tagInterracial LoveSally, Tom and Will

Sally, Tom and Will


If you have been following my stories, this took place in the early 1980's when Tom, Will and I were all in our early 30's. I am Sally, a never been married elementary school teacher. I am about 5'8", 130 pounds, natural, full, heavy breasts with sensitive nipples. I love bareback sex and want my partners to cum inside me. I use a diaphragm for birth control as I do not like the feel of a condom covered cock in my vagina. When I was in college I found a little razor based hair grooming tool that I still use to groom my pubic hair. I am an adult, not a child, so I should have hair down there – I like it short and smooth rather than bare.

I spent the summer in DC a couple of years ago and stayed with Tom, a friend of the college roommate I went to visit. Tom is a black musician (sort of coffee with cream complexion (Sally's First Black)). I started off using his spare bedroom but after our 4th of July date I moved into his bed. Tom is over 6' and well put together. He is uncircumcised and well endowed both in thickness and length.

Will is Tom's best friend and was his college roommate. Tom has his own landscaping business and is very strong. He is also over 6' and the blackest man I have ever seen. He is circumcised and about the same size as Tom. I have had the opportunity to have these guys both individually and together (refer to the other chapters of Sally's First Black).

When I arrived home after my first day back in school in January, there was a message on my phone answering system. Tom had called and ask if he and Will could come visit me the 3rd weekend of February. I have 6 weeks to lose the extra 10 pounds I have put on since seeing them last. I want to take off the extra pounds because if I am going to spend a weekend nude with two hot, sexy men, I want to look my best. I called back and encouraged them to come. They will arrive Friday evening in Tampa and leave from the same place on Sunday afternoon. I haven't been with a man since New Year's Eve and now I will be saving myself for this very full anticipated weekend (unless I have a date for Valentine's Day).

I was successful in increasing my exercise and watching my calories and, full of anticipation, dressed in lacy satin panties and a braless sundress to pick them up at the airport. The sun was going down as we got back to my car for the hour plus drive to my condo. Tom held out his hand when we approached my car and said, "Why don't you let me drive and you two can get reacquainted in the back seat on the way to your place." We loaded their luggage in the trunk and I reached under my skirt, removed my panties and handed them to Tom along with the car keys. "You take care of these on the way home. I'll be looking forward to catching up with you when we get there."

Will and I climbed into the back seat and Tom opened the skylight in the roof before checking out of the parking lot. It didn't take long before Will had my breasts bare and his fingers and lips all over me. I pulled my dress over my head and straddled his legs as he continued kissing me and loving my breasts. Meanwhile, I was opening his pants to get at his magnificent tool. He was flaccid when I pulled his pants down, but as I caressed him with my hands he began to stiffen and swell. When he was nearly erect, I began sliding his velvety smooth cock head between my very moist vaginal lips, just teasing and gently sliding the head in and out.

We were stopped at a traffic light when the trucker beside us spoke up and said, "Miss, if you can't get that one in I will be glad to pull over and give you a chance with mine. I'm several sizes smaller, but I guarantee it will slide right in."

I looked up, out the skylight and said, "Thanks for the offer, but this one will fit just fine." With that, I raised myself just a bit, moved closer to Will and lowered myself onto his cock which was soon fully inserted. I cried out with pleasure, looked up at the trucker and said, "See? Perfect fit." While the trucker was still watching, I began moving up and down on Will's cock. At first very slowly, then as my climax approached, I lost control and began bucking for all I was worth, eyes closed and Will's mouth clamped on mine. I came with all the force of built-up anticipation and recent denial. As I was cuming, the trucker began clapping and said as he pulled away, "I wish that could have been me."

Will and I did not separate until we were parked beside my condo over an hour later. He had cum several times, as had I. It was now fully dark and I knew my elderly neighbors would be asleep, so I just gather my clothes and walked to the condo nude with cum running down my legs.

Tom opened the door and I said to the guys, "Why don't you make yourselves comfortable while I take a shower. Let's all plan to use my bedroom."

When I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, both Tom and Will were lounging on the bed completely nude, both partially erect. I tossed the towel over the bathroom door and climbed into bed between them. I kissed both of them and said how good it was that they had been able to come down.

Tom and I rolled together and I could tell that he was ready to love me before we did anything else. I had not used my diaphragm today because my period, which has been totally on schedule since my last pregnancy, would begin on Monday and wash out everything the guys may leave behind. I knew all three of us were disease free, so I was looking forward to a totally natural experience this weekend.

Tom stroked my breasts and followed his fingers with his lips as he slowly and sensually worked his way down my body. He lightly brushed my vaginal lips as he passed that area on his way down my legs to my feet and then slowly back up between my legs. I couldn't help but spread myself wide as he positioned himself between my thighs. He began stroking my short, smooth pubic hair and then my clit as he rained kisses from the inside of one thigh to the other. I was fully open and dripping as he stroked his cock between my vaginal lips. He began kissing me with a fully engaged tongue as the head of his cock pierced my vaginal opening. He had been so thorough and gentle that when he first entered me it took my breath away for a moment and as I gasped, he slid home. Fully inserted, pubes to pubes. Oh but he felt good. At first I didn't move, I just enjoyed the fullness, but as he began moving inside me, I was soon moving to meet him. I surprised myself when all of a sudden I felt another orgasm coming – usually it builds up slowly, but here I was with a full blown orgasm while Tom just kept pumping into me. I could feel his balls bouncing against my butt, I wrapped my arms and legs around him and let myself go – no holding back. Oh it felt good. He felt so good inside me. Then he began to spurt right into my cervix. He came and came as if he had been saving this just for me. The feeling of his sperm going into my cervix triggered another orgasm in me and I just clung to him as I shook and melted under him.

We fell asleep coupled together. When I woke several hours later, Tom was flaccid, but still inside me. I had my hand on an erect cock and both nipples were being sucked on. I opened my eyes and saw that both Tom and Will had one of my nipples in their mouth. Will was hard, Tom was soft, so Tom pulled out with a little pop followed by a flow of his cum that had been bottled up inside me. I rolled over, lifted my leg and slid onto Will. Tom caressed my back while Will and I started moving together in the classic dance of love. I must have been very sensitive, or something, because almost immediately I could feel another orgasm building inside me. I was sitting up on Will, leaning back as I enjoyed the feeling and Tom began caressing my clit while Will moved inside me. Wow! Here I go again. I leaned forward, clasped myself to Will and rode it out. I don't think I have ever been so orgasmic. I could hear the sexy, slurpy sounds caused by his thick rod sliding in and out of my juicy love pocket and when I looked down I could see the contrast of his black cock and my pale white skin. Will didn't cum this time, just me, but it was really good. I lay on Will, his cock inside me, while Tom caressed my back again. I lay on Will and kissed both of them while Will slowly became more flexible inside me.

"It is so good to have you guys here. I've missed you."

We slept for several hours. This time I woke first and began sucking and teasing two flaccid cocks. Neither guy rose to the occasion so I snuggled up between them and went back to sleep.

We all showered in the morning and since it was going to be 80 degrees and sunny, we decided to go to Sarasota's North Lido Beach which was a topless beach in those days.

I took along plenty of sunscreen and I knew I would have no problem finding someone to spread it on me.

I had not planned on taking my top off, but the guys talked me into it. They enjoyed watching the other breasts walk by, but insisted that mine were better and that it was not fair to the other guys if I kept them covered. We played in the water when it got too hot in the sun and the guys got horny – well, I guess we all got horny. A hard cock can go into warm, moist places under water and it is all by feel – no one can see for sure what is happening under water. Both guys came in me at least once during the afternoon. They took turns holding onto bathing suits while we played. One time Will briefly lost my bottoms and if Tom had not felt them brush against his leg as we were fucking, I would have had to depend on a towel to get back to the car.

I didn't cum in the water but the guys had fun and this was their vacation. The nice thing about doing it in the water is that anything that leaks out gets washed away.

It was late afternoon by the time we had enough sun and water. We rinsed off the sand before getting in the car and didn't make out in the car except to exchange a few kisses.

We showered at the condo (I spent some extra time in the bathroom making sure my back passage was squeaky clean because I had a feeling we would have a full evening of sex) and had a light supper before retiring to my bed for the evening.

It all happened so naturally, we kissed and caressed. My hands were full and their mouths and hands were all over me. Tom was lying sideways across the bed with his feet on the floor when he slid me on top of him and gently and sensuously entered my vagina. We were kissing, tongues engaged, and he began playing with my butt as we loved. At first he just massaged me, but as we became more engaged, he began sliding a finger into me – and then two as he gently opened my back passage. Will joined in and began kissing my butt and using some lube, probably ky, in my anal passage. I did my best to relax those muscles while at the same time enjoying the vaginal loving I was receiving from Tom. Will began freely sliding two and three fingers into me and then I felt the head of his hard penis as it slowly slid into me. He was gentle and just entered inch by inch until he was fully inserted. I had two great cocks buried in me at the same time. Both guys stopped moving to give my body a chance to adapt, and then they began moving together. My juices were flowing freely and I was on a sexual high. My body began bucking – totally on its own – as we approached a mutual orgasm. Suddenly both guys began spew cum into me – warm, creamy, cum – and my orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. I don't remember what happened next, but when I woke up we were covered with a light blanket and the guys were asleep on either side of me.

I slipped out of bed and took a much needed shower. The guys must have taken theirs before falling asleep. When I emerged from the bathroom, clean and naked, both guys were sporting erections and I began leaking immediately in anticipation.

"It looks like you are both ready, who wants to go first?"

Tom volunteered, "I think Will should get the fresh passage this time and I will take seconds."

All three of us began kissing and exploring until I spoke up and said, "Will, I am ready now!" He moved himself above me in missionary position and gently slid all the way in. The fit was perfect and I felt so very full. I could feel the head of his penis nestled against the opening of my cervix and knew that when he came, the little swimmers would have complete and total access to my eggs. Thankfully my period was coming Monday as I really had no desire to get pregnant again before I someday settled on one man and got married.

I clamped my legs around him to keep him close and we soared. I don't know how he could still have so much semen after all we had already shared this weekend, but it seemed like he erupted inside me and then had lots of little spasms, each with another short spurt until he was finally empty. I didn't cum that time, I just enjoyed the ride, but I knew that Tom was ready for his turn and I knew that my orgasm was coming. Will went limp and slowly withdrew his cock from my vagina. It was if he was reluctant to part from me and my vaginal lips seemed to hold onto him as long as they could as he gradually pulled out.

I was full of Will's cum, but Tom wasted no time sliding fully into me. My passage was so slick that there was no resistance, but he felt so good filling me back up.

Tom had been watching and anticipating his turn, so this was one of the quickest sessions we have ever had. I was on the edge of my orgasm, so as he began shooting into me, we came together. It was beautiful, but exhausting. We kissed and I almost immediately fell back asleep with Tom's cock buried deep inside me. He left it there and when we woke later in the morning with light streaming in the bedroom window, we were still joined. I couldn't help it, I began moving on him and as I moved, I could feel him responding.

Fortunately, I guess, someone noticed the time on the bedside clock. We had just enough time to take showers and grab a bowl of cereal before we had to leave for the airport.

As I started to get behind the wheel to drive to the airport, Tom said, "Let Will drive and you and I can say goodbye in the back seat."

I immediately pulled off my panties, handed them to Will, and said, "I won't need these until the drive home. Will you hold them for me?"

Will opened the skylight, I pulled off my sundress as we headed for the interstate and Tom pulled off his pants. I settled onto Tom's cock and we kissed and loved all the way to the airport. Reluctantly, I slid my dress over my head as we came to the departure area. Will handed me my panties and car keys as they both kissed me, thanked me for a great weekend, and headed for the departure gate.

I didn't bother with my panties and the back of my skirt was wet with cum when I got back home even though I had folded and rolled 3 Kleenex tissues together to use as a vaginal plug. It had been a full weekend and I was ready for a nap when I got home.

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