tagIncest/TabooSally's 21st Birthday

Sally's 21st Birthday


It was the worst thing I've ever done. Or the best. You decide.

It was my big sister's 21st birthday party. Our parents made a big thing of it. Hired a nice venue. Got a caterer and a band. Invited all her friends. And it was a great night. I even played my part -- for once Sally didn't get teased by her little brother Mike, which is me.

I was nice. I was polite. I never once called her a fat pig. She's not really that fat, just a little overweight, but that's what little brothers call their overweight sisters, right? I didn't call her an ugly bitch. Of course, she's not ugly either. She's no Miss Universe, but she's not ugly.

So a good night was had by all. Our parent were very pleased. So pleased that they gave me the biggest responsibility of the night -- they asked me to drive Sally home. Well, I was the only one sober, so it had to be me. While our parents took a cab, I had the job of driving the family car home, while dropping Sally off at her apartment, which she shared with a friend, along the way.

She had really enjoyed the party. I mean really, really enjoyed it. She was so drunk I could barely get her into the car. I remembered at the last minute that I'd forgotten to ask Melanie, the friend Sally shared her apartment with, if she wanted a lift. But Sally said not to bother -- and then she started getting angry.

I know it was because she was drunk, but she started saying some pretty nasty things about Melanie. For a start, Mel was a slut. She wouldn't need a lift, because she already had a ride -- a big cock to ride. That shocked me. Sal never talked that way. But she kept going. Yes, Mel had gone home with one of the guys at the party, and she'd be fucking him right now. She was always fucking guys. All the time. Making so much noise. There was always screaming and squealing and laughing coming from her room.

We were most of the way to Sal's place by now, and I didn't know what to say. It was her 21st birthday, the party had been great, and now she was all upset. And then, suddenly, she started crying.

"What's wrong Sal? It's been a great night. You're 21, how cool is that?"

But she didn't think it was cool.

"Cool? Do you know what. I'm 21 all right. I'm a 21 year old virgin."

And then she really started crying. Tears were pouring down her face. Wow. Sal was still a virgin? Double wow. Like, I was two years younger than her, but I had seven notches on my belt -- that's seven girls, and multiple times with each of them. Okay, that sounds like boasting, which it's not, because I think my score is only average. I know heaps of guys -- and girls -- who get a lot more sex than me.

Well, anyway, there wasn't much I could say to that. So I should have shut up. Of course, I didn't.

"Well, maybe you're just waiting for the right guy."

She exploded in tears.

"How long will I have to wait. Until I'm 99?!?!"

Okay, say no more. Just shut up. By now we'd reached Sal's place. Again I had to help her out of the car. She could barely stand. I took her inside and she fell onto the sofa, still weeping. I stood at the door for half a minute, not knowing how to console her, so I didn't try.

"Um...okay then, I'll seeya."

She looked at me angrily.

"I'll bet you're not a virgin -- not pretty, pretty Mikey!"

Could I leave her like this? The apartment was cold. If she passed out on the sofa, she might get sick -- which I'm sure I'd be blamed for. She should be in bed. I leaned down and lifted her up.

"Come on Sal, off to bed. You'll feel better in the morning."

She was still sobbing.

"I'm sorry Mikey, I shouldn't have said that."

"It's okay."

"Can you help take my dress off? I don't want to ruin it."

So I did. It was a long red dress and looked good on her -- very slimming, I thought. I lifted it over her shoulders and saw she was only wearing a g-string and one of those low, undercup bras, so nothing showed under or outside the dress. Right away, I noticed something.

"Sally, you've lost weight - a lot of weight."

"Thank you little brother, yes I have."

She smiled. Then fell back on the bed, unconscious. Wow, she was really drunk. I pulled the blankets back and pushed her into the centre of the bed.

And then stopped for a moment.

Yes, she had definitely lost weight. She wasn't skinny like a model or anything like that, but she looked good. Real good, in fact. I wondered what her boobs looked like under that bra. I couldn't resist the temptation. Well, she'd be uncomfortable with that tight bra on. So I took it off.

Oh yes. Very nice. Very, very nice. Hadn't noticed those before. I put a hand under each one. Oh dear. Lovely. Bouncy, but not too big. She moaned lowly, and I pulled my hands away quickly. But she didn't move. Still dead to the world.

Well, there she was, almost naked, except for a g-string. Gee, those strings must cut into her skin. She'd sleep better without those on. Definitely. So off they came.

Have I said wow yet? A few times. Well triple wow. And throw in an oo-la-la.

My sister had the sweetest looking pussy I'd ever seen. I mean, really sweet. But the first sight of it was a real shock. She was hairless. Bald. Shaved or waxed or whatever. I never would have imagined it. But I couldn't take my eyes of it.

Or resist touching it -- just once.

Carefully, I opened her pussy lips. How many wows am I allowed? Well here's another one. Wow. Oh my God. She had a beautiful clit. Just beautiful. I just had to look closer. Very close. Within licking distance. And once I'd gotten that close...

Yes, I licked my sister's clit. She moaned again. Low, but deeper this time. I licked some more, carefully, right around the edge of her pussy, then reaching her clit. Even in her unconscious state, the pleasure zones were still responding. And so were mine. I had a raging hard on.

Without thinking, I pulled down my pants. But then stopped. What was I doing! Was I crazy. This was Sal, my big sister. I couldn't do this.

Then suddenly there was a hand on my cock. And it wasn't mine. Sal had rolled over on the bed, and her hand had fallen in the one position it shouldn't have. It was a one in a million shot.

I don't know what she was dreaming about, but her hand gripped my cock hard. I was trapped. I didn't want to pull loose in case I woke her up -- though I realised that was unlikely.

Then Sal started sobbing in her sleep.

"21 years old virgin and still a virgin. It's not fair."

And with that, she tightened her grip. It seemed to me, the best way to get loose would be to bend her arm a little, encourage her to move, so I started gently moving towards her, getting onto the bed on my knees. It worked. When I'd gotten quite close to her, she loosened her grip and her hand fell away.

But that left me in an interesting position. I was now kneeling next to her face, and she was sleeping with her mouth open. And my rock hard cock was just a few inches from that face.

I did English Literature in High School. My favourite subject. And I always loved that line by Oscar Wilde. "I can resist anything but temptation," he said.

Well, he said it, but I was living it. Without thinking, I slid my cock into her open mouth. She didn't move. So I started sliding it in and out, in and out, going a little further in each time. It didn't seem to bother her at all. In fact, she moaned again. Then I felt her tongue rolling across the head of my cock. And then her lips closed.

Now it was my turn to moan. Sally had started to suck on my cock. And it felt amazing. But I had to take it easy. I'd have loved to cum in her mouth, but that would wake her up. Definitely Maybe. Possibly. It crossed my mind to do it anyway. While I was considering my options, I had somehow managed to get my cock most of the way in her mouth -- and down her throat. And she was sucking hard. It was too much. I was moments away from cumming.

No! Don't do it! And I didn't. I quickly pulled my cock from her mouth.

I was in a cold sweat. What was I doing! Well, I knew what I was doing, but I also knew I shouldn't be doing it. So I stopped.

I started pulling my pants up. I had to leave before anything else happened. Then something else did happen: Sal rolled and twisted around on the bed, ending up on her stomach. With her ass pointing towards me. And her legs were apart.

This was all too much. Now I was looking directly at that beautiful bald pussy. And her equally sweet asshole -- which I hadn't noticed before. How much temptation can a guy take. Well, in my case, not a lot.

I moved her legs a little further apart. I'm going for my full quota of wows now, because wow is the only word I know that says how I felt. I mean really wow.

Sally was still mumbling in her sleep. I couldn't make out the words, but they still sounded sad. It wasn't fair. Why should such a beautiful pussy be sad? And what about my poor hard on? Didn't he deserve some consideration?

Then it got worse. Sally, still restless, twisted a little more in the bed, and pushed her knees under her belly. So now her wow pussy and wow wow asshole were raised and looking right at me. And then worse got worser. (Not a word, but you get my drift.)

She reached down and slid a finger into her pussy. She was masturbating in her sleep.

The poor girl was so desperate for sex that she even masturbated while she was asleep. I mean, it was awful for her. And awful for me to watch, standing there with a raging hard on, while she slipped a finger -- no, now two -- into her pussy. A pussy that was getting so wet that it was literally drippng.

I won't quote Oscar Wilde to you again. I knew what I had to do.

I gently took her hand and pulled her fingers from her pussy. Then placed the head of my cock at the place where the fingers had been. Before I could move, her hips pushed back on me. I was in. Only an inch, but I was in my sister's pussy. Now it was my turn to push.

Oh yes. That's nice. Oh yes. Two inches, three inches, four inches...suddenly all seven and a half inches of my cock were in my sleeping sister's pussy. Then out. Then in. Then out. Then in. And she was pushing her hips back against me just as hard as I was pushing mine in to her. She was wonderfully virgin tight, but still delightfully smooth. I hated to admit it, but Sally was the best pussy I'd ever had. Number eight on my belt was going straight to number one. With a bullet.

This time I wasn't going to stop. No way. Bang! I exploded deep inside her. She moaned. Loudly. But I didn't care. I just kept pumping my cum into her. Oh yeah. Oh my God yeah. And she kept moaning, pushing her hips back at me.

Finally, I pulled my cock out of her and admired my handiwork. Her pussy lips were spread wide, her pussy was open wide too, and a stream of cum was dripping out of her. What a lovely sight.

While I was watching, her hand reappeared on the scene. She started rubbing her clit again, masturbating. But then she started rubbing the cum as well, all over her pussy. And then over her asshole. And moaning more. To my utter shock, her fingers found a new place to explore. She slipped one of them, greased up with my cum and hers, deep into her asshole.

Oh dear. That was just too much. This was something to die for.

Now here's the thing. Those seven notches I mentioned before, now eight, didn't include a single asshole. Not one. So while sally was -- until a few minutes ago -- a total virgin, I was an anal virgin. And I was now watching a second finger disappear into the sweetest asshole I'd ever had the pleasure to see up close.

Now my cock had fallen out of Sally's pussy a sloppy, flaccid wreck. Her tight pussy had given him the best work-over he'd ever had. But when I looked down, he was back at attention. So he'd seen what I'd seen.

Is it weird to talk about my cock like it was a separate person? Maybe. But sometimes it has a mind of its own. Like, right now, my real mind -- the one in my head -- was saying, oh, Mike, this is terrible, go home and hide. But my cock was saying something quite different.

In fact, while that bit of offal between my ears was considering all these issues, I somehow, inexplicably, found myself standing at my sister's rear. And I was once again gently moving her thrusting fingers away from one of her holes while my cock, seemingly of its own accord, was moving unerringly towards that opening.

So there I was. My hands were on Sally's hips. My cock was just touching the opening of her asshole. Her fingers were now inside her pussy, from which my cum was still dripping. But surely, if I pressed my cock forward into her tight virgin ass, that would wake her? Wasn't that too big a risk?

I pressed forward.

Oh! It was tight. Too tight maybe. The first half inch was a struggle. Sally groaned. Was it pleasure or pain. Or the sound of her waking up. I pulled back and pressed forward again. Another half an inch. Another groan from Sally. It was soooo tight. I wasn't going to be able to get in.

But then I saw it. An open jar of handcream on the bedside table. Just within reach. I dug my fingers in and put a dollop on the head of my cock. Then another dollop on Sally's asshole. I swirled my cock around. Rubbing the cream in with every twist. Then pushed forward again.

Oh God yes! Two inches! Two of the tightest and most amazing inches you could imagine. Sally moaned even louder. She was going to wake up. No doubt about it. Definitely. So what did I do? I pushed harder of course.

Please Lord, take me now. Life can't offer anything better than this. Four inches deep in Sally's ass. Heaven surely can't have anything better.

I pulled back an inch, ready for another thrust. Then, when I pushed forward, to my joy, Sally pushed her ass back at me hard. My cock slid in all the way -- up to the hilt. I groaned like I'd been hit with a hammer. Sally arched her back, pushing even harder back onto me, and matched me groan for groan.

It was too much for me, way too much. I started pounding her ass. I didn't care if she woke up. This was just utterly unbelievable. Even wow doesn't come close. And after a very short time, maybe no more that two minutes, I exploded again.

How can I describe it?. Did I hear angels singing? Well, it certainly felt like bells were ringing. In my ears, in my balls. In every part of me. I kept pounding into that wonderful, amazing, sensational and unforgettable ass, pumping my cum deep into her. Finally, I pulled my cock from my darling sister's ass and let the last drops of cum splash on that delightful opening.

I was so enraptured that I'd totally forgotten about Sally. Surely she was awake now. But no. All she did was sigh. A long, slow, satisfied sigh that seemed to come from deep, deep inside her. Then she slid down flat on her stomach. Her eyes were still closed, but there was now a smile on her face.

I pulled up my pants, put the blankets over Sally, tucked her in, then turned off the bedside light.

Then, quietly stepping out of the room, I looked back at her one last time.

"Happy 21st birthday, Sal."

But as I slowly started to close the bedroom door, I heard a soft voice from the bed.

"Thanks Mikey."

I jumped about ten feet in the air and almost ran to the car. Had she just woken up and was thanking me for driving her home and putting her in bed? Or had she been awake the whole time? I'm still not sure. But yesterday she left a message with our mom. She asked if I could come over and bring some of her clothes that she had left at home.

Mom said to take the spare key Sally kept at home. Because Sally had said she might be having a nap when I get there.

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