I could feel a hot blush fill my whole face. And my damn dick was practically reaching out for him. I couldn't deny that I wanted this to go further. No matter what.

"I want this. I really do."

I heard him sigh deeply. I felt his breath wash over my face and my eyes closed to the breeze. Suddenly I felt lips against mine. It was absolutely nothing like I would have imagined it. His lips were soft and it was a whole lot better than any kiss a girl had ever given me. Not that I had much to compare with, but I never expected such a gentle and soft experience with a guy. But then again, this was Sam. He was gentle in everything he did. As I opened my mouth to deepen the kiss, he breathed hard through his nose and pressed himself against me. My back hit the door and I felt his arms slide under my jacket and around my waist.

I heard the lock on the door click as he reached out and turned it. The sound made my stomach lurch. This was really happening. I put my arms around his neck and let myself enjoy the ride. He let his hands slide up and down my back and I shivered every time he brushed my belt. He gently pulled my shirt out of my trousers and let his hands slip inside and onto my back. His touch made my skin tingle and I gasped when the kiss broke. He looked up at me with a frown I could only just see in the thickening darkness and withdrew his hands. He was worried he had gone to far, so I shrugged off my jacket and threw it into the room somewhere.

I took his hands and placed them around me again and claimed his lips again with a smile. This was nice. Very nice indeed. My fears were slowly ebbing away and the lust which had been burning ever since his admission was rapidly taking over all my actions. I had a strange sort of rushing sound roaring in my ears and I could feel my heart pounding, like it was trying to escape my chest. I was all to clearly reminded that it was a guy making me hot, as I felt him press his hardness against my thigh, but it only served to make me even more needy. I let my hands roam through his hair, down his neck, onto his shoulders and his back. He shivered under my hands and my stomach lurched over and over again every time a little sound of pleasure escaped him.

Suddenly he grabbed me hard by the ass and pulled me so close to him that it felt like my dick was going to split. I loved it. Oh boy. It was like he had finally been convinced that I wanted this too and couldn't hold back anymore. I felt his hands frantically squeezing and tugging every part of my body he could reach and I heard myself moan from pleasure as he pulled my hair and furiously ate my mouth. He broke the kiss very suddenly and stood back a step, gasping and panting. I felt extremely lonely and a bit hurt that he pulled away. But it only lasted until I heard him gasp into the dark room:

"Shit! That's too damn hot!"

I pounced at him and he moaned very loudly as I ground my hips into his. I worried for a second that the whole dorm might hear us, but then I suddenly felt a slight tingle at the idea that the whole school would hear me making him moan and renewed my efforts to coax more sounds from him. He hugged me close and I heard his moans and cries right next to my ear while I ran my fingers through his hair. God he was right. This was too damn hot. He bit down on my earlobe without warning and unprepared as I was for the ecstasy that sensation would bring, I exploded right then and there. I whimpered and shivered as I spewed my load in my pants and it seemed to do the trick for him when he felt the wet spot on my front. He cried out and squeezed me so closely I could hardly breathe, while his climax slowly ebbed out.

We stood there leaning on each other for the longest time, just slowly getting our breathing working properly again. Sam was the first to break the silence.


I nodded into his shoulder.

"If it gets better than this, I think I might have a stroke."

My remark made him laugh and I smiled while nuzzling his neck. Even after his breathing slowed down, I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. It felt so right just standing there hugging each other, so we didn't move. We just stood in the middle of the room; gently hugging, kissing and enjoying the whole thing. Sam sighed deeply every time I touched him somewhere sensitive. His neck, his back, his ear. Anywhere. I loved that I was having that effect on someone, and the fact that it was my best friend feeling so good made me down right gooey inside.

After another deep sigh Sam mumbled:

"God you are so sexy."

Me eyes flew open. What did he just say? I pulled a little out of the embrace so I could look at him and frown.

"You gotta be kidding man!"

His eyes shone in the dark. Must have been the light from outside reflected, but it looked mesmerising and his gaze burned into mine.

"I mean it. Have you any idea how hot you are?"

I closed my eyes and shook my head.

"Now I know you're in love. You only say crazy stuff like that when your brain is affected."

He hugged me closer so his nose almost touched mine.

"I'm serious."

He lowered his voice to a hoarse whisper.

"You have the sexiest ass I've ever seen. You've made me drool for the past two years."

I still wasn't convinced.

"Yeah right. Just like you have over every other guy, you horny bastard."

I was hoping to make him laugh to break up the serious moment a little, but I must say my plan backfired there. He moved in even closer and whispered directly into my ear:

"I have only ever been horny for you. No other guy, or even a girl has ever made me cum so hard as you have, simply by taking off your shirt. I've had so many wet dreams about you. You've given me so many hard ons that I've worn myself out jerking off over you."

I stiffened a little against him. I was slightly shocked and also felt totally unworthy of such worship. But as usual my dick loved every bit of it. I felt myself harden against him again and the wet spot in my pants became rather irritating.

He gently nuzzled my earlobe, making me sigh with pleasure.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

I was just about to answer when his tongue suddenly took a round trip of my ear. I heard the rushing sound in my head again, and everything I had thought the moment before was gone in my haze of pleasure. I vaguely felt him take off my glasses and caress my face, without his tongue ever leaving my ear. I shivered and moaned while moving against him to indicate that I wanted him to keep doing that to me whatever it took. He pulled back and looked at me. The room was very dark now and only the coolness suddenly touching my ear woke me up to the fact that he pulled away.

"Are you sure you're ok?"

I was gasping now and pulled him frantically towards me.

"Oh God yes, just don't stop doing that!"

He dove right in again, making me cry out when his burning hot tongue hit my earlobe again. His breath roared in my ear and my dick throbbed every time I felt him exhale. I never knew. God I never knew. I had no control over my hands and it took me a while to realize that I had been squeezing his ass forcefully all the time he had been caressing my ear. He whimpered into my ear as I gave him another hard squeeze. I was suddenly afraid I had been to rough and removed my hands. He moaned loudly and gasped out:


With a strong grip he placed my hands back on his ass and pushed down on them hard to make it clear that he loved it. I wasted no time getting back to business. I have no idea how long we stood there. Him licking and nibbling my ear, me squeezing his ass until it bruised. It felt like forever and we still couldn't get enough. I felt him move a little backwards and I followed, desperate not to miss a single touch of his tongue.

He suddenly dropped down and I was surprised to see we had reached his bed and that he had dropped down on it. I was just about to follow him when he smoothly undid my belt, my button and zipper and dug his hands into the hem of my underwear. In one smooth movement, he had me naked from my waist to my shoes. I had only a second to be embarrassed before he dove down on my dick as though it was a matter of life and death.

I cried out from the intense feeling and grabbed his shoulders for support. He took a firm hold of my ass and pushed himself down on me at a fast and hungry pace. I gasped and groaned and it was almost too much. The second before I felt I would have gone crazy from it, he suddenly grabbed my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. Now it was too much! My knees buckled and I came so hard my vision blackened. I had no time to warn him. He didn't move however, but just kept sucking until I felt completely drained and collapsed sideways onto the bed when he finally released me.

Oh God. My chest stung and I could still see little purple spots at the edges of my vision for a long time. I hardly felt him fumble off the rest of my clothes. I only noticed when he pulled my shirt over my head. There I was, very naked, in Sam's bed. Sam himself had only been wearing boxers and a t-shirt and they were off in a flash. The bed was so narrow we had to be more or less on top of each other to fit in it. Sam was on top of me, running his fingers through my empathetical small amount of chest hair and kissing me gently all over my torso.

Now that my lust was somewhat sated, I got really scared when I felt him press his own leaking hardness against my hip. It was very sexy, but even though my dick recovered fast, my fears emerged as well. What would he do now? Would he fuck me? I wasn't sure I was ready for that. He must have felt me stiffen or something because he stopped what he was doing and rested his elbows on my chest. It was now so dark that I couldn't see his face. Only his eyes and the slightest hint of his frame was visible to me and it was blurred as my glasses were off.

"You're shaking."

I realised that I was. But all I could reply was:

"Mm Hmm.."

He ran a finger along my jawline, making goosebumps erupt across my shoulders.

"Are you ok babe?"

Babe?! He called me babe... oh god. It was surreal, but also a very comforting thing. He really cared about me. I knew then that he would never hurt me. If I said no, I knew he would stop. He loved me after all, and I trusted him. I relaxed somewhat but I was still slightly scared. If we did fuck, it would be my first time. At all. I felt him take my hand and intertwine our fingers. I sighed. It was just what I needed then, I just didn't know it.

"I'm fine, It's just... I've never fucked before, you know and... I'm a little nervous."

I felt him nuzzle my nose with his own and rub his boner against me.

"I promise you, I wont go any further than you want. I want this SO badly you can't imagine... but I'd hate every second of it if you didn't want it too."

I nodded in the dark.

"And... I've never done this either you know. Not even with a girl."

My eyebrows disappeared in my hairline, I'm sure of it.

"No way! You're too damn good at this! No way it's your first time!"

He giggled and I felt his face burn, being so close to mine. He was blushing!

"Well I... I've read a lot. To be honest... I've often been sitting across from you, browsing gay sites for hot things I wanted to try with you. A lot of times I hardly made it to the bathroom before coming in my pants."

Again he shocked the hell out of me. I never guessed. But being a wisecrack I couldn't help but say:

"Well that's what ya get from watching porn!"

He didn't laugh. He just pressed himself so hard against me that I'm sure it must have hurt him.

"No..." He gasped and nibbled at my chin with his teeth.

"That's what I get from watching you. It happened a lot too just by looking at you."

My mouth fell open and he lunged at it. He kissed me so hard I was sure our lips were bleeding when we finally broke apart. He kept grinding his pelvis roughly against mine and his breathing was getting ragged. My lust was taking over again and I felt it was my turn to be giving something. At that moment I was so hot I didn't care if I stunk at it or puked from it, but I flipped us around so I was op top and licked my way down to his dick. By the time I got to his navel he was mewing like a love sick cat and I drank in every sound from him.

I slipped between his legs and lightly scratched his inner thighs before taking a deep breath and diving in.


He cried out so loud I thought the walls were shaking but it only spurred me on.

He didn't taste anything like I thought he would. I had tasted my own cum a few times and thought it was slightly bitter. No turn on really. But the feel of his burning hot hardness on my tongue certainly was! His pre cum didn't really taste like anything, but the feeling of it was fantastic. I got so hot from him humping my face that I gave it my best effort. His moaning was music to my ears and I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

I sucked him in as deep as I could and kept it up while pulling off him again. He arched his back and mewed again. I circled my tongue around his dickhead and gently slid my teeth across it. As I dived down again he lost it. He grabbed my head hard and shot his load. I did my best to swallow it all but some slipped out. Mostly because I tried to taste it. It tasted a little different from mine. Still bitter but in the heat of this sexy moment, it only fuelled my lust. I tasted like sex actually.

I could hear him gasping in the dark, mumbling all kinds of things.

"Oh fuck... oh shit, oh fuck. Aw man, that's too good. Oh shit... oh I've dreamed of this for so long... so long..."

It made my stomach fluttery and buzzing that it was because of me he was gibbering like that. I swear, there's no feeling like it in the world. Then suddenly a thought struck me.

"Houston we have a problem."

He gasped out a shaky laugh.


"I've just noticed that if you were planning any fucking action tonight, you better have some condoms stashed somewhere. Cause I don't have any."

He raised himself up on his elbows and said with a stern voice:

"You mean you've been hunting Janice for months without even having bought a single rubber? That chick is a walking chlamydia poster, dude! What the hell were you thinking?!"

I felt stupid.

"I know. I can't help it. My dick seems to belive it's his job to think when it comes to sex."

He hugged me close to him.

"I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson or two about protection then."

He kissed me deeply and I only vaguely heard him fumble with something at the head of the bed. I felt something very cold on the back of my neck and I yelped from it.

"Yeikes! That's fucking cold!"

He laughed a quiet rumbling laugh deep in his chest. God that turned me on!

"That'll teach ya then..."

I heard the metallic package rip open right behind my head and got slightly distracted. I was very aware that the moment of truth was fast approaching.


I heard my voice tremble.

"How do we do this then?"

He made that same deep laughing sound again and made me shiver with excitement. His voice was low and hoarse.

"Well... I really should punish you for your hopeless lack of consideration and fuck your delicious ass..."

I held my breath.

"But then again... that would mean I would have to wait for you to fuck me silly some other time. And I can't wait for that."

I let myself breathe again.

"So... this is for you."

He pushed the open package into my hand. I swallowed loudly. I could feel him hard against me again and my own erection was harder than ever.

"How do we do this then? You're the one who's read about all this stuff."

His one hand was still behind my head, and then suddenly something else very cold touched my skin again.

"Gah! Stop doing that you prick!"

I couldn't help but giggle stupidly and I gently punched him in the gut. We playfully wrestled around for a second before sliding back into our cuddling embrace. He now showed me the other cold item. It was one of these sample tubes you can get for free sometimes at drug stores and such. This one was some sort of lube. I should have guessed.

He was nibbling my lower lip and driving me nuts with soft touches all over.

"According to the sites I browsed, lube is a gay man's best friend. So I got us some. Aren't we lucky that I'm such a dreamin, schemin bastard?"

I laughed nervously and nodded. And of course, I had to ask the dumbest question in the world just then.

"So... what do I do with it?"

He snorted with laughter and grabbed my ass. Then he growled in my ear:

"What do you think, you moron?"

I blushed deep red. Doh.

"Oh. Yeah. Right."

He started nibbling my ear again and my eyes closed.

"Don't worry babe. I'll get you nice and needy before we get there."

I felt like it was something I was supposed to say to him, but I forgot all about it when he started on my ear again. That damn ear. He could have me completely in his power just by licking my ear. I had no idea my ears were at all sensitive. Must be all his reading that lead him to try it, cause I honestly never considered it.

I was squeezing his ass mechanically again. He breathed into my ear:

"Just start exploring whenever you feel like it. No pressure."

Wasn't I supposed to be telling him all that? In all honesty it didn't matter, cause I really needed to hear some words of comfort. I was so nervous. What if I messed up somehow? God... I'd rather have him ream me with no lube than that happening. His next words came out like he had read my mind.

"Just do what you feel like. You won't hurt me. I'll let you know before you mess up."

I was so relieved. He knew just what to say. I kissed him passionately and pressed myself against him. Do what I feel like... right. I felt like fucking right here and now, that's what. So when I broke the kiss, I dropped lube and rubber on the edge of the bed and started my way down his body again. This time though, I took my sweet time. Kissing and licking his nipples, his smooth hairless chest, his ribs, his navel and the tiny treasure trail on his stomach. I found myself loving that trail. That was so hot! I let my hands slide all around his thighs and Sam bent his legs up, so the point of mutual interest was suddenly much more accessible.

He was whimpering and gasping before I hardly touched his ass. I caressed his buttocks and circled around the 'hot spot' for quite a while, before gathering my nerve to actually touch it. It was a very, very intimate thing and a hard border for me to cross. When I finally timidly ran a finger through his crack, it felt electric. The skin right outside the rim was so soft! I was a bit worried about the 'messy' part of that area, so while he was busy gasping for breath and digging his nails into the mattress, I snuck my finger up to my nose and smelled it. It didn't smell at all bad. Nothing like the usual sent of the area. It smelled like sweat and something slightly sweet.

The sent was intoxicating and I suddenly felt very bold. I dug my hands under his ass and gripped him tight. Then I slowly stuck out my tongue and ever so gently licked him all around the rim. The taste was even more sexy than the smell! When he felt my wet tongue, he cried out again and made sounds like he was suffocating. He breathed in deeply a few times and then began gibbering like a madman.

"God-oh-god-oh-god-oh-god I don't believe it, it's too good, oh shit, oh fuck, I never thought you'd do that, oh jeez, oh fuck, I love you so fucking much, oh god, oh shit, oh my god don't ever stop, oh please, please, please....."

I stuck my tongue in as far as it could go, and he grabbed the edge of the bed so hard the wood creaked. He flung his legs around my head and pulled me so close to him I had to pull back hard to ensure myself enough space to breathe. I kept licking, while fumbling out a little lube onto my fingers and I kept up tongue bathing the area, while I slowly worked a finger inside. His gibbering was now mostly incoherent. Occasionally he would gasp out something audible like:

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