tagSci-Fi & FantasySalvation Pt. 02

Salvation Pt. 02


By mid morning of the day after they have saved her, Evan was already becoming thankful for Sarah's company, and it had nothing to do with her interactions with him. He had often felt hopelessly alone on the road, and initially welcomed Leah's company. But it had quickly become evident that there was something uncomfortable between them, and they often rode along for hours in silence. With a third member added to the group, and this one a woman, Leah found herself a real riding companion. And Evan found he had gotten to like being left alone, at least sometimes. With three riders and two horses, Evan took to allowing Leah to ride his horse while he walked the road out ahead of the other two.

Sarah was infinitely grateful to both Evan and Leah, but especially so to Leah after she learned it was Leah who first wanted to rescue her. Initially guarded and awaiting some kind of trap from the two strangers who had just purchased her freedom, Sarah was quickly disarmed by Leah's endless innocent questions. Leah's family had carefully sheltered her, a decision Evan could understand in a very dangerous world, and she was fascinated by every little thing that Sarah had ever seen. Sarah laughed when she learned that the first Asian Leah had ever seen was at the brothel where Sarah had been on display. Leah, to her credit, took the laughter in stride. And Evan was content to let the two women chat away the day while he rode slightly ahead of them and kept a careful eye on the road. By the end of their first full day together, Leah and Sarah had become fast friends.

Evan also found that Sarah's presence had emboldened Leah. The young blond began tentatively asking questions of Evan. How could he tell the difference between a cat's tracks and a fox's tracks? How could he see the beginning of a game trail when there were no markings on the dirt road? Why did he constantly stop to note which direction the wind was blowing? At first Evan was annoyed, but he too was quickly charmed by Leah's innocence. He began to patiently answer her questions. They were on the road, after all, there was plenty of time. He told Leah to dismount and showed her the difference in the pad arrangements between cats and dogs, and how the cat's claws were normally retracted. He showed Leah the way the brush bent away from the road at the entrance to a game trail. And Evan began enjoying teaching someone who appreciated his knowledge.

Sarah, meanwhile, began to ask Evan what she could do to repay the duo for their kindness. Evan said that finding a good place for Leah to settle would be repayment enough, but Sarah insisted she wanted to also do something for Evan. She did not like being in another person's debt, and claimed to be driven by a strong sense of honor. But she also sensed Evan's disdain for the general topic and did not push him hard on it.

Evan was not oblivious to the other effect the two women were having on him. By the third night together, Leah and Sarah had taken to sleeping under the same blanket. Evan slept better knowing there was another pair of ears and eyes to detect danger, but he still woke periodically to check on their situation. One night Evan awoke to find that Leah was sleeping on her side, wearing a white T-shirt. She had kicked off her covers in the warm, early summer air. With her arms crossed over her chest, her large firm breasts were squeezed together and Evan was treated to a magnificent view of her young tit flesh. It was several seconds before he could take his eyes off of the sight of her womanly body, and several minutes before he could fall back asleep. From then on, Evan was tortured by the accidental glimpses he stole of the two attractive woman. Leah stripping down to her shirt and shorts for bed, her womanly curves on display from the round of her ass to the perfect globes of her breasts. Sarah bending over to pick up her pack the next morning, her firm ass supported by her two shapely legs. Leah riding hard during the day, the rise and fall of her large tits evident even beneath her riding clothes.

And worst of all, the three of them were always together. Evan had no to time to masturbate and relieve the pressure steadily building in his loins. Sometimes, when they were resting at the end of the day and Leah smiled at him, he thought he could get himself off in thirty seconds if he could just find some privacy. He finally decided it was something he had to try to do.

Eight days after leaving the slaver settlement, their mixture of walking and slow riding along the road brought them to a large stream. It was early morning, and Sarah claimed she recognized the water. She instructed the other two to turn the horses upstream and travel along the soft gravel bed. It was easy for the horses to walk in the shallow water for a while, as Evan noted there was no trail alongside the stream. Dense brush clogged the stream bank for some distance, until the riders followed the water around a bend and spotted a well worn spot along he bank. The dirt path emerged from the water and followed parallel to the stream. Evan saw the advantage immediately. From the view of the main road, there was no evidence of a path leading along the stream. And the tracks left by the animals along the bed would soon be washed away by the gentle flow of the water.

Late that afternoon, Sarah said they were still some distance from her settlement. The trio made camp along the bank of the river, drifting off to sleep with the sounds of the crackling fire and the babbling stream. Evan awoke early the next morning, as he often did, and found Leah still asleep and Sarah barely stirring. He got up, dusted himself off, and grabbed his pack, Sarah turned and gave him a sleepily inquisitive look.

"I'm going to take a quick bath in the stream," he whispered softly to her. "You two just stay here and yell if there's any trouble."

Evan walked up the stream a ways until he was just out of sight of the two women. He found a soft spot of matted grass, where he could rest his back against a small shrub, and laid down his pack. He laid back in the sparse grass, noting how much greener this countryside appeared compared to the spot where he had rescued Leah's aunt. He still wouldn't describe it as lush, but the over powering grey color of the coast was gone here.

Evan laid his pistol carefully at his side, and then quickly pulled his cock free of his pants. He wasn't sure how long this moment of peace would last, and the women would also expect him to come back clean. Evan poured some grease he had been saving in a bottle into his hand, and then began running his fingers up and down his shaft. He was rock hard within seconds. Evan settled back into the grass, closed his eyes, and listened to the gentle sound of the running water. His fingers closed around his erect manhood and he began to pump his fist slowly up and down his pole. At first he thought the normal thoughts he used when masturbating. He pictured the whore who had first taken his virginity in exchange for some packages of beef jerky. He thought of the young, raven haired woman who had been the first to sleep with him without needing to be paid. Then Evan thought of the great breasts he had seen, and it led him inevitably to his night with Leah's mother and aunt. His fingers closed tightly around his cock as he jacked himself, remembering how magnificent Kate's rack had been. He remembered the soft tunnel of Kate's breasts, her willing mouth on his cock, and her eyes staring into his as she pleasured him. He remembered how hard his cum had exploded out of him as he pumped between Kate's breasts, and how willingly Evelynn had accepted his hot load on her face. He could feel the cum churning in him and knew he was close. And then, for one of those unexplainable reasons when a mind jumps from one thought to another, he thought of Leah. He thought of waking up that night and admiring Leah's tunnel of tit flesh as he slept. He imagined how good it would have been to fuck Leah's soft tits while she slept. He imagined Leah's beautiful, smiling face looking at him as he unloaded his cum all over her chest. His fist flew up and down his cock, he was so close. Evan's balls and cock felt full to the point of bursting, ready to explode.

"Evan," came the quiet voice that shattered his fantasy. Evan instinctively tried to cover his exposed cock with the hand that had been working his meat, while his free hand flew to the grip of the pistol next to him. By the time he opened his eyes and his vision cleared, Sarah's hands were defensively in front of her.

"I'm sorry," was all she managed weakly, as she backed away from Evan. The poor girl was so terrified by the way his hand had flown to the gun, she stumbled backwards and nearly fell into the stream.

"What..." Evan began, but then he saw the look on her face. He tried to tuck his fully engorged cock back into his pants, but he was too hard. "It's okay," he said reassuringly, and then, "I told you to stay at the camp."

"I know, I'm sorry," Sarah mumbled, trying to regain her footing. Firmly settled back on dry land, she looked down at Evan and laughed.

"What's so funny?" He demanded.

"Please, please" she began in a sweet voice. "Please stop trying to jam your cock back into your pants like that. You're going to hurt yourself." Evan stopped what he was doing and elected to awkwardly cover himself instead. "This is kind of funny," Sarah began, taking a step towards Evan. "I came out here to offer to help you, while Leah was still asleep."

"What are you talking about?" Evan asked nervously as Sarah took another step towards him.

Sarah smiled broadly, her green eyes twinkling. "I owe you so much," she began, dropping to her knees in front of him. "I've tried to thank you so many times." She placed her hand gently on Evan's thigh. "Then I realized how I could thank you. Taylor, that stupid sex fair owner, forced us to learn certain tricks after he bought us. And I've seen the way you look at Leah when you think I'm not watching, or the way you look at me when you think I don't notice." Sarah's free hand lay softly upon Evan's right hand, the one covering his still throbbing member. "Maybe I can help you with this, as thanks."

"Sarah," Evan began in clear protest, but he was so close. He had gotten himself so near cumming with the thoughts of Leah's naked body, that he could not resist as Sarah slid his hand away and rested hers on his still pulsing member. She looked into his grey blue eyes again and smiled.

"I'm still a virgin," she said, as she lowered her head towards his lap. "And I intend to stay that way. But there are still other things I can do..."

She kissed his manhood. Her soft lips brushed lightly against his slick pole, and she looked up at him from beneath her tumbling red hair to make sure he wanted this. She found her answer in his hungrily lustful eyes. She licked teasingly at the crown of his cock, and tasted the grease he had smeared on himself. Sarah spit into her hands, and then pulled her closed fingers down the length of his cock, over and over, trying to wipe away the grease. Evan feared he would cum from the feelings of her soft fingers on his rod before he even had the chance to feel her warm mouth around his cock. But somehow, he held back. Finally satisfied, Sarah sucked the head of Evan's cock between her soft lips, and swirled her tongue around his cock head. She dropped down and swallowed him to the hilt, and Evan gasped as he felt himself pushing past the back of her throat. Sarah allowed the cock to slide back out of her mouth, and suckled on his cock head again before plunging her mouth back down over his rod. The sensation of his meat sliding over her tongue and squeezing past the back of her throat was too much. He lost control of the building arousal and tried to warn her.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna..." he managed with his eyes shut tight before the burst of ecstasy over came him.

Sarah could feel Evan's cock swelling in her mouth, and then felt his legs quiver as he exploded. Big, gooey gobs of cum erupted out of his cock and shot straight into the back of Sarah's throat. Trapped deep inside her mouth, all she could do was swallow Evan's load as he groaned deeply and his cock pumped spurt after spurt down her sweet throat. As he came, he could feel her swallowing motions milking the tip of his member.

When he had finally finished, Sarah stumbled to her feet and ran into the stream. She bent over and spit the last of Evan's seed into the water, and then took a handful of stream water and tried to rinse out her mouth. Evan laughed at the site of her, and she turned to look at him.

"I'm sorry," he chuckled. "I really am. But why do you look so surprised that your talented mouth got me off?"

"I wasn't surprised," she responded after spitting out the water. "I've just never had someone cum in my mouth before. It caught me off guard. I didn't know there was going to be... so much."

"No one ever came in your mouth before?" Evan asked incredulously. "Then how the hell did you learn to do that?"

"The head mistress made us practice on carrots. She was very strict in teaching us her technique... but I never did it on a real person before."

Evan burst out with a new wave of laughter. "Carrots?!!" he yelled. Sarah flashed him an impish smile, and then she was laughing too. Sarah walked back to the bank of the stream and flopped down in the sparse grass next to Evan.

"You didn't have to do that, you know," he told her.

"I know. But I knew why you had slipped away, I'm not an idiot. And this was my talent to share, and I wanted to share it with you. You know that?" she asked.

"Thank you Sarah, that was great," he replied, and then gave her a soft peck on the lips.

The peck was like a spark for Sarah. She had watched this quiet, strong man carefully protecting and guiding her for days. And without realizing what she was doing, she pressed her lips back against his. At first she was just planting soft kisses on his lips, but then she felt his lips pressing back against hers. His fingers drew her red hair away from her face, and she felt the heat of his palm on her cheek. Their tongues met, and he probed her mouth insistently. As he kissed her, he drew her body towards him, and she could feel the rigidity returning to his still exposed cock.

Her hand travelled across his stomach and down his thigh, but he surprised her again. "No," was all he said.

Evan rolled onto his knees and then slid his body down over hers. He kissed Sarah's neck, across her chest through the light T-shirt she was wearing, and then down over her stomach. He had positioned himself between her legs, and she spread herself wide, opening for him.

"I don't..." she began weakly. "I want to stay a virgin."

"You will," he promised.

Evan's head dipped down between Sarah's legs. "Wait," she said, "Are you sure?"

Evan looked up at her, over the curves of her body, and asked, "Haven't you ever been pleasured before?"

She hesitated. "We were taught to satisfy men, not ourselves."

That sealed it for him. Evan pulled off the loose cotton shorts that Sarah wore to bed and exposed her sex. She felt the cool morning breeze playing across her exposed skin, and closed her eyes. Evan kissed her fully on her sex, his tongue sneaking out to lick lightly at her pussy. Evan kissed and sucked his way up and down her soft pussy lips, lapping at her folds. She had never felt a sensation like this one down there. His rough tongue tickled her and excited her. His lips on her skin built a fire inside of her, and she could feel herself getting wet. Evan's tongue licked at the opening of her hole and tasted the light, distinct essence of her woman hood. Her anticipation built as he licked his way up her pussy, until the tip of his tongue brushed against her sensitive bud. It was like a spark that shot through her groin and electrified her whole body. His experienced tongue lapped at her hard clit and the jolts of pleasure shot through her legs and curled her toes. She felt his hot, wet mouth close over her most sensitive spot, and he slathered her with his tongue. The pure pleasure was almost unbearable as he licked and flicked rapidly with his tongue at her aching clit. She lost herself.

She bucked with her body and pushed him off of her. He had driven her crazed beyond control with his touch, and she knew as little about what she was now doing as he did. She pushed him upright until they were both sitting up, and then she peeled off the shirt she was wearing and exposed her large, firm breasts. At the sight of them, Evan dove for her melons. He sucked the hardening pink nipples into his mouth and slathered his tongue all over her soft tit flesh. She gasped, delighting for a second in the pleasurable sensation of his suckling and loving mouth on her sensitive nipples. Then she grasped Evan and pushed him forcefully backwards.

He tumbled nearly to the edge of the stream, and she launched her naked body atop him. His shorts were soon tossed aside, and her wam, wet mouth had found his stiffening pole. He threw off his own light outer shirt and then peeled off his under shirt. Sarah's hot mouth engulfed Evan's swelling cock as he threw aside his clothes. Their bodies were completely naked, bare to each other, as he watched her red head bob up and down on his hard pole.

Evan pulled her upwards to him, greeting her sucking mouth with his own. He kissed her lips, across her chin, and down over her neck. His fingers reached down and found her pussy in the grass. He gently diddled her sensitive, wet clit as he sucked on her neck, and she moaned in appreciation. She let him lick at her neck as he rubbed circles around her clit, the heat of his body drawing her to him.

"Ohhh, I'm so close Evan," she moaned.

He tried to roll her body under his, but she pushed him again. Sarah flipped her body around so she was on all fours, her firm, round ass pointed back at him. She looked at him back over her shoulder, smiling with her bright green eyes. "They taught us to take objects into our ass, Evan," she said seductively. "You want to fuck me in the ass?"

Evan needed no further encouragement. He was quickly kneeling at her back side, one hand on Sarah's firm butt cheek and the other spreading what was left of his grease on his long, thick cock. When he pressed his cock head tentatively against her tight little hole, she pressed back against him. Evan's cock pushed against Sarah's opening, and was surprised how hard he had to push. He almost thought it wasn't going to happen, and then his cock head popped past her ass hole, and his cock flowed into her rear opening.

"Oh, careful baby, you're big," Sarah pleaded.

Evan let the first inch of his cock sit in her ass tunnel and he reached around with his free hand to find the wetness of her sex. Tracing up her dripping pussy lips, he found Sarah's clit and began rubbing circles around her little bud. He slowly worked a few more inches of his cock into her tight, squishy ass while diddling at her hard nub. She groaned. Evan withdrew his rod, continuing to rub her clit, and then sunk himself back into her. He couldn't hold back much more. His cock began sliding in and out of her rear entry as he rubbed against her clit. He was fucking his thick pole in and out of Sarah's ass.

Evan was so close to orgasm, that he almost missed the rustling in the scrub brush in front of them. As Evan bucked in and out of Sarah's behind, his mind flashed to his pistol. It might be a wolf of a large cat in that brush. Sarah was oblivious, her head hung down watching his fingers work her clit. Evan was about to stop when he spotted two soft blue eyes peering at him out of the brush. Leah was watching them fuck. And then, with another rustle, she was gone.

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