tagRomanceSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 18

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 18


The Fourth of July


Sally couldn't sleep. She looked over at the clock, "3:17" stared back at her in glowing red numbers. The last time she looked it had said "2:53." What an interminable night. She writhed around under the covers and turned on her other side in thought and anticipation.

Her thoughts were filled with only one thing, Kyle Peterson. Tomorrow, no! now at least it was today. TODAY! She smiled. Today she would be going with Kyle -- Kyle Peterson, a widower, and his three kids to celebrate the fourth of July. It had been two weeks since she saw him last and every day she had thought of him. She had thought of him when she and Sarah had fucked that virgin guy whose name she couldn't even remember right now. She'd thought of him when she was sitting at the strip club watching Sarah dance. For God's sake she had even thought of him when she was fucking Sarah's Dad.

What was really weird was that she wasn't thinking of his penis or fucking him! Sally was a nymphomaniac and a phallophile, she was obsessed with fucking guys and with their penises but with Kyle it wasn't his cock or his fucking that filled her mind. Instead she thought of just being in his arms, of talking with him and, strangest of all, of his kids.

The seven year old boy, Jared, who just wanted to do things without being held back by his younger sisters. Sally had provided him the ability to go on water-slides that his father was reluctant to allow him on alone. He liked having someone to take him on the slides or to watch his sisters when he did things with his dad.

The two year old, "Charlette, I'm two, one week ago," just getting her walking legs and using the same self address even though her birthday had been several months ago. Sally didn't know why but "Charli" had taken a real liking to her, going to her even in preference to her namesake grandmother.

And then there was Holly, his precocious five year old. Holly who noticed everything. She had noticed her father's hardening cock, and worried that it was "swollen". She had spilled everything about Sally and Kyle's sleeping together to her grandmother. She smiled as she replayed Holly's voice in her mind, "Daddy let her sleep in his bed with him 'cause he's so nice. She didn't have any pajamas and had to sleep naked."

"3:34" the clock said. Kyle was picking her up here, at her house. Her parents had ultimately accepted that she was having sex with guys in high school but were now having trouble with the fact that she was having sex with older men. Her dad kept bringing up the fact that Kyle was twice as old as she was. She corrected him, "Not quite," (Kyle was 35, she 18) knowing it was a distinction without a difference. Kyle had met her parents but it was awkward. Her dad definitely liked him, but had trouble accepting him as his daughter's lover. She knew he'd have the kids along this time. "I wonder how that will go?" she said aloud to herself.

"3:57." She thought of her best friend, Sarah, and her constant reminder, "They're not your kids." Was she getting too serious about Kyle. Was there any validity in Kyle's mother-in-law's concerns about the kids getting attached to her and then her leaving. She knew that she would be leaving for Stanford. No way she would be marrying Kyle. Certainly not now, probably not ever. She liked the kids and didn't want to hurt them. She mentally reviewed the trio once more.

"4:20." Would this night ever end? and the morning come, bringing Kyle with it? Kyle, god it was wonderful being in his arms, he seemed so caring and soft and loving. And she did like his three kids, Jared, seven, Charlette, two, and then there was Holly the precocious five year old ...

Finally, dawn began to break and the first glimmers of daylight filtered through the window. Sally was relieved at this first hint that the night was over. But she was tired from lack of sleep. Now she worried that she'd fall asleep during the day. Maybe she'd be too tired for sex with Kyle tonight.

Finally, she began to think of sex with Kyle. She cupped her hands over her breasts and imagined they were Kyle's hands. She gently caressed her nipples and felt them harden and enlarge imagining that it was Kyle caressing them. She moved her hands over her abdomen and along her sides. She massaged her thighs and her butt. Then she moved her hand to her crotch and squeezed and rubbed her labia, all the time imagining it was Kyle.

Then she began rubbing her clit with one hand and inserting the fingers of her other hand into her vagina. She tried imagining that Kyle was fucking her but that was impossible. Her fingers were a poor substitute for an actual cock. And, if Kyle were actually fucking her his arms would be around her, hands touching her body, and his lips would be kissing her everywhere and especially on her lips with his tongue exploring her mouth and her tongue exploring his. There was no way she could imagine that effectively. It had to be Kyle. She could have continued masturbating and brought herself off but she wanted Kyle. There was no substitute.


"5:00", ... "6:00" She felt like getting up but knew it would be just as bad , if not worse, sitting up and waiting for him to ring the doorbell.

"7:00" ... "7:47" She heard her mother moving around.

She got up, took off her pajamas and wandered naked and absent-minded to the bathroom. She showered and dried off, doing her best to get her hair under control. She picked up the packet of birth control pills and took one. Only two had been used. Just the other day she had reached the inactive pills in the packet for the previous month. No way was she going to let Aunt Flow interfere with her weekend with Kyle so she had just started a new packet. No period for three more weeks!

She walked into the hallway to return to her room.

Her mother was coming out of her bedroom, "Sally!"

"What Mom?"

"Sally, please don't be running around naked. At least cover yourself with a towel."

"Oh, Mom."

"Sally, what if your father or brother came out while you're walking around in the altogether."

"Oh, Mom, so what?"

Her mother shrugged in exasperation. "just be covered up when you're walking around the house!"

As her mother went downstairs Sally slowly sauntered to her room hoping her 14 year old brother might come out and get an eyeful. She'd love to see the expression on his face. As luck would have it, she got to her room without incident.

She selected her most conservative bathing suit for the water-park -- a blue one piece. It was somewhat form fitting, though she had little form and any suit that wasn't baggy on her tended to ride up at her crotch making her ample labia obvious. At least this one didn't make a camel-toe. It was also flat across her chest like it was intended for a pre-pubescent girl. So it fit her well and it showed off her huge nipples if they hardened.

She pulled on a plain white T and denim shorts for the drive to the water-park.

Then she threw a couple changes of clothes and a pair of pajamas she hoped not to wear into her sports bag. She grabbed a pair of jeans, another T, a light jacket, and a pair of sneakers to wear after the water-park.

She remembered to grab some underwear and toiletries and threw them into the sports bag. Then she went downstairs. Her mother had cooked some oatmeal and Sally made herself a couple of slices of toast.

The simple breakfast took no time at all so she went upstairs to her bedroom, sat on her bed and waited. ... And waited. ... And waited. ...

The doorbell rang and she listened before zipping her bag closed and lifting it to head downstairs.


Sally's mother answered the door and a familiar voice asked, "Are you Sally's mommy?"

"Yes I am. You must be Holly."

"Yes I am." the voice imitated Sally's mother's phrasing. "This is my daddy."

"We've met. Hello, Kyle. Your daughter is as adorable as Sally said."

"She's definitely a character," Kyle answered.

Holly interrupted with what had been uppermost on her mind since they had left home, "Can Sally sleep over at our house tonight?"

Sally's mother was briefly taken aback by the question. Kyle blushed.

Sally's mother answered, "It's not really up to me."

Holly knew how play dates and sleepovers worked, "It's okay with my daddy. Isn't it, Daddy?"

Still blushing and now very embarrassed, Kyle mumbled, "Yes, yes it is."

"Okay?" Holly asked, seeking confirmation. "we'll have lot's of fun."

Sally's mother repeated, "It's not really up to me."

Holly decided there could be only one other person who would be in charge of Sally's sleepovers, "Is Sally's daddy home?"

Upstairs Sally was listening with interest and amusement. She zipped her sports bag closed. The discussion of a sleepover had her excited and she pushed a hand into her shorts to rub her genitalia.

"Hello, Kyle," she heard her father say.

"Are you Sally's daddy?" Holly interrupted.

"Yes, I am. And who might you be?"

Kyle stepped in with introductions, "This is my daughter Holly, and these are Jared and Charlette."

Charli saw her chance to participate, "I'm two, just last week."

Holly wasn't going to let the conversation drift away from the more important item of discussion, "Can Sally sleep over at our house tonight? Daddy will let her sleep with him, won't you, Daddy?" She misinterpreted the silence, "It's a real comfortable bed, and big. It's king sized!"

Sally's father overcame what were to him disturbing visual images, "That's up to Sally."

Sally picked up her bag and headed downstairs where Holly was proclaiming her joy, "Goody, goody, goody. Did you hear that, Jared? Did you Charli? Daddy? Sally can sleep over!"

The adults were looking at each other in silence as Sally appeared on the landing.

"Sally!" Holly exclaimed and ran up the stairs to hug Sally on the legs since she was standing on a lower step. "Your daddy says you can sleepover at our house tonight!"

Sally!" Charli greeted her with enthusiasm as she continued down the stairs.

"Hi, Sally," Jared said with a smile.

Kyle had an even bigger smile. Sally went right up to him and planted a big, erotically charged kiss on his lips. She turned to her parents. "'bye Mom and Dad. I'll be back Monday."

Charli had her arms out, Sally picked her up in a big hug and carried her to the car.

"I thought taking the kids along would help," Kyle said. "But thanks to this little urchin ..." He playfully and affectionately tweaked Holly's nose.

"What did I do, Daddy?" Holly asked in pure innocence.

Taken aback that she thought he was disciplining her, Kyle answered, "Nothing, sweetie, you didn't do anything."

Sensing the young girl's continued confusion, Sally attempted an explanation. "My mom and dad weren't comfortable talking with you about me sleeping over."

"Oh, I guess I should have let Daddy ask."

"Yes, I'd already told them," Sally told her. "It was taken care of."

"Oh," but upon reflection the young girl asked, "Why were they un-com-for-ta-ble?"

Sally considered her answer, "I guess they really didn't want me to sleepover, but it had already been arranged and they knew how much I wanted to."

Jared was tired of that discussion. "Are you going on the waterslides with me, Sally?"

"Maybe this time I'll let your father go on the waterslides with you while I watch the girls."


At the water-park Sally was briefly embarrassed when she removed her shorts. There was a dark dampness at her crotch left by her masturbation while thinking about spending the night with Kyle. She quickly jumped into a nearby shower to get her entire suit wet.

She spent most of the time running through fountains and standing under waterfalls with the girls in the small children's play area.

Kyle spent most of his time with Jared riding all the waterslides. There were long lines at all the slides and Kyle had a chance to talk to his son about things that never came up.with the girls around all the time.

When they came back to the girls Kyle was enthralled by the young woman frolicking with his daughters. "But," he thought, "could she have picked a less flattering bathing suit?" Unlike the bikini she had worn the first time they met this one fully emphasized her lack of physical assets. However, the way his daughters admired her and the way she so freely gave herself up to their play caused his heart to skip a beat.

When they ate lunch Kyle couldn't help but notice hardened nipples pushing at the fabric. She paused to adjust her suit and her adjustments brought Kyle's attention to the large, soft bulge of her labia in the gap between her thighs. Kyle's cock enlarged in response. And, as she chatted with his children about childish trivia he became lost in her large, shining, brown eyes.

After lunch Sally and Jared spent time together in the wave pool attempting to body surf and sometimes succeeding. Kyle and the girls spent the time at the kiddie wave pool with its 6 inch waves. Kyle watched his son with the slim young woman. They were joking and laughing, gesticulating in some kind of play acting. They'd high five when one of them caught a wave and rode it for more than five feet. God, he wanted to hold her and kiss her.

They finished the day with all of them watching Jared body boarding on the standing wave machine. Sally led the group in cheering him on. The day was an unusual one for Sally. In her early teens she had spent a lot of time at the water-park but the fun had been in underwater sexual exploration and experimentation, checking out boys and hooking up. There was a creek running beside the park with lots of brush providing hidden spots for making out. Today she had just enjoyed herself with the three kids. She hadn't paid any attention to the guys in the park. For that matter she hadn't even paid much attention to Kyle.

When it was time to leave Sally took the two girls into the ladies changing room.

"Daddy always took us to the other room, the one for boys," Holly proclaimed. Sally knew that he had no other choice.

"Boys have penises, you know," Holly continued. "Daddy told us not to look but I peeked. Penises are funny."

"Funny penises," Charli chimed in.

A nearby thirteen or fourteen year old overheard and giggled in embarrassment as Sally tried to quiet the conversation.

Holly responded to her attempts by continuing the conversation, "Don't you think so, Sally?"

"Yes, I do." Sally whispered in desperation.

Holly whispered back, "The ladies here have hair like you do." She was referring to pubic hair. Sally's had fascinated her.

"Yes, they do."

"Except her." Holly pointed to a young woman who had shaved her pubes.

"Please don't point," Sally requested.

Sally breathed a sigh of relief once all three of them were dry and dressed and out of the dressing room.Kyle and Jared were waiting for them.

"Holly's quite the talker," Sally said, quietly, to Kyle. She continued as Kyle smiled knowingly, "She must have been quite an embarrassment when you changed in the men's dressing room."

Kyle responded with a questioning grunt.

"You know, when she starts talking about penises. It was embarrassing enough in the women's. What did you do?"

"She never ..." Kyle looked down at the innocent 5 years old.

Despite the fact that Sally had almost been whispering Holly caught enough to know it was about her and knew what she had done wrong. At her father's accusing glance she could only confess. "I peeked. Daddy. I peeked. I know you didn't want me to, but I peeked anyway."

As Kyle's glance turned to a smile, she continued in an attempt at reconciliation, "And penises are funny, daddy, aren't they? And test tickles too. They even have a funny name."

Kyle knew she had seen things. She knew the names for men's parts from his response to questions she had raised after their first visit to the waterpark. His accusing glance changed to a smile. "She never said a thing in the men's dressing room," he said to Sally.

"'Cause I knew you didn't want me to peek," the tiny voice explained. Then as they got in the car, "Why do boy have penises anyway? ... and test tickles?"

Jared was frequently frustrated by the attention Holly got with her rambling and stepped up with his answer based on bits and pieces he had picked up from his father, mother and at school. "It's to plant a baby seed inside mommies."

"Oh sure," his sister replied.

"A daddy sticks his penis inside a mommies tummy and plants a seed that grows into a baby."

"Where's it go in?" was asked, followed by a tongue sticking out.

Jared was now guessing but he thought he knew based on some schoolyard statements, "It goes in the vagina." He stuck his tongue out to emphasize the supposed truth of the reply.

"If the baby grows inside how's it get out?"

Emboldened by the fact that neither his father nor Sally had corrected anything he said, he forged on, "Remember when Mommy's tummy got really big?"

"No" was the reply. Holly had only been three at the time.

"Well it did and she went to the hospital and they took Charli out of her tummy."

"They cut her open?"

Kyle decided it was necessary to intervene, "No they didn't cut her open."

Charli had been sitting in her car seat, her eyes growing wider as the conversation progressed. "How get out?"

Sally decided she could offer a comment, "When the baby is ready to come out the mommy pushes her out through her vagina."

That seemed to satisfy everyone but Holly still had an open question, "What are the test tickles for?"

Jared had no answer and Holly stuck her tongue way out at him.

Sally looked over at Kyle, who raised his eyebrows to indicate she was welcome to attempt an explanation. "They hold the seeds," was her semi-considered reply.

Jared thought about the answer and considered his own grape sized balls, "They're big." he commented thinking about those coming out through his penis.

"What are big?" Sally asked.

"The seeds."

"No they're really tiny."

"But I can feel that I have big ones inside."

Sally laughed, "Those aren't the seeds. The seeds are inside those and so tiny you can't see them.

Everyone seemed satisfied at that and conversation changed to reflections on the waterpark and expectations for the City Park Independence Day celebration.

City Park

The celebration was well underway when they arrived: bands, food, lots of people, and later, fireworks.

Kyle's mother was there and all three kids ran to her, shouting, "Gramma!"

As Sally came up she said, "Hello, Mrs. Peterson."

The older woman responded, smiling, "You must be Sally," and embraced her. "I've heard a lot about you from my grandchildren, from Kyle, and, of course, Charlotte.

Sally pulled back, "Oh!" Charlotte was Kyle's mother in law, the children's other grandmother. They had met when Sally had spent the night with Kyle. Charlotte clearly disapproved of Sally.

"Don't worry. I don't let that old biddy form my opinions." A smile spread over her face. "Besides my grand children adore you and my son is entranced."

"And you ...?" Sally asked with trepidation.

"We've just met, dear. Just be yourself and I'm sure I'll fall under your spell too." She paused, "however ..." she said hesitantly.

Sally felt like she was being judged, "However?"

"don't be concerned. It's just that you're so young. Younger even than Charlotte depicted."

"I'm 18," Sally said, not sure if that was a defense or an admission of guilt.

The older woman sensed the discomfort and gave Sally another hug, "Don't worry, just be yourself, Kyle and my grandchildren's opinions are enough for me. I really meant to say 'you look so young'."

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