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Salvation Army Lassie


Ever since I was a small child, I have been turned on by the women who were out ringing bells for the Salvation Army, but only if they were properly clad in their distinctive uniforms. I still remember the first time I saw and heard one of those women. I must have been about six years old, and she was a matronly lady, clanging her bell as she stood beside her kettle in front of a supermarket in my home town. I ran up to her and hugged her leg, without even giving a thought to the strange scene I must have been making.

The lady just laughed good-naturedly; apparently she was fond of little children and had no objection to such an innocent display of affection. My mother was embarrassed and admonished me, thinking I must have somehow mistaken the lady for my grandmother. They were both wrong. I didn't know exactly where either of my grandmothers lived, but I knew they were a long way from where we were that day, and that we would be going to see my mother's mother in another week or so. At the time, I didn't know just why I had hugged the lady, and it wasn't for quite a while that I knew that there had been nothing at all innocent in my sudden display of affection for her.

As years went by and I passed through puberty and into adolescence, I became aware why I had done it. It was carnal attraction, pure and simple. It still seems strange, to think of such a young boy lusting after a woman old enough that she could be mistaken for his grandmother but, eventually, I came to realize that was the reason. Every Christmas season, the lassies from the Salvation Army were out on the streets of the town where I lived, and whenever I saw them I went home and masturbated over what was an erotic sight to me.

Of course, the objects of my strange fetish were on a much higher moral plane than somebody like me, and completely unreachable. They were basically women of the church, and having the hots for them was akin to lusting for a nun or for one of my former Sunday school teachers. By the time I became an adult, I had learned how to live with the urge, but it wasn't easy.

Every year, beginning with the week of Thanksgiving Day, I started to avoid places where these objects of my desire might be found, and I was alert for the sound of the bells they could usually be counted on to ring. I was aware that the sight of a woman, old or young, in one of those Navy blue skirt and jacket uniforms with the red trim and matching felt hat could turn me into a raging sex maniac, so I avoided places where one of them might take me by surprise.

One night, my precautions failed, but it actually turned out to be a good thing. It was mid December; I had just left my gym after a good workout, and I needed to stop at a supermarket that was open late and located in that same shopping area. As I approached, I listened for the ringing bells and, hearing none, I presumed the lassies had gone home for the night, so it was safe to approach the front door. On my way out with my purchases, I was met by one of the alluring women I had been trying so hard to avoid. When I tried to keep my distance and hurry past, the object of my fetish stopped me, not by asking for a donation, but by calling out my name.

"Hey, George. George Boxlicker. Can I ask you to do something for me?"

I stopped and turned around and stared at the face that peered out from under the brim of the felt hat that had been the subject of so many wet dreams. She knew my name because she was Barbara, one of my long time lady friends, whom I had not seen for several months. I approached her, until I was closer to a wearer of the blue and red uniform than I had been in many years. My cock was trying to rip a hole right through the front of my pants, and I hoped she would not notice it.

"Hi, Barbara," I said. "I haven't seen you for quite a while."

"Hi, George. Yeah, it has been way too long, and that's one of the things I want to ask you about."

She was smiling, and I recognized the look on her face as being very similar to her appearance just before I started eating her pussy. She had always really loved that, as well as fucking and sucking my cock and any other carnal thing a man and woman might decide to do in bed. Seeing her face, it occurred to me that I just might be able to do something that night that I had fantasized about since I was a child.

"Barbara, I'm surprised to see you out here in that uniform ringing that bell. Have you joined the Salvation Army?"

"No way! My sister is a member though, and she talked me into taking her place tonight while she's at home nursing the flu. I've been freezing my ass all day, and now I need a ride home. That's what I want to ask you for, a ride and, after you get me home, to come inside and help me unfreeze my ass.

My heart leaped at that thought, but I answered her request. "Of course. You know I'll do anything for you, within reason."

"That's what I expected you to say. You'll have a lot of fun at the same time, of course. When you're unfreezing my ass, I mean."

Barbara took her bell and kettle into the store and left it with the night security for safekeeping. With her responsibility taken care of, she rejoined me, still wearing the uniform that had sexually excited me ever since I was a child, and we walked to my truck. I used the remote control to open the door for her, closed it after she was inside, and went around to the driver's door. I stashed the groceries behind my seat and, when I got in, Barbara was looking at the armrest between her and me.

"Can you raise this thing?"


I raised it for her, and she quickly slid over to the middle seat and buckled that safety belt around her waist while I was securing mine. Her right hand was on my knee and her left arm was resting behind my neck as I backed out of the parking space and made my way to the street. She reminded me of where she lived and, once I was on the street and heading in that direction, her arm was on my shoulders and the hand on my knee crept upward until Barbara met with a surprise.

"Wow! George, I didn't know you were that glad to see me."

"You know I'm always happy to see you."

"Yeah, but not this much," she replied, gently squeezing my fully erect cock.

It was quite late at night and the street was dark and so was the inside of the truck, and I couldn't make out any of the details of Barbara's uniform except for the distinctive Salvation Army hat with the upturned brim. The logo and the red band with the embroidered name of the organization was more than enough to give me a full erection, even if her hand hadn't unzipped my fly and reached in to start massaging my bare cock. I decided to be honest with her about the extremely pronounced reaction she couldn't help but notice.

"You're a real hotty, Barbara, and what you're doing right now would give a hard-on to a statue. But my cock was almost as hard even before you got into the truck." I then went on to explain my strange, life-long fetish for the blue uniforms and, especially, the sexy felt hats that were worn by all the lassies in the service of the Salvation Army.

She giggled about that. "That's weird, because I consider this outfit to be about the least erotic thing I've ever seen, except maybe The Flying Nun's habit."

Barbara removed her hand from my cock, leaving it erect and sticking up from my fly. "I'd better be careful. I don't want you cumming now, especially not while you're driving."

I didn't drive much longer anyhow, because we reached Barbara's building less than a minute later, and she got out while I was rearranging my underwear and pants. I walked behind her, admiring the curve of her ass inside the long, loose skirt until we reached the door and she used her key to let us in. The view was even better as I continued following her up the stairs to the second floor where she opened the door to her apartment. Once inside, with the portal closed and locked behind us, she switched on the light and turned to face me so I would get the full impact of what I considered the most erotic female clothing around.

The difference between then and the other times I had accidentally seen women in the Salvation Army uniform was that I did not consider Barbara to be any kind of untouchable churchwoman. As with all my other lady friends, I had a high opinion of her as a woman and as a person. Even so, after all the good times we already had together and what she had said and her actions while on our way to her apartment, I expected us to be sharing her bed in no more than a few minutes. She obviously had the same thought as I, because she opened her arms and we embraced and kissed, long and passionately, while our tongues became reacquainted.

"This is fun," she said, with a mischievous grin. "But we can have a lot more fun and thaw me out a lot better in here," she said as she held my arm and started leading me into her bedroom.

I followed her eagerly. I was about to have my oldest fantasy come true, and that was a big part of my eagerness but, I would have been just as avid to climb into Barbara's bed with her even if she had been wearing a burlap bag. She has a pretty face, with dark brown hair to her shoulders, regular features and a clear complexion, but her biggest attraction is her curvaceous figure. Some of my favorite memories are of her sexiness and her sensuousness and how much she loved doing the things in bed that I found so appealing. Even so, I hoped she would be willing to retain some of the uniform she was wearing.

Standing beside her unmade bed, she turned to face me, and we embraced and kissed again, before Barbara stepped back and grinned lewdly at me. "Well, George, this sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. How much of this stuff do you want me to keep on?"

"Well, not the skirt, because it'd be too much in the way. And certainly not the shoes and, of course, none of the underwear. Definitely the hat, and the jacket too, I think. The blouse is just a plain white blouse, and doesn't mean much of anything."

"Okay with me, but suppose you take them off me?"

That seemed like a good idea too, but first we sat on the bed and I took off my coat and we both removed our shoes and socks. While we stood barefoot, I unbuttoned the uniform jacket and Barbara shrugged out of it, and started on my shirt while I quickly undid the buttons of her blouse. I turned around so she could pull off my shirt, toss it aside, peel off my undershirt, and add it to the growing pile of clothing. I emulated her by doing the same for her blouse, as well as unhooking her bra and pulling it off. Nude above the waist, Barbara kept her back to me while I put the jacket back on over her shoulders and arms, but the front would be left open.

When she turned around, I feasted my eyes on the best of at least a couple of worlds. My hotsy lady friend was wearing her highly erotic, to me at least, hat and jacket, and her big, luscious breasts were jutting out between the lapels. The sight made me even more aroused than I had been. I cupped one of my hands under either of the luscious twins and bent over to start licking on one of her nipples.

"Oooo, that feels good, George," she murmured into my ear. "But why don't we get into the bed? It'll be even better there."

She was right, of course, so I raised my head from the delectable twins, and Barbara pulled all the bed covers but the bottom sheet out of the way and lay on her back with a pillow under her head. She moved another from its place beside the other and put it beside her thigh, and I knew that would be placed under her ass later. I climbed onto the bed to kneel beside her. Barbara held the lapels of her jacket out of the way and moved her shoulders slightly so her big, gorgeous breasts swayed in front of me. I held one of the beauties in my hand and resumed licking her nipple.

After a few strokes of my tongue, the first of Barbara's sweet pink nubbins was so erect that I could feel all of its individual tiny ridges. I moved my hand and mouth to her other, equally succulent breast and started licking her there, sometimes using broad strokes of my tongue and sometimes using short dabs with just the tip. After a few minutes of my ministrations, Barbara was cooing happily and her upper body was squirming under my face.

I was even happier than she was, because I was fulfilling an old fantasy that I never expected to have come true, besides making love to a sweet, beautiful woman. My face remained inches from the lapels of the jacket and the sleeves that ended at the hands that were keeping the fabric out of my way. Barbara was still wearing her uniform skirt, and I could glance downward on her body and see that too, but I would remove it and her undergarments later. Her hat was out of my field of vision, but I knew it was there and that I would be gazing upon it later, while I was plunging my cock in and out of her pussy.

Still holding one lovely breast in my hand, I drew as much of it as I could into my mouth and started sucking on it. While my lips formed a seal on the soft flesh at the base, my tongue continued caressing the nipple and areola. Once again, I switched my attentions between the gorgeous twins, while Barbara's blissful writhing on the bed kept thrusting them into my mouth. Although I knew she was reveling in what we were doing as much as I was, she stopped me at that point.

"George, I can feel my pussy getting all wet and juicy, and I don't want my sister's skirt getting stained with it. It might scandalize her."

I could understand her concern, so I reached down to unbutton the waist of the garment and got off the bed to pull it off Barbara. She raised her ass from the bed and it came clear easily, leaving her wearing nothing below her waist but her silky panties with the growing wetness in the crotch. I would attend to them later, but I wanted to get back on the bed and continue what I had been doing. After all, I had never licked and sucked the breasts of a Salvation Army lassie before, or even seen them, and I wanted to enjoy the new experience as much as I could.

Barbara liked it too, of course, but there comes a time when enough of a good thing gets to be too much, and it's time to move on. After a few more minutes, that time had arrived for her. "George, you've got my ass all thawed already, and I think it's time to get the rest of me really hot and wet."

I was having the time of my life, especially with her jacket so close to my face, but I had to agree with what she said. It was time to move along so, starting with the cleft between her breasts, my mouth meandered its way down Barbara's pleasantly round belly. She is not quite big enough to be called a BBW, but she has a very substantial figure, with all her parts real and in the right places. As I kissed and licked and nuzzled my way down her sexy body, I could smell the extremely delectable aroma of her fresh pussy juices, and when I reached their elastic waistband, I raised my head to look at her panties again.

Their crotch was so wet it was actually transparent, and I could see the landing strip, which is all Barbara leaves when she shaves her pussy. I got off the bed, got back on at the foot and walked on my knees until I was between her legs. After hooking my fingers in the waistband, I started pulling down her panties, and she raised her ass from the bed to help me. They were quite skimpy and fit her snugly, and were so wet that I had to peel them all the way down past her ankles and around her feet and off. With my lady friend naked except for the hat and jacket that were so arousing to me, I moved forward on my hands and knees.

Barbara raised her legs and, when I ducked under them, she rested them on my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and leaned in closer, to gaze on her adorable pussy. She must have shaved that morning, because I couldn't see any shadow, only creamy, unblemished skin and the narrow strip of hair. Barbara's inner lips were so rosy and swollen with her lust they had blossomed fully through her slit, and I could see her clit peeking through their upper ends, where they merge to form the little cutie's protective hood. She was so excited sexually that I could actually see fresh juices trickling out and down her crotch, and I breathed in deeply of their enticing aroma.

Some of that fragrant fluid had dripped onto the insides of Barbara's thighs, so I started by licking it off her, and found it to be as delicious as I remembered it being. The Salvation Army clothing made her more desirable to me as a sex object, but it didn't make any difference in the taste of her pussy juices. The skin of her thighs was just as soft and smooth as I remembered it being, and I quickly used my tongue to sluice into my mouth all the nectar clinging to it.

After that snack, I raised my head to look again at the jacket and hat Barbara was wearing and gained inspiration, if I needed any, before licking all the nectar from her crotch. Her legs were spread wide apart, and her pussy was already squirming under my face as my tongue started caressing one soft, plump outer lip. She was smooth there, like a warm satin pillow, but her flesh was vibrant, and my tongue slowly covered the entire surface, happily stroking the whole area over and over until I reached her Mount of Venus.

I kissed her there, gazed once more on her hat and jacket, and brought my mouth back below her dripping pink hole for another feast and to start treating her other outer lip the same way. Once again, my mouth meandered up the soft and silky skin until I reached Barbara's mons. Her pussy and her whole body were writhing in bliss, and I smiled gleefully over what a great time she and I were giving each other.

This time, when I looked at Barbara's attire, all I could see was her uniform jacket, because her head was tilted back onto her pillow and was pitching from side to side. Her body was also tossing back and forth, and I delighted in the way her breasts were bouncing and swaying against the lapels of her jacket. She was truly a magnificent and arousing sight in every way, and I eagerly brought my mouth back down to her pussy to continue the incredible pleasure we were both getting.

Starting with the extremely soft and smooth area between their origins, I began licking a pair of Barbara's inner and outer lips. The texture of her skin was delightful there, and I could tell by the movements of Barbara's body that she was having at least as great a time as I was. When I reached the point where the lips are close together, I tilted my head slightly so I could lick between them and revel in the spongy texture of the swollen inner lip. Darting in and out like that of a hummingbird, my tongue caressed both lips until I reached the folds that made up her clit hood.

Once again, I surveyed Barbara's body, relishing everything I saw. Her hat had come mostly off her head, but was tilted forward, displaying the red emblem in the front, arousing me even more. She was no longer holding open the lapels of her jacket, but they were lying apart, with her luscious breasts fully exposed and rolling from side to side while her whole body thrashed on the bed, and her arms flailed the mattress.

When I looked down, her succulent clit had pushed its way completely free of its protective hood and was so rosy and swollen with her lust that it resembled a lovely pink pearl. Barbara's hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders like two pistons. Her thighs had rotated slightly outward, totally presenting her pussy, which was fucking up into my face. I knew my lady friend was at the apex of her arousal, and I lowered my face and drew her clit into my mouth and started to suck on it.

My lips formed a seal and my mouth worked as a bellows on the adorable little morsel. As I sucked, my tongue fondled the sides and top, and the movements of Barbara's body became still wilder. She rammed her pussy even harder into my face while her heels drummed on my ribs and spine. After just less than a minute of sucking and licking Barbara's clit, she gave out with an ecstatic cry.

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