Salsa Night


Natasha and I were at a café for Salsa Night, she was at the cash register getting our meals, I was sitting in the booth by myself watching the other dancers, my eye was caught by a pretty blond girl standing in a corner with some of her friends, though while when she talked she smiled, when she was looking around like I was, she looked sulky. She had her arms crossed under her breasts, her blond hair was pulled behind her head in a pony tail, leaving her bare shoulders uncovered, her shirt was a light yellow with white strips, and her denim skirt was mid-thigh length.

“Why do pretty girls always seem so sulky?” I said as Natasha came and sat down.

“What do you mean?”

“That blond girl over there, she’s with all her friends, but she looks so sulky, like she’s mad or something.

“Maybe she’s bored waiting for her boyfriend to dance with her.” Natasha replied, winking at me.

“OK,” I laughed, taking her by the hand and led her out onto the dance floor. The lights from the disco probe flashed on the floor and ceiling, bouncing off her glowing skin and her clothes.

“I didn’t know you were such a people watcher, I thought you’d be ogling over me like you usually do.” She said, digging her hand into my deltoid.

“Well, I would have, but my back was facing you the whole time you were gone. She’s no where near as attractive as you really…your lips are much cuter, especially when you smile.

“Ahh, and here I was thinking you were leaving me for another girl.”

Her silky warm smooth skin of her upper back and shoulders caressed my hand as I pulled her into me, smelling soaps and moisturizers on her neck and shoulders, and shampoo in her hair. She closed her eyes, listening to the beat, letting it tell her body what rhythm to follow as I lead. A smile tugged at the corner of her skinned toned lips, as she sashayed in a loop around my lead. She came back into my arms, squishing her soft breasts into me as she hugged me close. The tip of her nose tickled my earlobe as she whispered, “not too hard, sweetie. Listen to the rhythm.”

I spun her into a cuddle; she ground her backside gently into me. I switched her over to my left side. My eyes followed the gorgeous profile of her sensuous neck down to her cleavage. Her breasts bounced and jiggled under her shirt with each step she took. Only the tops of her breasts showed; her tight shirt flared out above her breasts, giving me a tantalizing view at what she kept secret from the rest of the word under her shirt. Feeling her getting a little restless, I brought her back out in front of me

My hand traveled to the straps of her top, over her shoulder blades, they followed the strap over her shoulder and down her front side, I stopped at the tops of her breasts, and then went back up again. Gently inching the strap of her top off her shoulder, letting it dangle over her shoulder. I could barely hear her moan contentedly, her body was vibrating against me, as she leaned into me.

I took my hand off her shoulder and brought both her hands in front of us. She looked at me with her green eyes wondering what I was up to. I pulled her into a cuddle again, squeezing her gently into me, never wanting to let go of her warm body. “God, you’re gorgeous,” I whispered in her ear, as loudly as I dared. I could see her grinning, “You too, sweetie,” she cooed looking up at my face she did. I smiled back, as I brought her back out to our original two handed position, looking into her smiling eyes. I let go of her hands on the slow beat and spun around, starting a “chase”. I kept my gaze on her as long as I could as I stepped back and swiveled around to face her again. Then, she did her turn; with her graceful dancer steps. Her feet, encased in the boots that I had gotten her that very day, stepped lightly across the floor, as she swiveled, coming completely around, swishing and swaying her hips, showing off her firm ass in that tight, black skirt. She raised her arms over her head, making her shirt ride up, exposing her belly button, I ran my hands over her armpits as she came back to me, feeling how smooth and silky her skin was, even there, the unique texture of her skin. She lowered her arms, trapping me.

“You like?”

“I just can get enough of you,” I said, grinning.

“Aw, I’ll have to thank you later,” she purred, releasing my hands.

The dance ended, and Natasha was starting to head towards a table, I whispered in her ear, “I have to use the restrooms, I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t be long,” she replied, kissing me on the cheek.

When I came back Natasha walked over to me, from our table, with something in her clenched hand. She hugged me again, pulling me into a deep French kiss, and led me to the booth in a corner; she dropped a small ball of soft, warm, cloth in my hand we sat down. “What’s this?” I asked.

“My panties,” she breathed into my mouth. My cock hardened even more at her words, “This still feels soo weird, so drafty…and dirty, “she giggled, staring at me seductively in the eyes.

“Come on.” She led me into a dark corner of the café, near the back. We were almost invisible to the rest of the room. Still giggling nervously, she reached a shaky hand to the zipper of my slacks and zipped them open. Keeping her back to the crowed in front of us. Pulling my underwear down, she took my hard, swollen, member into her warm, silky, hand. “Does this feel alright?” she asked, her voice shaking, looking at me with wide, eyes.

“Feels great, sweetie,” I replied, my own voice shaking a little, and my heart pounding in my chest, knowing what she was going to do, knowing where we were.

“I’ve never done this before,” she giggled, stuttering slightly. I could almost here her own heart as it fluttered in her marvelous chest, her breathing was getting quicker. Her breath coming out in short gasps, she closed the distance between us as she lifted up the front of her skirt, her bare pussy was hidden from me in the dark shadows, but I could feel her smooth, burning flesh as she led slowly led my cock into her warm, tight pussy. I almost came as the tip of my cock past her burning lips, and her tight warm walls enveloped me. She gasped as she forced my tip into her. Her wide, eyes looking, questioningly, at me as she continued to slowly move forward, till my cock reached her hymen. She bit her lip, and nodded, almost imperceptibly at me.

I gave a gentle push forward, bringing our hips together as I broke her maidenhead, taking our virginity. “Now, I’m all yours for you to do what you want with. she said, breathing into my ear, she pulled back to look at my face, and I could see tears welling in her beautiful green eyes.

I didn’t know what to say for a moment. We just stayed, hugging each other for the longest time. Eventually I look both her hands in mine, “And, I love you more than anything,” I said, not really knowing what else to say.

She smiled a quiet smile, which slowly broke into a wide, toothsome, grin. Slowly she started to grind her hips against me, moving forward and back, pumping my cock in and out of her. I gasped aloud at the feeling, of her tight pussy creating a suction on my cock as it slide around inside her. It took all my self control not to cum immediately.

Slowly I took up the rhythm, pulling away when she did, thrusting gently back when she did. So we made love to each other, there in the café, our feet moving like in the salsa rhythm, almost automatically with the music.

Try as I might I couldn’t hold back any more, my knees were getting weaker, and my hips were gyrating stronger on their own. “I’m cumming,” I whispered to her, her eyes got wide again, and she nodded ready herself for my seed.

I gently bit her shoulder to keep from moaning too load. I had to fight to keep my knees from totally collapsing on me, as I shot my load into her, first one, than another, and a third, filling her waiting womb with my seed.

Leaving my cock to soften in her warm pussy, I looked into her face; she was glowing, her face flushed from our heat, her mouth was open in amazement at what we had done.

“You’re the most beautiful girl in the world,” I said smiling, pulling her into me, running my hands softly down her back, and cupping her ass. I slowly pulled my cock out of her, the tip slipped out of her with a quiet plop. I quickly pulled my underwear and slacks up, over myself. Still staring deeply into her eyes, I slipped a finger under her skirt into her pussy; coating with our juices. I removed my hand, and her skirt fell back down, covering her again. I made a circle around her belly button with our cum, then I brought it to her mouth for her to lick clean.

We walked back to our booth and sat down to eat our meal. As we ate, we’d occasionally catch each others eye with a meaningful glance, then quickly glance back down at our plates blushing. With the heat of the café and my stomach full I slowly fell into the real of delightful bliss. Letting my eyes close, I sank back into my chair, and just listen to the Latin love songs, as their soulful drums and guitars vibrated through my body.

“Hey, you awake?”

“Hmm?” I said, droisily opening my eyes, to find Natasha gazing intently at me from the opposite seat.

“You awake?”

“Mmmm? Sure, why not,” I mumbled

Giggling, Natasha said, standing up, and came over to my chair. Bending over, she gave me the most wonderful view down her shirt, at her two full breasts, swaying under her shirt, “I bet I can wake you up,” she purred, as she kissed me on the check, bringing her boobs even closer, almost engulfing me in them. She took my hand her hers and pulled me up.

The dance floor packed with people as she pulled me through the crowd to the center.

“I can’t have my guy falling asleep,” she said, kissing me again, “he has to drive me home.”

The music had changed to a slower song. A slow romantic song, played to a high pitched guitar. I put my right hand on Natasha’s hip, feeling it undulate underneath my hand.

“Hey, she’s really getting into it,” Natasha whispered in my ear, as she pulled me closer, so I could feel the tips of her breasts rub against me. I followed her gaze to a couple on my left side; the girl had on a slinky back cocktail dress that went down to just above her knees. Her hips swished and swayed as she moved around the floor with her partner, as he twirled her around in loops and arches. When he held her in his arms, she ground her pelvis and chest against him. He started rubbing his hand up and down her hips, occasionally grabbing her butt through her dress. She caught our eyes a couple times, giving us an ear to ear smile, both teasing and content.

Not be out done, Natasha pulled me even closer to her, smashing her breasts against, me grinding against me like the girl to our left was doing. I could feel her nipples growing ever larger, I imagined they were poking out through her shirt. I changed our step from going side to side, to going forward and back, on the back step, I would bring my hand to her butt and gently squeeze her firm cheek as it flexed against my hand, as we stepped backwards. On our steps back I would press against her pelvis, getting as close to her clit as I could. I touched her just right a few times, as I would be rewarded by a gently “fuhhh” from her throat and puff of air from her lips.

After a while, Natasha was moaning consistently, grabbing my deltoid with her left hand, digging in with her fingernails, and grinding with her hips, harder than ever. “Hmmm, cuddle me, grab my tits,” she gasped into my ear.

She tilted her head to the left and we both watched the other couple; when she twirled her skirt would rise up, giving a view of her thighs. Her eyes were closed, but her face radiated with joy at just dancing, and being with her partner.

“You look like that, you know,” I whispered in Natasha’s ear, as I spun her around, so once again firm butt was grinding against my cock. I ground back, working my member between her cheeks.

“You get that same look when you dance,” I whispered in her ear, pulling her closer; my hand stroking the undersides of her breasts. Slowly, I worked upward, till I was cupping, and squeezing her warm pillows, and grazing her candy nipples, now sticking out visibly against her red shirt. All the while, I was kissing her neck and rubbing her hips and thigh with my other hand.

Suddenly, her whole body tensed, then shook releasing the tension from her orgasm. She turned around, and hugged me tight, pressing her damp pussy against my thigh, the heat from her and the dampness covered my pant leg in her juices. As she smothered my face and neck with kiss. By this time the other couple had left, and the dance floor was considerably less crowded. We still didn’t look out of place, moving to the music in a sensual embrace.

“Let’s get outta here,” she said, her breathing slowly slowing down to normal.

“Yeah, lets go,” and together, we walked hand in hand out the café.

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