tagGay MaleSalt Water And Cum

Salt Water And Cum


I pick you up from work and we drive around the city before heading down to the water. It's kind of warm outside. There's a full moon in the sky as the sunsets. We arrive at Baker's beach and decide to walk along the sand and the sun completely sets. There's nobody else at the beach except us. I hug you from behind as we stare at the Golden Gate Bridge. I softly kiss your neck and it gives you gooseflesh. You shiver. I kiss your ear. It tickles and you pull away.

My hands move down the front of your shirt and push past your pants and move deep down inside and gently touch your penis. It responds immediately, growing hard in your pants.

I turn you around and kneel down in front of you in the sand and unbutton your jeans. I pull down the zip and your dick springs out. I take it into my mouth and gently suck on it and you grab my head and pull it closer so your hard dick is deeper in my throat.

I suck harder and start licking your balls with my tongue. You start moving your hips, fucking my face. I reach down and start playing with my own dick, which is really hard now.

I pull down your pants so your ass is exposed. I pull apart the cheeks and start playing with your butt-hole. You fuck my face with your hard dick and push back so my finger goes just inside your ass.

You keep fucking my face and my finger, moving harder. I start gagging because your dick is so deep down in my throat, but you don't stop. And then you come. You pull out and your dick shoots your load over my open mouth and lips. I slurp up the cum as it erupts from your dick, swallowing as much as I can, then licking it off my lips, then licking my fingers that have the taste of your butt on them.

I turn you around and spread your ass cheeks and start licking your butt-hole, pushing my tongue deep inside until it's completely wet. You get completely undressed and pull my clothes off while I lick and suck and tongue-fuck your ass. The waves are crashing against the shoreline. We're very close to it.

You kneel down on all fours in front of me. I pull apart your ass cheeks even more and stick my tongue deep down your hole. The water rolls up the beach and just barely touches us. It's cold, delicious.

Your dick is hard again and I start pulling it while tongue-fucking your ass. The taste is unbelievable. I shoot spit deep inside your hole, felching you with the saliva, until your whole butt is wet and slippery. I pull up onto my knees and line my hard dick with your wet, ready asshole.

I push the head against your hole. Another big wave comes and spray of seawater sprinkles over us. Your dick is hard in my hand. I pull on it, massage your balls, and push my dick into your asshole slowly, like I'm going to be gentle.

I'm not. I plunge the dick deep inside you and you scream out in pain. Your body shivers as you have an ass orgasm. I pull out. My dick glistens wet under the moonlight. I fuck you again, pushing even deeper. Your dick jumps in my hand. I start fucking more, building up a rhythm, fucking you slow and deep, then fucking you harder, pulling your dick at the same time.

The water splashes around us again. I lean down and yank at your nipples and you call out in pain. I fuck you deeper, feeling my dick grow in your asshole. You reach back and grab my balls and squeeze them. I fucker quicker and harder and you know I'm about to come. You push back on my dick and I explode deep inside you. The cum leaks out of your butt hole and dribbles down your inner thigh.

You pull away, turn around and suck my dick. It's covered in cum. When you've licked it clean, you push me back onto the sand and sit on my face. My cum and saliva have dripped down over your legs and your balls and ass hole. I licked everything clean and then pull your ass cheeks apart so my cum drips out of your ass into my mouth. You rub your asshole over my face. It tastes incredible.

The tide has come in more and the water splashes around us. You pull up off my face and lean around and start kissing me, your tongue pushing deep in my mouth. You reach for my legs and pull them back and up. I can feel the water splashing against my exposed ass hole.

Without warning, you push your dick against my butt hole, plunging it deep inside. I moan with pleasure. Your dick is too big for my ass and it feels good. You pull out again as the water ebbs away. Your dick gets covered with sand and you fuck me again and it really hurts. I cry out and you fuck harder, pounding at me. I can feel your balls slapping against my butt. You start pulling on my dick as you fuck me. The sand hurts, but feels good.

You pick up speed and I can feel that you're coming again. You pull out and move up so your dick is over my face. I lick your dick and balls and asshole. There's sand and salt water over them. You come again, even more than before, and your salty cum covers my face. You use your dick to wipe it off my face and push it into my mouth and I lick it off greedily.

When you're done feeding me your cum, you turn around and start sucking on my dick. The cold seawater is all around us now. You push your ass deep against face and I lick it as you suck my dick and balls. I push my hips up as I start face-fucking you. You swallow my dick deep inside and massaging it with your tongue. Your fingers start playing with my balls and I come deep inside your mouth. You don't let go and my dick flicks with spasms as the last of my cum drains out down your throat.

You roll off me. We wash ourselves in the seawater and then walk up, naked and semi-erect, to the beach … where we discover that crabs have stolen all our clothes.

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