tagErotic CouplingsSam and Jackie

Sam and Jackie


Sweat poured down his forehead, stinging his eyes; that sweat that seems to be more salt than water. And the heat of the day bearing down so hard on his muscular shoulders. Four o'clock can't arrive fast enough, and a long, cool shower, even if it is at that stupid job trailer, will feel oh so good.

"See all you dirtbags tomorrow," the foreman growled. Relieved to have the asshole out of his site, Sam headed for his temporary job trailer, home for the last four months and probably for three or four more, until the bridge is completed, and then on to the next town, state, whatever. Sam has been doing this for seven years. Seven years since he ran out on his wife and seven years since he looked back. Women have been there often, in fact he always managed to get a "local" after a few weeks in what ever town he was in. The coffee shop girl, the convenient market cashier, and some times even the local doctor's wife. It didn't matter to Sam. He never wanted a long-termer. Short stays welcome. That was his motto.

Stripping himself of his sweat soaked T-shirt and beat up blue jeans, he stepped into the shower (no door; they never have 'em in these rotten beat up job trailers one calls home). He ducked his head under the water, sighing loudly. As he lifted his head to let the water pelt his sun tanned face, he's sure he heard the sound of the trailer door closing. He turned expecting to see his roomie Matt when suddenly he realized that it's not Matt at all, but Jackie! Yeah, "Jackie the Fuckin Flag Girl", as the workers all call her. A real stuck up bitch. Never giving any one the time of day and always wearing those tight tube tops, showing off her tremendous tits. She just loved to tease everyone. The guys all hated her and yet they all wanted to jerk off on her, especially between those beautiful tits.

Sam could do nothing but stare, frozen in the water, like a man suspended in time. Jackie locked the door behind her, turned and smiled. She loved job trailers; a world small enough to live in and large enough to conquer. The shower was straight ahead and she knew exactly what she wanted. Nothing like a good hard fuckin, but first she wanted to taste that love machine and lick that salty sweat. She had been staring at Sam all day while she waved that stupid orange flag and talked into that stupid static two way radio.

She couldn't keep her eyes off his muscles, especially the bulge in his tight jeans. And now she was going to have him. Eat him for dinner and filet his ass better than any country fisherman every filleted a backwater bullhead. She knew she had his attention and she smiled slowly. A wicked smile. Water was streaming down his hair, right in his eyes, and the dumb fuck didn't even move to wipe it out. Still grinning, she wiggled out of her tube top. Her tits bounced free, nipples erect. She looked to see what effect this was having on that salty stud. His erection was pointing right at her. "Good," she thinks. "He's mine now! I've got him right where I want him!"

Sam was shitting in his pants (or would be if he was wearing any). Here she was, bitching Jackie, stripping for HIM! And he couldn't move anything but his twitching dick.

While he is fumbling through half-baked thoughts, she is crawling out of her tight, dusty jeans. "Holy Shit!" Sam thinks. "Bitch ain't wearing any underwear!" She stood before him, huge tits firm and round, hard nipples pointing at his hard-on. Her pussy was clean shaven, like a little girl's.

Jackie wants to taste him bad! His hard-on seems to have a mind of it's own, reaching for her. She wants to fuck him, to experience his hard body driving that big, hot cock deep inside her. But first she wants to do something else...

She looks over at him and thinks, "What a stupid jerk. Standing there with his cock all eager, mouth open, water running down his face." As she is thinking these thoughts, he finally gets a grip. He turns his face full into the shower to clear his eyes. As he turns back to her, moving out of the shower spray, she steps in. He faces her as she runs her hands over his chest. She moves into him; he is thinking she wants a kiss, but she tucks her face to his chest and licks him! She likes the taste of the sweat and salt. The manly musky odor a hardworking, poor stiff exudes. Working class. Blue collar. Her type. Someone she can control.

"I've gotta taste that cock," she moans.

"Zoot alors!", Sam mutters, high school French flaring into his otherwise scattered thoughts. He puts his hands on her head as she begins to take him. She puts her hands on his hips and he thrusts into her mouth.

"Take it, Bitch," he grunts. She looks up at him and does. He rams himself in her and she takes it! Her tits flop up and down, side to side, as she sucks him hard in the shower. She is good, too. When she withdraws, she strokes on the up with her hand. When she is going down, her tongue is dancing on his head. Her tongue flicks his balls as she takes his entire 9 inches down her throat. He is getting hot and thinks she wants him to shoot his hot load in her mouth.

Jackie is getting hotter by the minute. She can feel he is very close, as his cock gets that pre-cum hardness and she tastes the pre-cum juices in her mouth. "Now he is ready to fuck me," she thinks. She steps back quickly, out of the shower.

"Fucking cock tease," he thinks. "No way that bitch is gonna get out of here without me shooting my load in her!" He shuts off the water and storms out of the shower, his cock leading the way. He stops suddenly when he sees her on his bed.

She looks up at his angry face and his hard cock. "Good!" she thinks, "He's full of passion now and I'm gonna get good and fucked!" He storms over to the bed and stands above her. Before she knows what happens, he has his face buried in her pussy. "Oh!" she exclaims. This doesn't normally happen. She is always in control. She, the supreme Bitch, always getting what she wants. Spoiled, but tolerated because of her beautiful body. Men always do what she wants, slaves to their desire for her. But this man... This lowly blue collar worker with the body of a God. While her mind is stunned, her body is not. Suddenly, she screams and has the most intense orgasm! She cums all over his face. He laps it up and now SHE is the slave.

"Oh, do that again," she helplessly murmurs.

As his anger subsides, his desire does not. Somehow he got the upper hand. HE is now in control of this beautiful body! He wastes not a moment. He works her body like a musician, an artist. He has her cumming at the flick of a finger, at the swipe of a tongue. Her body is his.

She is finally sated. She does not know what to do. This has never happened before. This man has been able to reduce her haughty bitch self to a trembling, begging wimp. She opens her eyes when she can finally see again. He is poised over her, the biggest, hardest cock she has seen in a long time, ready to enter her.

His need is great. He sees she is ready now to be really fucked. He knows he won't last long, now, but he is really gonna send himself deep. He has never been this big before, the pressure in his cock reaching all the way back to his ass, his balls tight with the need to cum. As he gets ready to thrust into her, he hears the door of the trailer open. "Oh, shit," he thinks. "That's gotta be Matt." She does not seem to be aware they have a visitor. He casually looks over and makes eye contact with Matt (whose eyes take in the whole scene in a micro-second). Sam nods quickly to his wide-eyed roomie, motioning for him to get out of sight.

Knowing he now has an audience to witness this moment he is sure no one would believe anyway, he is hotter than ever. He positions his head right at her opening. He sets it in just an inch. Making sure he has the right angle...

She knows Matt is there, and knows Sam thinks she has no clue. Ah, getting deeply fucked with an audience. Hot, Oh Baby, so hot... He is lined up and ready. She needs him to fuck her. She nudges her pussy at his head and, suddenly, he thrusts. Oh! She bucks with him. He fucks her deeply. In all the way. Out until just the head is left in. Then in again. Out. In. Out. He is hitting her hard and she opens herself to the deepest penetration. The tempo increases. Her huge tits are flopping like a fish on shore. Oh! She is going to cum again! This is unreal!

He is now not aware of anything but fucking this bitch. Matt is forgotten. He is just a fucking machine. He feels her relaxing inside and knows she is ready to cum. As is he. One more deep thrust and there it goes. He pumps her full of his hot cum. His toes curl. Every muscle in his body flexes as he shoots deep inside her. His cum is so complete, after all the lead-up action, his balls tingle and he feels it all the way through his ass.

It's all over. She got good and fucked. She dresses quickly, sways her hips Matt's way as she winks and exits the trailer like a Princess.

Sam jumps back in the shower as Matt calls out, "Did I really see what I thought I saw? Did you just screw the shit out of Jackie the Fuckin Flag Girl?"

Tomorrow sure was gonna be an interesting day at the job site...

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