tagGroup SexSalt & Sweat Ch. 1

Salt & Sweat Ch. 1


This is the first chapter of what hopefully will be a novel. The theme is river and pool-related so anyone wishing to send in appropriate pictures, or others related to the story, I may be able to incorporate them (or at least remain inspired). Anyone who wants to represent this book for publishing and knows what he/she is doing, let me know. Enjoy.

* * * * *

I got the idea for what would eventually be one of the best house parties I'd ever thrown after a particularly fun trip to the Salt River. For those of you unaccustomed to the delights of floating slowly and burning oneself to a crisp, let me explain. In central Arizona, is the Salt River which provides Phoenix with a great deal of its water, helping to turn it from a desert into the oasis that it is. It also makes for a great stretch of tubing, roughly five hours along the longest stretch, where people get together, bob along the gentle rapids, drain some beers and ogle or be ogled by those who float by. It's a great deal of fun and relaxing alternative to the bustling city and its sizzling asphalt.

This last trip I went with a couple of my friends, requisite cooler full of beer propped on a smaller inner-tube, and we three guys just lazed the day away as bikini-clad beauties floated around us, some of them wild or drunk enough (or most likely both) to flip up their tops and show their breasts, some tanned, some hidden and pale, some sagging and some firm as can be, and all of them great, just because they were there, and so were we.

Every now and then we'd hook up with some of them when we stopped at the rocky bank for lunch or at the end of the trip as the bus took us back to the parking lot at the starting point. This trip was no different. We had gotten our share of flashes on the river, but it was in the bus on the way home that I made my best score of the afternoon. At the back of the bus were two women with one lucky guy. They were wearing bikini tops as was usually the case with young attractive women. The woman on my side, (I could not see the other because of the way the tubes stacked in the middle obscure the view to the other side) decided to lower her top and flash the bus behind us.

She was in her early thirties, with a tight body and only the slightest hints of aging. Her dusky blond hair fell over her chest as she looked down to check herself and then they were out, her thumbs hooking down the string top and her plump breasts jiggling on top of the flimsy material. She bent over, kneeling on the bench as she shook her fun bags at the bus behind us, giving the driver and front passengers an eyeful, and from their reactions, they approved mightily. The guy she was with was between her and I and he rested his hand on her hip, undoubtedly thinking what I was thinking, that she was in just the right position for some fun.

Her ass was poking right at me, clad in a blue and green bottom that was tight but not revealing. Still, it showed me the outline of her mound and her buns jiggled slightly beneath the wet material as she swayed for the bus behind as well as for several of us in our bus. You don't know my agony as I thought about reaching out with my fingers and caressing her hanging mound, to finger her through her bikini, to feel her arch her back and thrust back towards me, right there in the bus, in public, for everyone to see as I fingered her, and then…

Well, I didn't get the chance. The bus came to a halt at the starting point and she hastily put her top back on, laughing with tipsy hilarity, as the bus started to unload its passengers and roll out the tubes. I did get another great view of her breasts as she slipped them back into their flimsy cups, and I stood up, trying to hide my raging hard on as best I could through my thin trunks.

We got off the bus and we checked our tubes in anticipation of going home for the day. I had thought about chatting up the blonde or even her friend, (she was a petite brunette with a great behind), but decided against it with her bruiser boyfriend so close all the time. He didn't seem to mind the flash, but anything more was probably frowned on. Still, as the three of us were walking away, she came up behind us, talking to me.

"So, what'd you think?" She knew damn well what I thought.

"Very nice," I said, trying to be calm about it. It was tough, I was excited. "You're a lot of fun to be with."

"You don't know the half of it," She replied.

"I'd love to have your number," I said, blurting it out honestly, with no setup.

"I'd love to give it to you." She searched for a pen, and finally found on in the small shoulder bag she had.

"So would I," I said with a smirk. She returned it, looking astonished but not the least bit hurt. She grabbed my arm with quite some force and scribbled down her phone number.

"Don't wash it off, you don't want to lose it."

"I won't." She smiled at my friends and me, turned on her heel and ran off to join her friends. We watched as she bounced off, making all of us hungry for her.

"Nice catch, Ray," my friend Michael said grinning like a fool.

"Thanks, and I wasn't even trying." It was true. I had choked and she was the one who caught me. I am fairly handsome and decently built, but I didn't expect her to shatter the ice like that. Yea for me.

"You gonna call her?" Tim my somewhat tubby and seriously lovelorn pal asked.

"Of course."

"Lucky bastard. Maybe she'll bring her friend and you could call us."

"Now that wouldn't be polite."

"No, but it would make for awesome cinema," Mike chimed in and we all laughed. Truth be told I wouldn't have called him them in if I had an orgy going anyway. They were nice guys, but Michael was, to be honest, a pig, and Tim just had no knowledge. A lot of fantasies, but no knowledge. Someday, he would get the girl that wanted to show him the world and that would be for him, but I didn't feel like sharing with either one of them. It was for their, and my, best interests.

On the ride home we joked about the day and bitched about our raging sunburns, but all I could think about was Julie, as my arm proclaimed. Eventually the guys dropped me off, and I waved away their invitation to down some more beer. I had other things to do.

I unlocked my front door and walked inside, closing it behind me. It was nice having such a large home, but it was lonely having so much space. The one thing that made it easier to stand was the great parties that took place here. Pictures lined my bedroom of all the people I had met on line and at the swingers clubs, great folks all. I even had a special place on my dresser for the ladies that went with me in escort to the swingers' havens. It was the only way to get in, but it was worth it to bring them along and share them with my friends, those newly met and ones I had carefully developed over the years.

Now down in the family room, I couldn't wait to get upstairs to the master bedroom and joining bath, but instead headed for one of the bathrooms downstairs. I hastily jotted down Julie's number, then kicked off my shoes, peeled off my damp tee-shirt and slipped my trunks down my legs. Now fully bare I was touching myself before I even got into the bathroom, admiring my straining hard on. I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the water. The scent of the river was still on me, as was the intoxicating odor of sun lotion mixed with musk.

The water was cool and felt great on my burning skin. A little soap and I was lost in the shower, thinking about the beauty on the bus with her top down beneath her bobbing breasts, but now she was no longer on the bus, but here with me in the shower, beneath me, prepared to pleasure me as I trembled on my feet. My hands found my throbbing cock and my balls underneath, her fingers and lips caressing me in my dreams. She was bobbing up and down on my member and fingering under my balls, tickling the sensitive patch beneath them. I saw her golden hair flaring out behind her as she picked up the pace, gobbling me frantically. I could see her beautiful buttocks as she hunched down below and I thought about turning her over, chest low in the tub, and pelvis high, holding her hips in my hands as I plunged into her steaming vagina or worked my way with delicious slowness into her delicate pucker.

I had seen this in my mind, how I would do it, how she would feel and sound, and then my orgasm was upon me, rushing up from my balls as I/she squeezed them and my hands/her lips slowed to a luxurious slow stroke. I moaned as my load flew from my head and splashed on my hands and in the tub, the shower's torrent washing it from my body. I could see her grinning up at me, licking her lips, eager to bring me to reluctant hardness again and then ride me like a bull or…

…well whatever she wanted from me. I could tell she would love bondage or a little dominance, either top or bottom, and I was willing to take whatever she could dish out.

I sighed, letting the water run over my hot, aching flesh and kneaded my dying penis until the feeling went from it. When I was clean, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. It was then that my idea came to me. I had had parties before here, wonderful, rollicking parties that filled every room at one point or another. My friends had been from close by and from all over, called in from my on line contacts, but never had we done what I had thought would be a great day trip to loosen everyone up for a great night. We'd go out for a long afternoon of tubing. The loose mood and delectable fatigue would make for some fun interactions. Now all I had to do was some recruiting. Julie was in, of course, and I would call her at my first opportunity, but I would have to get on line for the rest. This was a special occasion and I wanted my party to be populated with real winners.

I dried off and almost ran upstairs to the computer in my room. I logged on, touching myself again as the rest of me came on line, and began sending out invitations.

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