tagNonHumanSam the Christmas Fairy Ch. 02

Sam the Christmas Fairy Ch. 02


In my job, timing is everything. Sometimes I spend hours waiting for just the right moment. Like I said, it can get pretty boring. Take Anna, for example, meandering around the mall, pushing the stroller with the baby in it, and David, the kid who nearly bought the farm trying to cross the street earlier, tagging after her. It will be another hour until I'm really needed, and if The Voice doesn't chime in with another call, it's just me following her around until it's time. Boring.

That's when I spot Alex over near the restrooms, sitting high up on one of those fake, lit-up tinsel candy-canes over the door.

"Hey, Sam!"

I've been spotted, too. I wave back, checking to make sure Anna is still in line for pictures with Santa, and flit over to say hi.

"Whatcha got?" I ask, taking a seat. "Anything good."

Alex grins, pointing down to the restroom, where a woman pushes open the door. That's when I notice, it says, "Men." Ahhhh... a tryst! Whose fate, I wonder? Hers? His? Or some unknown third party? We only get to find out on a need-to-know basis. We get a whole hell of a lot bigger picture than most of the humans, but we still don't have the scope of, say The Voice. We're pretty sure there's someone even bigger than that, but who knows?

"Wanna watch?" Alex is already buzzing downward, and I follow, checking Anna's place in line one more time before slipping through the men's room door just before it swings shut.

I love the sounds of sex. The unzipping, the fumbling, the moans and the gasps. Just watching makes my whole being vibrate. Alex notices as we perch on top of the stall, seeing the woman lift her skirt and bend over, offering the rounded flesh of her behind to the man. Look at the thing he's got to put in her! It's bigger than I am!

"Which would you rather have, do you think?" Alex asks, giving me a nudge. "The hard thing or the soft thing?"

"It's a penis," I correct him, watching the man slide it into the woman's smooth opening. I have to really lean in to get a good angle, but I manage. "Or a vagina... although they have lots of different names for them, you know... cock... pussy..." Just saying the words gives me a sort of heat.

"I'd want a penis," Alex says. "Almost as good as a sword. Or a wand."

We never had wands, just so you know. Another one of the many misnomers about fairies. Alex watches too much Disney.

"I think I'd want... a pussy." Our corporeal bodies are small and hairless, completely smooth and rounded. Between my legs, there is nothing but a little mound of flesh, no cleft. What would it be like, I wonder, watching the woman's face as she reaches between her legs and rubs herself there. The looks on their faces tell me almost everything I want to know. Almost.

"Hey, then I could do that to you!" Alex grins, giving me a nudge.

"So what's your assignment?" I have to change the subject. The moans are growing louder, the sounds of slapping flesh echo in the tiled room. It's hard to concentrate on anything else.

"He's outside." Alex stretches and flies straight upward, his wings buzzing noisily. Too high for human ears to hear, of course, although a few of them have felt the brush of a fairy's wings on occasion. "Come on."

I glance down to see the man pulling his cock out, the woman turning around and pumping it into her hand. Thick, white spurts of liquid surge onto her tongue, and I can't help but wonder what it might taste like before Alex is pulling me after him.

"Wait here." Alex is off, and I sit on the candy cane perch and make sure Anna is still in line. She is, but they're getting close to the Santa Promised Land.

A man is practically running for the bathroom, and I realize that Alex has made him ill. I try to be as kind as I can, doing what needs to be done. Some of us are just too vindictive. The man straight-arms the men's room door, and practically runs into his wife, still tucking her blouse into her skirt, and the man behind her, buckling his belt.

"Karen? What are you doing here?" The man looks between his wife and her lover. This is that fateful moment. I'd know it anywhere.

"That was mean," I whisper to Alex as I flit by. "Didn't he suffer enough?" I don't look back as I head off toward Anna and the kids. It's almost time.

The kids get their pictures taken. The baby is great, but David screams in terror the whole time. Not that I blame him. The fat man in the red suit is enough to give anyone nightmares. Then it's off to home. Anna is a widow, doing the whole single-mom thing, now, and I don't envy her. I give the kids little pushes, helping them calm down and get settled in their car seats. Kids can see us, sometimes, but these two can't, thank goodness.

I settle myself on the dash and get to work.

"Ma'am?" Yeah, that guy in the pickup, rolling down his window and calling to Anna? That was me. "Your tire is going flat on this side."

"Oh! Thank you!" Anna gives him a wave.

Now she's off to find the gas station. Checking the time, I realize it's just a little too soon, so the first one I nudge her towards has an air pump—but the coin slot has been jammed for months. That kills about ten minutes, because she didn't have quarters to begin with and, thanks to me, the station didn't have any either, so she had to drive down the street to the Subway to cash out a dollar for four of them. Of course, when she got back to the pump, that's when she realized it was jammed.

Okay, so I said I tried to be as kind as I could. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do! Because the next gas station I nudge her towards doesn't have any air pump at all. It's just a vacuum she thought was a pump. By this time, she's practically in tears, and yeah, okay, I feel a little bad, but trust me, I know what I'm doing.

I nudge her toward a third station, half a mile down the street. This one has an air pump, but it's out of order. Little white sign taped over the coin slot. Perfect. She's swearing, now, and little David in the backseat decides to mimic her. "Shit, shit, shit!"

Ahhh, here we are! She pulls up behind a black Saturn and gets out to wait for the air pump. She's thinking about her husband, who was killed in Iraq, how he always used to take care of things like checking the oil and filling the tires.

When the man in the Saturn goes to put the air hose back on the coil, and their eyes meet... see! Look, there it is! That's a fateful moment if I ever saw one! Sometimes my job is pretty good, for all the waiting around I do. See the smile she just gave him? She hasn't smiled like that at a man in years!

I'm getting that funny feeling in my middle again, just watching them. I hope The Voice doesn't send a call any time soon. I'd like to see how this one turns out!


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