tagFetishSally's Ch. 04

Sally's Ch. 04


If you read Parts I, II & III, jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally's series, the following summaries will provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today's sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally's---a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim---a close friend of Olivia's, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia's after her shift at Sally's. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the 'Flogging' room-- where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived...

Summary---Part III

Kim, Olivia, and I had torrid sex until the sun came up. It was an erotically wild evening since both Kim and I had cocks. Part III is wall to wall sex. It ends with a plan to meet at Sally's that evening for the Thursday night bash.


The end of Part III....

"I assume the two of you will be joining us?" Kim asked.

Olivia replied, "We wouldn't dream of missing it."

We all walked together to the front door—still naked. Our clothes were outside. Opening the door was a rush. The morning air was cool and being outside naked in the front of a house gave all the chills. Kim dressed on the porch as Olivia and I gathered our things.

Kim needed to use Olivia's car since her car was still at Sally's. We agreed to talk later about taking care of the car situation. After a final goodbye kiss....one in which our tongues were again exploring one another... Kim drove off.

Olivia took my hand as we watched her car disappear down the road. Looking at each other we smiled and pulled each other into a deep kiss and embrace which began lovingly and ended up with Olivia's pussy dripping and my cock stiff as a board.

"What a night," Olivia sighed. "Let's get some sleep. We have so much to do when we wake."

Taking my hand Olivia led me back into her manor.

"And to think, we did all of this without any panties. Imagine......"

..............to be continued....


Sally's Part IV

We went back upstairs and turned left at the opened doors of the 'Room of Boudoirs.' It was as we left it---windows open; lights and music still softly filling the room. I could see the center bed and the tale-tale remnants of our pleasure. It was quite an evening indeed.

Passing a number of rooms along the hall, we approached another set of double doors at the end. Olivia opened them and welcomed me into her master bedroom. It was magnificent. The décor was tastefully done in a nuevo style. We were actually too tired to get into details and went directly to the king size bed waiting for us. The covers were pulled down.

Snuggling in we gave each other a tender good-night kiss. Olivia said she was so happy and was looking forward to everything which lay ahead. I smiled and whispered a 'me too,' falling asleep knowing my life had changed with no turning back.

I woke to gentle sunlight falling on my face; Olivia's voice reminded me where I was.

"Good morning Anna."

This brought me completely out of my sleep as I turned to see a woman pulling back the drapes.

"Where is Friedrich?" Olivia questioned.

"He his tending to the yard, Ms. Olivia," Anna replied as she approached the bed. Her accent sounded German.

She had a pleasant look to her, giving us a lovely morning smile. Anna's skin was smooth and her body full. Her dark blonde hair was in a bun and her make up was perfect. She had the look of the classic maid with one exception. She was naked and without one pubic hair. For some odd reason this took me by surprise. After everything which happened the night before, it shouldn't have.

Anna went to Olivia's side of the bed and gave her a more than motherly 'good-morning' kiss. Olivia responded by lifting her hand slightly from the bed and taking one of Anna thick nipples between her fingers and playing with it. Anna's breasts were DD and still fairly firm for a woman her age. I guessed her to be in her mid 50s; about ten years our senior.

Both women cooed lightly from what seemed to be a regular morning ritual. There was a genuine fondness between them. I smiled thinking what a wonderful way to wake up.

"Anna, this is Brad; the man I told you about." Olivia explained at the end of their kiss.

Anna beamed at Olivia's words. "I knew it had to be! Oh how wonderful, Ms. Olivia." She cupped her hands together in a silent clap.

"You are a lucky man, Bradley. For no one, man or woman, has ever caught the fancy of Ms. Olivia enough to share her bed." There was a sense of pride in Anna's voice. "But from what I have heard you seem like an ideal pair."

Making her way to my side of the bed she gave us both a knowing grin and then added, "And from what I tended to this morning, very compatible sexually."

Olivia told Anna she was a sweetheart for cleaning up after us. Anna gave a nod of thanks but the look in her eyes told me there was something on her mind. Taking hold of the sheet covering my body, Anna pulled it away leaving me exposed before her examining eyes.

"Hmmmm," rolled lazily from her throat in a distinctly German way. Anna smiled and sat down next to me taking the liberty of allowing her hands to gently caress me. My cock began to stir and Anna looked at it as if she was expecting nothing less.

"The first thing you need Bradley is to get these pierced like the rest of us." Anna's fingers were flicking my nipples causing my cock to continue to thicken. "It will bring you so much pleasure."

Her nipples were pierced with the same style rod as Olivia's and Kim's. Anna's breasts were alluring. The size of her nipples invited them to be suckled. I wanted to reach out, touch them and bring them into my mouth. The fullness of her tits triggered a desire to feed, but something told me I did not have this privilege----yet.

My cock on the other hand had a mind of its own and was throbbing at full attention.

"Ms. Olivia, is it proper for me to assume that Bradley will partake in the morning preparatory cleansing?" Anna lifted her head towards Olivia for approval, never stopping her arousing game with my nipples.

"I'd have it no other way." Olivia affirmed sensually. "But we haven't explored that yet. I am sure Brad will take to it as he has with everything we've done so far. Be a darling and give us five and we'll have breakfast or lunch....or whatever is appropriate for this time of day...on the patio by the pool."

"Very well, Ms. Olivia."

Anna started to rise, but Olivia stopped her...

"But before you go, you will need to greet Brad a bit more properly. AND look what you have done to his cock. Is that any way to leave a man?"

Further encouragement was not needed. Anna brought her lips to mine, giving me a good morning kiss similar to one she gave Olivia. It was so smooth and sensuous bringing coos from me too. Before I could wrap my arms around her, Anna moved to my cock.

In one motion she engulfed it. Anna opened her mouth and covered my hard shaft but not allowing it to touch the inside. All I could feel was its warmth until the tip of my dick touched the back of her throat. Anna adjusted and my cock slid into her throat and her mouth closed completely around my shaft. Using a swallowing technique, the head of my rod was being massaged while her lips formed a vacuum at the base of my hairless rod. What a tremendous feeling; I didn't want it to stop.

"Magnificent isn't she," Olivia commented as she slid next to me bringing her lips to mine. "It's time for our good morning kiss."

Olivia's tongue was in my mouth before I could close my eyes. She was in need. Her fingers pulled hard at my nipples and twisted. My cries filled our mouths and I sucked harder on her tongue. Olivia attacked them again. It was very painful yet at the same time desired.

Her actions took my focus away from the throat massage being administered on my cock.

Breaking the kiss I could see Olivia's lust filled eyes. She was wild. In a vampire like move, Olivia's mouth went to my left nipple. Her teeth pulled it into her mouth which began sucking it in as far in as possible. Her tongue began to swirl around its tip. As quickly as she attacked, she stopped. But now it was her nipple being shoved into my mouth.

Meanwhile Anna had removed my cock from her mouth and was moving around the bed. With Olivia's tits covering my eyes I wasn't sure what was going on, but I did know I was to attack her nipple the same way she did mine. Olivia's piercing rod allowed me to pull her thick bud deep into my mouth. I used my tongue to bath it and also to turn the rod causing her nipple to twist at the same time. Olivia was moaning.

I had the feeling Anna was licking Olivia's ass and cunt because I could feel Anna's breasts and chest moving over my salvia coated cock. Olivia's arms were on either side of my head, her hands were in my hair as she ground her tits into my face guiding my mouth back and forth from one nipple to the other. She was swaying her ass and filling the room with deep lustful screams.

"I AM GOING TO CUM! I AM GOING TO CUM," she shouted. Olivia sat upright on my torso with Anna moving in behind her. She too sat across my torso while pressing her body into Olivia's back. She wrapped her arms around her, both hands furiously frigging Olivia's swollen clit. Anna's mouth was working Olivia's neck and ears; biting them lightly letting her tongue dance wildly around them as she went. Olivia was slapping her own tits and twisting her nipples.

She was lost in her lust and desires. Olivia's body spasmed and she began screaming and crying. Her hunger was rocketing me to another level. Anna's ass cheeks were rubbing my cock; not intentionally but simply due to proximity. I needed to have my dick buried somewhere, but I wasn't the focus at the moment.

Olivia's orgasm was a fount. Cum and piss shot from her box with such power it hit my torso and was spraying my entire face. The pungent smell of the morning's first release was intoxicating. I lapped what I could while simply allowing her nectars to soak me. Anna was holding Olivia's lips apart as if trying to direct her flow to my mouth. It was working.

Olivia came for a solid fifteen to twenty seconds. As her body calmed, I felt a warm flow on my cock. Anna was releasing herself onto me. The feel of this matronly women's urine streaming against my shaft and over my balls was heavenly.

Rolling off of me in a heap Olivia fell face down into her pillow and then onto her back.

Anna dismounted me and headed to a set of doors which I assumed to be the master bath. Opening them revealed a large expanse with every appointment one could imagine. The room had a warm feeling with tile throughout. From my vantage point I could see a walk in shower without doors. It was an open area. Anna turned it on. Water emerged from numerous points on the walls and from the hanging fixtures.

Wearing a devilish smile Anna left the bath and made her way to the door. Giving us a lingering look, she added, "Why don't we have brunch in 30 minutes." It wasn't really a question.

Coming too and running her hands over her face and through her hair, Olivia replied, "Great idea. See you in 30."

Olivia turned her head towards me and for some reason we both started laughing. It was the type of laugh which comes when you find humor in a common chord too difficult to explain. Olivia rolled on top of me and gave me a deep but short kiss. Looking into my eyes she said, "Let's freshen up."

How luxurious to walk directly into a perfect temperature rain fall shower. It was so invigorating. Even though my cock was still hard, the feel of the warm water released my morning stream. Olivia was delighted and fell to her knees in front of me allowing my nectar to flow over her face, hair and torso. She rubbed it over her skin as I released. What an incredibly erotic creature.

After washing one another, we walked to the heated drying area and took a warm towel from the rack. Olivia commented that she was aware I didn't cum and will more than make up for it later. I just smiled, especially since our day had just started.

The bathroom was exquisite and my eyes were drawn across the room to the toilet area. Enema bags hung beckoningly from hooks. Each had a unique size, color, and nozzle. They looked like pieces of art. I was so turned on; another mutual fetish we shared.

Olivia was watching me and when I turned my attention back to her, she softly said, "That's tomorrow morning." My cock twitched and Olivia's hand quickly slapped it playfully. Taking it in her hand she pulled me in the other direction towards the sinks calling me a 'Pervert.' We both broke into laughter.

There was a host of grooming items waiting for us: a razor and cream for me, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, and a wide assortment of cosmetics. We did what we do naturally. I kept an eye on Olivia as she applied her make-up. It was not the conservative office style but a rather seductive look. My cock twitched with jealous want. How unfair! Women can create any look they want, while men can only comb their hair.

Olivia caught my glances and when she was done she approached me, cosmetic brush in hand.

"Let me help with your look." Olivia brushed my nipples softly. She knew this excited me, but still went about her work in a most professional manner. A cream was applied to my areolas and nipples. The feel was wonderful. Olivia commented that it would plump them to make piercing easier.

A deep rose base was painted over each areola and a light pink was applied to my nipples. "This is so sexy and helps keep you sensitized." I could feel tingling through each. My cock was aware of it also.

Olivia then went to work on my eyes, applying a thin coat of bronze shadow to the entire lid area and then a pink accent shadow in the crease. She told me it was to enhancer my look. Next a black liner followed by a few strokes of mascara. Watching Olivia in the mirror was quite arousing. She made sure her thighs rubbed against my cock as she worked. Her breasts and nipples brushed against my upper arms as she moved from side to side.

I could tell Olivia was pleased as she moved her head to view my face from different angles. Looking me in the eyes she smiled, lifted my chin with her hand and gave me the softest of kisses. She then took a tube of light pink lipstick and applied it to her lips and then to mine.

"Do as I do to get an even cover."

I mimicked her lips rubbing together.

Taking my hand we headed back to the bedroom. The bed had already been changed. Olivia commented on Anna's efficiency.

Opening the top drawer of her dresser Olivia told me it was time for some intimates.

"I don't know about you, but I'm in the mood for something sheer; how about these black seamed stockings? Lets do a garter belt for today and tonight we'll change into self stay thigh highs." Olivia was taking out two sets of everything. The garter belt was black with thin pink lace accenting the edge. A small pink flower was top and center. This was a dream come true.

"Brad, do you wear heels?"

"Usually only at home," was my honest reply.

"Well you're home now, so let's choose something shiny, pink and sexy." Olivia's hip swayed as she went over to her walk in closet. She knew what she was looking for and retrieved two matching pair of shiny pink, six inch heels. She then walked with the same sway to two chairs positioned by the window. Olivia's little sex strut was having its way with me. I wanted her so badly and my cock was sending the same message.

Turning back with a sultry motion, Olivia returned to the dresser where I was standing. She stared intently at my rigid cock the entire way. She picked up the nylons and garters; letting them glide over my shaft. "Let's get dressed."

Olivia and I put on our garters and nylons while sitting by the window. How free to know you didn't have to worry about covering up. The feeling was lush as we smoothed the nylons over our legs.

Attaching the stays and slipping on our heels completed our ensemble. We turned to the mirror and I was stunned how erotic we looked. Our smooth bodies adorned in matching lingerie; Olivia's pierced, thick nippled breasts; my nipples—painted and slightly puffy; our faces accented with fine cosmetics; our hair black—Olivia's shoulder length, mine a short shag. We were striking similar with the exception of Olivia's hairless pussy and my hairless cock.

Clasping hands we left the master bed room with the walk of two runway models. We proceeded down the hall, down the staircase, and through the kitchen and into the three season room. We made our way through the sliding screen, down the walk and onto the pool deck.

Waiting for us was a delightful brunch complete with coffee, juice, fruit, breads, and spreads. Two laptops were powered on and a cell phone was placed in the center. Olivia explained we still had to check in for work, but in due time. I helped Olivia with her chair and then took mine. The food was delicious and our conversation easy and open.

I learned about Anna and Friedrich. They were a lifestyle couple from Germany. Olivia had posted an ad on the net for a couple to care for her estate. The one key requirement was to care for the estate while being intimately involved in 'an alternative lifestyle' environment. They have been with her Olivia for nearly ten years. Olivia assured me I would come to love them as she has.

Everything was overwhelming. We were sitting in lingerie on the deck of a magnificent pool overlooking a manicured expanse of the tree lined lawn. It was a piece of nirvana; secluded so one could live as they pleased. I asked Olivia if I could pry a bit into her business. She gave the look one gets when asking a stupid question.

"Brad, of course you can, ask me anything. It's what true relationships are built on."

The response was a bit forward but spot on.

"Last night you mentioned you came from wealth. And from what I have seen it is substantial. So why would a person of your stature become an office manager for a machined parts manufacturer?"

My question brought a smile to Olivia; albeit a complicated one.

"Brad, I was born with an elevated desire for pleasure. It was overwhelming and I knew it was going to be my life's journey. At first it was sex with anyone and everyone. My desire led me down the wrong path and I got into trouble. My parents were disgraced and threw me out of their house. I made my way as a woman of the night."

This was the part of the story which was missing from last night's conversation. I listened intently because Olivia was baring her soul. Her truth and honesty were kindling my feelings for her. She continued.

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