Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 09


He was confused, "I guess that's okay. Is there a point?"

"Of course," she giggled. "I like that you're a man." she squeezed his penis.

He decided to just follow the lead. "I like that you're a girl."

"Not a woman?" she giggled. "I like that you have lots of chest hair." She ran her fingers through his chest hair.

"Okay, I like that you're a woman."

"That's the same as the one you already used, you owe me another one. I like the strip of hair that runs down your tummy." She giggled again and ran her hand down his abdomen to the base of his penis.

He began to see the point. Where to start, "I like your mouth," he said and ran his fingers around her lips.

She smiled that he had gotten the idea. "I like your mouth too," she said pulling herself up to him and kissing him gently on the lips.

"I like your nose," he said giving it a brief stroke.

"Now you're just fooling around," she said indignantly. "Get serious! I like your cock," she said and wrapped her hand around it.

He realized she was demanding sexual action and went right for what he found most attractive. "I like your nipples," he said, giving them a brief stroke of his finger.

"You don't like them much," she said. "Show me how much you like them." She grabbed his hand an pressed it against her chest. He took the hint, rolled the hardened nipples between his fingers.

"I like how your cock tastes," she said and sucked a major part of it into her mouth.

"I like how your nipples taste," he said and sucked on them, flicking them with his tongue.

"I like this huge scrotum," she stated and began massaging his balls.

He moved his head to her hips. "I like your pussy lips," he said and began squeezing them and spread them apart to reveal the thin leaves of flesh between.

"I like your foreskin," she stated and began rolling it back over itself.

I like your clit," he said, examining the hard nub peeking an eighth of an inch out of its covering. He began rubbing it with his thumb.

She moaned, "You owe me another," she gasped out. "I'd like it now."

"I like your vagina," he said, pushing a finger inside and beginning to lick at her clit.

"I like your lovely penis inside my vagina," she said and tugged at the member, encouraging him to fuck her.

He moved around and pushed the tip of his penis at her vaginal entry. It slipped in easily. "I like your soft, warm, wet vagina wrapped around my cock."

"I love you fucking me," she moaned, wrapping her legs around his butt and using them to push him against her as he thrust into her.

Before he could say anything else, she took his head and moved his lips to hers. She kissed with her mouth open and thrust her tongue into his mouth. He kissed back and increased the frequency and force of his thrusts.

She felt her orgasm coming and pulled away from the kiss. "I ..." she gasped and moaned as he thrust in. "Love ..." she gasped and moaned again. "Orgasms." She moaned and her body stiffened.

He began thrusting ever faster and as he felt her body shiver and her legs vibrating said, "I love your orgasms."

Her vagina grasped his cock firmly and he felt the tickle of his own orgasm move from the tip,of his penis to the base. As her orgasm subsided, his began. The tickle exploded through his body and he felt the semen pump into her vagina.

As he grasped her and groaned she began twisting her hips to increase his sensations. "I love your orgasms," she said.

The semen dripped out of her cunt and down her butt. He collapsed onto her, his chest hair stimulating her nipples. She rubbed them in the stiff hairs and kissed him long and hard.

When she released the kiss he said, "I love sex with you."

"I love you fucking me," she responded.

As he pulled out of her and rolled onto his back she reached between her legs and put her fingers in the dripping semen. "I love the taste of your semen with my pussy juices," she stated, pushing the fingers into her mouth. She offered some to him.

"I like it too," he lied.

As they lay side by side, her hand on his limp cock, his hand fondling her damp vulva there was a knock at the door. "Jerry, time to go." The voice was that of his wife, Marlene.

Before We Leave

They began to dress. Jerry pulled out the package of panties he had bought at her request and opened it. He had intentionally purchased what seemed to be the smoothest and sheerest available. He handed a pair to the naked young woman.

"Thanks,Mr. Malone," she responded. She sat on the bed and put them on. She stood to pull them up, covering the soft genitals for the first time since she had arrived last night. Her labia were dimly visible and, unable to resist, Jerry reached out and stroked her through the sheer silkiness. She sat down and spread her legs, lying back to allow him to continue.

He moved next to her and began to kiss her nipples as he continued to rub her privates through the Lycra. The nipples responded, quickly growing hard and large. He sucked and but them gently. She began to moan and he pressed his fingers into her slit through the panties searching for the hard button of her clit. The crotch of the panties dampened.

Her breathing turned to weak squeaks and she began to move her hips to increase her pleasure. He slid his hand up and then under the waistband so he could sink a couple of fingers fully into her vagina.

It wasn't long before she squealed loudly and the throes of orgasm pulsed once more through her body. He moved to kiss her fully on the lips and, encircling her with his arms brought her body close to his so he could feel the hard nipples against his chest and allow his stiff, unsheathed cock to slide between her legs and rub her soft labia through the damp, silken panties. He brought himself off, his semen staining the bedspread once again.

"You'll need a clean pair," he told Sally taking a second of the three panties from the package. When Sally took the damp pair off, he pushed it into his pocket.

Sally reached for her top. As she pulled it on and her nipples disappeared from Jerry Malone's sight she commented, "Maybe we can do this again Mr. Malone."

At home Jerry realized that he was still obsessed by the skinny young woman. Safely in the bathroom, he removed the still damp panties from his pocket and inhaled the aroma of his obsession. He remembered her cries and excitement, "Mr. Malone! Mr. Malone, I want to feel your cock inside me! Maybe we can do this again, Mr. Malone! Mr. Malone! Mr. Malone! Mr. Malone!" Jerry Malone had never heard anything so sexy. Never again would he ask her to call him "Jerry."

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