Thank god it was Friday, I thought as I rushed along the busy city street. I had to make it to my salon appointment by noon. Fortunately I had an hour and half for my lunch break so I didn't have to run all the way.

As I approached the salon I noticed that the windows had a mirror effect- I couldn't see in through them at all. There was a sign on the door requesting clients to press the bell and wait. I stood there waiting and wondering to myself if my colleague at work had sent me to the right place, let alone remembered that I wanted a new look when she made the appointment for me.

The door was answered by a woman in her late 30's. She had the most beautiful hair, auburn in color and the shine was incredible. She was tall and tanned and it was apparent that she took good care of herself. Her sapphire eyes looked straight at me as she smiled and welcomed me in. She had said she had been expecting me and then proceeded to tell me that I had been booked in for the salon special. She asked me to go and change. I found this odd, as all I wanted was a haircut, even so I walked into the change room and complied with the request.

Once changed, I walked out and she asked me to take a seat. I sat down on the lovely old styled barber's chair, only this one was finished off in black suede and it was facing the large mirrored window. As soon as I sat down, she dimmed the lights inside the shop and then asked me to take a few deep breaths, relax and enjoy being pampered.

I could feel her hands massaging my scalp, then slowly working their way down the sides of my neck and onto my shoulders. Just her touch was enough to send ripples of excitement throughout my body. I could feel the moisture between my legs already, and I opened my eyes and said, "I only wanted a hair cut."

She said softly, "Don't worry about the haircut, you need this a lot more than that."

She stopped massaging my shoulders and pressed down on a pedal at the base of the chair, causing it to tilt back on a 45 degree angle. She undid the robe I was wearing and started to run her fingertips down my sides. I wasn't sure whether to get up and leave or just submit to the feelings of pleasure that were now making my clit pulsate. Before I knew it my breasts were being caressed. I couldn't help myself, I let out a gentle moan of approval as if to encourage even more.

I had a combination of her kissing my breasts and running her warm tongue over my nipples. I couldn't hold back any longer and started to run my fingers between my thighs, desperate for some relief. My clit was swollen and begging for some attention. I circled my clit with one of my long fingers, gently pinching it as I continued to enjoy the beautiful woman that was almost feasting on my full, firm breasts.

I spread my legs wider by hanging my right leg over the side of the chair, exposing fully my waxed, smooth pussy. I slid two of my fingers inside of my soaking wet hole. I wanted to be fucked so much, but with my man's cock not being available I did what I could with my fingers, letting my hips rise and fall as I fucked myself. Slowly pulling my fingers out, then pushing them back in with more force each time I did.

I couldn't help but moan with absolute delight, it all felt so good. The woman went back to caressing my breasts with her hands; she then moved her face up to mine watching me closely as I kept fucking myself. She started kissing me, our tongues probing each other's mouths. This made my body buck even harder against my fingers. I could feel my juices running down the insides of my thighs and the energy of an orgasm start to build within me. As I erupted she pulled my head back and started to suck down the front of my throat. My entire body shook, my pussy tightened around my fingers as I came. I screamed out, praying that I wasn't heard by any passers by on the street.

The woman then moved down between my legs and buried her face in between my thighs. She moved her tongue slowly along the length of my pussy, spreading me wide with her fingers as she lapped up the sweet juice that was flowing freely from within. I started squeezing my breasts, touching every part of that which made me a woman. I could feel the other woman's tongue working my clit, while she pushed one of her fingers inside of me and stimulated my g spot. I knew I was going to orgasm yet again.

I braced the sides of the chair with my hands as my thighs started to shake. "Oh god!" I screamed out, "don't stop!" She kept finger fucking me and gently biting down on my clit, I screamed even more as I squirted my juices upon her face. She quickly pulled her finger out and devoured my entire pussy into her mouth taking everything that I had to offer. I felt as if my orgasm wasn't going to end, never in my life had I experienced anything like it.

As my body started to settle she moved back up to my face and kissed me, offering the sweet nectar that I had given her. We kissed again only for a few moments, then she left me to regain my composure.

I got up out of the chair and slowly walked over to the change room, freshened up and changed back into my work attire. I walked over to the front counter where the woman that had given me so much pleasure was standing. She asked if I wanted to have a regular Friday afternoon appointment, I said yes without hesitation.

Little did I realise as I walked out of the Salon that there had been a crowd of people gathered outside. I heard comments of "that was great baby" and "what a show!"

"Oh my god, I was being watched the entire time!" Although I felt myself getting embarrassed, the thought of being watched while I was getting off had all of a sudden made me feel extremely excited.

"Hmmmm. " Friday's will never be the same, I thought as I smiled and walked back to work.

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