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Sally's Small Breasts


Through High School and the first 3 years of college, I had not yet defined my preferences in girls. I was attracted to and dated Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads, tall and short girls, girls with breasts from size 34b to 38d as well as Catholics, Jews, Hispanic or Asian-American girls .... None of those attributes mattered ... I was attracted to GIRLS with a sparkle in their eye and a bright smile and I loved ALL the packages they came in!!!

My junior year in college I dated a wild girl named Ann who would do it anywhere, anytime, anyplace ... she especially loved the risk of being caught. She was 5'8, shoulder-length dark hair, beautiful huge breasts and a full bush that she loved to flash and have eaten. Most importantly ... she had the most unbelievable blue eyes and her smile never left her face ... she always had that look on her face as if she was up to something, and she probably was. She was the girlfriend in my life that I'll remember as the Natural Beauty, she turned every head when she entered a room. Unfortunately, she went off to Nursing School in another state so I was suddenly available, left with wonderful memories and realizing that it would be hard for any girl to live up to the fun I had with Ann. But this story isn't about Ann ... it's about what was about to happen to me that would forever define my preferences in women.

Junior year just finished, Ann went off to Texas and all the guys I shared an apartment with went home for the summer. I stayed in town to take a couple of classes to ensure I graduated the next May. Anticipating a lonely summer, having a lot of free time and of course always needing some spare cash, I decided to get a part-time job.

On my first day as the manager was taking me around to introduce me to the other employees, there was a cashier named Sally who instantly caught my eye. She had the trademark eyes and smile that get me every time, she just Sparkled! Either she was high on life or she was trying to send me vibes that she wanted to get to know me better ... hmmm, I'll be keeping an eye on her.

Sally dressed as if she was in her 20's, but her body was very deceptive. She was itty bitty ... only about 5' tall, couldn't have weighed 100 lbs, white-blond hair cut in a cute bob, appeared to be about the flattest-chested girl I'd ever seen and had a perfect firm ass ... she looked like a dancer but didn't seem graceful like one ... she bounced everywhere she went. She was incredibly appealing ... loaded with confidence and sex appeal.

Over the next several days working, her vibes kept coming and the flirting began and I was hoping the sexual innuendo would soon follow. She had a look about her that had me going home every night to jack-off wishing I was getting into her. I had to get to know her better.

Come to find out that once a month the work crew all got together at a local pizza joint and coincidently this month's was the Friday of my first week. I had many of my new co-workers mention the get-together to me but it was Sally who asked me several times whether or not I was planning to go until I finally responded, "I'll go if you'll be there." She lit up and said, "I'll see you there." Just the way she said it, this girl was driving me crazy ... I couldn't wait until Friday night.

That Friday night, I showed up at the pizza place about 9:30 to find about 30 of my co-workers and their friends ... a pretty good crowd. And then I saw Sally ... she was dressed much more provocatively than I'd ever seen her before. Her hair was a little tussled, she was wearing a yellow skin tight body suit top and a short skirt. The yellow top accentuated her tan and her blonde hair but mostly it confirmed my observations about her breasts ... she had the smallest breasts I'd ever seen topped off with very prominent nipples that were sticking out over a half an inch ... it was so hard not to stare at them, so hard not to reach out and touch them. Having known many women with small breasts, I had never known one to be so proud to display them. She looked ravishing and she knew it ... she was bursting with sexual confidence. Needless to say, I had an instant hard-on. I was now determined more than ever ... I had to touch this little sexpot ... she was driving me crazy.

We'd been talking about 10 minutes and I was absolutely mesmerized by her sight, I didn't even notice the doll who came up beside her ... Sally turned and said, "Rob, I'd like you to meet my sister Karen. She worked at the store for years so still comes to these parties." As my eyes left Sally, I turned to Karen and was instantly mesmerized by her as well... she was in the exact same vain as Sally, she too was an itty bitty flat-chested blonde bursting with sexual energy. All I could think about was, "OMG, I have been fantasizing about this incredibly sexy woman and now there are 2 of them!!"

That night I spent quite a bit of time getting to know many of my new co-workers but my eye kept wandering back to Sally, who also seemed to have an eye out for me ... how could I be so lucky?? We had the opportunity to talk quite a bit and I learned a lot about her. She was the youngest of 4 girls with Karen being the next oldest only 1 year older, thus the similarity in their appearance, she said they were quite often taken to be twins and they played that game just to play with people. She was 20 years old so only 1 year younger than me. She had gone to the local college for only 1 semester and had to quit for money reasons. Her mother had suddenly passed away when she was in junior high school. Then the surprise ... she still lived at home with her father!! She and Karen both lived at home because they found it hard to move out and leave their father alone plus it allowed them to save some money. Then she suddenly looked at her watch and said, "And it's 11:30, despite the fact Karen and I are adults, we still have to abide by Dad's rules, and one is that we have a curfew of Midnight ... can you believe it?? So we have to go." I didn't want the night to end so quickly ... I had plans ... I wanted to get her out of there and explore that perfect little body. So I blurted out, "You busy tomorrow night?" She said, "Nope, I checked the schedule, we both work during the day so we're both free tomorrow night ... think about what you want to do and let's finalize the plans tomorrow at work." She gave me that look that's been killing me, just then Karen came up to her carrying both their purses showing her intent that they needed to leave, as Sally turned to leave she glanced over her shoulder and said with a twinkle in her eye, "See you tomorrow!!" So I stood there with a huge hard-on like an idiot watching these 2 incredibly sexy sisters walking away ... I couldn't wait to get out of there and get home to jack-off and fantasize about the possibilities about tomorrow night.

The next day at work was torture, knowing that in a few hours I'd be out alone on a date with Sally ... needless to say, throughout the day I had a perpetual hard-on and a strong inclination to go into the bathroom to release the pressure ... but I abstained hoping that it would be Sally releasing the pressure later that evening. During the day, between all the innuendo and chatter, we managed to make plans to go out to dinner then to a movie. She gave me her address and said that her father was looking forward to meeting me ... Yikes ... I felt like I was back in high school, in college I only met girl's parents if they happened to come visit their daughter's at school. I had a feeling that Sally would make whatever gyrations her father put me through well worth it!!

The work day finally came to an end, Sally and I both got off at 6:00 and walked to our respective cars together. She opened her car door and said with that sly smile,"I'll see you in an hour ... we're going to have FUN tonight!!" She was reading my mind, I drove back to my apartment with a raging hard-on just begging for some action. My hard-on never subsided while I took a quick shower and got ready ... the anticipation was killing me ... what on earth was going on ... no girl had made me feel like this ... I was like a school boy on his first date ... she was that hot, that fun and that sexy and she was pulling me in hook, line and sinker ... and I couldn't wait to see where it led!

I arrived at her house at 7:00 sharp full of anticipation and sporting a hard-on. Just as Sally warned me, her Father was waiting for me ... he answered the door and said Sally would be down in a minute. We took a seat in the living room where we went through the typical pleasantries about where I was from, what I was majoring in etc ... it wasn't as bad as Sally made it out to be, she was probably just worried because it was a drill I didn't have to do with any other girls I dated in college. Then Sally appeared at the doorway ... and what a sight ... she was wearing a spaghetti strap bohemian top with some Capri-style pants. Her top was a totally different style than the one from the previous night, very loose and low cut showing her breast bone ... I quickly surmised that I would have a full view of her breasts if she leaned over even slightly. But again ... it was her eyes and smile that captured my attention ... she seemed to be getting more beautiful every time I saw her ... she was just glowing!!

As we were going out the front door, her father said, "Have a good time and remember ... be home by Midnight". I responded, "We'll be here" and wanting to add, "I can't wait to have 5 hours alone with your hot daughter!!"

I opened the car door for Sally and by the time I got in on my side she was already leaning over toward my side. Sometimes I wished I didn't drive a stick and have a console in between the driver and passenger seats. As I put my hand on the stick shift to put the car in reverse, she put her hand on top of mine and asked, "Will you teach me how drive a stick shift?" ... "I'll teach you anything you want me to!!" Little did I know that she would be the one teaching me new things before the night was over.

We went to a cute little Italian restaurant and had a wonderful time. The conversation was natural and easy for a first date ... we both felt very comfortable and I felt the electricity in the air. She was very animated and happy go lucky ... we had some casual touches throughout dinner as we laughed together and she leaned toward me a couple of times inviting me to look down her blouse ... she had me ... and she knew it ... I wanted her as much as I've ever wanted any woman ... I wanted to kiss her, touch her and explore her body ... and I was as hard as I've been in a long time, I was ready to burst!!

We finished up dinner and went to a romantic comedy that maintained the light-hearted fun tone of the evening. We held hands throughout the movie and I could feel the physical nature of where we were headed!! But as we were walking out of the movie theatre, I quickly realized that I had made a terrible timing mistake ... the movie was longer than I anticipated ... It was 11:30 and Sally had to be home in 30 minutes ... we didn't have much time ... thank goodness she only lived a few minutes from the theatre.

As I was heading toward her house, I saw the neighborhood church and pulled into the parking lot. As the car came to a stop, I was reaching to pull the brake lever up and she was climbing over toward me to kiss me. We were quickly into very heavy kissing ... she was a tiger, and an unbelievable kisser. We leaned back toward her seat kissing as I had my arms around her ... I slid my left hand from her back to her side and toward her right breast. As I approached her breast, her breathing immediately got heavy. Her top was very loose and I knew I could just slide my hand in but I teased her a little bit around her arm pit and a little bit below her breast ... her breathing got even heavier.

I then slid my hand up her arm onto her shoulder and gently slid the spaghetti strap off her shoulder so that the flap covering her right breast fell away exposing her. Her breathing got heavier ... With a gentle touch I circled where I thought her nipple was, there was a very little breast bud and I circled around it careful not to touch her nipple. About the 3rd time around, my hand barely brushed up against her nipple, only because it was sticking out what seemed like an inch. As soon as my hand made contact with her nipple, her breathing got even heavier ... to a point where it was hard to sustain the long French kiss we had maintained for what seemed like 10 minutes. Since I had brushed against her nipple I let the circles get closer and closer to her nipple ... and as soon as I got to her aureole she started squirming and kissing me harder and harder even though her breathing was heavier and heavier. So then I was finally there ... finally to her nipple and as I gently cupped her tiny breast and took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she started to go crazy!! She was kissing me frantically and her hips started bucking up and down as if she wanted to hump me. I continued to hold onto her nipple then she reached up with her hand and put her thumb and forefinger on top of mine holding her nipple ... and she began to squeeze her fingers together so that I was squeezing her nipple ... and she bucked her hips more and more. The harder she bucked the harder we both squeezed her nipple ... then she pulled away from the kiss just in time to groan loudly into my ear. Did what I think just happen really happen?? Did she just have an orgasm simply by me squeezing her nipple?? I never touched her left breast and I never slid my hand down toward her crotch ... but she just had all the indications of having an explosive orgasm ... just by me squeezing her nipple. What a turn-on!!! I was raging, I wanted to rip her pants off ... and mine as well ... she has got to be absolutely sopping wet ... I want to dive in ...

... but it's 11:52 and she's due home in 8 minutes ... OMG, we were just getting started, this was as HOT as anything I've ever encountered and I have to take her home. After her apparent orgasm ... she gently kissed my lips, pulled her strap back up on her shoulder covering her breast and said, "We'd better hurry, I can't be late!!"

I took a deep breath, started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. We were in her driveway in 3 minutes and at the front door at 11:59. She looked up at me with those incredible eyes and said, "I had a great night" ... "Me too ... we'll definitely do it again soon ... see you tomorrow at work." I leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the lips and she slid in the door.

I got back in my car ... and if I thought I had a big hard-on earlier, I was as hard and big as I've ever been ... and I had to get home to slick it up and jack it off. What a night ... what a girl. I have never been with a girl who got so hot ... so into the sex ... and all I did was touch her breast ... her nipple, what an incredible nipple ... I can't wait to touch her everywhere ... if this was any indication, she might go crazy when I touch her pussy!! My anticipation was right on ... she oozed sex and I wanted more and more!!

I drove straight home as fast as I could ... she had me as horny as I have ever been. I rushed in the apartment, thank goodness all my roommates were gone ... if I ever needed any privacy, it was NOW!! I ripped all my clothes off, peed ... thought about brushing my teeth but thought it could wait ... something else couldn't wait. I got a couple of towels and the baby oil. I was about to pull the covers back on my bed when phone rang ... it was 12:25am ... who could be calling me at this hour (of course this was before the days of caller id and cell phones) ... but at this hour I thought I'd better answer it despite my urgent situation!!


-Hey Rob ... it's Sally

-Hey ... I was just thinking about YOU

-You were, huh? What were you thinking about?

-Just how much fun I had tonight and how I want to see you again.

-Is that all you were thinking?

-Well ...

-I was hoping you'd be home ...

-Yeah, I came straight home ...

-What did you do on the way home??

-Nothing, I just came straight home ... didn't stop anywhere.

-But what did you DO on your way home?

AH, the light turns on ... she wants to know if I jacked off!!

-Really, nothing ... I just came straight home ...

-So, what are doing at home??

-Like I said ... thinking about you! (with a bottle of baby oil in my hand)

-I was hoping you were thinking about me, cuz I'm thinking about you

-Yeah, I wasn't ready for our date to be over.

-I wasn't either ...

-I really had a lot of fun ...

-I wanted to make sure I didn't scare you ...

-Scare me ... in what way??

-Just the way I reacted to you touching me ...

-Are you kidding ... it drove me crazy

-As you can see, my nipples are very sensitive!

-Yes they are ...

-I hope it was ok ...

-Like I said ... it drove me crazy!!

-I hope you didn't mind my small breasts ...

-Are you kidding?? They are perfect ...

-Nah, not perfect but they are what I have.

-Oh, they are perfect, and your nipple is perfect too (how stupid did that sound?)

-Well, all my sisters have small breasts too and they've taught me to appreciate them.

-Good for them ... that's nice.

-Yeah, they all like theirs and have told me so my whole life so I've never wanted bigger

-Well, for your body and personality ... like I said, they are perfect.

-So next time ... wanna see both of them??

-Absolutely ... hopefully we will have more time.

-Well, I'm looking at them both now ... they are really small ...

-I know they are ... I want to see them in better light ...

-OK ...

-You know, I really only got to touch your right one, I didn't get to really see

-Yeah, we were kissing ...

-So ... yes I would like to see them and touch them and kiss them

-Oh ... I'm touching them right now ...

-I wish I was ....

-I do too ... cuz my nipples have a direct connection to somewhere else

-They do??

-Yes, when I got home, I was so wet it was like I peed my pants.

-I want to touch you there too ...

-I want you to ... I have blonde hair down there too and not too much

-So if you're touching your nipples now ...

-Yes ... I'm very wet ... I love to feel how wet I get ...

-I want to feel how wet you get ...

-I get so wet ... like I said, like I wet my pants, it pours out of me

-Like now??

-Yes ... pouring out of me now ... what are you doing??

-I'm rubbing myself ...

-Just rubbing it?

-Well, I put baby oil on it to make it slick, so I'm wet like you

-Can I watch you do that sometime??

-Uh ... Sure ... I've never done it for anyone before.

-Me either but I've always wanted to ... my sisters tell me about watching boys!

-Do you talk to your sisters about everything??

-Yes ... everything ... Karen and I still share a room.

-You do??

-Yes ... she's here right now ...

-You're kidding??

-No ... she's right here ... she's smiling at me right now ...

-So ... you are laying there, touching yourself .... While Karen ...

- Yes... Karen is laying here watching me ... I've watched her do this a bunch of times!

-You're kidding??

-No ... I'm rubbing my pussy ... I want you to rub your cock

-OK ...

-And Karen is starting to rub herself ... watching me and thinking about you jacking off

-Oh ... I'm jacking off ... believe me ... this is too much!!

-We are too ... so you are all slicked up with baby oil

-Yes ... hard as I've ever been ... all slicked up

-Do you like to jack off?

-Yes ... Do you??

-Yes ... my sisters taught me how to do it ... I love to do it.

-and Karen too??

-Yes, she loves to too and she's doing it now!

-Oh my god ...

-Beat it ... are you about to cum??

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