Sally's Cream Pie Surprise


"Now that you have got your part of the bargain don't forget you promised me a sexy evening as part of the deal. " Sally said.

"Of course not my love." I replied. "Just let me know when you want to have your fun."

"Oh I certainly will" Sally said with a sexy little smile.


It was about three weeks later after Sally had let our good friend Mandy film us as we made love that Sally told me that she wanted to fulfil her part of our sexy bargain. Sally had finished her period the week before so sex between us had resumed once again I realised that when we were discussing our sexual fantasises Sally had not actually told me what she had in mind for her 'special' evening. However I had been so keen to get a video taken of us making love I remembered agreeing that Sally could have some fun of her own as well. Since Mandy had filmed us we had watched our video together only once, however I had watched it many times alone and masturbated to the scene where Sally sat on my face and made me eat up my own cream pie from her juicy smooth pussy.

Sally told me that the coming Friday was the night that she was going to get her side of the bargain and have her 'special' sexy evening. I agreed and Sally told me that I was to come home from work as usual, have a shower, then wait in our bedroom for her. After she had given me my instructions I was looking forward to the end of the working week and on Friday I assumed that Sally was going to take the dominant role and me the submissive, subservient one, which at times I quite enjoyed.

For the remainder of the week Sally did not mention her sexy evening at all, although I knew that she had not forgotten about it as she was in a great sexy mood all week. When Friday came round I did as Sally had instructed and came home from work, showered then waited in the bedroom for her. I did not have long to wait before I heard the front door slam as Sally also came home from her work. I heard her walk up the stairs and enter our bedroom. She asked me to sit in our bedroom chair by the side of our large double bed. When I was seated she produced a couple of pairs of her old tights and proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles quite tightly to the arms and legs of the chair so that I could not move them. As I was tied down my cock began to stir and start to harden in anticipation of what I thought was to come. Sally then reached under the bed and pulled out one of her silk scarves which she then tied round my head as a blindfold. I was now tied securely to the chair and blindfolded so that I could not see what was going on. Although I felt somewhat vulnerable my cock was almost at its fullest hardness and was pointing out from my lap.

"Don't go anywhere darling," Sally almost mockingly said to me. "I'm going to get ready and take a long hot shower."

I heard Sally leave our bedroom and go to the shower room which was directly adjacent to our room. I listened as I heard the water running. I imagined that she was washing and soaping her body for me to enjoy. After a while the water stopped and I heard Sally go downstairs. I wondered why she was downstairs, and what she was doing, as I wanted her to come into the bedroom and make love with me. Sally seemed to be downstairs for a very long time, and I was not sure but I thought that I heard the murmur of voices talking to her. I wondered who on earth could be talking to Sally, then realised that she must have put either the TV or radio on while she was fixing both of us a drink.

Some time later Sally came back to our bedroom. I heard her open the door and come in. I heard her slowly walk round behind me and she proceeded to untie the scarf that was blindfolding me. As she took it off and my eyes adjusted to the bright lights in our room I was startled to see our good friend Phil standing by the side of our bed. I tried to move my hands to my lap to cover my hard cock but couldn't as they were securely tied to the chair. My cock was rapidly starting to soften.

"I hope you don't mind darling but I thought that I would film my sexy treat this evening as you had a film made of us as well. Mandy wasn't free to do the filming tonight so Phil kindly agreed to do it instead. Isn't that kind of him?"

I realised that I was not in a position to argue as Sally was very obviously totally in charge and control of the situation. I was not happy with Phil being in the room to film us, but realised that any protests I made would fall on deaf ears. Sally moved from behind me and made her way to our bed; she was completely naked and did not even have any underwear on. I noticed that her nipples were already stiff and pointing out from her heavy breasts. She had also trimmed her pubic hair and had once again neatly shaved away the hair from around her slit and love lips. Sally lay down in the middle of our bed and slightly parted her legs. I noticed that as her legs splayed open her pussy opened up and I glimpsed the shiny pink wetness within. I was ready for her to untie me now so that I could make love to her.

"I'm ready for you now," Sally suddenly said in a raised voice.

I heard the soft murmur from the whir from the motor as Phil turned his camera on and I was very startled as our bedroom door opened.

"Come over here lover." Sally said to the naked man who had opened our bedroom door and was walking towards her on the bed.

I was extremely shocked and did not know what was happening. I tried to move but my restraints kept me tied securely to the chair. I started to ask Sally what the fuck was going on but she butted in to my protest.

"This is Dereck from my work, darling. He has been flirting with me for months so I have finally invited him round to fuck me while you watch and Phil films it all for you. I want to feel his hard cock inside my pussy, and you promised that I could have a sexy evening."

"You can't," I said.

"I can, and I will." Sally replied. "You told me that I could have whatever I wanted to make me happy, and I want to be fucked while you watch."

It slowly dawned on me that I did not have any choice in the matter as I was tied naked to a chair with Phil filming my reactions. I realised that this was all part of the game. I knew that Sally liked to dominate occasionally, and here she was now taking it a stage further by totally humiliating me. She also knew that I liked to be submissive at times although we had never gone as far as this before.

"Dereck is going to fuck me while you watch, and if you are good and don't whinge and complain I will let you have his cream pie as a reward, as I know that you enjoy eating up fresh sperm" Sally told me in authoritarian voice.

I knew that it was pointless arguing and that I would be better off just doing as I was told and watch my wife enjoy herself. This to some may seem weak, but I would get a kick out of actually watching my wife fuck another person, and if she was enjoying herself I would also get pleasure from knowing hat she was having a good time. I was not sure whether she was teasing me about eating the cream pie as I had never eaten another man's sperm from a pussy, only my own, however even thinking about it made my cock to twitch and start to get hard again. Sally must have noticed my hardening cock and took it as a signal to proceed as she said.

"Come here Dereck, get on the bed with me and feel my smooth pussy. I'm getting very wet waiting for you"

Dereck did not need asking twice and I watched as he joined my wife on our bed and slid two of his fingers easily into Sally's smooth pussy. Sally was obviously very wet and I heard a loud squelching sound as his fingers disappeared deep inside her. As he fingered her I watched as Phil moved closer to catch all of the action with his video camera. Sally seemed to be enjoying the fingering she was receiving as she was moaning loudly as Dereck rammed his fingers roughly in and out of her pussy.

Dereck removed his fingers from the depths of Sally's pussy and they moved round on the bed so that they were side by side but in a '69' position. I watched as Sally moaned as Dereck's tongue found her wet slit and licked at her sticky wetness. Sally opened her mouth wide and took as much of Dereck's cock into her mouth as she could. I noticed that Dereck's cock was roughly the same size as mine, but maybe fractionally thicker? I felt a mixture of jealousy as Sally enthusiastically sucked on his thick cock, yet my feeling were also mixed with heady excitement as I watched the two of them together. Phil was moving round the bed alternately filming Dereck eating out my wife, then her sucking on his hard cock. My own cock was really hard now and I wished that I could untie my hands and stroke it as I watched my wife enjoying herself with another man.

Dereck was moaning quite loudly as Sally sucked him. His hips were pumping forward and it as almost as if he was fucking her open mouth. After a while Sally pushed him away and he pulled his cock out from her mouth. I watched as Sally then lay back on the bed and pulled her knees up to spread her legs wide. Her pussy was swollen and gaping open; I could see her sticky wetness deep within.

"Fuck me now." Was all she said. I watched as Dereck positioned himself between her spread thighs and thrust his hard cock all the way inside her. Phil was moving round the bed filming every move that they made together. Sally moaned as Dereck thrust his cock into her. He was leaning on his arms and I watched as his buttocks rose and fell between my wife's thighs. In betwen their moans all I could hear were the sloppy sounds as he pounded her very wet pussy with his cock. Dereck's thrusting was noticeably getting faster and I heard Sally cry out and I realised that she was coming. As Sally came Dereck's buttocks tensed up and I listened to him grunt as he spurted his load of hot sticky semen inside my wife.

When Dereck had come I watched as he pulled his cock out of Sally's wet pussy. As he withdrew it from inside her a large thread of sperm hung from the end of his cock. I watched as he rubbed his softening cock on Sally's pale inner thighs, wiping off the strands of white stringy sperm which were hanging down from the tip. Phil moved his camera in to get a close up of the sticky mess that my wife's pussy was in. Her pussy was gaping wide open and I could see a pool of Dereck's sperm just inside her. Also the inside of her thighs were covered in globules of his sticky sperm where he had wiped it off from his cock.

Sally looked directly at me still tied to the chair and sensually licked her lips. She then turned to Phil and said.

"You look as if you are hiding a big hard cock in your pants, do you want to put the camera down and fuck me as well?"

Phil looked over to where I was tied up in the chair. I sensed that he was almost looking for my approval. I lowered my gaze in embarrassment and said nothing, but Sally asked him again.

"Do you want to fuck me Phil? Do you want to come in my sloppy smooth pussy?"

I watched as Phil put the camera down and quickly pulled his pants down letting his long hard cock spring into view. He approached Sally on the bed and I watched as Sally reached out and grasped his hard cock and guided it into her. Phil slipped in easily and Sally moaned as the second cock of the evening filled her pussy up. I watched as Phil thrust into her. Whether it was because Sally's pussy was so wet from Dereck's sperm, or because Phil had enjoyed watching them while filming, it did not take long for him to empty his load inside her. I watched as his buttocks tensed up as he spurted his sperm into her pussy. Phil seemed to spurt for much longer than Derek and he was very vocal making a lot of grunting noises as he came. As Phil pulled his cock out there was a loud 'plopping sound.' He pulled his pants up and picked up his camera to start filming again.

Sally lay back on the bed and parted her legs. Her pussy was a complete mess from the two large loads of sperm that had just been deposited inside her.

"Dereck, untie my husband now," I heard Sally say.

Dereck, still naked, moved over to the chair where I was restrained and untied the scarves which were round my wrists and ankles. It felt momentarily strange to have movement back in my extremities.

"Come here Pete," Sally commanded. "My sticky pussy needs cleaning up."

I knew what Sally wanted me to do but I wasn't sure. She knew that I enjoyed eating up my own sperm form her pussy after we had made love but I had never tasted another man's cream pie before. In fact we had never really talked about this scenario and I was not sure what I was letting myself in for.

"Hurry up Pete; you don't want to keep my pussy waiting do you?"

I moved towards the bed where Sally was lying back with her legs spread wide open. I could smell the heady musky scent of sex in the air. I could see that her pussy was in a real state. Sperm was starting to dribble out from the bottom of her gaping hole. Her love lips were puffy, wet and shiny as they were covered in a mixture of her love juice and sperm. Her inner thighs were also sticky with sperm where Dereck had wiped his cock on her.

"Come and clean me up now," Sally urged me.

I moved further forward towards her pussy and Phil followed with his camera making sure that he filmed everything in close up detail. I was so close to Sally's pussy now that I could see and smell the sperm inside her. I felt very strange. I did not want to eat her pussy and taste another man's sperm, yet at the same time the thought of it was very arousing and almost overpowering me. My own cock was so hard and almost throbbing with excitement.

Finally I knelt between her open thighs and poked out my tongue and made contact with her wet pussy. As my tongue touched her sensitive love lips Sally let out a long low moan. I licked the length of her slit and scooped up the sperm that was oozing between the folds of her sensitive flesh. I took the sticky mixture into my mouth and swallowed it down. The sperm tasted very different from my own. It seemed to be thicker and almost stringy in texture. It was also much bitterer tasting than my own. I felt it coat the inside of my mouth and enjoyed the sensation as it lined the back of my throat.

"Eat me, suck the mess all out of me," Sally said with a sense of urgency in her voice. "Clean me up before it all runs out of me and messes our bed."

I did as I was told and probed deep inside her pussy with my tongue. As I went deeper inside her she seemed to push great wads of sperm out from the warm depths of her hot pussy. I had to swallow and gulp as it filled my mouth up. Phil at times was only inches away from my face and Sally's pussy as he caught all of my sperm eating actions on film. As I sucked the sperm from her pussy Sally's legs seems to clamp tightly on my head and at times it was hard to draw breath. As both men had come inside her there seemed to be large amounts of sperm for me to swallow.

"Don't stop," Sally urged me. "Lick my clit now."

As Sally asked I moved my tongue from inside her pussy and concentrated on flicking it gently across the sensitive little bud of her clit. Her clit was large and engorged and I played with it between my lips as if it were a little nipple. As I nibbled on her clit Sally began to moan, and the more I circled her clit with my tongue the louder her moans became. Eventually Sally raised her ass from the bed and thrashed her legs as a huge orgasm ripped through her. As her orgasm subsided I managed to move my head out from between her sticky sweaty thighs and breathe in gulps of fresh air. As I gulped for breath Phil moved in close to get a good view of my face, lips and chin which were smeared with a film of Sally's love juices and globules of both Phil's and Dereck's sperm.

Sally looked down the bed at me between her thighs and smiled. "Do you want to come now darling she asked?" I nodded at her.

"Come up here she said."

I moved to the side of the bed with my cock jutting out hard in front of me. I had been really hard for well over an hour now and my cock was throbbing with excitement. I really wanted to sink my cock deep inside Sally's used sloppy pussy, however Sally said.

"My pussy feels a bit sore now after all the fucking darling."

My face immediately showed my disappointment and Sally saw it.

"You can come on my tits if you like."

"Can I come in your pussy?" I replied.

"No I'm sore; you can come over my tits if you need to."

I looked at Sally lying on the bed and realised what she wanted me to do. She had enjoyed being fucked by two other men but would not take me inside her. If I wanted to come I was going to have to do it myself over her breasts. I moved to the side of her and as I looked down at her she smiled. I felt as if my cock was going to explode as it had been hard for so long. Tentatively with Phil still filming and Dereck watching I moved my hand down and grasped my cock. It twitched as I touched it. I circled my shaft with my fingers and although conscious that Sally and the others were watching began to move my hand up and down pulling my foreskin over the head of my cock. I couldn't help it but a moan escaped from my lips as I stroked myself.

"Come for me." Sally said.

I was so turned on that I only had to work my hand on my cock a few times and I erupted in a huge orgasm. The first spurt of sperm from my cock landed across Sally's neck and the top of her breasts. The remaining spurts showered across both her breasts and nipples covering them in shiny strands of white sticky sperm.

As I finished and squeezed the last drops of sperm from my cock Sally gazed at me and said, "You know what you have to do now." I looked down at her on the bed with my sperm dripping off her chest. She looked absolutely beautiful and good enough to eat. I knew that that was what she wanted me to do. As Phil still carried on filming I leaned forward and poked my tongue out and ran it over her breast, scooping up strands of my sperm at the same time. I licked her neck and breasts swallowing all my hot fresh sperm as I did so. I took her large still stiff nipples into my mouth as I cleaned the mess off from her. My sperm slipped easily down my throat and I savoured the metallic salty flavour.

When I had eaten all of my sperm off Sally's body Phil stopped filming and Dereck dressed. The men said that they would let themselves out from our house and leave us to it. Phil told us that he and Mandy would bring a DVD round to us in a few days when he had finished editing it. Sally and I lay in each others arms in our bed, both exhausted and contented after our wild night of sexy play.

"Thanks for letting me have my sexy fun." Sally said.

"That's OK darling, a deals a deal," I replied. "But it was a bit of a surprise to be tied up and watch you fuck Dereck and Phil, I had no idea that that what was you had planned."

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Sally said. "I wanted to see your face as Dereck plunged his cock into me, and I wanted to watch you eat his sperm up. Did you enjoy the cream pie that I made?"

"I wasn't sure to start with," I said, "but once I tasted the first salty sperm in my mouth it was OK." I replied.

"Was there a lot of sperm in the cream pie?" Sally asked. "I didn't plan that Phil was going to fuck me as well, but when he came he seemed to spurt for ever, I could feel him coming deep inside my pussy."

"You were really wet and juicy inside and there was so much semen mixed with your own juices dribbling out from you." I replied. "You certainly are full of surprises."

"I know", Sally said winking at me. "There may be some more in the future darling."

We settled down for sleep and in my drowsy state just before I dropped off I wondered exactly what my sexy wife meant by 'more surprises in the future...'

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hot but.....

She was fully aware of what he wanted and agreed to it, she totally disrespected him by tying him down and making him accept her part of "their" deal. I could see a divorce coming from this and no moremore...

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