tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSally Serves Vengeance

Sally Serves Vengeance


Sally sat there boiling with rage. The vein throbbing in the middle of her head, fists clenched tightly, and venting her fury "motherfucking, arse sucking, dick gobbling, shit eating, cunt of a whore!"

The cause of her fury was across town at that moment leaving another string of negative feedback designed to hurt and infuriate. Frank loved this, he had been too small to be an effective bully at school, instead picking on boys and girls younger than him. He was always careful to choose kids who didn't have an older brother or sister. For Frank the anonymity of the internet was a pure joy. He could leave hateful messages everywhere, abuse people on social media, and nobody knew it was him. He would say the sky was green if necessary, just to create an argument, although normally that wasn't necessary. He could usually find some blog where he could create havoc. But his favourite was Literotica. The place was full of perverts, and the harder a story made his dick, the crueller the taunts he would leave.

Today was a red-letter day by his standard. He'd told one talentless bitch to shove her head up her arse, as maybe should could find some actual literary skills there. Another he'd simply told to stop writing, pulling the story to pieces. He'd finished it by labelling it a piece of shit, which even a starving dog wouldn't sniff. Top stuff, even if he did say so himself. Satiated for now, he debated whether he wanted another beer, or whether it was time to check out a hooker on MeetaHooker, and plunge his cock into her arse.

He loved getting Anal when he had told the hooker he wanted doggy style, and always chose a hooker whose profile stated she didn't do anal. He'd perfected a technique where he could ram his cock in, feeling the bitch clench on the sudden invasion, whilst grabbing two handfuls of hair and pulling her back, preventing any escape. He also made sure to pick girls who were traveling and not permanent in the area. That way he didn't risk bumping into them again. He had had to stop using the MeetaHooker profile to make bookings, as some of the bitches had left negative feedback. Still, there were enough who put a cell phone number. Getting hornier by the minute, he decided that today he deserved a treat, and started surfing looking for a likely target.

It had taken Sally hours to finally calm down. The breathing techniques she had been taught had barely made a difference at first, and she had reverted to venting her fury. Gradually she had been able to finally exert control, slowly calming herself. She had though taken a deep burning hatred for the troll into her psyche. She swore to herself that she was going to make him pay.

Although Sally herself had no cyber skills, she did know an excellent hacker through her time in juvie. She had always had anger issues, and had come within a hairs breath of killing her boyfriend before his roommates stopped her. That had gotten her 6 months in juvie, and a years' worth of weekly anger management counselling.

"Gwen, hey its Sally."

"Sorry to hear that honey, that's a tough one."

"uh-huh, you still into all that cyber stuff? You fancy coming over to my place and helping me out on something? I need to track someone down."

"You know, teach him some manners, explain a few facts of life, make them learn to respect a woman."

"Great, I'll text you the address, see you then."

That Saturday Gwen arrived a little after 10:30 in the morning. About 20 pounds overweight, with jet black hair in a bob cut, purple lipstick and black nail varnish. Gwen did have a large ponderous set of EE breasts, and never struggled for a sexual partner, either male or female. Gwen always wore cut down heavy metal T-shirts, designed to show off her ample cleavage. Today she was wearing a Guns N' Roses T from the not in this lifetime tour. After catching up on each other's news over coffee and Mr Kipling cakes, Gwen asked what the problem was.

"Well, remember I had to take those anger management classes? The guy there recommended I start writing, and that using the artistic side of my brain would help. I was sceptical at first, but I found that writing did help, and I've been posting short stories on the web ever since. Last Thursday this dickless, yellow bellied, arse gobbling, fuckface left me anonymous feedback saying I should stop writing as my pieces are shit that even a starving dog wouldn't sniff. Then he told me that I must be autistic or something, as nobody with half a brain could even make up a story so stupid. What's really got me so pissed, is that he hadn't even bothered to read the story properly. He was criticising my knowledge of London, when the story was clearly set in Glasgow."

"He sounds like a bit of a dickhead Sal, but there's loads of them out there. They love the anonymity, you are bound to come across one of them at some point."

"Yeah, I know, but I'm sure this is the same guy who wrote on another site I use that I am a talentless whore who should shove my head up my arse. He always leaves feedback on the site, and then emails anonymously as well. He needs to learn a lesson, and I want to teach it to him."

They talked it through for a while until Gwen realised she wasn't going to change Sally's mind on this. Then the question was whether she would help, and that was a no brainer. Sally had protected Gwen throughout their time together in Juvie, and wouldn't say no.

Gwen took her time, but when she was finished, she had found a trove of dirt on the guy. Not only who he was, but where he lived, his National insurance number, cell phone number and his surfing habits.

"Sal you were right! This guys a douchebag. Looks at the negative feedback he's received on MeetaHooker. He's got a history of being banned from various websites, and from what I can see, is a real misogynist. He's a mean piece of shit. What you going to do to him?"

Sally contacted another old friend from juvie, who put her onto "the chemist" for the drugs. Originally Sally had planned on getting some Rohypnol, but was directed to a variant. "This removes the victims free will and makes them completely malleable. A single dose use has no long-term effects, but if used repeatedly over a number of days, then it permanently lowers the victims self-will. Ultimately leading to the victim being completely unable to make a decision or voice an opinion permanently." The chemist informed Sally. "The drug takes effect in a matter of minutes and lasts for around 12 hours. It will cost you £25 a dose."

"I'll take 20 doses then" said Sally, paying with a roll of £20 notes. The rest of the gear she needed was readily available from the internet, and it was just a couple of weeks later that she was ready for her revenge.

At 5ft 8inches, Sally's athletic body was toned, and her 36C breasts jutted proudly from her chest. The delicate little curls of ginger pubic hair barely covered her pussy, although anyone seeing those, would also see the tattoos on either thigh. She had two sets of fangs on the inside of either thigh, her private joke for when a man was going down on her, as she could clamp her thighs together on his head, and hold him there until she was finished.

The next part of the plan required Sally to set-up an account on MeetaHooker. That was how she planned to lure Frank to her. For the profile photo's though, Sally was careful to miss her face. She was explicit in stating no anal, no bareback, and no CIM. And that she was only visiting town for a few days. All key triggers for Frank Zimmerman. If he didn't come onto her via the MeetaHooker site, then she would pay him a visit at home. Based on the surfing habits that Gwen had found, he seemed to have a habit of chasing whores every two weeks and should be on the prowl again in a day or two. With that in mind Sally hoped she wouldn't need to wait very long. Then, she booked herself into a hotel close to Frank's house and waited for his call.

After fielding dozens of calls from interested "johns" Sally was starting to think she would need to go to plan B, when her cell rang, with Frank Zimmermans number showing. He quickly agreed on her fee, and stated an interest in doggy style, asking if she would agree to wear a lingerie set, and thigh high boots. He would be over at 2pm for a one hour meet.

Sally looked stunning in her wasp corset and sheer black stockings, with blue lace thong and delicately floral lace blue bra. Her red hair cascaded in gentle waves onto her shoulders, and her stunning blue eyes were accentuated with delicate make-up. Of course, the bright red lipstick was just as requested by Frank.

There was a knock on the bedroom door, 15 minutes late, and Sally could see a scrawny mid-30s male through the peep hole. Opening the door, Sally got her first proper look at Frank Zimmerman, who stood 5ft 10 inches, in jeans and a grey sweatshirt. His mousy brown hair was cut in a mullet which reached down just below his collar. His elfin nose and over full sensuous lips, fitted his overtly feminine face. Frank couldn't have weighed more than 60Kg's. "Come in honey" Sally greeted Frank enthusiastically. Sally could see the lust in Frank's eye's as he paid her the £120 fee they had agreed.

"Would you like a glass of wine before we get started? Sit down honey, tell me what you want, and how you want me to act. Any particular things you want me to say or do?" she enquired in a sexy voice, pouting her lips as she did so. After leading Frank by the hand to the bed Sally went to the mini-bar and took out the bottle of Chardonnay, being careful to not splash the wine in Frank's glass, which already contained the first dose of the drug. After they had chatted for a few minutes, Sally encouraged Frank to finish his wine and get undressed while she finished getting ready for him.

Testing to check the drug had taken effect, Sally told Frank to use the bathroom before they got started, and to take a quick shower to get himself clean. When Frank came out, Sally instructed Frank to get on the bed on all fours. Sally then told Frank to wiggle his money maker like a cheap stripper. As he complied, Sally took out her 12 inch strap-on and buckled it onto her waste, making sure the straps were tight. Sally got a handful of lube and marvelled again at the girth on the strap-on, as she had to rotate her hand around the shaft to get it fully lubed. Taking a pair of crocodile nipple clamps with a chain, Sally cruelly fitted them to Franks nipples, before placing another set on his balls. As Frank moaned in pain, Sally lined the monster up.

"frank, I want you to be completely honest with me. How many women have you anally raped over the years?"

"I haven't kept count, I don't know." Frank offered.

"How long have you been anally raping girls Frank? How regularly do you do it?" Demanded an agitated Sally, who hadn't anticipated such an inconclusive response.

"Probably been doing this for 15 years or so now, and I tend to get a girl every couple of weeks. Sometimes if the girl isn't careful, and I can get my money back, I'll do another one within a week." Frank admitted, the drug running its full course by now.

"So that's 30 girls a year, for 15 years, would you agree Frank?"

"Yeah, sounds about right." Frank confessed.

"Well, I make that 450 girls you have raped in the arse. So here's how things are going to go Frank. Today, you are going to create an account on MeetaHooker, and start your new career as a rent boy. You will continue to work for me, as a rent boy, until you have been fucked in the arse by 450 men. Any other service required, including Blow jobs will not count. We will start work today here in the hotel, but later, we will work out from your house." Sally calmly informed Frank. Her burning hatred of this man had gone up a few degrees, but she was impressed with her self control. Normally by now she would have been kicking seven colours of shit out of him, and be in a blind rage, with all reason lost to her.

"Beg me to fuck you in the arse" she demanded of Frank.

"Please fuck me in the arse" said Frank.

"You should call me mistress, and I think you want to beg harder, you really want my cock in your arse" Sally again demanded, this time yanking on the chain on his balls.

"Please fuck me in my arse mistress, I really want your cock up there. I need to feel your cock deep inside me, spearing into my guts. Please mistress, fuck me" Frank pleaded.

"OK Frank, now I don't want to hear another word out of you, but you can grunt and groan your pleasure for me!"

Sally lined up the monster, marvelling at the size of the cock head and how much bigger it was than Frank's rather small rosebud. She smirked, well, it wasn't going to be small for much longer, not with what she had planned. Pressing forward, Sally found herself grunting and straining to push the phallic monstrosity into Frank.

Pushing with all her might, Sally realised she needed to stop Frank clenching his sphincter and hissed "push like you are taking a shit Frank. That will help open your sphincter." Then Suddenly the dildo shot forward, having finally burst past Frank's sphincter. Sally toppled forward and so did Frank so sudden was the plunge. She then slid forward until she was balls deep in Franks' arsehole, before pulling back out completely. The dildo making a popping noise as it finally emerged.

Sally again pushed forward, and although there was resistance, this time she didn't need to make anywhere near the effort. Frank was covered in sweat at this point, the pain from the phallic monstrosity worse than anything he had ever felt in his life. His brain wanted to voice complaint and beg for the dildo to be removed, but the drugs effect had Frank compliant, and he couldn't open his mouth to get the words out.

Sally soon got into a rhythm in the anal fucking of Frank, her hips sliding forward and backwards to the beat the BeeGee's staying alive. She was sawing in and out of Frank, building up an impressive sweat, and all the time Frank was there being pounded into the mattress. Occassionally Sally would slap an arse cheek, or reach around and tug on one of the chains. All the while, the friction from the dildo was slowly building the heat in Sallys loins. She could smell her own sex as her secretions poured down her thighs.

After 45 minutes of pounding Frank, the frictions from the dildo brought Sally to a crashing orgasm. Screaming out "Oh my God, Oh, Oh Yeah, fuck, oh that was so good!", Sally was convinced the rooms around must surely have heard. P "Think stud, the guests will think it was you fucking me, not the other way around. Was it good for you too sweetcheeks?" Sally laughed as she pulled the monster from Franks tortured arsehole.

Panting from her exertions Sally was now ready for part B of her plan. She went over to her laptop and entered MeetaHooker. Sally shut down her account, but opened up the account she would create for Frank. After she confirmed the email address, she logged into Frank's email account, and clicked on the confirmation email. Everything was now ready, and Sally could start to enter the details.

"What kinks are you interested in Frank?" Sally teased, as she ticked box after box of interests. "You will do bareback, yes?"

"Yes mistress"

"Oral or course, Deep throat, gagging? I bet you will love to receive watersports and hardsports?"

"Yes mistress"

And so on.

Frank got his first customer two hours later. A pot bellied middle aged man, with thinning hair and sweat stains in his armpits. He paid £75 for a 30 minute session Sally took the money "for my husband", then took a seat to watch. She told the punter to "be specific, tell him what you want, and he'll do it for you. Nothings too kinky" Which of course was true. Frank was there on his knees, his forehead pressed against the sweaty belly of his punter, bobbing his head up and down on cock. He even took the punters balls in his mouth and gently tongued them. Given the sweat pouring off the guy, and the sweat stains in the armpits of his short, Sally doubted he took personal hygiene that well, so could only imagine how rancid his cock and balls must be. Sally herself was getting hot again, and could feel her panties getting wet.

"I'm about to cum you better swallow every drop" yelled the punter, just as his balls pulsed and jet after jet of sticky cum was deposited into Franks' mouth and throat. Swallowing obediently, Frank was then instructed to lick clean the punters dick, before he got dressed and left.

Sally was amazed by the number of clients Frank had that night. Eleven in total, all of whom opted for bareback or CIM. Some wanted a blow job warm up, before ramming Franks' arse and depositing their load deep in his guts. Others blew their load down his throat, with one guy spraying Franks' face with cum. The most impressive of them was an African man. Over 6ft tall, with huge muscles, he made Frank look positively puny in comparison. He was clear that he wanted bareback and asked in his thick Nigerian accent if there was any limit on the number of times he could cum?

As instructed, Frank said that bareback was an extra £50, which was willingly paid, and he could cum as many times as he wanted in his hour booking. When he undressed, this Nubian God had a cock which hung half way down his thigh, and was as thick as rolling pin. The size of the penis head though was incredible, Sally doubted she could get touch either side even with both hands together. Sally sat back and watched as Frank took the monster into his arse. Her pussy wasn't moist, is was a running river, as she watched Frank first lick and suck the Nigerian to hardness, and then be taken on his back, with the Nigerian getting balls deep in two brutal thrusts, his buttocks tensing impressively each time.

"you're lucky I loosened you up first" thought Sally. "That would have broken you in two at the start of the evening". The Nigerian pounded Frank on the bed, the headboard clattering against the wall, until Sally thought discretion was needed and placed a pillow behind the headboard to silence the banging. It didn't stop the bed squeeking though, or the grunting coming from both Frank and the Nigerian, who nibbled away at Franks ear and occasionally darted a tongue into his ear. After 10 minutes, the Nigerian tensed, and thrust his hips forward one last time, as he spurted several times into Franks' abused arsehole, moaning "Take it, take my seed into your belly."

"Now I want you to rim me, until I get hard again" commanded the Nigerian. Turning and placing his buttocks in Franks face. Frank leant forward and darted his tongue out, licking up and down and across the brown wrinkled hole in front of him. "Twirl your tongue around, not just up and down, Ohh, that's better. Now shove your tongue in, tongue fuck my arse you cocksucker!" As Frank pushed his face forward, the Nigerian reached a big hand round, and pulled Frank forcibly into his buttocks. Encouraging Frank to get his tongue as far up the back passage as possible.

Sally was amazed that after about 5 minutes of this, the Nigerians dick was once again fully erect. Jutting proudly out from his groin. Sally could also see the detritus on his dick from Franks arse, including shit and cum mixed together. "Time for some head, now that the easy cum is gone, you'll earn your money on this one. Now get sucking" instructed the Nigerian. As Frank turned around to comply, Sally could see a brown mark on the tip of his nose.

Frank could barely get his mouth around the monster, and could only get the first third into his mouth before he started to gag. "You said you could deep throat you fucker" snarled the Nigerian, who was clearly annoyed by Franks lack of oral skills. His jaw stretched to the maximum, Frank was tasting his arse and the cum of several men. With the cock head pushed to the back of his mouth, the mixture was causing him to gag uncontrollably.

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