tagGay MaleSalvation Ch. 02

Salvation Ch. 02


I straightened Moose's tie and adjusted his collar. His thick beard was freshly trimmed and he had a nice, fresh hair cut. Done by a professional stylist this time. He looked very dapper in his black suit. He wasn't entirely comfortable wearing it, but he did it for me.

"You look so handsome, Marvin," I said as I ran my hands over my big man's broad shoulders. He was so tall, a full six inches taller than me. His big, bulky body was also wider than mine. Moose was definitely one sexy bear.

"So do you, baby. You're so damn beautiful."

Moose ran his hand down the back of my own freshly trimmed hair. I slid my hands under his suit jacket and rested my hands at his soft waist, covered by his crisp, white dress shirt. He held my freshly clean-shaven face in his hands and he leaned his head down and kissed me slowly. I opened my mouth and his tongue slid inside. I closed my eyes, losing myself in his deepening kiss.

"Hey, you two. Enough of that," Dad interrupted. "You're supposed to do that after you're married."

I pulled apart and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, feeling slightly embarrassed at being caught by my dad.

"Are we ready, Dad?" I asked.

"Yeah. Whenever you two are."

Moose took a deep breath. "Ready, Danny?"

I nodded. "I'm ready, Moose."

Dad straightened my suit jacket. "I'm so happy for you, son."

"Thank you, Dad."

"I never thought I'd see this day. Of course, in my head, I pictured it a little bit different."

Dad smiled and looked over at Moose. He walked over and ran his hands over Moose's jacket and straightened the lapels. "You take good care of my boy, Moose." Dad's voice quivered slightly and he cleared his throat. Moose and I pretended not to notice Dad's emotional display.

"Don't worry, Gary. Danny's in good hands."

Dad smiled at Moose and then gave him an awkward hug and a pat on the back.

Moose and I joined hands and followed Dad into the Justice of the Peace's office.

Moose and I have come a long way in the year that we've been together. Moose is very happy and at peace these days. Every so often, I can tell he is thinking about what happened or his time in prison. But then he looks at me and it disappears.

As the months went on, Dad warmed up to Moose. I think the whole 'I know you're fucking my son' thing freaks Dad out a little bit, but he really tries with Moose. I think it's actually brought me and Dad closer. Our relationship is stronger than ever.

Moose continued to prove himself at work, showing out all of the other guys. His hard work and dedication really helped to win Dad over. The fact that Moose was so deeply in love with me didn't hurt either.

I was pleasantly surprised that Dad made Moose a supervisor last winter. It showed that Dad had faith in Moose and that he trusted him. One day when Dad retires, I'm sure it'll be my Moose that takes over for him.

When we left the Justice of the Peace's office, we had our signed marriage certificate and the both of us wore matching gold wedding bands on our left ring fingers. We walked down the steps and started the next chapter of our lives, as a married couple.


"Wow," Moose said as he shifted in his seat. "These seats are comfortable. I've actually got room for my legs. I can't believe Gary got us first class seats."

"I'm in shock about the whole trip. I mean, five days at a beach resort in Puerto Vallarta? I can't believe it. I've never been to Mexico. Have you?"

"Nope. I would have loved to have seen Gary's face at the travel agency while he booked a gay beach vacation. I'll bet he wore a hole in the chair squirming around. I wonder how many times he said 'it's not for me'."

I leaned back in my seat and laughed. I looked out the window as the plane started to taxi. Moose reached over and took my hand and interlocked our fingers together.

Once the flight attendants delivered our snack, they lowered the cabin lights. Moose put his arm around my shoulders and I leaned my head against him.

"I'm sleepy," I said as I covered my mouth and stifled a yawn.

"I'm horny," Moose said as he reached between his legs and adjusted his dick. Moose looked around, and then whispered, "No one's looking."

He pulled my hand towards his bulging crotch and I yanked it away and laughed. "You're out of your mind if you think I'm gonna do that with all of these people around."

"Can't blame a guy for trying," he said with a grin. "Hey. I think that's the first time you told me no. Is this how it's gonna be now that we're married?"

I poked him in the side. "Just wait until I get you to the hotel, big guy. I'm gonna rock your world."


As soon as we got our luggage in the room, we wanted to go down to the beach. The weather was just too nice and the water too inviting to stay in the room.

Of course, there was a little groping as we changed into our swimming trunks. I threw on a loose fitting tank top and slid into my flip flops. Moose pulled on a cream-colored linen button-down shirt that I had bought him. He only buttoned it up half way and it showed off his hot, hairy chest.

I scratched my fingers through the thick hair. "Nice. Sexy."

"This is never gonna go down if you keep touching me," Moose said, his eyes drifting downward.

I looked down to see his fat dick tenting out the fabric of his trunks. I snickered and flicked the head hard with my finger.

"Ow!" Moose cried out and looked at me as if I had mortally wounded him. "No hitting below the belt!"

I laughed and grabbed our towels. Moose put the hotel key card into the pocket of his trunks and we headed out to the beach.

I was amazed at the crowd on the beach. It was mostly guys, but there were some ladies as well. There were gay couples holding hands and kissing in public. They even had a bar serving drinks beach-side. Of course, neither Moose or I would ever have a need for that service. I didn't really like the taste of alcohol and Moose didn't drink at all, for obvious reasons.

Moose grabbed my hand and linked my fingers with his. I looked up at him and grinned. He smiled down at me, pulling me closer to him. "This is really nice," he said.

We staked out a spot on the beach and I pulled off my tank top and kicked off my flip flops. Moose unbuttoned his shirt and then froze for a second. I followed his gaze to a group of queens. Their disapproving looks at my husband's body had me seeing red. Just because they were thin and shaved, muscular and waxed, didn't mean that there was anything wrong with Moose. He's a bear and I love him just the way he is.

I wanted to go over there and tell them off, but Moose pulled me back. "Just leave it, Danny. I don't give a fuck if they don't like me."

I turned and put my hands on Moose's soft waist and tickled my fingers on his love handles. I pushed up on my toes as he leaned down and kissed me.

"I love you," I told him. "I love you just the way you are, my big teddy bear."

"And that's the only opinion that matters to me."

Moose had a smug smirk on his face as he shrugged off his shirt. He swatted my ass with his meaty paw, and then grabbed my hand. We ran hand-in-hand to the water, laughing the whole way. The water was a crystal clear blue and not at all cold. We swam and played and laughed together, ignoring everyone around us. It was really nice to be free, to be together in an environment that was safe. We could touch and kiss each other without having to look over our shoulders, and we took full advantage of that.

While we were playing, I 'accidentally' splashed Moose right in the face. The sea water went right up his nose. He sputtered and growled and lunged for me. I laughed and tried to swim away. He quickly caught me and pulled me back into his chest and held me tight to him. I felt his cock swell and push into me and I drew in a sharp breath.

Moose nibbled up my neck. He bit on my earring, capturing the ball in his teeth. He gave it a light tug, and then growled into my ear, "I think we need to get back to the room. Now."

I ran for the beach with Moose chasing after me.


Moose reached between us and pulled my trunks off and tossed them onto the floor. I pushed his shirt over his shoulders and then lifted up onto my toes and kissed him. I pushed my tongue into his mouth and he groaned and grabbed my head and kissed me back hard. He pulled back and untied his trunks and pushed them down and kicked them away. His big cock was already red and throbbing, totally rock hard. His foreskin was already pulled back, exposing the dripping and swollen head.

He gave me a little push, and I fell back onto the small sofa. He knelt down on the floor, spreading my legs wide. He grabbed my legs and pulled me so that my ass was hanging off the edge of the sofa.

He pulled a packet of lube out of his bag and I raised my eyebrow at him. "Someone's prepared."

He grinned lewdly and tore open the packet. He smeared it into my ass and then slicked up his cock.

"I hope you're ready, baby, 'cause I gotta fucking be inside you right now."

Moose lined up the wide head of his cock to my hole and pushed firmly. He slid into me nice and smooth. After taking him inside me once or twice a day for the past year, I was able to accommodate him relatively painlessly.

He closed his eyes and held still so that I could adjust, and then started moving. He grabbed my waist tight as he pumped in and out of me. I was able to reach up and run my hands all over his big, furry body. My dick throbbed and leaked all over my belly.

He had me moaning and writhing as he hit every spot inside me just right. "So good, Moose..."

He suddenly pulled out of me and pulled me to my feet. I looked at him questioningly.

"Ride me," he growled.

He sat down on the couch, his butt on the edge while he leaned flat on his back against the cushions. He grabbed me and turned me around and I squatted over him and sat down on his cock, facing away from him. I gripped his thighs and rode his dick hard and fast.

"Fuck yeah," he grunted.

Moose brought his arms around my chest and pulled me back so that I was laying flat against his body. His sweaty, hairy body felt so good against my back. Each hair was like a pinpoint of pleasure on my skin. He sucked on my shoulder at the base of my neck while I rocked my hips back and forth. He thrust his hips up into me hard, grunting every time he slammed his girth into me.

He pushed his fingers into my mouth and I sucked them greedily as we continued our feverish coupling. He brought his wet fingers to my dick. He smeared around the spit and began stroking me. His grip was tight and his pace was frantic. His other hand rubbed the light smattering of hair on my chest, then found a nipple. He tweaked and tugged at it as his right hand jerked me off. That was all it took for me.

"Moose," I gasped. "Here it comes!"

Moose bit down on my shoulder and I cried out and exploded, spraying my face and body with a copious amount of hot semen. Before I could even come down from my climax, Moose grabbed me and pulled me off him.

"On the floor, on your back! Now."

I scrambled to the floor and lifted and spread my legs. Moose dropped down between my legs, onto his knees. He grabbed my legs and pushed them up and around his waist. He aimed his thick cock down and slid it into me in one smooth movement. I reached up for him and he grabbed my wrists and held them over my head while he pounded the holy living fuck out of me. I looked up, gazing at him in awe. His face contorted with intense pleasure. His eyes were squeezed shut, his lips parted, a sheen of sweat on his forehead. He looked like a fucking man.

"Moose," I moaned. "Fuck me."

His eyes opened and he looked down at me. An intense connection was made between us as I stared into his brown eyes and he stared back into my hazel eyes. He held my gaze until his rhythm faltered. His eyes fluttered shut and he let out a long groan.

"I'm gonna fucking come!" he shouted. "Oh! Unh! Fuck! Yeah!"

Moose shoved hard into me and he blasted my insides with his hot, thick load, grunting loudly with every pulse. He continued to buck his hips and grunt until he was completely drained and his warm seed was overflowing from my body. His arms finally buckled and he collapsed on top of me.

"Oh my god," I gasped. "You're a beast."

"So fucking good," he groaned as he tightened his arms around me. "Love you, baby..."

I held Moose to my body, clutching at him tightly as I stroked the fine hairs on the tops of his shoulders. He panted and trembled in my arms, planting light kisses where ever he was able to reach without moving his head.

"I love you, Moose."

In response, Moose lifted his head and he kissed me slowly and deeply. When we broke apart to breathe, I squeezed him tighter to me.

"I love you on top of me," I whispered. "Inside me. Holding me. Don't ever let me go."

"Never, Danny. I swear it."

We laid together like that for a while. I finally felt Moose's body relax and he pulled out of me and slid off to my side. He laid his body on mine, pinning me down with his beefy torso and a heavy arm across my chest. He started snoring into my neck and I smiled to myself. Quiet moments like this filled my heart to overflowing.


It was five days later when we finally returned home from our vacation/honeymoon. We were rested, relaxed, tanned and happy to be home. I was utterly exhausted. We had so much sex, I was surprised that I could still walk.

As soon as we walked in the front door, Harley and Bandit went crazy. The two mutts were so happy to see us, I thought they were going to explode. We both squatted down and let them jump on us and we showered them with love.

I ruffled Bandit's ears and rubbed all over his head. "Was your grandpa good to you while your daddies were away?"

Harley barked and crouched in front of Moose. Moose laughed and swatted at his butt. Harley barked and ran circles around Moose as fast as he could. Moose just laughed. "Who's my happy boy, huh? Did you miss daddy?"

After we satisfied the dogs, Moose took our luggage to the bedroom to unpack while I went to the kitchen and fixed us a late lunch.

Once we finished eating and cleaning up the kitchen, I put the dogs out back to run around and get rid of some of their excess energy.

"Man. I'm exhausted!" I exclaimed as I fell onto the couch. "It's so good to be home."

"I'm horny as fuck," Moose said with a growl as he pounced on top of me.

"Didn't you get enough at the beach?" I asked with a smile.

"Fuck no. I'll never get enough of your hot little ass. That's the benefit of being your husband. Your hot little ass is now mine for life."

Moose grabbed me and pinned me down on the couch and started sucking on my neck. I leaned my head back, baring my neck to him, lost in the sensation of his mouth and his beard whiskers against my skin. He reached under my shirt and slid a hand up towards my nipple, but he was interrupted when the phone rang.

"Shit," he grumbled.

"It's probably Dad, checking in on us."

Muttering a curse under his breath, he let me go, got up and then grabbed the cordless phone off the base. He looked at the caller ID and shrugged, then pressed the button to answer it. "Hello?"

Moose sat down and his body stiffened. "Yes, this is Marvin."

His body started to shake as he listened. I sat up and slid next to him and took his hand, hoping to calm his clearly frazzled nerves. He squeezed my hand tightly, pulling on it, wanting me closer. I moved in tighter, and I planted a tender kiss on his shoulder to try to offer him comfort.

"Of course," he said. "Yes.... Tomorrow.... I'll be there.... Okay, bye."

He hung up the phone and just stared at it.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

He blinked and his eyes focused on mine. "Yeah. No. That was my mom. My dad is dying. He asked for me."

His shoulders buckled and I pulled him close and held him. I felt his warm tears on my neck and it broke my heart.

Moose hadn't seen or spoken to his parents since he was arrested nearly twelve years ago. I hoped that when he went to see them, that it would give him closure. I also hoped that they would treat him with the dignity and respect that he deserved. The thought of them disrespecting the man I loved made my blood boil. I took a deep breath and pushed those feelings aside. I kissed the side of Moose's head and I held him, trying to let him know that I was there for him.

"Will you come with me?" he asked as he sniffled into my neck.

"You want me to come with you?"

"Of course. You're my husband. I need you."


Moose appeared to walk confidently through the halls of the hospital. Only I knew him well enough to know that he was actually very nervous. I'm sure my own nervousness was readily apparent to anyone who happened to look our way. The sounds of Moose's cowboy boots on the sterile vinyl floor seemed extraordinarily loud. Nearly as loud as the pounding of my heart in my ears.

After getting the room number from the nurse's desk, I followed Moose to the elevator. Once the doors shut, he grabbed for my hand and gripped it tightly. I looked up at him and he tried to give me a smile. I slid a little closer to him.

"It'll be okay," I whispered. "He wouldn't have asked for you if he didn't want to see you."

He nodded and let out a deep breath. When the doors opened, he squeezed my hand and then let go. We walked down the hall, following the signs.

Moose slowed as we approached his dad's room, and then skidded to a stop.

An older woman stepped out of the room and leaned against the door frame. She was tall and frail and looked to be in her sixties. She took a deep breath. It came out ragged as she exhaled. She finally turned and saw us. Her eyes widened as she looked at Moose.

They both took hesitant steps forward and she gave Moose an awkward hug. He held onto her tightly for a few seconds longer.

"Hi, Mom," he said quietly.

"Marvin. You look well."

Her eyes darted to me.

Moose reached for my left hand and pulled me to his right side. Mrs. Kellogg's eyes slid down to our joined hands. She looked over at Moose's left hand and then looked up at him in shock. I pulled my hand from Moose's, suddenly feeling very awkward.

"This is Danny Corbin," Moose said, putting his hand on my back and moving me closer. "Danny, this is my mom. Elba Kellogg."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Kellogg," I said.

I held out my hand and she barely touched it and then pulled away.

"We just got married last week," Moose said. "We've been together for a year."

Mrs. Kellogg looked absolutely horrified. Her mouth fell open and she looked between the two of us. "Did you... Did you meet... in prison?"

"No. Of course not," Moose said. I could sense a little frustration in his voice. I just wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole. "Danny began writing me as a pen pal. After I got out, I went to visit him and we fell in love."

Mrs. Kellogg covered her forehead with her hand and knitted her brows together. "Prison turned you into a... a homosexual?"

"No, Mom. It has nothing to do with prison. I've always been attracted to men."

"But you dated women. And... Kelly..."

Mrs. Kellogg stepped back and slumped into the chair next to the door. "Oh... Oh my... Oh no..."

Moose frowned. "Kelly? What does she have to do with anything?"

"Who's Kelly?" I asked quietly, hoping that I didn't sound jealous, but knowing that I didn't succeed.

"She's Chad's sister..."

"Oh." I nodded that I understood and gave him a reassuring smile. She's the sister of Moose's best friend. Chad was his name. The one that died in the car accident. I knew very little about Chad other than the barest of details. Moose understandably didn't like to talk about him.

Mrs. Kellogg sighed and stood up. "Well, your father has been waiting for you." She glanced at me, and then looked back at Moose. "I think for now, let's not mention... Danny."

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