick in her mouth. She sucked me up licking up and down the back of my cock with her tougne then took my whole cock into her mouth pushing it deep into her throat. She pulled up licking just the head of it sticking her tougne into the little hole making sure it was good and hard before she slipped up kissing me as she slipped onto me. I looked at how her vagina opened as she put her legs on either side of me and she held my hard cock in her hand guiding it as she slipped down on it. A soft sound came from her lips as she sat on me taking it into her hot wet hole all in one long downward slide. Little mewing sounds came from Sally as she leaned forward putting her hands on my tits and rested letting her pussy adjust to my cock.

A soft groan came from her as I hit bottom and the tip of my dick slipped into her womb opening. “Umm ooooo I was wanting this.” she said as she rocked back and fourth rubbing her clit on my pubic bone. “Oh Sammy I’m turning into such a slut!” She pinched my nipples as she moved slowly on me. “I need it! Oh god, I need your cock in me!” she shifted forward on me giving me room to move under her. “Easy baby, go slow. Let me feel it in me.” I pushed up and down in her as she leaned down sucking my right nipple. “Would you suck me baby? Would you lick my hot pussy?”

“Turn around.” I said and she rolled off of me and onto her back as I moved between her open thighs. She held herself open for me in the soft light from the bedside light and I looked at how hard her clit had gotten as it filled with blood. I moved down touching her with just my tongue and licked up from her puckered brown hole to her clit. I took it between my lips and sucked it before moving down,

pushing my tongue deep into her leaking hole.

Sally put her hands on the back of my head pulling my face tight to her pussy mashing my lips into her clit. “Oh god yes baby eat me! That’s it, that’s it suck it! OHHHHH MYYYY GO YEEEeessssssssss!” she hissed as she came. I sucked her juices from her as she lifted her bottom high into the air pumping up and down as she trembled all over Cumming on my face.

She didn’t have time to relax as I moved up between her legs and guided my cock back into her soaking hole wanting to pound into her womanhood. “Easy, baby! Here kiss me!” She took my face in her hands and began kissing me then licking the inside of my mouth and I realized she wanted to taste it. She wanted to taste her own pussy juices!

“You want to taste some pussy don’t you?” I moved back slipping out of her and drug my finger through her leaking slit. I put it to her lips and she looked at me as she sucked it into her mouth. “You want to know what pussy tastes like don’t you. Close your eyes baby. That’s it, now think of Tina as you taste your sweet pussy!” I slipped my finger deep into her and brought it to her lips again and again Sally sucked it clean. I kissed her as I mounted her again not wanting to wait any longer to feel her around my achingly hard dick. “Think about her sucking on you as I fuck you!

“O GOD SAM FUCK ME HARD, HARD NOW! OH DO IT! DO IT NOW FUCK ME! Oh god yesss baby her mouth oh it is oh soft! HOOOOOOO! GODOHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” she came again lifting me up as I pounded into her hot hole. “That’s it baby fuck me! Fuck me hard! GHOOOOAAmmmmmmm oh shit cuming again ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I felt it as my balls began to tighten and then it felt like I was turning inside out as I shot off into my loves wet hole! “Ohhhhh good god Sallyyyyyyyyyyyy umphoooooo!” I pulled it out of her and moved up to her mouth as my second shot hit her breasts. “Taste your pussy on my cock!” I yelled as I pushed my spurting dick into her mouth!

Sally gulped taking my dick into her mouth as the last few spurts of cum came from my dick. We looked into each others eyes as she tasted herself on me as I trembled finishing in her mouth and letting her suck the last of my seed from my shrinking cock. I moved down slipping my legs between her letting my soft dick lay in her open slit as I kissed her hard on the lips.

We held each other, not talking just feeling each other for a while as I rested my head on her right breast and our breathing came back to normal. “I guess this means you want to taste a little pussy,” I said with out lifting my head.

“Would you mind?” she asked.

“No.” was all I said as I took one of her nipples into my mouth and kissed it softly.

“Good, because Mark is going out of town for the next four days and Tina doesn’t want to stay over there alone.”

I could feel my self-growing hard as I thought about what the next few days would bring. Sally said “Well I guess that means it’s ok,” as I slipped back into her waiting pussy.

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