tagGroup SexSam Takes on Two

Sam Takes on Two


Samantha headed to a sports convention in Atlanta. This was nothing new, she had been to dozens of them throughout the years. She was used to being the only young black woman in a room full of older white men, it was just the nature of her business. She held her own and was never intimidated. In fact, sometimes she was turned on by the fact that she has just about as much power as most men in the room.

This time she stepped into a meeting room at the Atlanta Sheraton. She was chocolate, 5'5", athletic with some curves. She still worked out 5 times a week in between her busy schedule. She wore a navy business suit that was obviously tailored for her because it fit her like a glove. Coupled along with navy pumps and a bright yellow blouse underneath. She walked around a greeted all of the old faces that she knew with a firm handshake and a smile.

She noticed two sets of eyes on her and she walked through the room. She glanced up and saw two very attractive white men that looked like they played pro football. They were about 10-15 years older than her, mid 40's and smiling ear to ear as they watched her. Did they notice her confidence, how everyone respected and admired her, or did they just think she was hot?

"Hi I'm Dave and this is Peter. We actually were invited by one of the team owners. We retired a while ago and needed some help with finding a smart investor."

"Hi I'm Samantha. Well you guys are definitely in the right place. In this is room we have the top investors from across the US. Looks like you have your pick from the cream of the crop."

"And we have been told you are the one to watch."

"That's nice to know. Nice meeting you but I have a presentation in a few. I'll chat with you guys later."

You never want to seem desperate and always leave them wanting to know more. That was one of Sam's rules that strangely related to work and her dating life.

Sam's presentation was a hit. Not only did she receive a standing ovation from the room but her two new sets of eyes couldn't keep their eyes of her. If she was a rookie she would definitely been intimated but she just smiled and keep it moving.

After the meeting ended, Dave and Peter waited for Sam to pack her things up. They wanted to grab dinner and talk about their portfolios. Sam normally doesn't do accounts while at conventions but she looked up these guys net worth and they were practically begging for a meeting.

They decided to get a small private room at Fleming's Steakhouse and meet at 5pm. Everyone met at the bar and had drinks for about an hour. These guys are much larger than Sam and were slinging back shots like water. She usually never drinks at meetings but decided to have two cocktails. After dinner they both had their arms around her as they discussed their portfolio. Peter draped his arms around Sam and stroked her shoulder. Dave had his hand on her thigh and was lightly rubbing it. Sam had a feeling these guys had been having threesomes together for years. They were too in sync with each others movements. Dinner was great, Sam closed the deal, had the contracts signed now it was time to have a little fun.

All 3 of them stumbled into the Sam's penthouse- her company hooked her up with a great room while in Atlanta. Both of the men were running their hands all over Sam's body. Sam kissed Peter then she kissed Dave. She felt down the front of their pants and they were rock hard.

"Why don't you guys get comfortable. I'm going to change and I'll be right back. "

The men undressed to their boxers. All they could think about was bending over her chocolate ass and eating her pussy. Little did they know this wasn't going to be that type of party.

Sam stepped out wearing a red teddy with a garter and thigh high stocking. She had on sky high satin pumps. Their mouths dropped open as their cocks sprang to attention.

"Hmmm what have we here?" Grabbing the men gently by the cock but firm enough to let them know she was in control.

They smiled at eachother and followed her.

She walked them to the back of the couch and knelt down on the couch. Their cocks were at her eye level.

"Drop your boxers."

As soon as their dicks popped out she grabbed their balls and began massaging them simultaneously.

Their heads leaned back as moans escaped their mouths. She spit on their cocks and started giving a double hand job.

"Who's going to cum first boys?"

She put their cocks together. One was shorter but had more girth and the other was skinny and long with a hook. She would alternate between licking one and kissing the others dick-never taking it all the way into her mouth. They loved watching her switch between their cocks and they started to drip some precum. They started fucking her hand and just as their balls tightened and they were about to cum she pulled her hand back. She pulled this game for about 10 minutes, edging them.

They looked disappointed when she finally stopped but new that they would be pounding her pussy next.

"Walk around and get on your knees."

She spread her legs wide open as she sat on the couch; her pussy was already wet.

"You want to make me cum boys?"

They nodded enthusiastically.

"I want both of you to lick my pussy at the same time."

They looked bewildered. But couldn't turn down the opportunity to fuck this beautiful black woman in front of them.

They started off slowly. Kissing her thighs, feeling her smooth skin. They were trying their best to avoid licking her pussy at the exact same time, they couldn't have there tongues touch because they weren't gay.

She notice their hesitation and pushed their heads right next to each other. Her scent was musky and sweet. They inhaled at the same time and couldn't resist licking her pussy. Their tongues swirled around her clit and each other's and they where feening to make her cum. She grabbed both of their heads and started grinding, the faster she went the faster they licked. They were all on the same rhythm and suddenly she squirted right into their mouths. They had never made a women cum at the same time while going down on her and that made their cocks stand at attention.

"Peter bend me over, Dave come kiss me as he fucks me."

Peter started off slow, giving her long strokes in and out of her pussy. Dave was romantically kissing her and playing with her clit. Sam rocked back and forth and Peter picked up the pace.

"Dave lick my pussy baby."

He enthusiastically got on his knees and was fixated on her clit. Peter had a strange sensation, feeling Dave's tongue was about to make him cum. He fucked Sam harder and just as he was about to spill his seed inside her, she popped his dick out and forced it in Dave's mouth. Dave swallowed every last drop. Sam kissed Dave taking some of Peter's cum out of his mouth. She kissed Peter pushing his own cum in his mouth and then licked her lips. They both stood in amazement. They met someone freakier than both of them combined and she was a petite black woman.

Sam pushed Dave on the couch and faced Peter she started to ride Dave. Peter instinctively started going down on Sam. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head. She started to really fuck Dave, bouncing up and down on his hard cock. She pushed Peter away and got on her knees next to him.

"Let's suck Dave off and let him cum in our mouths."

She pushed Peter's head onto Dave's cock. They both sucked his shaft up and down until Dave started fucking back. He was about to cum they both sat back and took a massive facial on their faces. Peters and Dave both kissed Sam and licked all of the cum of her face.

They collapsed in bed with Sam in the middle.

"So it looks like you have two boyfriends now," said Dave.

They men looked at each other and both kissed Sam at the same time. She smiled and snuggled in between their muscular bodies.

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by Familyluv2114u10/12/18


This story so much with the exception of the two guys living each other.
That's NOT my cup of tea at all but to each his or her own haha,nonetheless I love your work and I'll check out more of your offeringsmore...

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