tagLesbian SexSally's Conquest

Sally's Conquest


Sally guided me gently up the stairs and opened the door of her flat, flicking on the light and kicking off her shoes simultaneously.

"Don't worry - my other bed's always made up - I really am sorry to make you miss your bus."

We had met at work only the previous Monday and I had been asked to show her the ropes. She was bright, friendly and very attractive in a boyish sort of way, with her short, fine blonde hair, tanned, outdoor complexion and ready smile. She had invited me to supper at a little Italian restaurant near her flat as a way of saying thank you for my help. I had been only too pleased to accept and on the Friday, after going home to change, had followed her instructions, easily finding the leafy road where she lived.

Wearing a white sweatshirt, tight, faded blue jeans and white trainers, she looked terrific and she smiled as she welcomed me in.

"Mm! Leather jeans!" she enthused, giving me the once-over. "I love leather. You look great!"

Grabbing a black jacket from the chair, she picked up her keys and we were on our way. She shrugged on the shiny black jacket, which rippled and rustled in an unusual way. Seeing my curious glance, she explained:

"It's rubber." she grinned. "Kinky, eh?"

Laughing, I replied that it looked great and the conversation turned to general talk as we walked along the street towards the restaurant.

We ate a delicious dinner, drank a carafe of crisp, white wine and chatted happily about everything and nothing. Sally's easy manner, ready laugh and amusing conversation put me completely at ease. I couldn't remember when I'd enjoyed an evening out so much - even if it was with another girl, rather than a boy. So entertained was I that all sense of time disappeared and when finally I looked at my watch I gasped in disbelief.

"I've missed the last bus!"

Sally was very apologetic and it was then that she'd insisted that I stay overnight in her flat. I didn't want to be a nuisance, but I accepted after some persuasion . . .

"Would you like a coffee or a nightcap?" she offered, leading the way into her living room

"Well, what I'd really like first is the loo." I said and Sally showed me where it was.

Opposite me as I sat on the loo was a black and white photograph. It depicted a girl in a skimpy bikini - surely unusual in a girl's flat? But even more unusual was the fact that this girl was a bodybuilder! Her muscles were clearly defined and emphasised by her skin, which was obviously coated in oil. I found the picture fascinating in a bizarre sort of way; I never knew women could develop muscles like that. Did I find it sexy? Well, yes, just a little bit. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a body like that - strong and powerful . . . I realised I had been rather a while, so quickly finished and returned to the living room. Sally had poured a couple of brandies. I already felt a little woozy after the wine at dinner, but I could hardly refuse her hospitality.

She raised her glass and I found myself looking into her blue eyes. I'd never had the slightest lesbian urge, yet Sally's strong, slightly boyish good looks made me forget for a moment that she was a girl. It must be the alcohol - I thought - I could fancy Sally! I found myself blushing at the thought and I saw Sally smiling wickedly.

"What did you think of the picture?"

For some reason I felt myself blushing even more.

"Hasn't she got the most fantastic physique!" she continued, sipping at her brandy. "Ripped to shreds - and those fabulous abs!"

"Mm." I managed, horribly aware of my burning face and not knowing what to say.

"No need to be embarrassed, Lynne," Sally murmured, edging a little closer. I could smell the rubber of her rippling black jacket, a smell I found inexplicably sexy - my head was reeling. "I'm a bodybuilder too, Lynne." she said softly. "I'm going to show you my muscles now - would you like that?"

I nodded, spechless, hypnotised by this powerful, magnetic personality. Still looking me straight in the eye, she stood up and slowly removed the jacket. Then she unzipped her jeans, quickly peeling them off and throwing them over the chair. Standing directly in front of me, she spoke again:

"Look at my strong legs! Can you see the muscle in my thighs?"

I watched rapt as she tautened her thighs, making the muscles stand out beneath her tanned skin. My heart was in my mouth as she pulled her sweatshirt off to stand before me in just a very shiny black bikini - just like the model in the photograph wore, the briefs high on the waist at the sides, but dipping in a vee towards the centre.

Very slowly she raised her arms, fists clenched and I saw her biceps swell in her arms - and then she tightened her stomach, six clearly defined slabs of muscle, such as I had never seen before. Continuing to flex and pump up her body, her muscles became more and more defined as a film of perspiration began to show the effort she was exerting and veins began to appear. Her nipples were now erect under her bikini top, clearly visible as they pushed against the slick material

Awestruck, I licked my lips and felt myself shiver. I really did not know what to do - how to react. Sally, though, instinctively knew the time was right -

"Come to me, pretty girl - come and kiss my muscles - come and pay homage to my body, my strong, powerful body!"

She stood, knuckles on hips, her legs akimbo, every muscle in her body flexed and taut. I sat motionless, unable to believe what was happening, then I heard her voice again:

"You know you want to - you must worship my power. Come here Lynne - now!"

And I rose shakily to my feet, unable to stop myself obeying.

I tell myself that, at that stage I could have broken the spell - but I didn't. I stepped warily forwards and Sally slowly raised her right fist, making her bicep gradually rise up.

"Kiss it." she whispered. "Kiss my bicep."

I heard myself whimper slightly as I leaned forward. Now I could smell her - a mix of fresh sweat and fresh scent . . . and my lips made contact with her arm, her taut, hard muscle tightening even more as she felt my first tentative touch.

It was if I'd been hit by a thunderbolt. My legs nearly gave way as I felt my panties fill with warm, sticky love juice. Needing no further bidding, my lips roamed frantically over Sally's beautiful steel-hard bicep as I revelled in the act of worship, an act I now knew was my destiny. My tongue licked and lapped at every square centimetre of her perfect, muscular arm and I squirmed in my leather jeans in a height of fulfilment I had never before experienced. I needed no bidding to move to Sally's other arm, eager now to cover her entire body with my dutiful worship.

"Now my abs - kneel before me and kiss my hard abs." she breathed, her strong hands pressing urgently down on my shoulders.

In a moment I was on my knees, gazing for just a second at her wonderful, hard washboard stomach before clamping my eager mouth to her satin skin and tracing her separations with my lapping tongue. My hands instinctively went to grip her buttocks and for the first time I felt her iron-hard glutes. Spinning round, Sally gradually tautened and I gasped at the incredible sight. Unbidden I buried my face in Sally's gleaming black briefs, marvelling at her hardness, her power, her very being. Lost in servitude, I inhaled Sally's musky scent as I drove my nose and mouth into the cleft of her buttocks, crazed with the desire, the need to worship this goddess on Earth. She turned again and looked down at me. She spoke gently:

"As soon as I saw you, I knew I wanted to possess you, to fuck your pretty face, little girl. And now you want me to, don't you! You want to feel my hot bodybuilder cunt fucking your gorgeous little face as you look up at my strong, hard, sexy body and worship me with all your soul"

I nodded in awe, my whole being aching to serve this goddess.

"Say it." she said.

"Yes." I whispered. "I want to worship you. I want you to use me as you wish. I want to feel your power - I want you to fuck my face with your bodybuilder cunt!"

Smiling down at me, Sally untied the strings of her wetlook bikini top from the sides of her brief and took it off. Her small breasts, high and firm, were filmed with sweat and her light brown nipples stood proudly erect on her strong chest.

"Come on." she murmured, pulling me to my feet and leading me through to her bedroom. Yanking back the cover on the double bed, she revealed that the bed was made up with gleaming black rubber sheets and pillowcases. The scent I had caught on her jacket was again in my senses, only ten times stronger. It was a scent I was to grow to love like no other.

"Strip, little girlie - show me that sweet little body of yours - or should I say mine." Sally grinned wickedly, pumping her muscles even harder now.

It might have been difficult for me to obey without hesitation, never having taken my clothes off in front of another girl before. But such was the thrall in which she held me that I did so instantly, kicking off my shoes, wriggling out of my leather jeans and removing bra and panties without a second thought.

Sally uttered a lustful growl as she grabbed me in a powerful hold, lifted me bodily and threw me onto the bed. The cold rubber of the sheet made me gasp out loud and Sally snorted in amusement as she stood over me, all-powerful.

"Please . . ." I croaked.

Spellbound I watched as she climbed onto the bed and stood over me, one leg either side of me. I gazed up at her stupendous body as she flexed once more before slowly lowering herself over me. I had imagined she would have taken off her tight, shiny briefs but in fact she pulled them up even tighter on her hips before positioning herself centimetres above my face.

Looking up, I saw the wetlook lycra crotch of her briefs shimmer before my eyes as, hands on hips, abs flexed, she edged ever closer. Now I could smell her excitement and thrilled that I was the cause of it. Desperate to worship at her most intimate shrine, I raised my head towards her and my lips made their first ecstatic contact.

For just a moment she froze and our eyes met.

"Yes, my little darling," she urged. "Give yourself to me totally - worship me!"

With that she lowered herself onto me, the crotch of her briefs pressing hard down on my mouth. My tongue smoothed over the slick material and, as I sucked, I tasted her sweet love juice seeping through the lycra and felt the folds of her wet slit slide against me. Hands still on hips, Sally began slowly to slide back and forth over my eager mouth, gently screwing my face, while gazing down at me with a look of pure lust on her own beautiful face. This was where I belonged.

I could feel my own excitement rising, quite unaided by any stimulation other than serving my wonderful goddess.

Gradually Sally increased the pressure and the pace of her movements until, suddenly she lost the measured control she had kept till that point. Leaning forward she grasped the back of my head in both hands and pulled me fiercely into her. Now she was bucking against me frantically and I was forced to snatch the odd breath as and when I could. This really was a facefuck and it was fabulous to know that Sally had chosen me, of all people, as the object of her desire.

This thought brought me to the very edge of orgasm and, when I felt Sally stiffen and grip me even tighter between her muscular thighs I knew that she too was on the brink. Momentarily she stopped, then a great involuntary shuddering gripped her as she came into my face, jerking against me as I felt myself explode in a joy of fulfilment and happiness. Gradually we subsided and Sally's vice-like grip relaxed. Breathing in gulps of air, I continued to suck her sweet cum through the slick briefs as I gazed up at her adoringly.

Eventually she pulled back and got off me, lying down on the rippling rubber sheet beside me.

"I didn't hurt you too badly, did I" Sally asked anxiously. I looked her straight in the eye.

"No, you didn't - but you must understand that if you want to hurt me, I want to be hurt. I know it's easy, leading up to sex, to say all sorts of things, but I really do want to worship you and be yours as long as you want me."

Her lips met mine and, although I had been buried in her cunt for the last ten minutes or so, it amused me to realise that this was my first lesbian kiss! Her tongue drove into my mouth as she kissed me with an urgent passion that made me feel faint with pleasure. Her strong arms encircled me tightly and she rolled on top of me, still kissing me hungrily. The feel of her hard, muscled body against mine was heaven itself and when she began to grind her cunt against mine I cried out at the sheer sensation of it.

"Oh, gorgeous baby," she cooed. "You and I are going to make some serious music! Can you feel my muscles as I powerfuck your sweet body. We're going to come together my little darling, my sexy little darling!"

My hands roamed over her sweat-slick back, tracing the definitions, feeling her strength through my fingertips. Lower down I caressed her iron-hard glutes through her tight bodybuilder briefs as they moved with her.

"I love you." I mouthed. "I love your superstrong body and every muscle in it. I love your beauty and I worship your power!"

As I said the words, I felt my climax welling up from some hitherto unfathomed place deep inside me. It built, built, built until I was moaning with the intensity of it, tossing my head from side to side, driving my fingers into Sally's rock hard buttocks. At the same time, Sally's pace and intensity hardened as she slammed her sweat-soaked body into mine and we moved together, inseparable in our desperate need for release.

Together we screamed as the floodgates opened and, locked together as one, we came, came, came in tidal waves of the most incredible intensity, which went on until I thought I would die. And then I must have blacked out. . .

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