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We drove down the dirt road my hot Latina girlfriend. I met Gabriella or Gabi at a local salsa club; her silken black hair, soft tan skin and gorgeous brown eyes and the way looked at me made me hers. She's a 24, 5'7", athletic, globe-trotting quite exceptional intelligent young lady. I introduced myself, right from day one we hit it off. We danced a little, had a few drinks and kept on going until three in the morning.

From there, we talked to each other on the phone some. I am, 34, 5'9", athletic, brown haired, brown eyed Caucasian male. I was entranced by her flare and stunning exotic looks. I swear she was a supermodel in my mind.

We walked through the woods to the coastline. Thunderclouds were on the horizon as the water lapped against our ankles along the shore. Gabi wore shorts and looked like a sheer white top covered by Thai blue coloured vest. I wore only simple shorts and a t-shirt. Suddenly, she kissed me. I was completely taken back. Our tongues caressed and entwined each other. Their hot bodies embraced in the salty sea air.

The dark clouds covered the lover's glow like someone closing the drapes in the bedroom shrouded the sunshine. They looked to the horizon and a shaft of lightening pierced the calm water. There was a pause. Thunder seems to tear the air apart. Gabi smiled and ran into the woods.

Her giggle was contagious as I tried to catch her. Gabi ducked behind a tree. I tried and grab her; I fell flat on my chest. Ouch! I scrabbled to catch this beautiful butterfly. I saw a glimpse of her 36C chest peek out from the vest. I immediately got a hard on. I told Gabi we better get moving before the storm hit. She laughed and ran through the woods.

I lost her; the sky opened up and rain came down hair. I saw Gabi laying there arms open, legs wide waiting for me upon the hood of our car. Her nipples pierced through the fabric. I stepped up to her and kissed her passionately. My hands upon her breasts, pinching her nippples; Gabi moaned. I stripped off her vest; she took off my t-shirt. Her lips kissed my chest. What a touch! Her other hand reached out and caressed my hardening cock. I kissed her back and laid her back down. I kissed down her chest, sucking her nipples while my other hand unbuttoning her shorts revealing some sexy lacy panties.

Gabi leaned back up and stripped off her sheer shirt. Her breasts were a feast for sore eyes. I smiled widely. The rain still continued to downpour upon the lovers. I knelt down in front of her kissing her left and right thigh. I licked her pussy up and down in long easy strokes. The thunder was rolling in the distance adding intensity to an already passionate scene. I then eased off her panties seeing a nicely trimmed pussy. Gabi took my head leading my tongue to her moist pussy. I sucked the water now running down her lean stomach by her sides. I caressed her legs and sucked her harder. I came deeper with my tongue licking her clit firmly. Gabi pinched her nipples moaning more. She begged for my hard eight inches.

I leaned her back and stuffed my hard cock into her love cannel. I sucked her nipples harder. Gabi moaned louder. I loved it and pumped her harder. The rain coming down upon my flexed muscles. My cock glistened as it went in and out of her pussy. I went faster, faster upon her pussy. Her legs wrapped around me as he hands caressed my toned ass encouraging me more and more.

"Fuck me!" she begged "Si, si...si!" Gabi said between breaths.

I continued harder, faster then occasionally bringing her nipples together and licking those hard nipples. Gabi held one breast for me while I feasted on it. She was fantastic. Finally, we came together. The storm almost broke immediately as we surfaced from our passionate love storm.

Thank goodness, we weren't far from home because we drove home naked. The fun continued until the early morning. Thank goodness, we had the whole weekend to share the warmth of our bodies.

More to come...

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