tagLoving WivesSally's Cruise Ship Screw

Sally's Cruise Ship Screw


After we bought our second house in Florida, my wife Sally and I discovered that taking cruises was very affordable and very convenient. We took our first cruise during our first winter in Miami. We had always talked about taking a cruise so were very excited about it. It was kind of a starter cruise and would only last several days, with the Bahamas as an objective.

"What should I pack to wear?" Sally asked a few days before our departure.

"The weather might be a little warmer than here but plan on wearing what you wear here in Miami," I replied. "We'll be doing some sightseeing but we'll also have some time to relax around the ship's pool. Then there's dinner and the evening shows, you'll probably want to wear something a little more dressy."

"I'm going to have to go shopping. This is a good excuse for me to get some new resort wear. And I'll get something sexy that shows some cleavage for the evenings."

"Sounds great with me. Knock yourself out."

The night before the cruise, Sally modeled her new clothes as we packed. The first outfit included a pair of tight black capri pants and a loose-fitting white cotton blouse.

"This is what I will wear when we sightsee."

"You'd better make sure you wear a bra with it or the men on the islands will get the wrong idea. I can see your nipples through the material."

"I know that. I just thought you'd enjoy seeing it this way."

As she turned and showed off the new outfit, the cotton pressed against her 36C breasts. Her brown nipples were barely visible through the fabric. Her round bottom stretched the material of the capris, which also hugged her slightly rounded belly and pubic region in front.

"Now I'll try on the outfit I want to wear in the evenings."

When Sally returned, she was wearing a shimmery red blouse that plunged in front almost to her navel. Her black skirt was loose and extended below her knees to her calfs. As she twirled, the dress wrapped around her body and then fell loose when she stopped. She had on a pair of high heels that we used to call "fuck me pumps" back in the 1970s.

"Babe, I'm getting hard just looking at you," I said.

"Wait till you see what I'm going to wear around the pool."

As she walked away to change one more time, her ass moved back and forth under the influence of the"fuck me pumps." I got harder.

"What do you think of this new swimsuit," Sally asked as she walked back in the room. She had on a white one-piece swimsuit. It was very sexy but not a bikini and certainly not as brief as the string bikini she usually wore around the pool at the hose.

"It's very nice. I imagine it's better to wear something a little more conservative since it's our first cruise. The people on the ship might be offended by that string bikini that I like you to wear."

"Come out to the pool and let me know you something."

I followed Sally to the backyard pool and watched her dive in the water. She swam back to the side of the pool and climbed out. As she stood up I gasped with delight. The swimsuit was plastered against her figure and had become nearly transparent. Her nipples looked like they weren't covered at all and just the slightest bit of fabric kept her pussy from view.

"Wow, you look great. That should be good for sunbathing but what if you decide to take a swim?"

"Then I guess the men will get a little show. I'll take a coverup along and slip into it as soon as I get out of the water."

"Well, don't cover up now," I said softly as I grabbed my wife and kissed her.

As we held our embrace, Sally's hand slipped down to my now completely erect cock. She stroked it through my pants as my own hand slid up and grabbed one of her breasts. Kissing and stroking each other, the two of us walked rapidly through the open patio door and to the living room. Falling to her knees, Sally opened my pants and took out my hard cock, licking and sucking on it. As her blonde head moved back and forth, I grabbed it and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth. In a few minutes I couldn't hold back. Her mouth kept working as I shot into it. Cum leaked out around her lips and rolled down her chin.

Sally wore the capris and white blouse as we boarded the ship the next day. I noticed a few men giving her the "once over" as we walked around the ship. She didn't notice it though, she was having too much fun exploring.

When we went to dinner on the first night her low-cut red blouse did not go unnoticed. Even though most men on the cruise seemed to be on the cruise with their wives, some still watched appreciatively as Sally sashayed to our table.

The next day we spent on the cruise line's private island. Since it was a beach day, she wore the one-piece swimsuit and coverup but said she would only get in the water if we were not too close to other people. After an hour of sunbathing, I decided to walk around the island. When I got back to the beach around an hour and a half later, I could see that someone was sitting in the lounge chair beside Sally. As I got closer I could hear the two of them talking. Apparently they had been talking for some time, they were laughing and acting like old friends. I decided not to disturb them but found a chair that kept them within eyeshot. As I watched, they both got up and Sally left her coverup on the lounge chair. The two of them ran into water and swam around, talking to each other. When they went back to their chairs, the water had clearly worked its magic on Sally's suit. I couldn't see much from where I was sitting but the man was clearly having a hard time keeping his eyes off of Sally's wet body. I could see the heads of several other men directed her way, as they enjoyed the view. As soon as Sally got to the chair, she put on the coverup but her suit had already made an impact on her male companion. From that point on, he leaned closer toward her and seem even more interested than before.

It was nearing time to go back to the ship so I decided to rejoin my wife. As I walked up, Sally noticed me and introduced me to her new friend.

"Stan, this Mark. Mark, this is my husband Stan."

At first Mark seemed a bit startled to learn that Sally had a husband but she quickly put him at ease by chattering on about the conversation they had been having. Apparently Mark, who was in his early forties, had purchased the cruise in hopes it would help him renew his relationship with his wife. But a month before the departure they had a fight and she threw him out of the house. Despite his best efforts to patch things up, she had told him she was not interested in getting back together. In fact, she told him she wasn't interested in going on the cruise because she was going to the Keys with her boyfriend, who she had apparently been seeing for some time. Since the cruise was already paid for, Mark decided to go on it anyway. He had told Sally that he had hopes of meeting someone on the cruise but found out once he boarded that there were mostly couples. So he was trying to make the best of the situation but hadn't met anyone and was feeling pretty lonely at night.

"I don't know why his wife would cheat on him. He's very good-looking and fun to talk to," said Sally. "If there are any single women on this boat, they'd be fools not to hook up with him. I'd hook up with him myself if I weren't married to you Stan."

"That's very kind of you," said Mark as he blushed.

"Well at least you don't have to be alone tonight. I hate eating alone and I'll bet you do too. Why don't you join Stan and me for dinner. We'll meet at 7:00."

That evening Sally dressed in the outfit she had purchased for evenings. Mark met us and we had a great dinner. Sally was as witty as always and quite sexy in her red top. Mark clearly had a hard time keeping his eyes off of her cleavage. After dinner the three of us went to one of the clubs on the ship for dancing. Mark and I took turns dancing with Sally. After several drinks and several dances, we were all feeling quite relaxed. Sally was feeling more than that. When Mark went to the restroom during one of the band's breaks she leaned over to me.

"Stan, why don't we ask him back to our room. He needs a good lay and I know I'd enjoy fucking him. And I know you enjoy watching me fuck other men."

"If that's what you want, then go ahead and handle the seduction. I do enjoy watching you fuck other men and maybe we can have threesome. You'd like getting fucked by him while you suck me wouldn't you? You're such a slut."

Sally winked at me and turned to Mark, who was returning from the restroom.

"Mark, let's do this slow dance. Stan just isn't into this song."

He looked at me to be sure it was okay. When I nodded he escorted my wife to the dance floor. Soon the two of them were dancing very close as Sally pressed her breasts against his chest and put her head on his shoulder. In between dances she stood very close to him, with her arm around him and body pressed close to his. During the next dance, which was also slow, she began running her hands over his back and ass, whispering in his ear the whole time. She must have said that I was okay with her coming on to him because he reciprocated, massaging her ass and kissing her on the neck.

When the two of them came back to the table after the second slow dance, Sally pushed her chair close to Mark's and put her hand on his knee. After a while I could see her rubbing it up and down on his thigh, coming closer to his cock with each stroke, but not quite touching it. It was clearly having some effect as Mark shifted somewhat nervously in his chair, trying to accommodate his gradually stiffening cock.

"Mark, would you like to come up to our room for some dessert?" I asked.

"Oh, I don't want to impose," he said. "I am kind of full and I..."

At that point Sally cut him off by giving him a big kiss. I could see their tongues working as each explored the other's mouth. This time her hand slid all the way up his thigh and grabbed his cock.

Sally broke off the kiss and, still rubbing his cock, said, "It wouldn't be an imposition at all. And this dessert is more likely to fill me up than you."

With that she got up from her chair and pulled Mark from his chair. The two of them walked off arm-in-arm while I walked nonchalantly behind them. When we got in the room, Sally turned to Mark and gave him another full kiss while undoing his belt and pants. Then she slid down on her knees in front of his cock, sucking and pumping on it. In the meantime I dropped my own pants and stood beside Mark. She began alternating between the two of us, first sucking him and then me.

"Now fuck me,"said Sally as she climbed up on the bed. Kneeling, she hiked up her dress and leaned on her elbows. As Mark crawled on the bed, she spread her legs. She wasn't wearing any underwear so his access was immediate. His cock slid right into her wet pussy. Pushing her dress up around her waist, he grabbed her hips and began pumping her.

With every thrust from Mark, Sally moved back against him, burying his cock to the hilt within her. Soon they reached an optimum rhythm, with his thighs slapping against her ass with each thrust and the bed squeaking below them, all in 4/4 time. As they fucked, Sally gasped and Mark groaned, adding to the sounds of sex. Even though I had initially wanted to participate, I found myself enjoying the experience of watching my slut wife being fucked by a stranger. She could fuck or blow me anytime, but this was too interesting not to watch.

As Mark fucked Sally, her skirt got pushed up her back and finally over her head. All wound up in her clothes, she asked Mark to stop for a second. As he pulled out his cock, I could see Sally's pussy, open wide for re-entry. She quickly pulled the skirt and blouse off, then knelt back on the bed. I stroked my hard dick as I watched my slut wife, very naked and very ready, spread her legs for this stranger. Crawling between her legs, Mark slid his hard cock into my wife's pussy. The rythmic slap, slap, slapping began again as his body slammed into my wife's behind with each thrust.

Finally Mark increased his thrusting as he came closer to climax. Feeling this, Sally began to encourage him.

"Fuck me. I'm your slut. Fill me with your cum."

Mark grabbed my wife's ass even more tightly and slammed his cock into her. With her face nearly buried in the mattress below, she gyrated her hips and moaned. Then he gave one final thrust, entering her completely while his cock unloaded its sperm. Sally pushed back against him, keeping his cock as deep within her as possible while he filled her with his seed.

"I feel your cum inside me," she moaned, "keep giving it to me, don't pull out."

Mark held tight to my wife's hips, his cock making its special delivery into her body. After several minutes he pulled out and fell on the bed beside my wife, his cock white and sticky with cum and her juices. As Sally fell flat on the bed, her legs still spread, a little of his semen oozed out of her pussy. Most of it, however, stayed right where it had been deposited, deep inside her.

"Are you ready for sloppy seconds?" Sally asked me as she rolled over on her back. I was more than ready. I climbed on top and she wrapped her legs around me. Her pussy was full of Mark's cum and, as I slid in, it leaked out around my cock. Caressing and kissing my wife, I began slowly then increased the speed of my pumping. It was a strange sensation, her pussy was so lubricated with cum. But my voyeuristic experience of watching her accept a stranger's cum in her body had made me very hard and close to climax. It only took a few minutes and I added my own sperm to her full pussy.

I rolled off my wife and lay on the opposite side of her from Mark. Sally hadn't climaxed yet so grabbed her vibrator and shoved it in her pussy for sloppy thirds. Mark and I each took a breast to suck on and, with three of her erogenous zones being stimulated, Sally started moaning and then gasped. Wave after wave of orgasm shook her body until she also was satisfied.

The three of us lay on the bed, feeling the gentle rocking of the boat.

"See, now I bet you don't feel so lonely,"said Sally.

"It was great," said Mark, "but I still have two more nights of the cruise."

Sally gave him a kiss on the check and said, "I don't think you should worry about that. Just consider that, for the next two nights, you have a standing invitation to join us for dinner... and dessert."

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