tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSam Gets a Promotion

Sam Gets a Promotion


Having come from the shower, Samantha, Sam to her friends as well as in her own self-image, padded out of the bathroom and into her darkened bedroom, a thick pink fluffy towel wrapped around her, covering her from just above her breast to just below her genitals, her hands using a second such towel to dry her long straight black hair as she went. Truth be told, her freshly shaven genitals could have occasionally passed within view as the towel covering them fluttered, that is, if anybody had been there to observe, which there was not.

Her bedroom was fairly dark, lit only by the warm yellow yet dim light of one table lamp next to her bed and the further bluish glow cast by the screen from her laptop, placed on the desk across from the bed. This is exactly how she liked her bedroom in the evening, warm dark and comfortable. Further, on this particular night, it is exactly how she needed it. Long tough days required soft, warm dark nights!

She tossed the towel that she had been using to dry her hair, that task only remotely having been accomplished, onto her bedspread as she moved to the adjacent chest of drawers and opened the drawer that would be the easiest to access for somebody lying in bed. Gazing inside the drawer, she selected, from the not too minimal selection, her favorite "bullet" vibrator. In order to check the battery, she turned the knob and, sure enough, felt and heard the vibrator come to life. She re-twisted the knob and the silver vibrator fell silent.

Turning toward the desk and laptop computer, Sam stepped over to the chair in front of both and sat down. Her long day done, and needing to relax some before bed, she clicked on a desktop link, waited a second or two for the GUI to pop open, typed a password; hit return, and...

"Let's just see who is on line."

Setting the vibrator down next to the computer, Sam scanned a list of her friends on line, not immediately seeing anybody that was both on line and that she particularly wanted to talk with at that moment. That time to scan, of course, gave the on line community the time that it needed in order to cause the always assuredly annoying to start.

BigCockStud_IAm to Babycakes63: Hi Baby cakes, how would U like 2 take ME private???

Ride_My_Cock1234 to Babycakes63: Hi, I want to lick your cunt!

Horny_Hunter_D2 to Babycakes63: Hey, baby! Come ride with me! What do you say!

"Gawd! It is so easy to tell the real adults on this ADULT chat line from these raunchy teenage kids. Why don't they filter this and ban these obnoxious kids!" Sam could imagine 'hearing' their teenage voices cracking as they wrote their obnoxious drivel.

Click ignore, click ignore, click ignore. Then...

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: Hey babe!

Lonely Philly!

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: LP! How are you? Have not talked in days!

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: sorry. Work took time this week. How have you been?

Yeah, sure! You have been hanging out with that dominatrix of yours!

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: SOOOOO, how is Big Mother?

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: LOL you caught me!!! Big_Mother is fine. You been busy? Boys or Girls?

Sam had momentarily let her hand drop to her exposed thigh where she nonchalantly but gently started to caress. Her hands came back to the keyboard.

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: You know me & women! I like cock but I LOVE cunt! SOOO, did Big Mother make you do anything interesting l8ly?

ElevenInches11 to Babycakes63: Hey baby cakes, I want to suck your pussy 2nite. How about it?

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: one sec

Click ignore.

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: back. Can we go private? Send invite

A moment later, and... click accept...

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: SOOOOO? Did she?

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: well, yes. Earlier, she had me get hard and then drop a book on it.

Sam had to chuckle. Still, something suddenly had her fingering her moistening slit under her towel as she thought of what to reply.

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: LOL! You poor baby! Did you ice it after? You are not really hurt, are you?

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: It still hurts, but I am fine. HOWEVER, Big_Mother also gave me instructions for "my pet" (U know she calls you that, right?)

Sam stared at the screen. Her vagina went from moistening to dripping in a blink of an eye.

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: ...and... that would be???

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: Big_Mother told me that if you had last had lesbian sex when I asked, then I was to...

Over the next 50 minutes, Sam's chat friend had her play with her breasts and vagina until Sam had reached climax three times, equalling the number of times Sam had been with a lesbian since the last time that she and 'Lonely Philly" had chatted together on line. The first two were easy, but Sam had never been one that could reach orgasm at the drop of a hat, so the third had taken some effort. By the time it was over, Sam, now with rather tender pussy lips, was sitting in a drying smear of self-lubricant that had dripped onto the chair, her towel having long since joined its counterpart from earlier on Sam's bed, her legs splayed wide apart an 11 inch dildo, a 7 inch vibrator and her bullet vibrator having been put to good use.

Sam, now, could only be described as satiated! She loved sessions like this. Sleep was going to come easily tonight. She smiled at the computer. She was about to type "goodnight lover" when...

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: One last thing, lovely lady! I was told to ask if you had clothespins available. The kind with springs.

Sam, for a second, thought about typing "good night", hitting return and logging off as if she had not seen that last message but realized that she had taken too long and the façade would not work.

Babycakes63 to Lone_Philly_1: yes, I do have some. Why?

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: go get two of them. And come back with them.

Sam was no dummy. She knew where this was leading. She thought about just sitting there for a couple of minutes, then announcing, "I'm back, clothes pins in hand", and pretending. However, she had NEVER pretended, with ANYBODY, when it came to sex. If she said that she did something or that she reached an orgasm, then she meant it. She was not going to start now. She got up and went to the hall washer/drier that had been installed in her apartment. Soon, she found want was required and returned to her bedroom, chair and laptop.

Babycakes63 to Lonely_Philly_1: got them, back

Lonely_Philly_1 to Babycakes63: good, now place one on each nipple and leave them there for one solid hour. After that, remove them and masturbate until you orgasm one last time. Good night!

With that, Lonely_Philly_1 was gone and Sam's avatar was thrown back into the public forum.

Not wanting to further run the gauntlet of horny teenage boys trying to seduce older women, she immediately logged off the chat line as well.

"You think that I don't know that the real pain starts when you remove the clothes pins, do you! You think that I am that oblivious! Well, I will just show you! I'm going to accept the challenge!" Nobody obviously was around to hear her, but Sam spoke out load anyway.

So, at 10:10 at night (Sam checked the clock on the laptop), she first place a clothespin onto her left nipple and then quickly followed it by one on her right.

Having done this, she felt slightly awkward, afraid that she would accidently bump the clothes pins as they stuck out so far in front of her C-cup breast. However, doing this was by far not the strangest thing that she had done during sex play, nor would it, she was sure, be the last strange thing that she would do in the future.

Therefore, she settled down to reading a book. Then she surfed the web for a while, and then she caught the weather at the end of the 10PM news. Then she changed channels repeatedly looking for a sitcom or movie, or something to bide her time. Then she picked up her book again. Then she ...

"Ah, 11:10! Well here goes nothing!" And off the pins came, Sam reasoning that the pain is least when you rip a band-aid off quickly, so the pain is going to be minimal if these were removed just as quickly.

Excruciating pain enveloped her now squashed and more than momentarily deformed nipples as blood flooded back into them.

"Gawd!" she nearly screamed, gasping for breath. "Well, I did it, I beat you!"

Sam got her doodlebug vibrator from her bedside stash, slipped the straps up her legs, adjusted them to center the vibrator on her clit and gingerly got into bed, always careful not to touch her painfully swollen nipples. "They said masturbate. A vibrator counts in my book," she said, smiling to herself!

The hour hiatus from her last orgasm had allowed some recovery to her sex drive and she soon felt, laying flat on her back, the stirrings of pleasure in her vagina as they rose to fight the throbbing of pain emanating from her breasts. A few minutes and she was aroused. A few more and she was wet. And a few after that and she reached climax.

"Good! Done! I beat you 'Big Mama'! And dear 'Lonely Philly' will know about it tomorrow!"

With that, she took the doodlebug off and put it on her nightstand, (she would clean it and her other toys in the morning before work). She then shut off the light, lay down and attempted to cover herself with her sheet and blanket.

"Damn, that hurts!" Her still tender and swollen nipples did not like the weight of the blanket causing it to rub against them.

Sam turned on her left side. An intake of breadth from the pain in her left breast and she quickly tried the right side. Same problem!

Sam was back on her back, again! She threw the blanket off her breast, just leaving the sheet. Still the linen sheet was too painful to take.

Sam finally fell asleep, on her back, with the sheets and blanket down below her fully exposed breasts, her arms above the covers, holding them down and off her tender nipples. The coolness of the night temperature against her exposed skin adding, ever so slightly, to Sam's discomfort.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The morning alarm came way too early.

Sam got up, and as an automaton walked to the bathroom, nude as usual, grabbing the two towels from last night as she did. Once her morning biological needs were taken care, she turned the shower on warmer than normal, then plodding back out to her bed stand, stopping along the way to use a damp washcloth on the seat of her desk chair, finding and gathering the accumulated toys from last night and taking them to the bathroom sink where she washed each slightly more than perfunctorily before placing each to dry on the counter next to that sink. Sam then turned to the steaming shower, got in and...

"JUDAS PRIEST, THAT HURTS!" This time the scream would have been easily heard if anybody was around.

Her areolas were swollen to at least twice their normal "excited" size and deep red in color. Her nipples were hard and throbbing and deepest purple. The hot water from the shower, normally so soothing, caused intense pain centered on her nipples to envelop each of her breasts. "Oh, no. Maybe I DID do something rather bad last night. But how do I tell a doctor about this?"

she would figure that out later. Sam knew that she had to shower, so she reduced the water temperature some and backed her way into the spray. She managed to shampoo her hair, and to soap her body up, including her tender breast. She coyly let the water fall down over her shoulders to wash the lather way.

As she stepped out of the shower, and while she gingerly dried her body, the only thought that came to her was, "what on earth can I wear? I have to go to work today!"

Sam went to her dresser, got a bra out, and held it to her breast. Another quick intake of breadth, "no, that won't do today".

She tried her sheerest see-through bra, thinking the sheer material would be least inflammatory. After all, she needed SOME sort of support for her C-cups; they could not just jostle around all day. A snicker escaped her mouth at that thought!

"Yes, the sheer bra would work", it really was a shame that it was such a bright red!

Now, what blouse? It cannot be heavy either, satin would be too much on her rosebuds this morning. It has to be her sheer floral print chemise! Its lingerie, but it looks good enough. I think that I can get away with it. Besides, maybe the flowers will mask my predicament some. "That is the only thing that will work!"

Her eyes scrunched shut and she tossed her head back. "You'll see the red bra through the chemise print. Idiot!"

Twenty more minutes of staring into her closet had her convinced. It was sheer chemise and no bra. "The boys at work are going to enjoy jiggle city today!"

Sam tried to compliment the top as gracefully as possible, choosing long-cut high wasted slacks and a necklace of gold trinkets on top of not too conservative high heels. "Maybe they will think I have a special meeting to attend at lunch! And the necklace will give everybody something to look at besides these nips!" They, in their still swollen state, were really rather noticeable. Further, the color difference between them and the rest of her milky white breasts was clearly visible through the floral print.

During the day, Sam noticed that not a single male coworker, including the older men, the married men and the closet gay men, could take their eyes off of her chest. There was no attempt by any of them to hide their gaze. There was no eye contact. They all just talked to her breast all day long! Sam also, noticed several women casting their eyes furtively her way. All during the day, even as the swelling and tenderness of her breast gradually but finally subsided, Sam had mixed emotions. For some reason, along with the embarrassment that she felt about strutting around effectively saying 'here are my puppies', she felt a growing sense of excitement. She was actually starting to enjoy it. If anything, the jiggle of her nipples against the fabric of the chemise, once the tenderness and swelling had receeded, was very exciting!

Then, the cloud burst. With fifteen minutes to go before Sam could skedaddle out of sight, she received an email from her boss, her FEMALE boss, wanting to see her at the end of the day in the boss's office. It was nearly the end of the day then! Sam, as coyly as possible, snuck a look over her cubical wall toward that boss's office. What she saw caused her gut to clench and her heart to sink. The liaison with Human Resources, another female, was in the boss's office and, as the two of them talked, each would occasionally gesture in Sam's direction.

"Damn, 'Lonely Philly'! Damn, 'Big Mama'. Damn, me and my stupidity!"

At 5PM, Sam knew that she had to face the music. She shut down her work computer, thinking for the last time, and walked the condemned walk down that last mile. Okay, 40 feet, but it felt like a mile. As male coworker after male coworker asked her, wait, get it correct, asked her breasts, if they wanted to go have a drink after work, Sam trudged to the inevitable.

"You wanted to see me?" This Sam said with more enthusiasm in her voice that she really felt, as she reached the door to her boss's office, that office by now with the HR rep having left, leaving the boss alone inside.

"Yes. Please come in. And can you shut the door also." All business, of course.

Sam did as she was asked and then took a seat across the desk from her boss.

"Samantha, ah, as you are probably aware..."

Here it comes.

"...there is an opening for a first line supervisor under me. You know that I have been doing double duty acting in that role for some time now..."

Wait, what? Sam turned and listened closer.

"...I need somebody I can trust and work closely with in that slot. I would like you to have it. It will not all be easy. It would mean that you and I would have to work long weekends and evenings together occasionally. But that can be away from the office as well..."

"I just got a promotion" was the only thing that Sam could actualize.

"...would mean more money and your own office. So, what say you? Will you take the challenge?"

"What, YES! Of course!" I just got a promotion. I just got a promotion.

"...and, Samantha, (by the way, can I call you Sam?), I do have two more things that I would like to say..."

Yeah, sure, whatever! I just got a promotion! I just got a promotion!

"First, we need to work together on the staffing quarterly goals tonight. Can you come over to my place with me this evening? I will open a nice bottle of wine for us to share while we work. I can drive us both, so you can leave your car here. And second, not to be too forward, but I find your casual dressing style very alluring, Sam, I really do! I would love to have you continue such in the future. I think it livened up the office so much today!"

Sam looked up into her boss's face, a face just a very few years older than her own, and found, instead, what appeared to be a soon-to-be lesbian lover's face staring back at her. Her mind raced from extreme to extreme. Should she be offended that the promotion was so obviously a ploy by this woman wishing to explore her sexuality? Was that the case at all? Was there really a sexual offer there? Sam was fairly certain that there was. Besides, why was this bad? Sam loved being bisexual, just like she reaffirmed to 'Lonely Philly' last night! Finally, Sam's mind settled back onto one thought. "Thank you 'Big Mama'. Thank you 'Lonely Philly' my dear, so very dear, friend. Thank you, my own audacity! Oh, and thank you, clothes pins, swollen breasts and chemise floral prints!

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