tagLoving WivesSam & Jenny Ch. 2

Sam & Jenny Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Barbie's Home

I beat Jenny home from work and got the evening ready. I prepared her favorite dinner, steak and chicken kabobs and cold beer. I was a bit curious as to what my wife had come up with on her games, but figured they were probably fancy dinners, a bubble bath and things of that nature.

Jenny made it home and we both changed into comfortable clothes. We had agreed to a no-sex rule the night before a game to insure we would both be raring to go, so her jeans and tee shirt didn't bother me at all. We ate dinner and drank our beer and talked about how exciting this was. She tried to dig the games out of me and wondered just what she had agreed to. She said she had a hard time coming up with stuff and had only written two games. She asked if she could wait until her third and final turn to finish them off and I said yes. In fact this was great news, because if my plan went well, she might really get into this and actually develop something on her own that might surprise me and drive me crazy. We finished our third beer each and moved to the family room and laid out our envelopes. Jenny had made a board that each envelope would fit in by rank. We decided to each take a turn in "exposing" our envelope. Since I was to go first, I pulled out number one- Barbie's Home. Jenny got paranoid and asked "Who's Barbie?" I told her, wait until tomorrow. I could tell she was confused by the title, which is what I wanted. By the way, here is the breakdown of the envelopes:

1. SamBarbie's Home 2. JennyMassage 3. SamD-Day 4. JennyDinner & Dancing 5. SamPassing the Bar 6. JennyTBA 7. SamSeymore's Spring Break 8. JennyTBA

The next day came and I was jacked! I finally felt like this was what we needed to kickstart our sex life, at least to my standards. At 7:00 pm we prepared for the game- Barbie's House. Jenny opened the envelope and read the rules of the game:


RULES: You must accompany me to the Doll House and take in a night at the strip club. You will pick the girls for me and I will pick the girls for you. That's right, you must have dances as well and you must express your feeling and rate each dance you get.

ATTIRE: You will wear your black leather pants with the white Playboy tee shirt top and your black strappy high heels.

ROLE: As far as anyone's concerned tonight, you are a Playboy model in town and I am your date. We are not married, so don't wear your ring and put makeup over the tan line. You are also a dancer from L.A. and are looking into possibly dancing there.

Jenny looked at me and said, "It figures!" I said, "you had to be thinking worse." She replied "I was, this might be fun, but I don't know about me getting the dances".

We got in the car and headed to the Doll House, which was in another part of town, some 30 minutes away. I failed to mention earlier that we live in the suburbs of Atlanta, so the drive didn't seem long, because going anywhere takes time. Jenny looked incredible. He ass fit so well in her leather pants and her tits, pushed hard against the tight bunny headed tee. I couldn't wait to get there.

I had called earlier and spoke to an old buddy of mine Todd, from college than handled the clubs advertising. He called in a favor and told me to ask for Mr. Thomas and that we would be set up in a private VIP section, where we wouldn't be hassled, yet we could still enjoy the dancers. My buddy told Mr. Thomas, that Jenny was a Playmate interested in checking out the club and the girls. Everything was set.

We arrived at the club around 9:00. We pulled our Lexus up to the valet and got out. I instantly noticed all eyes were on jenny and that kind of turned me on. And from the looks of her hard nipples, it turned her on as well. I approached the doorman and asked fro Mr. Thomas. He said "You must be Sam and this has got to be Jenny." Jenny blushed and the doorman asked us to follow him. He led us up some a three stairs to the VIP section of the club. The room was slightly elevated above the main section and was adorned by maybe eight velvet couches. The lighting was darker up here and looking around, I could tell much more private.

The room had a small stage on my left and a shower on the right. Both were located in the corner of the room. The doorman sat us and told us that Mr. Thomas would be by shortly to welcome us. I took a look around and got the feeling that most of the men in here had money and were more than likely regulars. Jenny looked spectacular and was gazing around the club as well. It was not our first trip to a strip club, but this was certainly the nicest. I also noticed eyes glancing her way from both the men upstairs and also a few down in the main section of the club. And the women? Well it must be true about most of them being bi, because they undressed her several times as we walked in. I'm not sure Jenny noticed at the time, but I couldn't miss it.

We settled in and a tall, older man approached us with a bottle of champagne. "Hello, I'm Mr. Thomas. Welcome to the Doll House." I shook his hand and thanked him and introduced him to "my date" Jenny. I leaned down and kissed her cheek and said, "It's a pleasure. I understand you might be looking for a place to work?" Jenny replied, "I am thinking about moving here and have heard great things about your club."

Mr. Thomas smiled and told her to bring her portfolio and resume down next week and he would take care of her. That comment didn't set real well with me, but hey you gamble a little when you play sex games. Plus this was only for fun, right? As he left, he gave us the bottle of bubbly and said, "If there is anything you need, please ask and it will be taken care of on the house. However, you must take care of the girls". As he walked away, I said to Jenny, "Man, Todd must have really hooked us up!" Jenny agreed, took a sip of champagne and said, "I feel like either a whore or a movie star. I'm not sure which, but this is cool".

It wasn't long before we were approached by a brunette, with very large breasts, asking us if we wanted a dance. I told her that we wanted to relax for a little while and to come back later. She leaned over to Jenny and said, "I love your shirt" and strolled back in search of a patron. Jenny asked, "You didn't want a dance from her? I can't believe it!" I said "Remember the rules...You must pick mine and I will pick yours."

"I forgot" she replied. Jenny began to look around the room in search of my first dance and I for hers.

Jenny leaned over and said "there, that one". I looked and there stood a tall, thin young lady with a silver sequined dress and long blonde straight hair. She was very pretty and looked to have large tits. I told Jenny to call her over and so Jenny gestured to catch her attention. The girl walked up and sat between us, but barely even looked at me. That pissed me off a little, because I feel I'm an attractive man and she just looked at Jenny. Jenny said "I'm Jenny and this is my date, Sam. I wondered if you would dance for him?" She said, "Jenny, I'm Celeste and would love to dance for you both". Jenny replied, "How about just dancing for Sam now and maybe both of us later." I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I just heard. Maybe Jenny was getting into my game.

Celeste began to slowly groove to the music and in what seemed like slow motion, removed the straps of her dress and pulled the top down over her voluptuous breasts. They were much larger than Jenny's, but did not look as natural on her body as Jenny's did. Celeste leaned over and practically draped her tits in my face. I wanted so badly to nibble on her nips, but I restrained and noticed Jenny gazing as well. This took me off guard as I have probed to see if Jenny had any bi-tendencies, but to my disappointment she did not. But she seemed caught up in the moment. The dance continued like most do, with Celeste tossing her hair in my crotch and wiggling her butt. And then it was over. I paid her $20 and she said thanks and asked if she could come back later and hang out. We told her that was fine and I then looked for Jenny's dancer.

I took my time in picking out a dancer for Jenny. I made sure we had a second glass of champagne and pour us a third. The euphoria was starting to mix with a buzz from the drinks. Jenny was enjoying her drink and the music. I wasn't sure what type of girl might turn on Jenny, because like I mentioned before she firmly told me she had no interest in females. So knowing this, I wanted to make sure the first one I chose for her was the best one I could find, hoping that maybe the atmosphere could spark something.

Halfway through our third glass, I spotted a girl that I knew was the one. She was tall and very athletic looking. She had blonde hair, which she wore up with just a piece hanging down on each side of her face. She was very tone and had muscular arms, not in a body-builder way, but in a Miss Fitness America way. My problem was going to be getting her attention. She was down in the main section of the club, which meant I was going to have to go chase her. As I started to get up, I spotted Mr. Thomas just one table away. I caught his attention and he came over to our table. I asked him to lean over and I quietly explained which girl I wanted for her dance. Mr. Thomas said that only the girls with seniority were allowed to dance in the VIP section, and that the girl I spotted was very new to the club. I let Mr. Thomas know that she was the one and he told me they could make an exception just this once. I watched as Mr. Thomas walked down to the young lady and asked her to come with him.

They made their way upstairs and Mr. Thomas said "Sam and Jenny, this is Ginger." We both said hello and I think Jenny realized this was her dance. Mr. Thomas said, "have fun, and I'll send over another bottle of champagne." Another bottle, I thought, I'm getting plastered off this bottle. As Ginger sat down, I realized the song playing had just started when they walked up, so we would have to wait for the next song in order to have a full dance.

I decided to break the awkwardness first and said, " Ginger, I glad you are able to join us up here. Jenny had spotted you across the way, but we were told that the new girls were not allowed in the VIP section." Jenny about flipped at the notion that she picked her out. I gave her that look like, you better play along and I got back a look like, I'll play, but your dead when we get home. She looked at Jenny, smiled and said, "I noticed you when you walked in. Girl you know how to make an entrance!"

This was awesome I thought to myself. This girl digs Jenny! Ginger went on to say that she had just moved to the ATL from Tampa, Florida. Since I had been to the Super Bowl in Tampa, and knew that it had one of the most famous strip clubs in the US, I said, "Did you dance at Mons Venus?" She looked at me like I was crazy. "No, I've been there once with my boyfriend though. Man that place is small." Yep, she had been there. "To be honest, this is only my third night as a dancer," Ginger said. "I was an aerobics trainer in Tampa and my boyfriend Jeff got transferred here. He is a stock broker", she said. I could tell she was new. The girls in the clubs never tell you this much about their lives even when they are lying. She must have felt comfortable with us or something.

She went on to tell us that she hadn't been able to find a job at a health club and that the turn in the market was putting a strain on their bills. So her boyfriend suggested to her to dance for a short time, just to get them back on track financially. "To be honest," Ginger said, "I didn't know exactly what to expect. But this is really a lot of fun and the management takes real good care of you. Are you in Playboy?" she asked Jenny. "Well, I just did my photo shoot for the magazine, but I'm not sure which issue it will be," responded Jenny. "But they think it will be the June issue in a couple of months." Jenny was amazing me with this. I mean, she must have worked up that thought on our way here. "Wow" said Ginger, "what brings you into the club tonight? Are you dancing here soon?" Jenny responded by telling her, she was looking into dancing here to make some extra money as well. It was great these too were really clicking.

About that time the song ended, and Ginger got up and said, "are you ready Sam?" I said, "I am very ready, but this dance is for Jenny. She picked you out!" Jenny looked flushed and then began to blush. Ginger said, "You are a very attractive man, but I was kind of hoping this dance would include Jenny." What? Are you kidding me? I about spit out my drink, and I definitely sprung to attention, if you know what I mean. This girl was either into Jenny and girls or she had the best poker face of all time. "She started to sway to the groove a little and said, "Now Sam, no peaking." Gulp!

Ginger stood over Jenny and began her dance. She was wearing a long blue gown with silver patterns in it. It had a low plunging neckline that showed off her cleavage, though she didn't look like she had overly large breasts. The gown had a large slit in the right side of it that went from nearly her waist down to the floor. She was wearing Silver platform pumps with about a five-inch heel. In fact they were the same shoes Jenny was wearing only in Silver. I realized that the shoes were what made her seem tall and figured she was actually about Jenny's height and weight. Because it was so dark, I couldn't tell what color her eyes were, but I decided they must be blue.

The song pounding over the speakers was "Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson. Not what I would have thought would be a good strip song, but to be honest, the slow methodic groove was incredible. Ginger kept running her hands up her face and down her chest, finally pulling down the top of her gown, revealing a silver sparkle bra. Her breasts were perky, but looked very similar to Jenny's, so assumed they were store bought. She continued to sway and then turned her back to Jenny and asked her to unzip the back of her dress. I looked in awe as my wife, slowly unzipped the gown which unfolded the entire way down exposing the nicest ass I had ever seen. Ginger stepped out of the gown wearing only the bra and a matching silver thong. She sat down softly and grinded her ass slowly on Jenny's lap. Ginger then leaned her head back, brushing Jenny's mouth with her ear. At this point I'm hot and I'm sure I am seeing things, because I know I just didn't see Jenny lick Ginger's ear!

Ginger ducked her head and bent forward exposing her round ass to Jenny, all the while running her hands up her thighs and over her cheeks. She then turned around and leaned forward within about 2 inches of Jenny's lips and said "Jenny can you help me with my bra." Jenny reached her hands around the back of Ginger and unclasp the bra. Ginger stood up slightly, which put her breasts within that 2-inch gap of Jenny's mouth. She slowly let the bra fall to the floor. Her tits looked nearly identical to Jenny's and boy did they look good. Her nipples were very hard and she brushed one of them across Jenny's lips.

I thought for sure that Jenny would take one in her mouth but she didn't. Ginger moved back and stood before Jenny. She took her breasts in her hands and slowly lifted the right tit to her mouth and licked her own nipple. I looked over at Jenny and she was certainly engaged eye to eye with Ginger. At that time I happened to glance down and Jenny was softly rubbing her pussy through her leather pants. It was very hard to see, because she had her glass covering her, but I was close enough to know it and so was Ginger. Everything was getting crazy, but then the song stopped. In fact, it probably took Ginger 5 seconds or more to realize the song was over. She leaned over and gave Jenny a soft kiss on her left cheek and gathered her close up and started dressing.

When she was dressed I handed her a twenty and offered her a glass of champagne. Ginger said she would love too, but didn't think it was allowed. I motioned to Mr. Thomas, whom I think had watched the whole thing, and pointed to Ginger and made a drinking motion. He smiled and nodded, and the waitress came over with a glass for her. She said thanks and excused herself for a brief second to return to the dressing room and freshen up. My guess was she had gotten just as wet as I'm sure Jenny was.

I looked over at Jenny and said, "well how was it? Remember part of the game is telling me your feelings and rating the dance." She sat up a little and said, "That was the most erotic thing I think I have ever been a part of." Then she regrouped and said, "Oh honey I didn't mean it like that, I meant..."

"I know what you mean, Jenny. I would have to agree. That was incredible," I said. Jenny took a sip of freshly poured champagne and proceeded to tell me her version of the dance. "Sam, I didn't really think I would like to have another female dance for me, but it was really incredible. Now don't go thinking I think girls, but the way she moved was so graceful." I looked her in the eyes and said, "yes, and she is beautiful." Jenny smiled and said, "she is perfect. If I did want to be with a woman, she would be the one. But I don't think I am ready for that yet." Yet, did I here yet? In the past it had always been No! But this was a yet. I played it cool so not to blow it. "Well, the purpose of your dance was just to get you to relax and experience new things and think it was a success." Jenny replied, "That was experience alright...I thought I had spilled my champagne in my lap, then I realized that was how wet I had gotten."

Ginger returned from the dressing room and smelled like she had put on fresh perfume. I handed her a glass of champagne and she took a long sip. I also handed her another twenty and said "for your time." Ginger replied, "put your money away. I needed a break anyway and I have done very well tonight." She then turned to Jenny and said, "you really should come dance here. The money is very good." Jenny said, "It looks like fun. I just might."

We all sat and talked for about another 20 minutes and drank two more glasses of champagne. Normally, I would be blitzed from the booze, but the electricity of the night had off set the drunken feeling. Ginger opened up even more after the second drink. She said," I like you guys. I think it is cool that you can come here together and have fun. By the way, my real name is Kelly. But in here please call me by Ginger."

I said," no problem." Kelly, err since this was still in the club...

Ginger said, "Sam I think you and my boyfriend would get along great." She then asked what I liked to do and come to find out Jeff and I did indeed have a lot in common. We both loved Golf and he played basketball in a "Y- league" as well, just in another part of town.

Jenny said, "We should all get together sometime for a beer and dinner."

Ginger said that would be great and Jenny pulled out a pen and wrote our number on the napkin. "Well I guess I should get back to work," Ginger said. "I only have an hour left and I don't want the other girls giving me a hard time about being up here." Jenny and I stood and Ginger leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and gave Jenny a brief kiss on the lips, and then walked back down to the main section of the club. "I looked over at Jenny and said, "are you ready." Jenny nodded and we made our way back to the valet and started home. The ride was very quiet as both of us tried to make sense of what had been an incredible evening.

We arrived at home and headed right for the bed. We hugged and decided it had been an exhausting night. We kissed and fell down on the bed to go to sleep. We didn't have sex that night, but to be honest it didn't matter. The emotion of the evening was enough for both of us. In fact I think we were overwhelmed.

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