tagLoving WivesSally's Surprising Stranger

Sally's Surprising Stranger


My wife, Sally, has always been rather reserved when it comes to our sex lives, shunning most of my more adventurous suggestions. However, I have often wondered if her apparent shyness did not mask a greater sexuality than she generally admitted to. I was aware of increased intensity in our love making and her orgasms if she had been watching a film with some hot sex scenes, although she would deny that it had had any affect on her.

On the return trip of our recent holiday though, I was left with little doubt that she has some deep rooted, strong sexuality. We had booked into a small country lodge to break our long car journey home. It is a lovely quite lodge with only 5 rooms and the owner-manager is a woman who lives in the nearby village -- so leaves the lodge after serving the dinner.

That night we seemed to be the only guests and were looking forward to having the lodge entirely to ourselves, and to enjoying the absolute tranquility of sitting out on the deck after dinner enjoying the view. We were a little disappointed when another guest arrived just before dinner, spoiling the thought of total exclusion.

Since this man was on his own we felt it was the polite thing to do to include him in the conversation over dinner. Nick turned out to be an educated and entertaining person, that could talk on a wide range of subjects. He was on his way to a conference but also needed to break his journey.

Enjoying the conversation we relaxed and had quite a few glasses of wine with dinner. With dinner over and the owner having left for her home, we moved out onto the deck with another bottle of wine, to enjoy the beautiful warm evening. Sitting out there the conversation became more personal and I noticed that Nick was passing quite a few compliments about my wife, especially her good figure. Although Sally is in her early 40s, she does work out regularly and has an excellent figure with nice firm breasts. Although she just fobbed off his compliments I knew she really appreciated them. As more wine was consumed the comments became a little more risqué, with Nick telling Sally that he would really like to see her in a bikini, and asking if we ever went to topless beaches.

I was a little surprised that Sally was openly going along with this banter and even throwing some of her own comments back at him. At some stage the conversation went a little quite and I excused myself to go to the toilet. On walking back onto the deck I noticed Nick had moved onto the couch next to Sally, and had his one arm casually resting on the couch backrest behind Sally. I thought nothing of it until I sat down again opposite them and noticed that despite the warm evening Sally's nipples were erect and pushing hard against her cotton top. Clearly something had been said or done while I was away that had got Sally a little excited. (I found out later that Nick had moved across as soon as I was out of sight and had kissed Sue full on the mouth and fondled her breasts).

Sally tried to continue with light conversation but clearly something had changed. Nick got more bold and started saying that he was sure that we must have great sex lives with Sally being such a sexy wife.

"Sally - I bet you look great in the nude," Nick said in quite a serious tone.

With the wine having relaxed Sally, she just laughed.

"Nick, you can go dream about it!"

With that Nick looked Sally straight in the eyes.

" Come on Sally, won't you show me your boobs? Be a sport."

There was a stunned silence as she looked first at him and then at me, with confusion in her eyes. The thought of her showing off her boobs to this stranger had me quite turned on, so I smiled and winked at Sally. She still hesitated, but after a few more compliments and encouragement from Nick agreed to remove her top, but said her bra would stay on.

Looking a little embarrassed she stood up, removed her cotton top and turned for Nick to get a view from all sides. I could see Nick enjoying what he saw. Sally's bra was very sheer and did nothing to hide her rapidly hardening nipples. Sally was looking a little shy at this stage, but went to sit next to Nick again.

As she leaned back Nick started caressing her neck again, but also brought up his other hand and lightly and slowly caressed the sides of Sally's breasts through the bra, complimenting her all the time. Her face initially registered some alarm but as the caresses continued this changed to mixed pleasure and resignation. Nick quickly detected this and the caresses progressed to nipple tweaking.

"Ahhhhhhh!" - a soft moan escaped from Sally.

Clearly Sally was enjoying the attention and so was I. I had never seen my wife being fondled by another person. Her rock hard nipples told me she was getting quite turned on - and so was I.

With the hand behind Sally's neck Nick pushed her slightly forward.

"Sally I just have to see those beautiful tits naked."

With Sally showing no resistance Nick unclipped her bra and pulled it off her. Sally just smiled at him as he first fondled the fully exposed tits and then brought his mouth down to suck on her nipples.

"Ohhhhh - Nick what are you doing to me?"

Sally moaned rather more loudly now, and I knew from experience with her that she was getting very turned on.

As far as I knew Sally had never let another man see her topless, let alone fondle her. Clearly she was willing to be more daring that night. I was loving it and finding it very erotic.

What happened next took me by surprise. Coming up from sucking a nipple Nick spoke to Sally in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

"Undo your jeans for me NOW."

Sally did not hesitate, undoing the button and her zipper all the way.

"Look me in the eyes!" Nick instructed Sally.

He slowly slid the palm of his hand over her flat tummy, under the elastic of her thong and down between her legs. From the look on Sally's face she was not going to resist, she was just so turned on. Still looking into Nick's eyes, she opened her legs to give him easy access to the treasure between her legs. It was clear that Nick had shoved a finger or two up her cunt and was slowly working them in and out.

"You are really wet and horny aren't you?" teased Nick,looking at first at Sally and them at me. I was really enjoying watching my wife being seduced and gave Nick an encouraging smile.

"Ohhhh my - that feels soooooo good!!" Sally groaned and opened her legs wider still.

This was a very different Sally to the sexually reticent lady I knew, and it was really turning me on. I rubbed my raging hard-on through my pants as Nick continued to work Sally's nipples and massage her clit and cunt. Sally was starting to ride with his caressing, when he suddenly stopped and looked at Sally and myself.

"Get your husband to take your jeans and panties off. I want you totally naked!!" instructed Nick.

Again the tone was firm and I started realizing that he was in control. He could see I was enjoying what was happening and was not about to stop him. Sally quickly got up and stepped over to me, clearly wanting me to comply with Nick's wishes. I tugged down her jeans and could smell that she was in a high state of arousal. As I reached for the little black thong, I suddenly found myself wondering if I was ready to see my wife being fucked by another man. Here I was undressing my wife totally for a stranger.

"You do realize that Nick wants to fuck you -- do you want that?" I said as I exposed her cunt to Nick.

"Oh yesssssss ", and a deep sigh was the response.

Without waiting for a response from me she walked back to Nick, who made her sit down on the edge of the couch and lean back. He opened her legs wide so I could see him insert 2 fingers up her sopping cunt and then with the other hand slowly started rolling her clit. When Sally sarted moaning again he bent down and started licking and sucking her pussy.

"My oath - that feels sooooooooo good Nick!"

I could see that Sally would soon climax, but Nick again took control and suddenly stopped and produced his own large hard-on.

"Right Sally - now you get to suck my cock in front of your husband. Does that turn you on?"

"Uhuh," replied Sally nodding her head.

Sally seldom gives me a blowjob but she launched straight into sucking his cock, clearly not willing or wanting to miss out on any of the eroticism.

The sight of my naked wife enthusiastically sucking another man's cock had me so turned on that I pulled out my own cock and brought myself to a rapid, huge orgasm.

As I was coming back to reality again I saw that Nick had now bent Sally over the couch and was giving her a good solid fucking from the rear. It didn't take long for Sally to explode into a mighty orgasm.

" Ahhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!!!!!".

Sally was shaking all over and the most vocal I ever known her to be. Nick followed soon afterwards emptying his load into Sally's cunt.

"Fuuuuuck! - thats really good honey" he groaned.

As they both flopped onto the couch Nick gently took Sally's head and pushed it down onto his cock.

"Suck it clean honey" he instructed.

She willing did this and even managed a glance across at me and gave me a very contented smile.

There was no conversation as we sat in our relaxed post-orgasm state. I was still pondering on the evening's incredible events, when Nick broke the silence.

"Sally -- you are going to spend the night with me. I have unfinished business with you".

Sally looked across at me, with pleading expression that told me I had to agree. What a wanton wife Sally was turning into tonight. Nick lead her off, still naked, to his bedroom. He closed the glass door that lead from the deck into his bedroom and drew the curtains.

I realized I was very excited by the fact that Sally had gone off, with my permission, with this relative stranger for what was clearly going to be a night of steamy sex. As I started stroking my erect cock again I noticed that the there was a slight crack of light coming from the drawn curtains in Nick room. I couldn't resist and moved closer to have a look.

Nick had Sally lying face down on the bed and was massaging her with some oil or lotion. Gradually the massage became more focused around her bum, with the occasional finger moving well down the slit. After getting her to a squirming stage he got Sally to move her knee's up, so that her arse was high in the air and her cunt and anus totally exposed. I could not hear all the conversation but the snippets that I got were decidedly raunchy. With Sally so exposed he started to massage the oil around her cunt and then slowly started moving his finger around her anus. This I knew was sacred ground -- I had never been allowed to touch her there. As the attention to her backdoor increased I could see Sally breathing more deeply. At this point Nick plunged his index finger right up her arse. Sally flinched but gave no sign of rejection. After a minute or so another finger followed. I then clearly heard Nick.

"I am going to fuck you up the arse now. Are you ready for that?"

Sally nodded a clear yes. With that he climbed on the bed, made Sally hold her arse cheeks wide open, and proceeded to ease his cock up her tight rear hole. Her face showed a mix of pain and pleasure. Soon this look turned to absolute bliss as Nick rode her rear hole and flicked her clit with his hand.

"Oh god yes - Nick fuck me in the arse!!" she yelled as she rode another huge orgasm.

That was too much for me and I deposited my cum all over the glass door. With a tender, limp cock went off to my room to get some sleep

I was woken just at sunrise by the sounds of Nick opening the door onto the deck from his room.

"Sally I have to leave early to get to my desination in time."

"Oh, that is a shame, I was hoping to have sex again before you leave" I heard Sally say with feeling in her voice.

The two of them stopped outside my door.

"You go and get a good fucking from your husband now. He was obviously very turned on by watching his wife get screwed by another man. I am sure you can give him some good relief" said Nick in farewell to Sally.

She then stepped into our room, looked at me, smiled and gave me a long open mouthed kiss.

"Thank you for last night. It was incredibly erotic. Did it turn you on a lot as well?" she asked searching for afirmation in my the eyes.

My raging hard-on gave her a totally unambigious answer.

She flopped on the bed, inviting me to take advantage of her new found sexuality and wantoness.

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