tagBDSMSally's Punishment

Sally's Punishment


Sally knew at once she was in trouble. She had never disobeyed her Master before but what He was doing to her body that night ...the masterful way He held her at the edge of orgasm, His fingers working to push her higher while serving as the only tether to her body was the sweetest torture. However, when her Master had leaned down to growl in her ear she couldn't hold back any longer and the orgasm ripped through her body, almost against her will...almost.

When she came down the tears began to flow and one look at her Master's face was enough to confirm that she would be punished. He didn't look angry, He didn't look disappointed, He just looked neutral, aloof perhaps, but gazing at His normally love filled eyes and the burning intensity that was there wasn't due to lust for her, instead He had a burning anger which He kept tucked away inside Himself.

"Dirty little slut, how dare you cum without my permission, do you think your cunt is your own?"

Leaning in closer to Sally her Master whispered,

"You belong to me."

With his words ringing in her ears her Master left the room that night and as she sobbed uncontrollably she knew there would be no reprieve until she atoned for her actions. Her body still quivering from the orgasm and the sadness gushing over her in waves, Sally fell asleep in a fitful state.


The next two days passed as normal but Sally was not herself, the disappointment inside her was becoming unbearable. she was a good girl and tried to please her Master, it made her so guilty that she had disobeyed Him and she had tried so hard to make it up to Him. she had cooked Him his favourite breakfast, ordered His favourite movies despite her not enjoying them, ensured that His bath was always run and full of luxuriating bubbles when He got home. But it didn't matter, despite her best efforts He thanked her for what she did and nothing more.

On the third day after another fitful night sleep of reliving the event Sally was awoken with the feel of a crop being rubbed between her pussy lips. Moaning against the slight pressure she opened her legs wider, still in her half dozing state she barely registered the crop being removed until with a loud crack what must have been a flogger was brought down on her most intimate place. Tears began to spring to her eyes as Sally tried to scramble away from the pain but with a hand pressing her shoulder to the bed she began to focus and see her Master standing above her. Over and over the flogger cracked hitting her before she couldn't take it anymore, the lashes merging together, landing on top of each other before panting and crying she screamed, "Master!"

"Oh that's what I am is it? I just thought I was someone you fucked and cum at will with, am I doing this for my own pleasure? Is there no point to this? I don't take pleasure from doing this to you girl, well...ok some, but that's not the point, you disobeyed me and it proves that I have been too easy on you, letting you think you can do whatever you please. Well that ends tonight cunt. You will remember your place, You will remember who I am and never forget it again. Now you're not going to disappoint me again and you are going to take your punishment like an obedient little slut then and only then are you going to be forgiven."

Every word that her Master spoke cut Sally even more deeply than the flogger had, the tears sprang to her eyes and she wanted to beg her Master to forgive her as she had not intended to disobey Him. But disobey Him she had and so she gazed one last time into her Master's eyes and nodded accepting her punishment.

Sally didn't have time to steel herself from the torrent of the next few blows, the flogger lashing her pussy unrelentingly, her only coping mechanism for the pain was her gasps for air and the stinging of tears which began to run down her face. After what felt like the hundredth blow and with her legs aching from the exertion not to close them Sally's Master gazed at his handiwork and smirked,

"All fours slut, arse in the air like the bitch you are."

His tone was still harsh and Sally scrambled to do his bidding. The first thing to go was her sight; slipping a leather blindfold around her eyes and buckling it tightly in place Sally's senses began to increase. The next thing to go was her hearing, the earphones muffled all sound until not even the padding of her Master's feet against the wood floor could be heard. With all her remaining senses heightened Sally felt the bed press as her Master leant heavily on to it running his hand up and down her arm before squeezing tightly at her wrist. Just at the point of the pain becoming too much her Master removed his hand, and just for an instant she missed the comforting closeness. Soon He made quick work of the task at hand, affixing cuffs to her wrists and ankles and pulling them tightly, spreading her legs even wider apart.

Imagining the sight she was caused Sally to groan internally, cuffed and chained to her bed, pussy spread and wanting, she was so desperate for her Master and her juices began to run down her thighs despite herself. But her punishment would come first. In her sense deprived state Sally longed to call for her Master, but feared angering him further. She was a poor submissive, she had let her body betray her and her Master and tonight she would repent. She would quell any orgasm that neared with her will alone, but it was going to be a hard task, especially as her Master knew exactly what it took to drive her crazy time and time again.

After what felt like hours and with arms aching from the position she was in the unexpected entering of her pussy was rough and brutal, in a single thrust the cock bottomed out in her and she couldn't help but to scream. She was wet, there was no doubting that, but she wasn't prepared for it. As the cock thrust in and out of her relentlessly she felt a hand wrap around her waist and search for her desperately swollen clit and begin to massage ever so gently. With her mind fogged all Sally could think of was the amazing feelings beginning to build inside her, with her stomach tensing the orgasm was fast approaching and as she began to whimper and pant she bit her lip hard trying to hold back the desire for release. Just as she neared the precipice of no return the hand removed from her clit and she cried out in frantic desperation before feeling a cold smooth feeling return to her engorged nub.

The coolness began to sate her denied pleasure and begin to return her to the peak, all the while the cock continued to pound into her in perfect rhythm, in and out, deep thrusts almost moving her small frame as she yielded to the member. Over and over the metal was rubbed over her clit, again the desire building and building, her nipples grazed the bed slightly as she shifted position as best she could, and that too added to her yearning. Before she could contemplate what was happening or tip over the ever nearing edge a pain she never felt before shot through her body.

Sally scrambled in agony howling and screaming, the cold metal had been joined with another and in that second she had realised as the balls clamped shut what they were. The magnetic nipple clamps pinched her sensitive nub as hard as could be and she knew she would feel the pain for weeks. Yet the cock continued, oblivious to her pain and riding her as hard as before.

The pain continued, becoming a dull ache as Sally felt as though she would lose consciousness, her world was becoming woozy, all she could feel was the cock inside her desperately using her, raping her swollen and sore cunt, searching only for its own release. The tears prickled at her eyes again as she imagined her Master fucking her, or worse, watching her as he allowed some random man to use her as his own cum slut, his own fuck toy.

Sally had never felt so degraded and she wished this torture to end, as she opened her mouth and licked her dry lips to begin to speak she felt her Masters calloused hand rub over her rump before sliding over her body, up the curve of her back, stroking her hair before removing the noise cancelling headphones. His voice sounded like a million miles away as Sally's sense began to return but his words were clear,

"That's my good little cunt, you are Mine, I love you and I will rebuild you as I see fit, but that means I have to break you first."

With that Sally's heart began to lift, the pain in her clit began to become more bearable but the cock continued to thrust inside her. She was desperate to know who was assaulting her in such a way, especially as she had now confirmed what she had known all along, that it was not her Master.

With the deftness of touch she felt her Master's hands glide once again down her body, this time to she prayed to quell the throbbing within her loins. As He touched her clit and shifted one of the balls Sally's vision was blurred with stars, she gasped and choked on air as the balls were quickly removed and the tingling sensation enflamed. She was hot to the touch and her nub was beyond agonising, she doubted she would ever be able to close her legs again. But in her addled state she did not realise her ass had been spread and what felt like the biggest cock of her life unceremoniously thrust into her unprepared rear.

Sally was torn, the cocks inside her body were driving her crazy the pleasure and pain danced through her body, she quaked and shook each second feeling like an eternity. Her orgasm which had long been denied began to build, but this time the pain was taking over, each shiver of excitement was grazing her loins, making them even more sore and tender. As she once again became lost in her world Sally's Master paced around her, touching her here and there before reaching the head of the bed, His cock touching her lips,

"Worship me cunt, show me what I meant to you."

her Master's words were like euphoria, as Sally kissed and licked at her Master's cock swirling her tongue around the ridge and caressing it up and down she steeled her will and relaxed her throat allowing Master to fuck her. Over and over she tried not to gag, and over and over she failed. her Master was too good, His cock was just too large and as she began to feel His member swell inside her mouth His hand came down to hold her head, the other pinching her nose as He thrust wildly, filling her mouth with his nectar.

Too stunned in that instant was Sally to even release to her pending orgasm, instead she felt numb as her Master wiped his cock over her mouth and removed her blindfold. She gazed up into His eyes for what felt like the first time in forever and her heart caved and the tears flowed. Her Master worked swiftly removing the shackles from her body and stopping the fucking machine which had tortured her cunt and ass so expertly before allowing her to collapse in a sobbing heap on the bed.

The silk sheets below her body stung and roughly grazed her most sensitive areas and Sally didn't believe in that instance that she could fall any lower. She felt degraded and desperate, she had felt what it was like to truly be a slut, to be used for another's pleasure and cast off. As her mind filled with the most cruelest and lowest thoughts possible Sally's Master encircled her in his arms.

"Shh Sally my pet, my sweet, don't ever forget you are My property, My whore and My cunt, don't ever forget that I love you completely, from your brattiest days to the ones you fill Me with pride. Never make me punish you like this again. It hurts Me as well as you because I'm the one that has to do this to you and to see you like this, it hurts to unleash My darkest self on you, and believe Me, there is far worse where this came from."

Without warning and without comprehending her Master's words Sally was rolled over until she was gazing up into the steel blue eyes of her One, she would do anything for Him, she loved Him with every fibre of her being and she needed Him right now. As she gently spread her legs her Master smiled and leaned down kissing her softly on the lips, before sliding His warm, hard member into her.

She was sore and it ached but as her Master thrust inside her the dull ache began to re-kindle. She had still not orgasmed, still not given in, and as His hand reached down to touch her tortured nub she began to buck below him.

"Cum for me cunt. I'll breed you like the bitch you are."

With that her Master's thrusts became more urgent, He pinned her hands above her with His other hand as He continued to assault her pussy, over and over, in and out as deeply and roughly as He could before finally she felt that last explosion. His cum filled her, over and over He pumped until she couldn't hold anymore. The orgasm that ripped through her body was the most intense of her life, she screamed out her pleasure, screamed and screamed as she wrapped her legs around Him, pulling Him closer and closer until she couldn't breathe and the world went black.


Sally awoke a while later with her Master's arm draped unceremoniously around her waist and his hot breath tingling her ear. In the rush of the night she had felt torn and broken but now she felt satisfied and relieved as she snuggled closer against Him and fell asleep again wanting, wanting for the next chapter of their lives together.

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