tagFetishSally's Ch. 05

Sally's Ch. 05


If you read Parts I, II, III, & IV jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally's series, the following summaries will provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today's sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally's---a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim---a close friend of Olivia's, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia's after her shift at Sally's. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the 'Flogging' room-- where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived...

Summary---Part III

Kim, Olivia, and I had torrid sex until the sun came up. It was an erotically wild evening since both Kim and I had cocks. Part III is wall to wall sex. It ends with a plan to meet at Sally's that evening for the Thursday night bash.

Summary---Part IV

Olivia and I wake up to Anna. Anna and Friedrich are her lifestyle staff. Anna gives Olivia a morning orgasm which triggers her first pee of the day as both she and Anna release on me. We then shower and dress in fine intimates and apply enticing cosmetics. The rest of the day is spent by the pool in a wet foursome sharing all of our nectars.


The end of Part IV....

We worked for about an hour by the pool before Anna returned to tell us dinner was ready. It was a light meal of salads. We didn't want to be too full for Sally's. I assumed Friedrich and Anna were going but they said friends were stopping over so they wouldn't be joining us.

Olivia asked Friedrich if he had time to drive us there, explaining the car situation. It wouldn't be a problem. He did turn to Anna and ask, "Promise you will hold your bowels until I return?"

She smiled and said, "Of course darling, but do make it a quick trip. Once I am ready, I can only hold it so long."

..............to be continued.....


Sally's Part V

Friedrich and Anna excused themselves with kisses all around, clearing the table and retreating to the kitchen.

Olivia looked at me to gauge my reaction and saw my interest. She leaned forward and placed a hand on mine and as if to begin an explanation of Anna and Friedrich's plans for the evening---not that I needed one. I believe it was just Olivia's way to introduce another aspect of kink into our relationship.

Her tact was intriguing.

"Brad," Olivia said coyly. "Do you know what Anna and Friedrich are talking about?" She shifted in her chair seductively and began to run her fingers across my hand.

With the slightest of grins I answered, "Yes, I think so." My answer was as coy as Olivia's question.

"Really" Olivia was feigning surprise? "Then tell me what it means to hold ones bowels and why Friedrich wants Anna to wait until he returns." Her finger was now stroking only my middle finger.

"They are into to enema play and Friedrich wants to be here when she releases it." My tone was a bit matter of fact; knowledgeable but without opinion. I loved where this little game was going. I was going to make Olivia pry every detail from me.

"Very good," was her sultry reply. She was pleased. Her free hand was now caressing her inner thighs.

Leaning forwarding she brought her torso to the table, her pierced nipples inches from my hand. Her head was lowered and her eyes fixed on her nail stroking my finger. There was a tiny hesitation as she contemplated her next thought.

"Actually it is more than just enema play. Anna and Friedrich are into scat. I assume you understand what scat is?" Olivia never lifted her head or stopped stroking. She was waiting for my reply.

"I do. Anna and Friedrich crave shit and enjoy having sex in it." Again I was matter of fact.

"Hmmmmm. You are quite informed Brad." She stopped playing with my hand and brought her finger to my lips, erotically tracing the outline of my mouth with her nail. Focusing on her nail's slow path she continued.

"Last night I told you your ex said you had pictures...pictures of people peeing and having sex in their own waste. I already know you love piss, but was there any other waste the people were having sex in?" Her finger stopped at the top of my lip and Olivia lifted her eyes to mine, waiting for my reply.

My cock was becoming very hard. Olivia knew exactly how to get what she wanted from me. I took a more submissive approach now. This was going to be a confession.

"Ye..yes.." I allowed my answer to stumble. Olivia's eyebrows lifted on my acknowledgement, her head tilted and her finger tapped my lip telling me to continue. I let the confession flow.

"The people were having sex in shit. They shit on each other and rubbed and smeared it onto their bodies. They even shit into their mouths and shared it. They gave each other enemas and let them expel on each other. They were covered in and craving shit."

My head fell and my eyes averted her gaze.

Olivia sat back in her chair, allowing time for my confession to charge the air around us.

In a firm 'tell me the truth' tone, Olivia spoke, "I now have three questions for you. One: Have you ever experienced scat play? Two: Did you enjoy it? And three: Do you wish to continue this type of play with me?"

There was no hesitation in my voice. Lifting my head, my eyes went to Olivia's as I spoke.

"Yes I have experienced scat play on a number of occasions. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. It was too erotic to enjoy. The experience shook me. I never dreamt that something so taboo could be so powerful. To experience this with you would be a dream come true."

Now I moved forward in my chair and took both of Olivia's hands in mine. I stared at them for a moment and then lifted my gaze to her. What I was about to say would change the mood, but I needed to lay things on the line.

"Olivia," I paused for a moment. "You are the woman of my dreams. You have plucked me from my hiding place and brought into your world. We have crossed many lines already and will probably cross many more in the days ahead. But what I feel for you is much more than just crossing lines."

My eyes were welling as were Olivia's. She knew where this was going and I could tell she wanted to hear this from me. I took a deep breath and went on.

"In the past, all of the things I've experienced were without commitment. I discovered my fetishes and who I was sexually. I made a vow not to return to the vanilla world and to find a soul mate. I've been around long enough to know you are she; my soul mate."

Tears were falling down my cheeks. My voice was breaking as I finished. "Olivia, I love you. Please don't tell me this is all just a game."

Olivia stated crying and pulled me to her. Our naked bodies embraced and their warmth bathed and bound us together. Our heads nuzzled into the other's neck while tears poured onto our shoulders and down our backs.

Olivia pulled away and took my face in both hands. Her head was moving speechlessly as the tears cascaded down her cheeks. She was trying to speak but nothing came out. Finally she brought her lips to mine and gave me the most tender tear filled kiss.

"I love you too Brad. I loved you the moment I saw you. I fought my urges to consume you; to make you mine. When you became free, I knew we would be together."

Olivia kissed me again. This time deeply and with passion. When we broke from the kiss Olivia continued.

"From this point on, I am giving you my body, my mind, my heart and my soul. As we with play with others I want you to know there is no one but you. You are my true love. Being able to share all of my needs, wants, and desires with you makes me complete."

My heart skipped a beat.

"I too am yours Olivia: body, mind, heart and soul." I was complete for the first time in my life.

We fell back into a hug and softly caressed our back; our bodies gently rocking.

Olivia came back to earth with a quick jolt.

"Oh my god!" she gasped, "You haven't seen the rest of the house yet. Anna will be expecting us in the master bath in about 5 minutes and we need time to get ready for Sally's."

"Here's the plan; we'll do a quick walk around and work our way upstairs. I promise tomorrow we'll have a detailed tour. We are having a party on Saturday anyway so we'll need to make sure everything is ready."

Olivia stood, took me by the hand and pulled me briskly, "Come on!"

We headed straight to the basement. I will save the detail until a future chapter but I will say each room was unique with its own theme. The basement was home to the "Fluid Room." There were areas for every type of wet play possible—tropical rain showers, oils, steam, whirlpools, sauna, watersports, enemas, scat, roman, and ruby.

Back on the first floor, there was the "Flogging Room" which I experienced the night before. In addition there was the "Food Room" for those interested in a 'fun with food' experience. The "Dens of Narcissism" was a series of mirrored areas complete with specialty furniture and toys. The outer mirrors were one way; making it easy for voyeurs to stroll around and watch people involved in self love without disturbing them. There was the "Room of Glory" which was dark maze of booths which gave access to sex without knowing their owners. The holes were such that cocks, pussies, tits, and asses could be offered based on ones desire. Soft lights illuminated the way.

The large foyer was used to meet and greet. Cocktails and finger foods were served there. The last room on the first floor was called "The Interlude." It was made up of a number of intimate sitting areas where one could get to know someone better. Around it were video monitors which could be tuned to display a variety of interests.

Nudity at the manor was mandatory for every gathering. Typically guests leave their clothes on the front porch as we did the night before. But for larger gatherings, everyone enters through the locker room which is on the side of the manor and exits into the foyer. It had larger lockers with digital locks for safekeeping, although not required.

The upstairs had the "Room of Boudoirs," along with many different specialty rooms. The "Rubber Room" had all things shiny and slick: rubber, latex, etc. The "Leather Room" was the next room we visited and the smell of fresh leather stirred me. The "Changing Room" was for men to become women and women to become men. There was a "Nursery" with its rich aroma of baby powder. The "Medical Room" had a number of examination areas, each equipped with a complete array of invasive and non-invasive tools. There was also a room simply known as "The Pit" for wall to wall group sex.

There were even traditional bedrooms for overnight quests.

Each floor had clean up facilities which included sinks, toilets, showers, towels and all the necessary toiletries.

At one end of the upstairs hallway was Olivia's private suite and the other end was Anna and Friedrich's. We ended up in Olivia's where Anna was busy in the master bath. I didn't realize the other doors of the master bedroom led to additional rooms. The suite was the size of a condo and housed Olivia's office, a study and an entertainment room with its own fireplace. The suite also had numerous walk-in closets.

Olivia said she spent most of her time in the kitchen area and the adjacent dining and three season rooms. It had everything one needed, but when she wanted to be alone, she retired to her suite. Since we were already naked (having removed our intimates by the pool earlier in the day) Olivia guided us into the bathroom telling me we needed to be properly cleansed.

She explained it is a daily ritual and administered based on the past day's activities and what lay ahead. Since we missed this morning's, we needed to be thoroughly prepped before going to Sally's. Anna was in the area which had the enema bags I saw that morning. They were now filled and hanging from two rolling hospital-IV poles.

There was also a special table/chair type of device which I assumed we were going to use. It was positioned under a large shower head and over a larger than normal drain. Anna gave us a warm smile as she rolled the filled bags next to the device.

There was a look of surprise on Olivia's face when she saw the table. Anna could see the question mark in her eyes and explained.

"Miss Olivia, ever since you began to talk about Bradley, Friedrich and I knew he would join you one day. Friedrich wanted to surprise you and made this for the two of you. It can be used in many different ways."

She patted the open seat cushions saying, "Come, sit." Her German accent made it so much more clinical.

We took our seats next to each other. We held hands and giggled slightly as Anna raised the leg stirrups and lowered the arm rests. With the exception of having ones ass exposed, the device reminded me of a blood bank chair.

"Tonight I have something very special for the two of you." Anna continued her explanation as she worked.

"You will be receiving a series of four enemas." Releasing a latch, Anna positioned Olivia so we were facing each other.

"The first two have a cleansing effect." Anna went to the back of Olivia's chair and released another latch which raised and lowered it. She raised it until Olivia's ass was about a foot higher than mine.
"The last two are to rinse and flush." Anna pushed Olivia's chair forward until her pussy was touching my abdomen. She then lowered it until the opening of her vagina was an inch or two above the end of my flaccid cock.

"If I think you need another, it will be given." With a readjustment of the stirrups, the back of our chairs, and a small push forward, Anna locked us in place. Our torsos were touching and our faces were so close we could easily kiss. Our arms and hands were free to explore.

We were both very intrigued by what was going on. As we watched Anna work, our curiosity turned sexual. Anna stood up a smiled at us. "The first step is to prepare your passages."

She reached behind my chair and retrieved a pair of long yellow rubber gloves. After slipping them over her hands, she raised the entire device a bit higher so she could easily get to our holes. Anna moved the bag laden poles closer and took her position on a rolling stool she put beneath us.

This was becoming exciting and my shaft was growing. Olivia's eyes went lusty, especially when the tip of my cock brushed up against her perineum. We moaned as Anna's lubed fingers slipped into our asses simultaneously. Juice from Olivia's vagina started to drip onto my rod intensifying my aroused state.

Anna worked our asses thoroughly before removing her fingers. She took hold of my cock and slid it into Olivia's box. This new pleasure was overwhelming. Anna made one more adjustment to the chair which pushed me deeper into Olivia's very wet cunt.

Two fingers returned to our assholes to continue the prep work. Desire was starting to consume us. We hadn't even touched or even kissed one another yet. We just wanted Anna to keep doing what she was doing. Sweat started to cover our bodies as our needs built.

My cock, rock hard, now pushed against Olivia's cervix. It was driving us both wild. Anna removed her fingers, quickly slipping the first enema nozzle in their place. They were inflatable and she gave both a few squeezes to fill the bulb. Securely fitted, the fluid closure was unsnapped and we began to fill.

Anna stepped on a foot switch and the device began to vibrate. It had the sound and power of a Sybian Saddle. In a loud voice Anna commented, "To prevent cramping." In reality it 'promoted fucking.' I don't remember how or when our mouths and hands went into action, but we were in full frenzy as the machine did the fucking and the bags filled us.

Olivia was losing control. Her huge clit vibrating against me was sending waves of indulgent pleasure through her. Her hands started to wildly pull my hair while we deeply entwined out tongues. My hands went to her nipples, pulling them and twisting the rod.

Olivia exploded. Piss gushed so hard from her it splashed onto our faces. Olivia went into a full orgasm. Her mouth released mine as she thrashed her head wildly; piss and cum spraying everywhere. I began to lap any nectar I could while still twisting and pulling her nipples.

The area formed by our tightly joined groins filled with her cum and piss. Releasing her nipples, I dipped my hands into the mixture and rubbed it over our bodies and into Olivia's mouth. Just then Anna increased the vibrations sending us to a higher level. Grabbing hold of my wrist with both hands, Olivia's eyes went wide as she began to fuck her mouth with my coated finger. He sucking and moaning intensified as she continued to cum. I was so into Olivia's passion I didn't think about my own.

We forgot about Anna until the retention bulbs deflated. The sound of the rolling stool told us she was moving into position. Anna pulled the nozzles from our asses and began to use her fingers again. She was coaxing the fluid from us.

I burst first, jetting the brown fluid over Anna.

"JA...JA...," Anna broke into German. I could see it splash onto her. Olivia's ass discharged with a huge eruption. Anna was mumbling as she smeared the chunky brown waters over her body. I could see her work her clit and mound area with a coated hand while the other rubbed our waste over her tits and face.

Anna momentarily regained her composure and stopped the machine. Olivia and I were panting. Actually Olivia's body was heaving. She was still in the throws.

Covered with a brown glaze Anna inserted and inflated the second nozzle. She restarted the machine and released the flow clamp. A surge of electric like bliss shot through me and I came instantly, burying loads of cum deep into Olivia. My orgasm triggered another in her.

Anna's fingers circled my cock where it entered Olivia's pussy. She was gathering our juices and licking it from her fingers. Anna's tongue went to our union and licked up whatever cum her mouth could find.

I don't remember how many times Olivia and Anna came. Each release of our enemas sent Anna into orgasmic convulsions and the constant vibration was Olivia's spark. I even had two mind-blowing, cum less, total body orgasms.

When the final cleansing enema was done, Anna turned on the overhead shower and began the process of separating us. She took a few extra minutes to douche Olivia allowing the discharge fluid to empty on her. We sat and composed ourselves as the shower rinsed us clean.

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