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Sally Red Dress


Never had Sally had such a long day. Her new lover was thousands of miles away on a business trip and she was already feeling the loss of the constant communications with him that she had become accustomed to. No emails in almost 24 hours had her practically pacing the floor! She was afraid to walk away from her computer for fear she would miss him.

She knew this trip was going to be hard on their exchanges since he was traveling with his wife, but she also did not think she would feel so adrift without the continuous stream of emails that they exchanged throughout the day and well into the wee hours of the night. Telephone calls were completely out of the question. How would either of them explain to their spouses a phone bill with calls that cost three dollars a minute!?

This whole affair was beyond her area of reasonable thinking. She was a married woman and the mother of four. And if not completely happy she was becoming content to the way life was when you approached middle age but she always knew that there was a sexual spark missing in her life. This affair all started so innocently enough. They began talking months ago about a joint project they had both been assigned to and since their offices where in different states they hadn't even met until just two weeks ago. Follow up calls to each other after that meeting just slowly evolved into casual chit-chat and little by little he had started to show his erotic nature by telling her adventures he had during his travels.

Intrigued by his charismatic story telling, they started divulging more and more idiosyncrasies they both had about their current and past lovers and spouses. The same lustful desires they both would like to experience made it seem like fate had intervened and brought them together for a reason. As the conversations started to get a little to hot and steamy they switched to emails and that is when things really started to unravel.

One day he asked if she was hairless. No man had ever asked her that before and until two years ago she wouldn't have been! But during one of her husband's experimental phases he had asked and she quickly obliged but hadn't yet had the courage to go to a salon and get a Brazilian. In all actuality, she was starting to consider the electrolysis method so that she would always be clean and smooth. The feeling of her pussy when it was nicely trimmed and shaved made her feel so sexy! A completely bare one would make her feel down right hot! She'd love nothing more than to strut herself naked in front of a pack of men to show off her pussy and she let her lover know that.

She quickly began to find out that he was an "I love women" kind of guy. He was all for the licking, kissing, sucking and playing. A woman's dream of continuous mind boggling foreplay was linked to Sally's computer and she was beginning to let show her wanton slutty side. If anything, she thought this would quiet him down but instead it revved up his engine even more. Just as she thought that this must be cybersex at its best, he asked if she had any photos of herself that she could email to him.

She quickly divulged a secret to him about a lover she had recently begun to break away from. He was the type of man that wanted the safety of having a married women since she could not tie him down but didn't give enough emotion to make sex a body and soul type of union. It was sex front and foremost and she had just begun thinking for the umpteenth time that she was over him. So very, very over a man who did not know how to love with careless abandon. One who didn't lust after a woman and would not go out of his way to get what he wanted. It was always his way and although it satisfied a physical itch, it didn't aide her emotional needs at all.

Then along came Ken. He was the opposite of all the men that had ever been in her life. He was adventurous, erotic and playful. Three key ingredients Sally felt kept a relationship together and energized. As their cyber relationship began to heat up, Sally decided to send him a photo she had done for her former lover called "Santa Baby" to see what his reaction would be. He practically shouted through cyperspace that she was HOT and SEXY! A reaction she loved to get from a man. Not long after that he emailed her a picture of his erect cock. This affair was beginning to take off in a big way and they couldn't even touch each other!

In two weeks, their playful banter now encompassed over 400 email exchanges and countless erotic photo sessions late at night that Sally would email to Ken to "wow" him. It was working to push them both to hours of pleasurable stroking, petting and teasing with orgasmic results time and time again. His little stories about putting two cocks inside her pussy or pretending to watch her fuck another was enough to wet her appetite for a rendezvous but that was not going to happen any time too soon.

While he was away, he asked for pictures but wanted her to limit them to one a day due to his wife's possible prying eyes. After two weeks of erotic photographic sessions, Sally had become pretty adept at "staging" a proper scene that would delight his fancy and cause him to be able to have a mountainous release of cum night after night. But ideas were coming slowly with him not there to edge her on with his desires. Besides she wanted him to really, really miss her and her wanton slutty side wanted to be fucked so bad, she felt she just had to make these images of her "pop" his cock erect with desire.

Although, she had not heard from him all day, she had a feeling that the two small deliciously wicked shots she had sent him today would knock him for a loop! She had taken an intimate close up shot of her wet pussy and a picture of his rock hard cock and placed them side by side with the caption "You + Me = Perfect Fit". When she reviewed the email herself, she had to admit it was completely erotic. Almost real enough that you could imagine just sliding the picture of his cock over and entering her wet pussy.

Sally liked to reach out to the screen and pretend she could really feel herself stroking the shaft of his cock until his bulbous head exploded. She envisioned herself taking his cum into her mouth as he let out moans of pleasure then kissing him fully on the mouth to allow his cum to be tasted by both of them as their tongues swirled around. Just the thoughts of it made Sally all wet between the legs. Her passion was building again. If she was going to have her late night photo session she had better get busy before she found herself completely spent from the orgasm she knew was sure to come yet tonight.

Her mind had settled on a seductive series of shots to be taken as she slowly peels off her favorite red dress. Every time she had ever wore it she got results and knew this time would be not different! Man would practically trip over themselves or each other in their haste to open doors, pull out chairs, pump her gas or just plain leer at her with lustful eyes as they tried to make inane small talk when all they really wanted to do was get in her dress! She loved the reaction she got and loved it even more that they didn't know it was the kind of dress where a girl didn't wear much underneath! She once wore it to a Naval ceremony in DC with only a skimpy thong on underneath and the shortness of the dress when sitting on the Metro did not leave the Navy personnel she encountered any need for imagination!

As always, she carefully did her makeup and hair before donning her white lace bra and panties. Yes, she could go bare underneath, but she really wanted to tease him. As she slipped into the snug fitting dress and stepped into her heels the immediate feeling of raw sexiness came over her like it did every time she wore this dress. It was the epitome of a girls need to have that a "little black dress" that would turn heads. Ah, but that was where Sally was different. Red didn't just make heads turn, red created whiplash!

Starting fully dressed, Sally slowly began to reveal to Ken in her photos what was waiting for him when he returned. She wanted to make him think of doing exactly the same things to her and she fantasized about his hands slowly creeping up her thighs to feel her ass then sliding his hand over her crotch to feel the wetness that was spreading from her pussy. In her mind, she could feel him slowly unzipping the dress from behind as his lips created a trail of hot kisses down to the small of her back where the zipper stopped. Then ever so slowly he would ease one shoulder at a time out of the dress and lower it to her waist where he could marvel at the erectness of her nipples and cup her firm breasts in his hands as his fingers would begin to knead her nipples until she would arch her back toward him and beg him to suck her tits.

Once Ken had latched onto a nipple, she knew that it was going to take all her will power to allow him to slowly peel off the rest of the dress. Her body was screaming to be taken as she pulled his hips towards her and ground her mound against the hardness of his cock. By now the desire that was building within them both was about to explode but Ken being the lover that he was knew he wanted this to last so he released her nipple and slowly trailed his tongue back up to her neck where his playful kisses sent goosebumps rippling across her skin. He then held her head between his hands ever so tenderly as he parted her lips with his tongue and began caressing her mouth with his hot blazing kisses. Sally let out a moan as her arms encircled his neck and she let herself be devoured by his kisses of desire.

As they stood with their bodies firmly pressed together, their arousal was heightened until Ken finally stopped kissing Sally and as she let out a sigh he reached behind her and released her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her beautiful breasts were now fully exposed and he could feel her erect nipples through his shirt. Now his path was clear to the target of his choice he began to tickle her cleavage with the tip of his nose and tongue as he worked his way down past her naval, pushing the dress down over her hips and letting it fall to the floor. He stood back to get a good look. There stood his wantonly woman in a pair of white lace panties and high heels. Sexiness at this best!

From here on out it was going to be hard to continue this slow leisurely pace because his cock was already at the pre-cum stage. Oh, but he was a man who liked to make sure that his woman was satiated before he completely took her. Ken pulled Sally back against him and kissed her hard with passion before slowly sliding his hands down her sides. He began slipping her panties down as he lowered his mouth right in front of her pussy. As the panties hit the floor, his tongue slipped into the folds of her pussy to find her clit all swollen and wet as her legs yielded to being spread. He began to work his magic on her by licking and sucking away at her pussy with his mouth before sliding his tongue inside her. She was soaking wet as she pushed his head further into her crotch. He caught her clit in his mouth again and this time slipped his fingers into her pussy. She was grinding her hot, wet cunt into his face and onto his finger and as he gave another good suck she exploded all over him. Her sweet cum pulsed into his mouth as she let out a shriek.

He could feel her legs go weak from the orgasm and quickly scooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed. She looked up at him as he quickly stripped his clothes off and lay beside her, kissing her with his wet face. Sally quickly rolled him onto his back as she began to slowly stroke his cock with her hand. She lowered her face to one of his nipples and sucked until it was erect then moved over to the next one as she straddled him. His passion for her was not going to be kept in check long after the treat she had just given him and with her wet pussy in such close proximity to his cock. He was not going to wait.

Sally leaned upwards as she brushed her nipples on his chest she raised her hips just enough to position his cock to enter her. There was no going slow now. She wanted to push him into ecstasy and in this position she knew her soaking wet pussy would take everything he had to offer so she wasted not time lowering herself onto his cock until she could feel his balls caress her ass. She sat straight up so that he could penetrate her completely before starting to slide her hips in that oh so familiar motion. Ken grabbed her hips and began to thrust his cock into her in time to her motions. They rocked back and forth into each other in what seemed like eternity and like a split second in time. Their bodies so attuned to the others movements they were like one as their passion reached a climax, the head of Ken's cock swelled with the upcoming release of his cum hitting her sweet spot and sending them both into an orgasm like no other.

When the spasms wracking their bodies finally abetted, Sally fell beside Ken into his waiting arms. As they lay there with their arms and legs entwined, Ken said to her "Nice dress."

Lying there with a wicked smile on her face she replied "You really think so?" as she kicked off her high heels. Sally later woke up on her bed alone, soaking wet from sex and her red dress in a pile on the floor. All she could remember is taking the pictures for Ken who was thousands of miles away from her. She smiled as she realized that her red dress had taken her to him in an erotic kind of way...

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