tagBDSMSam Meets the Neighbor

Sam Meets the Neighbor


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They had just moved into their first house. Sam was so happy to have a yard and some privacy after several years in the apartment. It seems as though there was always an issue with some neighbor being too loud or wanting them to be more quite. Now they had some room as a buffer and a lot more freedom to live as they chose.

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning. Her boyfriend Scott, was playing basketball with some buddies and wouldn't be back until around noon he said. She was out in her back yard planting flowers and tending to her garden. This was definitely a big advantage over living in an apartment. With an old bikini bottom and Scott's oversized tee shirt on, she sat on the ground as a child would, playing in the dirt. She may have even looked the part of a child with her long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and her small stature. That is until you saw her boobs.

She loved the feeling of freedom going bra less under a big shirt. Her large pendulous breasts shook and bounced with every movement. The music from her phone and a big speaker she set up on the deck, coaxed little dance moves from her as she worked making her tits jiggle all the more. This was a perfect day.

Suddenly her music stopped. She looked up to see a large older man standing next to her phone on her deck. She turned and rose to her feet. "Excuse me sir. Is there something I can help you with," she asked. She began to walk toward the stranger when he spoke.

"Your music is too loud so I turned it off," he said matter of factly. She had seen him before.

"Oh you live next door," she said as she extended her hand. "I'm Samantha but you can call me Sam."

"Hi Sam. I'm Robert, but you can call me Sir," he said as he turned to walk back to his yard, not taking her hand. She stood and watched him walk away. He was big. Much bigger than her boyfriend. At least six feet tall, broad muscular shoulders and thick arms. Thick ass and legs, he moved with a confident gate. "And don't turn that damned music back on."

She decided to play his game saying, "Oh yeah, what if I do?"

He stopped and turned his head. "I'll come back over and spank your ass. That's what," he said and turned back.

She stood there not sure what to think of Robert. He was certainly very physically intimidating, but she wasn't easily intimidated. Besides, he couldn't be that big of an asshole. Scott had told her he had met Robert and liked him right away. He must have been joking about the whole thing. Just trying to get a reaction from her.

She reached over and turned the music back on and went back to her dirt. Several minutes went by and without warning she felt a hand grab her pony tail. Lifting her to her feet as he drug her towards her house, Robert sat down on a chair by her deck and pulled her onto his lap facing the ground. He placed his left arm over her back and held her tightly in place as he pulled her bikini bottoms down with his right hand. She was exposed and helpless in this position but not deterred by his strength. "What the fuck do you think you are doing to me," she screamed!

"So you have a nasty mouth to go along with that hard head," he answered. "What did I tell you would happen if you turned the music back on?"

She was speechless. His large thick hand came down hard on her right ass cheek. Whack! "Oh god," she screamed. Then the left. Whack! "Stop! Stop this right now," she screamed. Her ass was on fire. Tears began to well up in her lovely green eyes. "Please stop!" Whack! Again and again his heavy hand came down hard on her ass. Each time it felt like a thousand bee stings. Whack!

He wouldn't stop. She was uncontrollably crying now. She had never been spanked like this. Not even as a child. She fought hard for a time to gain her release but he was much too big and strong for her. Realizing her fight was futile, she stopped fighting and simply lay motionless, absorbing her punishment. The pain was excruciating for a bit and then it seemed to subside. At least she thought it had. She felt a little strange. It still hurt but it felt strangely good too. This was bizarre! It felt really good! After what must have been several minutes, he stopped. "Are you going to play that music loud again," he asked her. She didn't respond at first. "Sam?"

"No, no I won't," she replied through her tears.

"No? No what," he asked.

"No sir," she responded softly.

"Good girl," he said and released her from his grasp. She slowly rose off his lap and stood before him wiping her tears from her face. She had a distant stare. "Did you float away" he asked her.

"What? Wh-what did you say," Sam asked as she stared. Robert just chuckled to himself.

"Why did you do that to me,"

"Because you were a bad girl and I told you that would happen."

"But I'm a grown woman. You can't just spank me," she exclaimed.

"I can and I did," Robert said as he rose to his feet and returned to his yard.

"I don't think Scott will be very happy when I tell him what you did," she exclaimed.

Robert stopped and said in a low confident voice, "You won't tell him."

Sam stood motionless as she watched Robert walk away. She reached down and began to pull her bikini bottom up to cover herself. As the material rubbed against her ass cheeks, the soreness snapped her out of her trance like state. She looked around to see who may have seen her. Turning toward her house she went inside. She stopped at the hall mirror and looked at herself. Her deep green eyes were bloodshot and her face tear streaked.

She also noticed her nipples were very hard and prominent through the thin tee shirt material. She was very turned on. Her pussy was soaked to the point that her juices were running down her legs. Her clit was throbbing and begging for attention. She slowly moved her right hand down her stomach, under the fabric of her bottoms and to her pussy. The slightest touch sent a shock through her. Her fingers traced her pussy lips from front to back. She moaned softly as she leaned against the wall in the hallway for support.

Her left hand reached up and under her shirt cupping her large left breast. She squeezed and pulled her boob before slipping her fingers out to the rock hard nipple. She squeezed it hard between her finger and thumb and another shock pulsed through her. Her left hand moved to her other breast as her right hand teased her pussy. Sam dipped two fingers into her wetness and rub it on her clit. Slow circles in the wetness as she felt her clit respond. Her breath was heavy now as her chest heaved and her back arched with the rush of pleasure. The familiar tension of an impending orgasm began to gather within her as her pace quickened on her swollen and throbbing clit.

She was more vocal now as her lust began to overtake her. "Oooooooooh ffffuuuuuccckkkkk," she moaned as her pleasure spilled over. Her legs began to shake and loose strength so she slid down the wall to sit on the floor. Moments later as she slowly recovered from her bliss, she stood and made her way to her bed. Falling limp onto her back she stared at the ceiling. As she laid there, she couldn't believe how horny she was. That orgasm had just wet her appetite and Scott wasn't due back for another hour at least. How did Robert spanking her have this effect? Her hand went back to her pussy and her still firm clit. She rubbed it with quick circular strokes and could feel the tension building again.

She removed her bikini bottom and reached toward her night stand. Opening the drawer she found the dildo she had just bought days before. She lined up the toy and easily pushed it deep into her pussy. "Oh god," that felt good. It was the perfect size and filled her completely. One hand resumed the circular rubbing of her bud as the other fucked her with the toy. Her moaning resumed now louder than ever. Her back arched again as she began to loose control to the onslaught of pleasure. Stabbing her wet cunt with the dildo, she began to slap her clit as a torrent of fluid gushed from her loins. She shreaked with pleasure as her body writhed and bucked against her hands.

Still not content, she pulled the soaking phallis from her pussy and shoved it deep into her ass. She loved the different sensation she got from anal. She felt so full and so dirty. Just a few long strokes in her tight anus and another cascade of pleasure wracked her body. As her orgasm subsided, Sam laid spent and motionless in her bed. What was that about, she thought. She wasn't sure but she liked it. She wouldn't tell Scott, for now.

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