Salvation Army Lassie


"Yes! Yes! Oh, my god, I'm cumming!"

Her thighs clamped tightly onto my temples, and both hands went to the back of my head to jam my face against her pussy. While she held me a very willing prisoner, her legs swung from side to side; her heels drummed on my back and she bounced up and down on the bed. I clung tightly to her thighs and kept my mouth clamped onto her clit while I licked and sucked for as long as she was cumming.

When she climaxed, Barbara emitted an even louder shout of joy as all her muscles clenched; her back arched and she jammed her pussy against my face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she was no longer squeezing my head, although her legs remained draped over my shoulders, so I avidly devoured the fresh nectar that had spattered all over her thighs, crotch and the outside of her pussy. It was delicious, but I left the juices that were still inside the pink hole that had produced them because I wanted to fuck, and I knew they would be needed to fulfill their natural function of lubrication.

After my feast of as much of Barbara's delicious juices as I would allow myself, I moved away and got off the bed. My cock was straining against the front of my pants, so I unfastened my belt and unbuttoned my waistband and pulled down the zipper. After removing a condom from the pocket, I shoved the pants down the rest of the way and kicked them off, followed by doing the same with my shorts. Even more naked than my lady friend, I removed the condom from its plastic wrapper and rolled it onto my cock. By the time I was through with my preparations, Barbara had her eyes open and was grinning lewdly at me. Her hat had fallen off while she was cumming, so I retrieved it and put it back on her head.

"That was great, George," she told me as she looked at my stiff cock in its latex wrapper. "And, now I see you're ready for something more."

I was more than ready; I was avid and anxious, so I got back onto the bed and walked on my knees toward Barbara's widely spread legs. She reached down to the junction of her thighs and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips in an offer I could not refuse. I stopped when I was between her thighs, leaned forward and supported myself on the hand that I placed next to her voluptuous body. With my other hand I guided my cock, to center the tip between her fingers and rub it in the wetness that I had left there and that Barbara's dripping pussy had added to.

Her smiling face was urging me to continue, as were her hat and jacket, and I gave a strong thrust and felt my cock pass between her fingers and wedge into her soft pussy. Barbara moaned in pleasure, and I breathed in sharply, as the entrance to her wet love hole tightly gripped my cock, and the muscles inside began massaging it. With another push, half my shaft was in the place where we both wanted it, and our moans formed a duet of joy.

My cock was inside Barbara deeply enough that I no longer needed to guide it, so I placed that hand by her other side and leaned over her. I gazed on her hat, her jacket, her beautiful, smiling face and her gorgeous breasts, and I was at exactly the place I wanted to be. With the next thrust I made with my cock, when Barbara felt it surging into her pussy, she hooked her ankles around my legs and pulled herself against me. Our bodies came together with a delightful, wet noise, and I stayed in that position, letting bolts of pleasure course through my body from the way her pussy was doing incredible things to my cock. From the look of pure bliss on her face, my sweet Salvation Army lassie for a night was enjoying it as much as I.

As good as everything was, we both knew it would get better. I slowly drew my cock back until just the head was inside Barbara's wet pink hole, paused for a few seconds, and drove it all the way back into her. Once again, she pulled her body against mine, and the resulting splattering noise was even louder, as were our two moans of exquisite joy. As I had after the first stroke, I remained in the same position over Barbara and let the pleasure from our fucking inundate both our bodies.

In another offer I could neither fail to recognize, nor refuse, Barbara reached her up arms to me. The thought of being that much closer to her Salvation Army hat, with my chest pressed against the jacket and being massaged by her succulent breasts made my cock even harder. I lowered myself slowly, sliding my hands along the bed until I was resting on my forearms and elbows and her hands had reached up and met each other on the back of my neck. Feeling the immense pleasure throbbing through my body, I remained in that position for almost a minute. From the grimaces of joy that flickered across her face, I could tell Barbara was relishing the deep penetration and the intense feelings of closeness and affection as much as I was.

"Give it to me! George," she whispered to me. "Really give it to me!"

I started really giving it to her. I drew back, less slowly, and thrust forward until our bodies met again. The sight of her hat and the fabric of the jacket against my bare chest aroused me, as did the erotic sensation of her big, soft breasts with their rigid nipples against my chest, but Barbara's pussy was, by far, the biggest turn-on of all. I had almost forgotten about the many talented muscles inside her hot, wet hole, but I was strongly reminded that night, as they repeatedly and sensuously caressed the entire length of my cock.

Over and over, we continued the same kind of stroke. We were both moaning in bliss, and her body was rocking from side to side under me, while her hands massaged my sides and back in the same tempo. Barbara's mouth was open and her eyes were shut as her head rolled from side to side on the pillow. As good as the fucking was for both of us, she knew how to make it even better.

"Just lie there above me, George. Let me fuck myself on your big, hot tool."

Leaving my cock buried to the hilt inside Barbara, I raised my upper body so I was once more above her, with a minimum of skin on skin contact. I didn't feel her jacket as well either, although I could still see her hat and feel what her pussy was doing. She gripped my upper arms with her hands pushed herself toward the head of bead, removing most of her pussy from around my cock. After a very brief pause, her legs and arms pulled her body back to where we had started, and I rammed forward to splash her juices all over both of us.

We continued like that for a long time, with Barbara sobbing and whimpering from pleasure as she glided back and forth under me. I was making the same kinds of noises, because this was some of the best fucking I had ever gotten. Her pussy was wonderful, but what made it even better were the same kind of hat and jacket that had caused my cock to get stiff for many years. My climax was rapidly approaching, and I could tell Barbara was getting closer and closer to cumming again, from the increasingly erratic movements of her body and her loud expressions of joy. She knew it too, and wanted to change our positions again.

"Fuck my clit, George," she whispered, while wildly pitching and tossing under me.

That meant that I would start setting the pace and otherwise being in control again. Barbara was aware of that, and she let go of my upper arms so I could once again rest my weight on my elbows. Until then, we had been sliding my cock straight into her pussy, massaging the inside but with a minimum of contact with her clit. That would change. I moved slightly higher on her body, bringing me closer to her hat and into more contact with her breasts and her jacket, and started driving my cock down into her pussy, scraping her clit as it plunged into her and again as I drew back.

"Yes! Yes, like that! Fuck me faster!" Barbara urged me.

I did what she wanted, because it was what I wanted too. As I plowed my cock into her faster, the sexy woman matched my pace and her movements grew wilder, until she cried out in ecstasy: "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Barbara's arms gripped me even more tightly, pulling my face down to hers and against her hat, which was starting to fall off her head. Her legs clung to mine more strongly too, and she rammed her pussy back to meet my thrusts, while her pitching and bucking under me tossed us both all over the bed. For almost five minutes, she was in the throes of cumming, until joyfully warbling of her climax. Her back arched; all her muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy against me for a tremendous and final time.

After her thunderous orgasm, Barbara sagged back onto the bed, her arms and legs loosening their grip on me. I didn't stop, but kept ramming my cock in and out of her pussy until my own climax, which had been building steadily as a volcano, abruptly welled up inside me. I groaned aloud from the excruciating pleasure as it erupted, and I ejaculated into my condom. It wasn't finished, I knew, so I continued plunging my cock in and out of Barbara's juicy pussy until I had pumped out three more spurts of cum, and I knew I was done.

Tired and supremely happy at finally having done something I had despaired of ever doing, I collapsed on top of my lady friend, and we lay in a happy pile. Her hat had come off again, and my face was pressed against it and against her soft cheek. My bare chest was fully in contact with Barbara's luscious breasts and the lapels of her jacket, and my arms were being caressed by the fabric of her sleeves. I had, at last, fulfilled a life-long dream.

As I lay there with my cock softening until it slipped out of her wet pussy, the thought occurred to me that there was no reason why it had to be a one-time thing. If Barbara's sister was sick enough, and for a long enough time, I might be able to prevail upon her familial loyalty to get my lady friend to fill in for her, maybe even until the end of the Christmas season, if need be. I would ask, but there was something that needed doing first, and I was eager to do it. Getting slowly off Barbara, I moved over so I could lick all the fresh juices from her pussy and all over where they had spattered. This time, I had no qualms about sucking them from the pink hole that was their origin. Those were the best, but they were all just as delicious as they had been earlier.

"That was wonderful!" Barbara said to me when I had finished my late night repast and raised my face to look at her.

"Yes, it was. Even better than it was the last time we got together. You know, we can keep on doing the same thing for a while, at least until your sister is well again."

Barbara thought about that. "I did tell her I would take her place until she recovered. A while ago, I wished I hadn't, but now I'm glad I did. She's had the same kind of flu before, and it usually takes a couple of weeks to get over it. I don't wish for anything bad to happen to my sister, but I hope she takes even longer this time. I will certainly tell her to be sure she's completely well, and to avoid going back out too soon with her bell and kettle."

We both smiled at that, thinking of the great sexual adventures we would be having together for at least the next two weeks, maybe even until for a long time after Christmas.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Barbara and I had and will continue having for as long as her sister is sick and her uniform is available for Barbara to wear. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I really appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, the greatest payment I can receive is feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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