tagBDSMSam Comes to Visit Ch. 01

Sam Comes to Visit Ch. 01


I watched the people coming out of the airport through the tinted windows of the car. The driver I had hired from the service was standing by the exit holding a sign that had one word on it: Sam. I met Sam awhile ago online. I had been looking for a present for myself for my upcoming 40th birthday, and we met on an erotic story site that I had posted some stories to. She said my stories made her pussy wet, and she wished she could meet me. We had chatted via E-mail for a couple of weeks, and she sent me some rather hot photographs of herself in various stages of undress. We talked on the phone, and she admitted that she was extremely submissive. I invited her to come visit me, and offered to pay her way out. She gladly accepted.

I saw her walk out the doors carrying a single bag. I told her that she wouldn't need to bring much, and she complied. I usually didn't do things like this, but when a 22 year old bisexual submissive reaches out to you, you don't let an opportunity like that pass. She looked just like she did in her pictures. Her tanned skin was flawless, and she wore her long blond hair down over her shoulders. She wore a white sun dress, tied behind her neck and scooped low showing off her amazing tits. The dress came just above her knees. If she had followed her instructions, she would be wearing nothing underneath, just as she claimed she liked to do. Judging from the shape her nipple piercings were making on the front of her dress, she had followed her instructions.

She spotted the driver, and followed him to the car. Her reflective sunglasses shrouded whatever she might have been thinking, but she eagerly got into the car when the door was opened. She placed her bag on the floor, sat down next to me, and the driver closed the door. "Hello, Sam. I'm Todd. Would you mind taking off your glasses so I can see your beautiful blue eyes." I smiled to try and set her at ease. She took off her glasses.

"Is that better?" I nodded. "Thanks so much for flying me out here. I'm really excited to spend some time with you." I stared at her full, pouty lips while she spoke, and thought about how nice it was going to be to have those blow job lips sliding up and down my cock.

"Sam, honey, the pleasure is all mine. Are you sure you aren't missing going off with your friends on Spring Break?"

"I did Spring Break all through high school and my first three years of college. I figured this year might be the year to try something different."

"How was your flight?"

"Long, love; I couldn't wait to get here to meet you."

"I must say, you are even more beautiful in person than in your photos, and I came I don't know how many times looking at your pictures. We are going to have a great weekend." We weren't really sure what else to discuss, and a slightly uncomfortable silence descended over the car. I decided to break it, and to not wait until I got my submissive plaything home. "Did you follow my instructions?"

"Yes, of course. I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

"Good. Hike up your skirt. I want to see your pussy." She looked up at the driver nervously, but hiked up her sundress anyway. As instructed she wasn't wearing any panties, and she exposed her beautiful nearly bald pussy. "Driver, adjust your mirror. Can you see this pussy?" I looked over at her, and she seemed to blush, and cast her eyes downward.

"Yes sir. It's beautiful."

"I'm going to be eating and fucking that pussy all weekend long. She's going to do whatever I tell her to do. Can you believe my luck?"

"No sir. She seems like an amazing girl."

"We've got about a half an hour until we get to my home, Sam. I want you to play with your pussy. You said it took a long time for your pussy to come. Will you be able to come for me by then so I can taste how sweet that pussy really is?"

"I'll try, love," she said as she ran her hands up her thighs. She spread her legs farther apart, moving her eyes between me and the poor flummoxed driver in the rearview. She parted her succulent lips, and ran a finger up and down the length of her opening. She began to rub her clit, and was obviously very horny already. She closed her eyes and moaned, and started to get really into it. The driver did a phenomenal job keeping us on the road watching this beautiful, nubile, 22 year old playing with herself in the backseat. I didn't want to tempt fate, but I had to see her breasts in person. As she fingered her clit, I ran my hand up her arm, over her shoulder, and around to the back of her neck. I easily undid the tie on her sundress, and took the top down and exposed her luscious tits.

Her small, pink nipples were erect, and the little barbells she had running through them looked incredibly sexy. Her deep blue eyes were still closed, but she opened them when my hands moved down to massage her breasts. I pinched her nipples between my forefinger and thumb, sending shudders through Sam's body. Her body started writhing in the seat, and I thought it might not be too long before she comes. I lowered my head, and gently sucked on her left nipples while squeezing the right one hard. She let out a gasp, followed by a moan. "Stick your finger inside your pussy. I want to watch you fuck yourself with a finger."

As I alternated between sucking in her right and left nipples, she slowly inserted a finger into her pussy. She was staring at the driver in the rearview now, and was making no sounds between gasps of pleasure. I grabbed her hand, and removed it from her pussy. I brought her wet finger to my lips, and circled her fingertips with my tongue. She tasted exquisite. I swallowed her finger into my mouth, and sucked all of her juices off. While her finger was in my mouth, I ran my tongue in circles around it, licking it clean. "Stick your finger back in your pussy and finish yourself off," I commanded.

We were getting off the expressway, and entering my neighborhood when her work finally paid off. She started to buck her hips, and her body started to thrash around as a powerful orgasm overtook her. The driver nearly missed my street, so enraptured was he in Sam's orgasm. When the waves of pleasure had subsided, she took her finger out of her pussy, and offered it to me again. I grabbed her hand and forced the finger into her mouth, and make her suck her own juices from her finger. The driver started to pull into my driveway as she finished. I then leaned in and we shared our first kiss. A slow, smoldering, passionate kiss; our sexual compatibility and energy was evident. I held her face in my hands, and our tongues danced across each others. This was going to be a great weekend.

"You taste as great as you look. That was incredibly hot. You follow instructions well. I am going to like having you pleasure me this weekend."

"My pussy was so wet from meeting you. I came so hard because you were here watching. I'll do whatever you want. I want to make you come. I want you to be as turned on as I am right now."

"You'll do whatever I want."

"Of course love." The driver turned off the car in front of my house, and was getting out to help us out.

"I want you to blow the driver here in my driveway as I watch. Suck him off good, and let me watch what you're going to do to me later." We had reached a moment of truth. She had agreed to come to my home and willingly submit to my every sexual whim. We hadn't discussed involving other people, but in my mind, since she had agreed to do whatever I wanted her to do, if that included other people, then that included other people. Now that we had pulled up in front of the house, I was curious as to how far she was willing to go to give me pleasure. I wanted to know if she was willing to give herself entirely to my control.

"I'll do anything you want, love." I knew she was mine.

The driver helped her out of the car, her top still down. If there were neighbors around, she would have been flashing them, but she didn't care. Since I lived up a long private drive at the top of a hill, it wasn't an issue, but she had been too busy on the drive up to notice that. She just didn't care. She wasn't told to cover up, so she didn't. She followed instructions well. When she had exited the car, she pushed the driver back until he was leaning on the side of the car. She crouched down in front of him, and undid his fly. As I climbed out of the car, he looked at me, unsure of what to do. "Consider this part of your tip. Sam here is my slave. A toy for me to use, and I want her to suck you off for the services you rendered."

She pulled his hard cock out of his uniform, and he seemed to relax and enjoy it as she started to work on getting his cock into her mouth. His hands rested on her head, and he helped to ease more and more of his prick into her mouth. As Sam was working over the driver, finally getting all of his length into her throat, my wife Tara emerged from the front door. At 5'6, she was slightly taller than Sam. She didn't have Sam's ass or boobs, but still had a great body for a woman pushing 40. She wore her red hair down. She was wearing a black business skirt and a turquoise top with a plunging neckline, highlighting her perky b-cup breasts. She was also dressed in black stockings and a pair of four inch pumps. She walked up to me with a wide smile on her face, to the great consternation of the driver, kissed me full on the lips, and asked, "So, this is the little slut you brought us to play with?"

The driver started grunting, and announced was going to come. Sam picked up her intensity, and when his orgasm hit, she swallowed down his entire load. Her cock sucking skills were exemplary. I handed the driver the rest of his tip, and picked up Sam's bag from the ground. He thanked me profusely, and drove away with a huge smile on his face.

"Sam, I'd like you to meet my wife, Tara."

Tara held out her hand. "So nice to meet you. Todd has told me so much about you. Welcome to our home."

"You didn't say you were married."

I chuckled. "Would it have mattered if I did?"

"I guess not. It's just the kind of thing a girl likes to know."

"I'm sorry for not mentioning it. Yes, not only do you have to obey me, submit yourself to my every desire, pleasure me in any way I ask, but you also have to do the same thing for my very beautiful and sexy wife. Do you think you can handle it? Do you want to back out?"

"No. No, of course not. I'll do whatever you want. You know that. Thanks you for inviting me to your lovely home, Tara."

"Of course Sam. I think we are going to be fast friends. Hey, why don't I show you to your room?" She took Sam by the hand, and led her into the house. It was certainly not a mansion, but we did alright. Tara led Sam up the stairs in the foyer, to the guest room down the hallway upstairs. This room had a nice sitting area, and its own private bathroom and shower. The bed had a wrought iron headboard and footboard, and was a nice queen sized bed. There was a dresser with a mirror on top, and two chairs on either side of a small table. There was one nightstand tucked into the corner by the bed, but other than that the room was empty.

"Did it hurt to get your nipples pierced?" Tara asked as she maneuvered Sam in front of the mirror. Tara stood behind her, admiring Sam's tits in the reflection.

"A little. A friend of mine made me do it."

"Made you do it, huh?" Tara asked, cupping Sam's tits from behind her. Their eyes locked in the mirror. "You love giving up control, don't you?

"Yes, I guess I'm just submissive. I get off on doing what others tell me."

"That's very good to hear Sam. Todd likes submissive women. You are to do whatever he says, do you understand?"

"I do."

"Good. And when he is not around, you are to do whatever I say. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Tara." Tara released Sam's breasts, and slid her hands down to Sam's hips. She started to remove Sam's sundress, which was scrunched up around her waist. As the sundress fell, Sam now stood naked in front of the mirror, except for her flip flops.

"Sam, would you like to help me put on a show for Todd?"

"Yes Tara. Does he like to watch?"

"I'm sure you know the answer to that question by now. He loves watching his slutty wife getting her pussy eaten by a hot, bisexual 22 year old. Do you like eating pussy, Sam?"

"I love eating pussy, Tara. Do you want me to eat your pussy?"

Tara gathered up Sam's flowing locks, and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She started kissing Sam's neck and shoulders. "In a minute, dear. I'm still getting to know you. Do you like to get dressed up in lingerie?"

Sam's eyes were closed as my wife's lips and tongue danced lightly across her skin. "I do sometimes, but I usually just like to go naked. That way I can flash my pussy and tits, and tease guys. I love to show off my body."

"And what a lovely body it is, Sam." Tara's hands went back to Sam's tits and started to squeeze her nipples. Sam gasped. "Are you going to eat my pussy and make me come all over you face?" Sam quivered.

"I want you so bad. I want to taste you pussy. I want you to come on my face." I walked up behind Tara, and started to unbutton her blouse. Tara turned Sam so they were facing each other, and as I slid off her blouse, Tara leaned in and she and Sam kissed. I never got tired of seeing my wife making out with other women. Usual, the women were someone she knew. All this weekend however, I was going to watch her with a coed that I had picked up for us. As they continued their kiss, I unzipped Tara's black skirt, and let it fall to the floor. She was now clad only in a turquoise lace bra and panty set, a black lace garter belt attached to stockings, and her heels. Sam's hands had moved to my wife's tits, and while she was feeling her up I slid my hand into my wife's panties and started playing with her clit. Tara started moaning, and took her lips away from Sam, who took the opportunity to reach around and undo Tara's bra and bend over a little and flick her tongue over my wife's nipples. Tara half turned so she could shove her tongue down my throat. I slid a finger inside my wife's wet pussy, and moved it in and out several times, coating the finger with her juices. I pulled out my finger, broke my kiss with Tara, and moved from behind her. I went behind Sam, and grabbed a handful of hair. I yanked her head up from my wife's tits and shoved my pussy juice coated finger into her mouth. She sucked on it like she had sucked the drivers cock, and Tara went to lie down on the bed. Still holding Sam by the hair, I marched her over in between my wife's legs, shoved her face down into Tara's panties, and instructed her to "Make my wife come."

Sam moved aside my wife's panties, and started to lick her pussy. Tara's hand reached out to Sam's head, and held her steady in place. I knew Sam was doing a good job because Tara started to chew on her bottom lip. Tara started to encourage Sam. "That's it baby. Eat my pussy. Oh god that feels good. Yeah, suck on my clit. Oh god that feels good. You dirty girl, you're such a good pussy eater. Stick your finger in me. Fuck me with your finger while you eat my pussy." I started to take of my clothes, and my ample eight inch cock was at full attention watching these two lovely creatures go at it. I had been playing with Sam for over an hour now, and needed to get off. I made Tara move to the head of the bed, so that Sam could eat her out while she was on the bed, instead of kneeling at the side. As the women got repositioned, I stroked my cock a few times and lined it up at the entrance to Sam's sopping wet pussy.

I slowly eased my way into Sam's tight pussy, and she had to lift her head up from Tara's pussy to scream "Fuck yeah!"

Tara grabbed her head and pulled it back to her pussy saying, "Don't you dare stop eating my pussy. I'm letting my husband fuck you with his huge cock, so you better make me come." I eased in slowly a few more times, and then started to pound into Sam's pussy. My god she felt god. Our skin was slapping together, and she was moaning as she sucked on my wife's clit.

"Stick another finger in. That's it, you little slut. Make me come. Oh god, you're good. Eat my pussy. Oh god, right there!" As Sam fucked her with fingers, she brought Tara to a monstrous orgasm. Tara shook all over, and screamed in pleasure. She had grabbed two handfuls of Sam's hair and held her lips down on her clit. When Tara was done, she released Sam's head, and Sam immediately started talking to me.

"That's it. Give me that big cock; you're fucking my pussy so good. You're going to make me cum with you big, fat cock. Oh god." I was trying hard to hold off until Sam came, and she finally did, slipping a hand in between her thighs so she could rub her clit while I was pounding her tight pussy. As she came, I pulled out of her, and climbed up on the bed by my wife. Grabbing Tara by the hair, I shoved my cock down her throat, so she could swallow my cum and suck Sam's juices off my cock. Sam crawled up closer while Tara had me in her mouth, and started sucking on and licking my balls. That was too much for me, and I shot my wad down my wife's throat. I pulled my cock out after I finished, and watched as Sam and Tara kissed each other, pussy juices and cum mixing on their lips.

I crawled off the bed and watched the show for a minute, sitting in a chair in the sitting area. I finally said, "Tara, we should let Sam get freshened up after her trip. Sam, why don't you take a shower, and we'll be having dinner downstairs in about an hour."

"That sounds great, Todd. God you two are fun."

"So are you dear, so are you."

We left the room, and closed the door. Tara went to our bedroom to freshen up, but I waited outside of the door. I wasn't done with Sam just yet. I waited until I heard the shower start, and then let myself back into her room. I went over to the nightstand, and pulled out a set of fur lined handcuffs and a bottle of lube. I left the lube on the bed, and held the handcuffs. I waited as Sam took along, steamy shower, and imagined she was in there masturbating, insatiable despite our best efforts to make her come.

I finally heard the shower turn off, and I got up to crouch down and hide on the other side of the dresser. It wasn't a good hiding space, but I wasn't really trying to hide. I was just getting ready to use my fuck toy again, and wanted to have a little fun doing it. She came out of the bathroom, naked except for a towel wrapped around her hair. She was humming a song I didn't recognize, and smelled of jasmine. She didn't notice me, but did notice the bottle of lube on the bed. She stopped and looked at it, not sure what its appearance meant. In her moment of confusion, I sprung into action. I jumped behind her, and clamped my hand over her mouth. She tried to scream, but the sound was muffled. I pushed her down onto the bed, and pinned her down with my weight.

"Stop screaming you little slut. You're going to like this, you whore." She stopped screaming, and stopped squirming under me as well. "You know what you are? You are three holes for me to use. That's it. You're not a girl. You're not a slut. You are just an object for me to stick my dick in, do you understand?"

"Yes Todd. Are you going to fuck me, baby?" I grabbed one of her wrists, and twisted it behind her back. She gave out a little "Ow!" but didn't resist. I yanked her other arm behind her back, and slapped the cuffs on that wrist. She was now naked, bound on the bed and ready to be used.

"I am going to fuck you, you dirty whore. Have you ever had a cock up your ass before?"

"No, love. Are you going to pop my cherry?"

"I'm going to stick my big cock up your tight little asshole. I'm going to stretch it out real good. Are you ready for a huge cock up your ass?"

"Oh baby, fuck any hole you want. I'm your little slut. Stick that cock up my ass. Bust my cherry. Fuck me good and hard."

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