tagErotic CouplingsSam and Jess

Sam and Jess


All characters are 18 years or older.


I was sitting on the rocks, gazing out over the dark river. In spite of the dull thudding of the music from the party behind me, the night was filled with the quiet of crickets and frogs. My head was feeling clearer now and the crisp air seemed to bring the shadows of trees into focus against the haze of stars splashed across the sky. I was thinking of heading back but curiously worried I might miss something if I did, when a rock nearby clunked. I turned to see a tall, thin figure gracefully step across a boulder and clamber onto my rock to sit next to me.

"Jess," breathed a soft, deep voice by way of introduction and I felt a shiver up my spine, as if the words had been sculpted just for me, which I suppose they had.

"Sam," I replied holding out my hand.

Jess extended a marble white hand and gently but firmly took mine. I felt cool, soft skin against my fingers.

"Sam," repeated Jess as if exploring my name and I suddenly felt exposed. I looked up into a dazzling smile of perfect teeth and a dark eye twinkling away behind a ragged curtain of inky hair.

"Hi," I said lamely, unable to stop myself staring into the radiant face. With a long chin, exquisite nose and pale lips, Jess appeared to be one of the many emos attending the revelry, but there was something that suggested more; something I felt I needed to find. I realised we were still holding hands and slowly let go, brushing my fingers across the smooth skin as I did.

I blinked and looked back to the river, but the shimmering reflection of the moon on the water still seemed to hold that dazzling smile.

"Nice," said Jess. I wondered whether the adjective had been used to describe me or the river. I dared not look at Jess to find out, but I suspected the ambiguity had been on purpose and I smiled anyway.

I suddenly hungered for the cool waters of the river, when Jess asked, as if reading my mind, "Have you been for a swim yet?"

"I was just about to," I proclaimed boldly.

"Mind if I join you?" asked Jess, standing up and unfolding a taut body. Jess was wearing black boots, tight black jeans and a tight black singlet which blended into the night but revealed patches of alabaster skin floating in the air.

"Please," I demurred, then couldn't help smiling as Jess shamelessly removed the singlet. I licked my lips, then stood and began removing my own clothes.

Jess was completely naked and half in the water by the time I'd finished. I stretched and smiled as I was admired intently, then as I climbed down the rocks and into the gentle river, Jess extended a long arm to help me.

The cool water caressed my skin, giving me goosebumps but doing nothing to quench the heat that had arisen inside me. This time, Jess didn't let go of my hand and I moved so our bodies touched. The warmth that passed between us seemed to burn like fire against the icy waters.

Jess's arms slid around my back and I returned the favour, pulling that taut smooth skin against my own and feeling the heat where we touched which pushed back the frigid waters around us. I swept away Jess's dark fringe and gazed into two deep pools of liquid desire, then felt hungry lips on my own. I returned the kiss with a sudden passion and reached for Jess's arse, squeezing the supple flesh between my fingers. Our legs entwined around each other and we tried to press as much of our bodies together as was possible. Jess tasted of cola and I found myself very thirsty but Jess kissed down to my neck and gently bit me with sharp teeth. I groaned and pulled us back towards a large flat rock beside the river. I turned and swam to it, and sat myself on the edge with my legs dangling in the water. The night air chilled my skin, but I barely felt it and certainly didn't care.

Jess's head appeared between my legs and smiled a mischievous smile. I lay back and surprisingly strong hands gripped my arse, firmly holding me down and I felt Jess's warm tongue glide from my arse, around and up to my navel. Then Jess went down on me and I groaned across the chirruping water. I tried to thrust my hips up into Jess's face but found myself pushed back to the rock. I grabbed Jess's head and stroked away the now wet hair. Underneath, those twinkling eyes stared back at me and a smile played across those busy lips. The sight turned me on so much and that licking tongue and those sucking lips drove waves of pleasure through my entire body. Jess's pace increased until finally I shuddered and came. Jess squeezed my arse as if squeezing the cum out of me, then licked me clean, washing my skin and pubes like a cat.

As my breathing slowed, Jess stalked up my body and kissed my lips once more. We shared my taste and I rolled Jess over, then kissed my way down the smooth skin until I tasted Jess inside my mouth.

Jess moaned as I went to work, using my lips and tongue to stroke, suck and nibble until Jess was writhing beneath me. Then I stopped, eliciting a cry of disappointment from my hapless victim. I grinned and redoubled my efforts and Jess was quivering underneath me once more. This time I didn't hold back and Jess exploded onto my lips and tongue. I lapped up the sweet, salty taste and kissed my way back to Jess's mouth.

We nibbled each others lips and cuddled up on the rock, warming our bodies against the now cold air. Far off on the distant horizon, behind the trees, the black night was tinged with grey, and ever so slowly, the stars began to retreat. I fell asleep as a chorus of birds heralded in the oncoming dawn.


What sex is Sam and what sex is Jess?

This story came about as a challenge to write genderless porn between some friends and I. We are curious to see how the reader's gender and orientation might affect the perceived gender of Sam and Jess, so please leave your sex and orientation with your guess. Thanks heaps.

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