Salt's Quest for Charisma


So Salt opened his mouth, and let Clay push his hot, throbbing cock inside.

Nope, thought Salt. Nope. Nope, NOPE! But unfortunately for him, Clay hadn't unlocked the power of telepathy, and he couldn't understand Salt's unintelligible noises of protest.

Salt counted to eight in his head as Clay's cock slid across his tongue, sliding in further than anything that large should into someone's throat, and then counted to eight again. By his count, Clay was getting an awful lot of blowjobs here.

The older boy continued to fuck Salt's face enthusiastically until finally, after several minutes of blowjobs, Salt felt the hard organ in his mouth swell and surge, and a gush of liquid flooded his mouth.

He swallowed, because the liquid was forcefully aimed at his swallowing place, and it was convenient to let it exit there, but the taste was a shock.

Even as he swallowed Clay's cum, the taste on his tongue made him shudder with disgust. It was so warm.

He gagged as Clay pulled out, and wished he had a glass of water. Or some form of time travel to take him back to a time when he didn't know what a man's cum tasted like.

Brendon clapped Clay on the shoulder and moved him out of the way as Salt sat back on his heels.

"How was that?"

"I hope I have my power now," said Salt, "Because that was fifty-two and a half blowjobs I just gave him."

Brendon looked confused, but he swiftly moved on.

"There is only one final virginity you need to lose in order to become the powerful being you yearn to be."

Salt sighed. Of course this was coming. But he did have condoms, and Brendon did seem to have quite a nice body. He was sure the older boy's arse would feel no different than his future girlfriend's arse would.

Brendon began to remove his clothes. He stripped off his coat, pulled his t-shirt over his head, kicked off his shoes and pulled down his black skinny jeans and briefs.

Salt stared at the older boy's body, his hard, muscled, lean, fit body. He must be a gamer, he thought. Probably a professional Diablo III player. I'll be like that one day too, if I just keep working at it.

And then there was Brendon's cock. Long, smooth, the foreskin already retracted back from a fushia-pink mushroom-cap, already decorated with a tiny glittering dew drop in the centre. And hanging underneath this solid seven inches of healthy-looking man meat, with its bulging veins and smooth, smooth skin, were two perky testicles in their shaven, dark, wrinkled sac.

Salt noticed a cluster of dark, wiry hairs in the place where Brendon's thigh met his groin, where it seemed he'd missed a spot while shaving, and felt an urge to tease those hairs between his fingers.

Brendon walked forwards and Salt found himself automatically opening his mouth to receive the older boy's cock.

But Brendan didn't push his penis into Salt's mouth. Instead, he rubbed the tip of it against Salt's lips, wetting them with precum, stroking his cock around and around in circles, until Salt's head started to follow the movement, as he tried to catch Brendon's cock so that he could suck it.

Brendon grinned down at him. "I thought you didn't like giving blowjobs?"

Salt paused his chase of Brendon's elusive head, and realised what he was doing. And in that same moment, Brendon slid his cock smoothly into Salt's mouth.

He put one hand on Salt's head and began to slide in and out of him with long strokes, relishing Salt's confusion.

But Salt understood this was a prelude to something else, and he supposed he wanted Brendon to feel pleasure before Salt put his penis into Brendon's arse. He thought it was very generous of Brendon to volunteer. He couldn't imagine ever being that selfless himself.

Soon, Brendon's cock was twitching and throbbing happily in Salt's mouth, and Brendon pulled out.

"Don't you want me to finish you?" asked Salt.

Brendon gave him a disbelieving look. ""

"Then how would you like me to take you?" asked Salt.

Brendon frowned. "With your arse."

Oh. Yes. That made sense. Brendon had mentioned that his power wasn't in his cock.

"Then I suppose we should get it over with," said Salt. He turned around on the bed and presented his behind to Brendon, and glanced over his shoulder. "And you promise I won't feel anything?"

Brendon grinned a grin that seemed to stretch all the way around the back of his head, so wide a grin was his grin.

"Not a thing. But perhaps you might like to help Dex out with his stiffy as a distraction. Like the dentist putting Natural World on the TV while he pulls your tooth out."

"Wait," said Salt. "Why are you comparing something painless with having a tooth being pulled out?"

"No reason," said Brendon. "I thought it'd be a comforting analogy."

"Don't give up your day job," grumbled Salt.

Meanwhile, Dex had stripped naked, and had positioned himself in front of Salt on the bed.

Dex's cock was, thankfully Salt thought, not that large. However it was already solid and swollen, and ready to enter his face

He let Dex push it into his mouth, and patiently allowed the older boy to push it in and out for a bit.

Meanwhile, behind him, Salt felt an odd sensation—a slick finger touching him right against his tight little exit.

"Here we go," said Brendon, and Salt's exit became an entrance.

He let out a moan of discomfort as Brendon's finger slid inside him, coated with cold, viscous liquid.

But it didn't feel too bad, and Dex's cock sliding in and out of his mouth was like a form of meditation for Salt. He closed his eyes and tried not to breathe in Dex's man smell, and largely ignored the finger moving inside his back passage.

And then Brendon placed the head of his long cock against Salt's barely touched virgin hole, and began to press in.

Salt's eyes flew wide, and he tried to spit out Dex's cock so that he could give Brendon feedback on his 'won't feel a thing' promise, but Dex grabbed Salt's head and held him in place while he pistoned into his mouth, preventing Salt from enunciating the words, 'Get your fucking cock out of my fucking arse!'

Brendon pushed in further, and Salt let out a wail around Dex's cock. It made no difference. Brendon continued his journey into Salt's heart of darkness, and soon Salt felt Brendon's hips pressed up against his arse.

Brendon waited there, stroking those long fingers over Salt's arse, while Dex cheerfully ploughed Salt's mouth.

It took some time, but eventually Salt became accustomed to Brendan's occupation of his lower anatomy and concentrated on Dex's cock, which was leaking a constant flow of precum Salt was forced to lick away, or let pool against his tongue.

"Oooohhhhhhoohhh!" said Dex, and a sudden flow of cum squirted across Salt's tongue.

Salt twisted his head, trying to get away from the gushing liquid spurting into his mouth, but Dex held him firmly.

The moment Dex drew out of his mouth, Salt remembered he was being anally penetrated, as Brendon began to slide out of him, seeming to tug out his internal organs as he did. And then slid back in, and then out again.

Salt again opened his mouth to protest, but suddenly Clay was back in front of him, and pushing his cock into Salt's mouth.

For what seemed like hours, Brendon fucked Salt's arse while Clay and Dex took turns with his mouth, until finally Brendon was ready.

He made a triumphant noise in his throat and rammed himself into Salt hard, holding himself tightly against Salt's arse as he squirted his hot man cream up inside the teenager's rectum.

He stayed there for several long moments then gave a happy sigh as he slid out.

"That has to have unleashed something in you."

Salt couldn't reply, as a moment later, Clay came in his mouth for the third, improbable time that night, and sat back on his heels, spent.

Brendon slapped Salt's arse. "How do you feel?"

Salt turned around as Brendon got up, and sat on the side of the bed. He did feel different. For a start, he wasn't used to a wet sensation against his arsehole; that was new. Sort of a trickling going on back there.

He mentally checked inside himself as the three got dressed, and grew concerned.

"I don't think it worked."

Brendon bit his lip. "Oh dear. I was afraid that might happen. Your ability's still too weak to be awakened. Well, if you really want to find your charisma, we'd better try again."

Salt shook his head slowly.

"Oh, don't worry," said Brendon, laying a hand on the younger boy's shoulder. "Not tonight. Sometimes it takes a while to really unlock a man's potential. But I can come back as often as you like until you feel you've got all the charisma you need."

That seemed fair, although Salt really wasn't certain how he felt about the method of release.

Brendon looked down, and Salt followed his gaze. To Salt's shame, his dick was thick and rigidly pressed up against his stomach.

"Here, let me take your blowjob virginity again," said Brendon. He knelt in front of Salt and closed his lips around Salt's penis, and nearly ten seconds later, Salt filled the older boy's mouth with his savoury flavouring.

Brendon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Same time next week?"

Salt shrugged. "I suppose so."

"See ya!"

And with that, the dark spirits of Brendon, Dex and Clay, left Salt's home, and went back to theirs, three streets over, where they logged back into Salt's webcam and carried on watching him wank to Mormon porn.

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