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Salsa Dancing


I sat at my regular table recovering from the last dance and watching the couples close in front of me. This was the "Dancer's Corner" and the top notch dancers hung out here. There was always a great couple to watch and admire for those of us sitting on the sidelines. The song ended and dancers dispersed from the floor to find their next partner. I could see Maria making her way through the crowd toward me. She was looking straight at me. She was one of my "regulars" and I was glad to see her.

I had met Maria at a series of advanced salsa lessons we taking at a small dance studio. We found an instant dance connection between us. I had seen her at the clubs before but had never danced with her. She always seemed to be on the dance floor and I never could find the opportunity to approach her. Now that she knew who I was, she would find me and ask me to dance. It isn't often that you find women willing to ask men to dance in the clubs but I guess it was her way to make sure she got good dance partners and didn't have to suffer with beginners or guys trying to hit on her.

Maria is young and stunningly beautiful . . . at least to me. She has black hair, parted down the middle, stopping just at her shoulders framing a face whose ethnicity I can never quite place. Asian, Eurasian, Southeast Asian, I'm not quite sure . . . I'm not good at pegging ethnicity. Whatever she is, she is definitely sexy. When she looks at me her oval eyes, full lips and olive skin just suck me in to her. When we are dancing nothing else exists except me, her, and the music. She is a couple of inches shorter than me and has a nice figure. She is usually wearing fashionable but not-to-revealing clothes and usually black so it is hard to see anything in the dim light of the clubs. Not so tonight . . .

Maria was wearing black alright but this time is was a shear form fitting dress with a skirt that flowed to her knees and a top that scooped low enough to see a good deal of cleavage for once. The clingy fabric revealed the curves of her full breasts and the nubs of her nipples. It was snug but not so much that her breasts didn't have some room to move a little. She grabbed my hand as I stood up to meet her.

"Thank god you're here! I've had a shitty day and need to let loose," she said as she pulled me onto the dance floor.

She's a white wine drinker and it seemed like she had had a couple of drinks already. This was the first song of the night for the band and the first song is usually a long one so they can warm up and get in sync with each other. The crowd was fairly light giving us the room we needed to execute our patterns without worrying about the couples next to us. As we danced she looked into my eyes sometimes momentarily closing hers as she took in the music. For me though I had my hand on the skin of her back and her full swaying breasts in front of me for the first time. She was really looking sexy and I was beginning to get a bit of a semi hard on as we danced. Then Maria misinterpreted a lead or I just didn't give a clear enough signal and she spun around ending in a wrap. My right arm wrapped around her waist and her back pressed up again me. Her ass, in that clingy dress, pressed up against me too. She must have felt my dick as she swayed for a measure or two and then spun out again. The song went on for a short time and when it ended Maria finished with a flourish wrapping her right leg around my left leg, her body pressed against me and my hard dick between us.

"C'mon - I need to show you something," she said as we walked off the dance floor.

We made our way out through the lobby and then the courtyard of the club and onto the street parking. It was an industrial area with no traffic at night except for the club patrons. We walked briskly up the street in the balmy summer night, turned left until we came to what I recognized was her car. Cars were parked nose into the curb and as we got between her car and a large SUV she turned, put her hand on my chest, and pushed me up against the car. Her other hand went down to my crotch.

"Oh no you don't!" she said as she felt my now soft dick, "I want you hard again!"

Her other hand went down and rubbed my balls through my pants and boxer briefs. She looked straight into my eyes with a look of intensity and a slight smile on her lips. I stood silent in stunned surprise and animalistic pleasure as I felt her hands on my stiffening cock.

"No this won't do," she declared as she undid my belt and pulled down my zipper.

My loose pants slipped down to my ankles. Both her hands went into the waistband of my briefs and down to my cock and balls. The feeling was electric as my knees weakened a little and I lowered myself against the car so she could get a good angle on me with her hands. The night air was warm and I was still hot from dancing. She wrapped her hands around my sweaty cock and balls and stroked and squeezed me hard. She leaned in close and pressed her soft tits into me.

Then she pulled back, hiked up her skirt, and struggled to pull down her panties while my cock hovered in the night air. Her panties caught on her shoes.

"Damn!" she said.

She pulled them free from her heels and dropped them to the ground. She grabbed my hand and plastered it onto her smooth pussy. She rubbed my hand hard against her moist mound and my fingers slipped into her wet crack. She moaned. I got the message and started rubbing her on my own power. Her pussy was incredibly wet from her sweat and pussy juices. She leaned back against her car, pulled down her scooped neckline and her soft tits literally flopped out into her hands. Each hand ran up the side of her breasts squeezing them together until she reached her nipples and she pinched them hard. I ran my hand along her slit and slipped two fingers into her hole. She rocked her hips and pussy hard against my hand.

"Yes ... yes ... oh, FUCK!" she nearly screamed.

"I want more!" she said as she pulled my hand away, spun around and opened the back door of her car.

She crawled onto the back seat on her hands and knees. Her head went down, her back arched, and her ass shot up. She pulled her skirt up and over her smooth round ass into bunch at her waist. I saw the mounds of her bald pussy push through her thighs. The flesh of her inner pussy lips marked a thin vertical line. I admired the sight for a moment as she swayed her ass eagerly.

"Do it! Do it NOW!" she demanded.

Head room was tight as I crawled in behind her. I pushed her ass down to the seat. My hands spread her legs wide so that her left foot was on the car floor and her right leg was pressing the seat back. I lay on her back, pressed into her ass cheeks and slipped my dick into her pussy. No . . . this wasn't going to be a leisurely fuck. I rammed my cock hard into her sopping wet cunt. Just like a dance connection we slipped into a rhythm as we both grunted and her hips met my thrusts. The noise of my balls slapping her ass was mixed with the wet slurping noise of my cock sliding in and out her hole. We both wanted it bad and we wanted it rough. My thrusts sped up as my balls swelled and I let loose a huge load of cum and then another and then another. I slowed and then lay still on top of her.

Both of us were panting and dripping sweat when she said, "Get off me."

I backed out of the car and watched as she flipped over onto her back. She spread her legs wide, put her hands on her pussy and pushed her fingers in deep. She pumped her fingers into her cunt and worked her clit with her thumb until her whole body contracted into a shuddering orgasm. White cum poured out onto her hands, ran down her ass crack, and onto the car seat. She collapsed back on the seat with her breast heaving as she caught her breath. I watched my cum and her juices ooze out of the oval of her pussy lips. I stood there stroking my sticky semi hard cock at the beautiful sight of it all.

She slipped out of the car and squatted to look for her panties. She couldn't find them but while she was down there she turned and wrapped her mouth around my cock. Her greedy tongue was bringing it back to life. She slowly and gently bobbed her head on the shaft of my hardening cock. Her hands cupped and massaged my balls. Then, just when it was feeling so good it almost hurt, she stood up gave me a deep kiss. We got ourselves put together. She slipped into the driver's seat of her car and powered down the window.

"A great end to an otherwise shitty day. Thanks. I needed that. See you in class."

She backed her car out and in the glare of her headlights I could see her panties on the pavement.

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