Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 21


She opened the condom as Tim released his tight hold on her labia. She spread and lifted her legs. Tom moved between them and positioned himself. Tim moved to sit over her. Kneeling, his balls caressed her nipples and his penis stared into her eyes.

Sally felt Tom's snake slowly enter her as she opened the purple package and unrolled the content over the shaft at her face. She noticed something. She had closely examined Tom's snake tattooed cock and was quite sure the pee hole was round. She noticed unusual things like that. But Tim's was the more normal vertical slit. "Round 'O' for Tom, straight 'I' for Tim," she thought, wondering if such a thing would even be noticed when they were born, resulting in the name choices, "probably not."

Tom had pulled out and was pushing in again as she grabbed the purple cock and brought it to her mouth. Sucking it in she tasted the grape which only partially masked the latex flavor.

Tom was now thrusting vigorously in and out and Sally had Tim gasping.



"Hi Sis," Tom said without missing a beat.

"Want to join us?" Tim asked.

Eva looked over at the breakfast counter to see Eva watching the proceedings wearing a short nightgown. "Haven't even finished breakfast yet?" She grabbed a plate and helped herself to bacon and a couple of pancakes. "God, I can't bring anything with a hole in it home. If I bought donuts you guys would have your dicks stuffed in them before we even started eating them."

"What do you expect," Tom said while still pumping into Sally. "Especially if this hole is wrapped in the schoolgirl."

"And talk about wrapped!" Tim gasped. "You might want to try a cock in a blanket."

"A what?" Eva asked between bites.

"You show her, Tom. It's my turn at the cunt anyway. I'm not going to last much longer here." He pulled away from Sally's mouth. Tom obliged and went over to Eva where he slipped off the green condom, buttered a pancake, and wrapped it around his cock.

Tim drilled into Sally's fuck canal which was slippery wet with butter and vaginal juices.

Tom presented his pancake wrapped penis to his sister. "Try it," he suggested. She obliged.

She ate the pancake from the stiff cock, "Good, but I prefer my pancakes on a plate and my cocks unflavored." She then went to work on Tom's penis.

"Try the maple-butter cunt," Tim suggested without missing a beat at Sally.

Eva stopped her activity to ask, "What?"

Tom was uncertain whether he wanted to be lapping up syrup from his sister's pussy or letting her continue with the blow job.

Tim knew what he wanted and pulled out of Sally with an audible "pop".

"HEY!" Sally exclaimed.

"You take over with the schoolgirl," Tim said, pulling off his condom and moving Eva away from Tom's cock. He pushed Tom toward Sally.

Tom was reluctant to lose his sister's oral attentions but Sally's cunt beckoned. Her legs spread and her vaginal opening was a small black opening, still dilated from Tim's cock. Tom thrust his snake into it with no further hesitation.

"Up on the counter with you," Tim told his sister and helped her up. She wasn't wearing any panties so he had free access to her cunt. He scooped up a tablespoon of butter with his fingers, spread her legs and stuffed the butter into her flaming crotch.

"Hey!" Eva cried as he grabbed the syrup, thrust the neck inside her and squeezed. "You're making a mess."

"Yeah! But a delicious one," He stated, moving his head quickly between her legs and lapping up the combined juices flowing out of her.

Tim's experience in pleasing his sister soon had her squealing and laughing in delight, then with a loud squeal and laughter she orgasmed intensely. He kept licking away at her clit and massaging her breasts as she repeatedly yelled out, "Enough, Tim, enough!"

Tom's attention was diverted from pumping into Sally and he briefly stopped playing with her hardened nipples. "Fuck her Tim, Fuck her," he shouted without looking.

Sally could see the couple and watched as Tim pulled his head away from Eva's crotch. Eva, jumped off the counter, gently pushed Tim to the floor and sat on his cock in one fluid motion. She began riding him furiously.

"Hey, who's fucking who?" Tim joked.

"I'm fucking you, T-2," Eva replied.

Tim was gasping in pleasure and pulled his sister down from her sitting position, kissed her firmly on the mouth and soon was on top driving his shaft repeatedly into her wetness. She giggled and laughed as he grunted and gasped.

"Now who's doing the fucking" he gasped out.

"You are T-2, and a mighty fine job too," she replied.

Sally had been watching and wondered what Tim was doing to give his sister such pleasure. Tom had been pumping away at her for several minutes now, pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers but her vagina was feeling irritated rather than pleasured. She wondered when he'd cum and get it over with. That wasn't a thought she was used to when fucking.

Then Tim grunted loudly and stopped his rapid movement. He grunted as he slowly shoved his cock deeper into his sister and then withdrew it slightly only to drive it in again.

"Fill me up, big boy," Eva told her brother with a laugh.

Sally watched, her vagina and breasts almost numb from Tom's actions. Tim leaned over and whispered something to his sister. She giggled and nodded. He moved up and put his hand at her crotch. As he withdrew his softening penis he tightly grasped her labia, squeezing them so no juices would come out. They awkwardly stood together and "walked" (she waddled and he did a kind of duck walk, leading her with a firm grasp on her genitals). They walked to the sofa bed and she managed to straddle Sally's face with Tim still holding a firm grasp on her soft folds.

Sally looked up at the beautiful red head's labia, covered with soft red hair and held firmly between her brother's thumb and forefinger, "Open up!" Tim said.

Sally knew what he meant and opened her mouth. He released his hold and a combination of semen, syrup, butter and vaginal juices flowed into her mouth and over her face. Eva and Tom laughed as Sally tried to cope with the unexpected volume of liquid. It was tasty, not just the sweetness of the syrup and the buttery flavor but Tom's semen had a nutty flavor, kind of like a stringent walnut and there was a saltiness from both of the genital fluids. Sally managed to swallow what was in her mouth and licked much of the rest from her lips.

Tom had his sister's breasts firmly in his grasp and the sight of the contents of her vagina flowing onto Sally brought him off with a huge groan.

Despite her numbness, Sally felt his cock harden and pump inside. As his semen pumped into her, some dribbled down her butt. She realized he hadn't been wearing a condom but suppressed her urge to yell out in anger.

Eva watched. She knew how her brothers behaved in orgasm and as soon as he was finished pumping what he had into Sally she said, "Move aside T-1, give me a chance." She gave him a gentle push.

As Tom's penis cleared Sally's vagina, Eva dove in, lapping up her brother's nutty semen with its butter, syrup and Sally flavorings. She grasped Sally and rolled over so Sally was on top and the sauce flowed downward into her mouth. She lapped away at Sally's cunt and soon had Sally gasping in pleasure and Sally brought her off as well. The two men watched, stroking their manhood as both women writhed and shook in orgasmic delight.


The sofa bed was made back into a couch and the syrup and butter mostly cleaned up. Sally sat on the sofa between Tim and Tom her legs spread each leg over one of their legs. She had a partially erect penis in each hand and rubbed gently at the tips, occasionally pulling the skin up and over. Each of the men had a a hand at her crotch, taking turns pulling at the ample labia, searching out her clit and exploring her vagina.

Eva sat naked, sideways on the chair opposite, her back on one arm, her legs over the other. She stroked at her genitals.

"So you guys do this often?" Sally asked.

"They're always horny!" Eva stated, "So, yeah, if three, four times a week is often."

"And anytime Eva brings someone from work over," Tim mentioned.

"Oh, You never told me where you work," Sally said.

"I'm a Hooter's girl," was Eva's reply.

"So the workers are, well ..." Tom said gesturing to indicate they are well endowed.

"Attractive!" Tim finished the sentence, licking his lips.

"The girls are fascinated by the twins," Eva stated. "So they like to come over."

"Sometimes we visit the restaurant to keep the interest up," Tom mentioned.

"And every so often, Tom will discretely flash his snake at a new girl. That really gets the interest." Tim added.

"Why don't you get yours decorated?" Sally asked Tim.

"Yeah, why not?" Eva laughed.

"Can't think of a good design. The obvious snake has already been done." Tim said.

"How about a rocket," Tom suggested.

Tim responded in a way that made it obvious this wasn't the first time it had been suggested, "What is that, 'NASA' in big letters on each side?"

"Yeah and a bright red tip!" Tom said in what was a rehearsed response. The two of them laughed.

"That's not the real reason," Eva said. "After seeing what Tom went through, Tim's afraid, a big chicken."

"Am not, I'd do it if the design was worth it. And all you ever think of is a rocket." He reached across Sally and punched his brother in the shoulder.

"I know!" Sally exclaimed, "an octopus."

"How's that fit with a penis?" Tim asked.

Well, your testicles are kind of the shape of an octopus' head." she grasped his balls and pulled them out for inspection. "An octopus has eight arms, two could curl back around your butt. Two wrapped around each leg and that leaves the two front tentacles for your penis. One of those colorful ones with purple or red stripes and spots, make one up."

They all stared in silence at Tim's balls. Tim sat knowing that he'd never get out of having the work done now unless he was willing to put up with endless teasing. And much of it would be done in public at Hooter's or when one of the Hooter's girls came home with Eva. Tom hadn't had his scrotum worked on and Tim wondered if that would hurt as much and whether they could even do it, given how hairy and bumpy it was.

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