tagErotic CouplingsSalma and Shobina

Salma and Shobina


Salma was the name of a young Asian girl I had been seeing around for a year or so.

At the time she was 18 and we usually passed each other every day as I returned home from work. Despite being married for three years I have to admit I found this girl incredibly attractive even though she always seemed to be wearing traditional Asian clothes or a long shapeless blue skirt and baggy jumper. It has to be said however that the jumper she wore could not conceal the fact that she had a full figure and a large pair of breasts that I would have liked to examine more closely.

As time went on we went from exchanging glances to saying "hello" and even eventually finding out each other's names. Salma seemed to be a quiet and shy girl who was obviously from quite a strict family. There seemed no prospect of anything happening between us because she was afraid to talk to me for long in case anyone should see her and report back to her family.

The turning point in our relationship occurred when she saw me together with my wife. I thought nothing of it at the time, after all I hadn't asked her out or anything but the next time I saw her she was very angry and started shouting and swearing at me. Naturally this change in her behaviour really surprised me and I asked her what was wrong. She told me how she had seen me with my wife who she assumed to be my girlfriend, a mistake I decided not to alter for her. It turned out that Salma had begun to really like me and had felt let down when she had seen me with another woman. With that Salma walked off and I didn't see her again for quite a while. Though from that moment on I found it hard to get her out of my mind, so the next time we bumped into each other I asked if I could see her, if there was anyway we could meet up. Foolishly I told her how pretty I thought she was and how attracted I was to her. Salma was obviously thrilled to hear these things and told me to meet her at 4pm in the library next day.

When I walked past the first row of shelves Salma was there waiting for me.

When she saw me she automatically pulled her scarf up over her head and lowered her face towards the ground.

Trying to think of something to say I asked her what books she was here looking for but she merely replied that she was only there because I had asked to see her.

"Do you still have a girlfriend?" she asked and unable to lie to her I nodded, which was obviously the wrong thing to do because she turned to walk out.

"Wait wait" I said but she refused to stop and I ran to get in front of her.

"Look, wait a sec" I said. "There's something I've wanted to do since the first time I saw you" and without a pause I kissed her softly on the mouth.

Salma drew in a deep breath of surprise and excitement at receiving her first kiss.

"Did you like that?" I said and she nodded and replied that she genuinely loved me.

Upon hearing this I took her hand and led her across the road and into the darkened park.

"Why are you bringing me here?" she asked and I replied that all I could think of was holding and kissing her again.

Hiding behind a large group of trees we held each other and kissed again but this time with more passion and tentatively I brought my hand up to her breasts and caressed her through the material of her tunic.

"No one has ever touched me like this" she said and I smiled and kissed her softly and told her that I loved her too and that I wanted to make love to her .

She blushed but by now her body was carrying her away on a wave of new sensations and she knew that she wanted nothing more than to feel this man she loved so much inside her body.

I put my coat down on the ground and gently began undressing her, starting firstly with her top. Pulling it over her head I gasped as her full breasts met my eyes. Reaching behind her I unhooked her bra and removed it before I leant forward to kiss her left breast and to suck at her nipple.

Salma nearly collapsed in bliss and hardly noticed as I untied her trousers and pulled them down, along with her panties, to expose her soaking vagina to my eyes. Together we lay down on my coat.

At this point I took her hand and guided it downwards to where my penis stood erect.

At first she seemed afraid to touch it but then, unable to resist any longer, she guided my cock into her willing cunt.

I began moving slowly inside her taking her virginity with but the slightest of pangs.

Salma looked into my eyes, her face full of love for me but then she closed her eyes with pleasure as my thrusting rhythm increased in pace.

Now I was on the threshold of coming and so too was she as her world exploded into a whirl of pleasure centred on her vagina.

She bit her lip as she climaxed then felt a small sensation of loss as I withdrew from her before I ejaculated. " I don't want you to get pregnant." I said but nevertheless by this time I was absolutely desperate to come.

"Please suck it" I said urgently "Please take it in your mouth."

Unable to resist Salma licked my cock tentatively and tasted the combination of our juices and then, spurred on by the fire in her cunt, she took my prick fully into her mouth.

With no more than three sucks I exploded my semen into her mouth.

Instinctively she kept my fluid under her tongue until my ejaculation had finished at which point she gratefully swallowed everything my cock and balls could give her.

Unfortunately it was very difficult for us to see each after that but we managed to at least speak to each other by phone. A long two months went by before we were able to be together again but this time was to be special for I had booked a hotel room for us both to spend the day in and Salma had told her parents she was spending the day with a friend.

I had never before seen Salma wearing anything but traditional Asian clothes but today when she met me she was carrying a bag containing western attire some of which she had secretly bought and some she had obtained from a friend.

Once we were alone in the room I found it difficult to keep my hands off her but playfully she pushed me away and retreated into the bathroom telling me to wait for a surprise.

Impatiently I waited until finally the bathroom door opened and Salma emerged with her cheeks blushing bright red. Gone was the traditional outfit to be replaced by a skimpy white top, under which she was obviously wasn't wearing a bra, a short black skirt and stockings the tops of which I glimpsed as she sat down and crossed her legs to face me.

To finish off this vision of sexiness she was wearing her hair loose and flowing down past her shoulders in place of the bun or ponytail she usually had.

I gazed in awe at the beauty of his 18 year old girl, her lovely face, her full and shapely figure and the duskiness of her skin.

"I love you so much" I told her, almost overcome with her sexiness, and then I walked over to the chair where she sat and fell to my knees before her.

Closing her eyes and plucking up courage she opened her legs to my gaze and revealed that she was wearing no knickers. Unable to resist I leant forward and examined her vagina pleased that it was unshaven and thick with dark pubic hair. Without further hesitation I buried my face in her bush and then lightly with my tongue I licked the outer lips of her moistening pussy.

Salma shuddered with delight as she experienced oral sex for the first time, scarcely able to believe that she was allowing anyone to be so intimate with her most private area. Before falling in love like this she had not even entertained the idea of doing such things, indeed the very idea would have shocked her. Now however she was deeply in love and wanted nothing more than to do whatever would make me happy and fill her with pleasure in the process. Seventeen years of restriction had been washed away and she was eager to sexually experiment in all ways possible.

The pleasure intensified as my tongue entered her and in response her inner vagina muscles tried hard to clamp down on it and draw it deeper into her body. Feeling the contractions in her vagina I pushed my head further forward and my tongue further inside until I heard her cry out in orgasm.

I removed my mouth from her soaked cunt but she was reluctant to let me go and clamped her thighs around my head and began rubbing herself against my face

I pulled Salma up from the chair onto her feet. Eagerly I lifted up her skirt to around her waist feasting my eyes on her beautiful dark bush framed by her black hold up stockings.

Without further thought I pushed my penis into her vagina and began thrusting urgently and in time with her own laboured breathing. The wetness and slipperiness of her cunt felt amazing as it pulsed and squeezed tightly on my cock. Full of lust I pushed my mouth down onto hers and her mouth opened to receive my tongue so that we could share the taste of the juice I had drunk from her body.

"Salma I want you from behind" she heard me ask and despite everything else she had done that day this still seemed to embarrass her a little as she thought of her large bum sticking up in the air for me to see how big it was.

Closing her eyes she knelt on the bed and hid her eyes in the pillow as I entered her and began fucking her from behind. The deepness of the penetration caused her to cry out and I slowed down my strokes before gently turning her onto her back and entering her once more.

Her smiling face gazed up into mine and she kissed me as she whispered into my ear "Please make love to me. Please fill me with your sperm."

I looked concerned and asked if she was sure and she nodded because there was nothing she wanted more at this moment than for me to come inside her and fill her unprotected vagina with my semen.

With that I began moving inside her, faster and faster until I exploded inside her, filling her womb with the milky contents of my balls.

Salma wrapped her legs around me and marvelled at the feeling of my warm eruption inside her and seemed to feel alive for the first time in her life. Exhausted I withdrew from her body and sat in front of her almost overcome with pleasure as I looked at her lying there, her legs wide open to my gaze, my sperm leaking out from between the brown lips of her vagina.

We lay next to each other for some time holding each other close and whispering our love to each other.

Later we made love again, this time slower and more relaxed as we fully explored each others bodies. Despite a feeling of self consciousness Salma moved on top of me and taking hold of my penis she placed it at the entrance to her pussy and slowly lowered herself down on it, pleased with the depth of penetration it gave her. I have to admit I particularly liked the way this position enabled me to look up at Salma. My eyes focused on her wobbling breasts and on the dark mass of pubic hair where our bodies were joined. It was an intensely exciting sight for me to see Salma so aroused and so abandoned as opposed to the shy Pakistani girl I had first encountered. I remembered when we had only exchanged daily glances at each other as we passed in the street. Now here she was speared on my cock in a hotel room her cunt already awash with my semen.

Salma increased the speed of her fucking as she neared her orgasm and had to stifle a scream as her pleasure reached it's peak. With a final groan she collapsed on top of me, causing her hair to fall over my face and her breasts to be crushed against my chest.

I still hadn't come though and yet another rude idea entered my head. So far Salma had taken my cock in her mouth and in her pussy which meant she still had one hole that hadn't been filled.

With a mounting excitement I whispered in her ear as she lay on top of me, quietly asking if she wanted to try having my penis in her bum.

Feeling exhausted Salma could hardly believe what her lover was asking of her. After all the proper place for a man to put his thing was in a vagina. Even though she had already sucked my penis that night in the park she did not really consider it proper for a girl to do such things and now here I was asking to put it in her most secret hole.

Without saying anything Salma got up off the bed and walked into the bathroom whereupon she turned on the shower and stood under it. I immediately followed her in and joined her under the stream of water where I set about washing her clean of our juices.

I soaped her all over her body and massaged her heavy breasts with special care and attention before I moved down to her lower regions. Salma closed her eyes in bliss as I gently cleaned her cunt and didn't resist as I turned her around to begin cleaning her puckered little bum hole in preparation for what was going to happen next.

When we returned to the bed we immediately began kissing and fondling one another, and my erect cock throbbed with it's desire to enter her body. However with an effort of willpower I managed to stop myself from penetrating her cunny and instead turned her over onto her stomach so that she was lying face down on the bed.

Next I placed a pillow under her tummy so that her bottom was raised slightly giving me better access to the prize I desired. I reached into my bag and pulled out a tube of lubricating jelly. I then pulled her bum cheeks apart so that I could see her arsehole and liberally I applied the jelly to it, causing her to shiver with a secret delight. When her hole was nice and slippery I began pushing a lubricated finger into her anus. Slowly I pushed it in until it had reached just past the knuckle. Salma seemed to be surprised that there was not more discomfort. Indeed she found the whole situation incredibly arousing as she submitted herself and her body to whatever I desired.

Gently I moved my finger in and out of her anus, stretching and lubricating her back passage for the arrival of my cock.

With that I raised her onto her hands and knees and placed the slippery knob end of my dick against her bumhole. Carefully I pushed it forward telling Salma to try and relax until my knob had got past her sphincter muscle. No sooner had I said that than her beautiful arse allowed me entry and I pushed forward to the hilt burying my cock in the tight depths of her anus.

Salma squealed with a combination of shock, pain and delight as her back passage was filled seemingly to bursting point. She instinctively placed her hand between her legs and began massaging her clitoris in time to my thrusting strokes as her body was filled with a mixture of pleasure, wantonness and pain. She groaned over and over again as my cock filled her arse, the speed of my thrusting increasing with each stroke so that her secret passage seemed to be on fire. Finally with one almighty thrust I buried my cock into her anus up to my balls and spurted my cum inside her, shooting my sperm into the young girl's bowels.

With that I collapsed onto the bed and my cock slipped out from her tight arse with an obscene slurping noise. Too tired to move Salma remained with her bum sticking up in the air with my sperm leaking from the violated rosebud of her bumhole and running down the crease between her cheeks onto the puffed lips of her vagina.

Everything that happened afterwards I learned much later and to be honest was very surprised when I did.

Salma was very quiet when she returned home later in the afternoon and after eating she went up to her room to ponder the incredible events of the day. She could hardly believe the things she had done and the things she had submitted to but the slight soreness in both her cunt and her arse confirmed that she had indeed been a very bad girl. Indeed if her family knew what she had been up to then they would probably disown her or at the very least pack her off to India to marry some horrible old man. Salma still felt slightly wet between the legs and she reached inside her trousers to touch herself there. When she examined her fingers she realised that her lover's sperm was still leaking out of her fanny. For an instant she panicked as she realised she might be pregnant and the enormity of what she had done struck home. What on earth was she going to do? Their was no way she could tell her parents if she was pregnant and she could not face a trip to the doctors to tell him what she had done. Feeling tears well up in her eyes Salma went into her mom's bedroom and picked up the phone to call her friend Shobina. She would tell Shobina everything. Surely she would be able to help her through this dilemma?

Shobina and Salma were neighbours and best friends. Shobina only lived three doors away so when she got her friend's call she immediately went round. Quite often Shobina would stay overnight at Salma's house so nobody minded when she did so again this evening, them both sharing Salma's bed.

It was almost beyond belief the story that Salma told her friend who looked at her wide eyed with shock as she revealed she may be pregnant. Shobina put her arm around her tearful friend and told her not to worry, that tomorrow they would go to one of those problem clinics up town and get some morning after pills then everything would be okay.

Salma felt slightly better after that and stopped crying. Shobina asked her if she regretted what had happened but Salma shook her head and replied that it had been wonderful. If she had the chance to do it all again she definitely would. The only regret Salma had was that there was unlikely to be a repeat in the near future.

Shobina couldn't believe all this but was desperate to hear all the juicy details of her best friend's first sexual encounter.

At first Salma felt very embarrassed about telling her friend about all the rude and terrible things she had done but as the story continued she began to feel excited again as the recent memories came back to her. Shobina too was starting to feel slightly strange as Salma continued her story. A strange feeling was fluttering in her tummy and she was starting to experience moistening in her private place. Feeling slightly envious of her friend Shobina pondered why Salma had found such a great guy. The answer seemed obvious for even though Salma felt she herself was overweight she was in fact very curvy with a pretty face and a large pair of breasts that Shobina was quite envious of. As for Shobina she too was very pretty but was very slim in comparison to Salma and her breasts would best be described as pert and not large by any means. For her part, Salma thought Shobina was incredibly slim and beautiful with fair skin that made her the focus of attention for most of the local boys.

It was at this point that Shobina told her friend that she herself had never even kissed a guy let alone anything else. Salma smiled telling her not to worry and the two girls hugged each other tightly as they lay side by side. The two girls declared each other best friends forever and to seal their oath Shobina kissed Salma on the cheek. It was only the lightest of kisses but a tingle went through both of them. Without saying another word they looked at each other and then kissed again, this time on the mouth.

Their kissing lasted for several minutes, softly at first and then turning more passionate as they embraced each other tightly, Shobina's mouth opening to receive Salma's tongue and entwine it with her own. Both girls were lost in their own delicious thoughts as they continued kissing until with some trepidation Shobina brought her hand up and placed it over Salma's nightie onto her left breast. For a moment they stopped their kissing and looked at each other in amazement as these new feelings coursed through each other. Her voice trembling Shobina asked Salma if she would show her her chest. Salma nodded and sat up to lift her nightie over her head and then retreated under the duvet. Gently Shobina pulled the cover down slightly and examined Salma's heavy breasts while her friend blushed under such close scrutiny. Unknowingly Shobina licked her lips as she took in every detail of her friends tits, a fact that didn't go unnoticed on Salma.

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