tagBDSMSalon Selectives Ch. 02

Salon Selectives Ch. 02


Well... I've sold your contract!


I've sold your contract. Remember, the bet was for 24 hours, anything asked for, no questions, done to the letter. I've sold your contract so I want you to obey your new owner just as you would me. If you don't, I'll hear about it and this whole day will be null and void and you will still owe me a day. Now before I say anymore you will go clean yourself up and finish tiding this place again.

Her smile lights up her whole face.

I'm a little uncomfortable with this unknown factor and while I am thinking about it, I finish cleaning the dishes from dinner, but the towels in the wash, wipe down the massage table again and but the oils back where they belong. I then step in and have another quick shower. Amazing how a little light cleaning works up a sweat isn't it.

This definitely wasn't part of the original deal. Although it wasn't expressly stated that it could not be done, the implied wager was anything SHE requested. I start to think about my relationship with Susan and wonder exactly how much trust we have with one another. We've been friends for years. I'm sure she wouldn't jeopardize that over a simple little trivia contest. But still... this is Susan we're talking about.

When I'm finished and dressed in my sweats again (which have, in the mean time, been washed and dried), I emerge to find Susan gone and her chair occupied by another woman I've never met before.

She's drop dead gorgeous. Tall, taller than me, also with red hair but again I'm not sure it is her real hair color. She speaks very decisively but I still get the feeling she has never had a slave before and just doesn't quite know how to handle it. She's almost, uncomfortable. It slowly dawns on me that I am too. I'm not use to NOT looking down when talking to a woman and the feeling is a little disquieting.

I'm about to ask what it is she wants but decide not to. I'm a slave remember. I stand quietly and wait to see where this is all going. She sits. She starts to talk but doesn't. She starts again. Again she changes her mind. Panic sets in.

Hmm... how to exploit this to my best advantage???

"Look," she finally says walking toward me, "I'm enrolled in this beauty school course and... well I came in from out of town to attend so I don't know anybody here and... you see I asked Susan for a job. I said I would work for free for a while just to get experience because I was having a hard time finding people to practice on. She said she couldn't hire me until after I pass the course but she said she could help with the finding people to practice on part. Does this make any sense to you?"

I nod. I contemplate using my god given ability to bull-shit my way out, but out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of the red light from the security camera and I know if I do Susan will know. It's not that I'm afraid of the Susan... and if fact I could just walk away and nothing much would be said. I did give her almost my entire day and I worked like a dog cleaning up this place. Susan certainly has nothing to complain about. I might take some good natured ribbing but it would eventually blow over. I have to admit too that it wasn't all "work."

O.K. what about this new situation. The woman has come down here ready and expecting to go to work. If I walk out now it will sure make Susan look foolish. And, what-the-hey, it's only a hair cut, right? I'm sure if this woman screws it up too bad, Susan will make it right tomorrow.

"It is far to complicated for a simple slave like me to understand." I say jumping back into character. "I am here to do whatever the master asks."

I bow my head and look at the floor. Submitting to Susan was one thing, she and I are friends and we both know the circumstances, but I don't know this other person from Adam and playing the slave to her feels very uncomfortable.

A smile crosses her face. No... it's more a sigh of relief. This must have been a real problem for her. I recognize that this is a person in need and I am in a position to help. I would have helped her even if I was not under this obligation to Susan. Funny how our society has deemed it inappropriate to ask for help from a stranger.

A little raise of the eyebrow asks what she wants of me. I am still a slave after all and really can't be making assumptions. I have to wait till she tells me what to do.

"Oh... um... right... let's start with the hair. Why don't you have a seat in the..." She stops. Pauses. "Sit here" she tentatively demands pointing to one of the chairs beside the wash basin. It will take her a while to get used to using her authority. I sit.

Since I just had a shower, my hair is still wet. She starts to wash my hair then realizes she doesn't need to. She changes her mind about what her next step is and I think she is a little embarrassed. Watching her internal conflict is kind of funny and I try not to smile too much.

"Go sit over there." she says pointing to one of the hydraulic chairs.

It takes a while but she eventually starts to relax. The hair cut is one of the longest hair cuts I have ever had but in the end I have to admit, it seems like a good one. The time and effort put into it make the difference. She does not have another customer waiting so is free to work until she is happy with it. There are no production quotas hampering her creativity and it pays off.

Pleased with the success of the haircut she becomes more sure of herself. "Let's do the facial now, O.K." It was a question but there was no question in her voice.

I'm taken aback a little. Facial...? I was under the impression it was just to be a hair cut. Guys don't have facials... do they?

More of "society's" rules. As much as I've rebelled against them all my life I still recognize their influence on me. I laugh at "Tim, the Tool-man, Taylor" and tell myself that I'm not like that but I have to admit that it's all a matter of degrees.

I think she sees the hesitation in me and, although she technically doesn't have to, she softens. She tells me that many guys are having facials now. "Look... I promise I won't tell anyone." she says.

How could I resist? Her eyes are so... so... they remind me of those pictures of lost puppies in the rain soaked alleys with the big eyes.

The facial is going to be tricky because I have this "Miami Vice" three-day growth. "We'll have to lose the beard." she says.

I know it sounds cliché but I actually think the words "be gentle with me" and realizing this, almost break out laughing at myself. I have never had anyone shave me before. It's a very different experience and somehow... erotic. As I sit there being shaved I have to fight the urge to rest my hand on her hip. She is concentrating so hard on her task that I don't think she would have even noticed. Her face is so close to mine I can feel her breath on my neck. I try to relax and enjoy the experience.

"I've never actually shaved anyone before" she confesses after it's over. "Salons never get a call for that anymore. The only hair removal we do now is reduced to simple waxing."

I rub my chin and agree that it's not bad. Better than the job I do myself when I'm in a hurry. The beard will grow back fairly quickly but I'll miss the moustache.

With each completed task her confidence increases and she begins to assume more and more the master role. I actually think she's starting to enjoy this. In the middle of the facial she stops and demands that I remove my shirt. Once I agreed to go along with the charade I was committed to playing it out in its entirety. I remove my shirt.

As soon as I did, the whole mood changes. She becomes very playful. She begins to taunt me with what she could make me do if she wanted. I try to remain cool and show no emotion but inside my senses are jumping.

The facial was very different and consisted of various creams and gels to do various jobs, opening pores, closing pores, cleansing pores, removing dead skin, and each substance has to be massaged in. It can't be just applied. You have to increase blood flow or something like that. I had my eyebrows plucked, my ears rubbed, my zits squeezed, and before I realized it, I was having makeup applied. I never knew where the facial ended and the... the... (what do they call it?)... "makeup application thingy" began. Several times she would seem unsatisfied with the finished product then remove it all and start over. I am not accustomed to all this attention being given to me and, somehow really begin to enjoy it.

The chair I'm in is reclined to a very low angle and to make it easier for her I move my arm, allowing her to move inside and closer to her work. I'm now faced with the problem of trying to decide what to do with my arm. I finally do decide to rest my hand on her hip. The electricity in the air is tangible. After a few minutes she slips out of her shoes and sits across my lap as she continues to work. I am definitely becoming aroused. Her hands are so soft and gentle and her smell is... aaaahhhhhh... heaven. I open my eyes and see her breasts lightly bouncing almost right in front of my face. Just a thin layer of cloth away.

Seeming satisfied with this latest attempt she sits back and admires her work, and in the process, presses herself against my stiffing shaft. She makes no notice. Smiling at her work, she stands and, still straddling my body cleans off the makeup with cold cream or some other makeup remover. Her smile is almost constant now and I sense some question she has been struggling with has just been decided. I soon find out exactly what that decision is.

She moves off me and in doing so, grinds herself into me. She looks right at me as she does it and I know it was done on purpose.

She strolls barefooted over to the cupboard, opens it, removes a wrapped package of some kind and returns.

"Put this on" she orders.

I take the package and open it. It's a pair of black, one-size-fits-all, single use, disposable bikini briefs. She answers my quizzical expression with another question. "I can't very well wax your legs when you're wearing pants now can I? These are normally supplied for just this purpose." I look around not knowing what to do and she simply states, "You may do it here. I will, "avert," my eyes."

She turns her back as I change and as I pull up the shorts ("shorts" is an overstatement. Thong, I think, is what they call this) I see her watching me in the mirror, a mischievous grin dancing around her eyes. The "shorts" are definitely short and I can see that my "arising condition" could begin to be a problem.

"Sorry about that" she smiles. "Not many men ever get a bikini line waxing."

She must have seen the look of terror on my face and replies with a "Relax... we'll just do the legs... and I promise to be gentle."

She starts with the calves, first one leg then the other. This, I'm sure, she has done before because she works with such efficiency and care I hardly feel any pain. I said hardly. There is an order and procedure and everything has a purpose. First the power, then the wax, gently warmed, then the strip, applied in one direction and pulled off in another. Finally a cream of some sort designed to ease the burning. A most efficient process and in the hands of an expert, I am quickly becoming hairless which, I might add, is another unique experience. It's really not as bad as the description might suggest and I give no protest when, after finishing my legs, she moves up to wax my chest. She eventually does cleanse me of some bothersome hair around the outsides of my ears and the back of my neck. You know... hair too far down and not thick enough to be counted in a regular haircut.

When she starts to wax the line of hair going from my navel down I begin to question her motives and when it becomes obvious she intends to complete the bikini line I am too far gone to protest. The entire process leaves my skin so sensitive and tingly the slightest touch, or breath, feels exquisite.

She plays it to the hilt and I know I'm in the hands of an expert. My rising condition becomes obvious and she makes no effort NOT to brush up against "it" in the execution of the task. She is very gentle and soon the garment does very little to conceal anything.

"Turn over" she whispers. "I need to see if I missed anything."

After clearing any hair at the top of my legs she continues up and completes the entire back. Back, hips, buttocks, everything. To do that the G-string (right - the other word for it) was in the way so with a few quick snips from some scissors lying nearby they are removed. I now have no hair below my head save a little triangle in the pubic area. My entire body is tingling from head to foot. I am so turned on I literally can't stand it.

With both of us looking down at my pubic area I simply say that she might as well complete the job. All pretence of master/slave are gone now although she is still definitely in control. This whole evening has been one of intense sensual experiences and one that most people never let themselves enjoy.

She completes the task. The scrotum was a bit of a challenge, owing to the looseness of the skin but still nothing she could not handle. And handle them she did. I'm sure she didn't need to work as hard as she appeared to be working and that most of it was done for her own enjoyment. She didn't need to massage the cream in quite so long either but she did. There where many things that she didn't need to do then but she did anyway. Taking my cock in her mouth was one of them. I can do nothing but lay back and enjoy. I couldn't stand now if I wanted to, my legs feeling as weak as they do.

With my cock in her mouth her hands are free to wander. I can't believe how sensitive my entire body is. I don't know if it's just the waxing or if it's her. My cock is so stiff it hurts. She swallows it all. I'm just about to shoot my wad right then and there but she changes her technique and I am able to last, for a little longer anyway. My senses are so strong and attuned to this experience I feel light headed. Without missing a beat she is able to remove her panties with one hand and swing one leg over my body. Her muff is right over my face now, although technically "muff is incorrect. I still don't know her natural hair color because she also is completely bald. I drink in the intoxicating aroma or her. With my tongue beginning to explore her wet opening my hands do a little exploring of their own. The entire scene is one of indescribable sensuality. Man was given six senses and right now every one of them is focused and heightened.

She hooks her arms behind my legs and stands more erect still sucking and licking my entire pubic area. My knees are drawn up close to my own ears. With her feet on the floor she is able to control where I can lick and suck by rocking her hips to the desired spot. With my legs up, she has complete control and access to my entire body. She begins to play with my anus and the deep crack leading up to its opening. I have never had anyone do this to me before and the effect is... is... is even more indescribable than the last indescribable thing she did.

My hands find her breasts under her dress and she shudders as I caress them, her nipples are standing very erect now. It's good to know I can exert my own effects on the situation. After a few minutes of this... this... heaven, she begins to probe my opening, gently persuading the sphincter muscle to relax. Little by little she is able to insert a finger, very shallow at first, then deeper, finally she buries it right to the hand. She withdraws it and inserts two fingers. She has one hand in my ass, the other stroking my cock, my balls in her mouth, and her cunt covering my mouth. The only thing I have control of is my hands but every time I release her breasts to go exploring she moans in obvious discomfort so I am obliged to continue there also. This is like nothing I have ever experienced and it seems to go on forever. With reduced contact to the sensitive area of my cock there is reduced danger of my cumming. It feels so wonderful I never want it to end. Her juices flow freely and begin to run down my cheek and into my ear. With her fingers playing inside my body there is a kind of emotional high and a closeness I didn't even know existed.

She withdraws her fingers and plunges them in again. Deeper, faster, harder. I am being fucked and I love it. I leave one hand pinching and twisting her nipples and move the other hand to return the favor. She obviously likes this too... a lot. My tongue is still exploring everything within reach. I stick it in as deep as I can and suck as hard as I dare. She starts to buck and for the first time I begin to feel some sense of control shifting to me. Her sucking and hand movements begin to slow as she gives herself over to my talents. I hear a groan starting deep within her and slowly moving up to escape her lips. I reach over, grab a hair brush from nearby and gently insert the handle into her rectum. It goes deeper than my fingers can and the effect is noticeable. She becomes an animal, bucking and moaning and grinding her cunt into just the right spot to allow my mouth the best effect. My fingers are pinching and pulling and twisting and tweaking her hard nipples. I grab the brush and begin to rotate and twist the end. I feel her legs tighten and release, her hips thrust and release, her stomach tightens and releases.

After a while she renews her activities with her mouth and hands. She moves down with her mouth and takes my whole 8 inch cock in her mouth. Where did she learn to do that? I start to buck and thrust, fucking her pseudo cunt with great power. The fucking motion of my hips causes the muscles in my ass to constrict around her fingers heightening an already incredible experience. I again concentrate on her orgasm. It almost becomes a contest as to who can take the other over the top first.

She is bucking and humping and screaming and growling, her breathing extremely fast and shallow. She is soooo close. My teeth holding her clitoris, my tongue tickling the unhooded knob, my fingers pulling both breasts and my other hand manipulating the handle of the brush to its best effect. With my cock sliding in and out of her throat and my hot breath blowing on her wet snatch, I finally win.

Her orgasm is long, loud, and intense. Even after it's over, her sense of urgency does not diminish. Without a word she swings her leg back over my body and stands beside me. She motions for me to rise and as I do she takes my place. She kneels on the chair giving herself to me doggy style. Without hesitating I oblige. I enter slowly at first, teasing her with my shaft. She spoils my fun by arching her hips up and pushing back hard. In one fell swoop I am buried to the hilt. I hear a gasp and one word escapes her lips.


It was more of an expression than an order. She begins to rock back and forth humping my dick. She turns her head to mine and buries her tongue deep into my mouth. We taste ourselves on each other and it's magical. This continues as my excitement grows again. She reaches her hands between her own legs and begins to manipulate my testicles with one hand and circle my ass with the other. Pulling a trick from my own bag she grabs the handle of a nearby brush and inserts it in my ass, making small circles with one end that are translated into larger circles at the business end. The newness of being hairless and the idea of someone being inside me contributes to an overwhelming, earth moving, mind blowing, world rocking, biblical proportions, organism. My entire body convulses sending hot cum deep into her wet orifice.

It seems to continue forever pumping everything I have, filling her up and giving everything I am. It drains the strength from my whole body. I almost fall as my legs begin to buckle and collapse under my weight. I fall forward unwilling to extradite myself from this... this ... place. I am nothing.

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