I slammed the phone down so hard I thought I broke it. "Go to hell, you son of a bitch", I said out loud, even though I was the only one there.

I had been together with Fred for about three months. It started off good, but it slowly turned into hell on earth. Good riddance. If he calls me again, I will hang up.

After moping around for a few hours, I decided to go out. I needed an adventure, something completely different. My life, and especially my sex life, has gone from bad to worse.

I had heard about a new club downtown that was supposed to be fun. I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to go there on my own. I can take care of myself in a crowded club, and they have valet parking, so I felt safe. I got dressed in a fairly hot outfit, even though I certainly did not want to meet another man. I have had enough of men, for a while at least.

I found the club with my GPS, and the valet took my car. I walked into a packed room, with barely enough room to get through to the bar. I spotted an empty stool, next to a very attractive woman, and I thought that was perfect.

I sat down and said "Hi" and she smiled and nodded a greeting. I said "My name is Gail".

"Nice to meet you," she answered, "I am Samantha." She was drop-dead beautiful, hair, makeup, and clothes like a model. She was drinking the typical glass of Chardonnay like most women. I ordered the same.

"It's my first time here" I said by way of small talk. "Same here," she answered, "but it seems to be just another meat-market. Men have been annoying me all night, and I saw several of them checking you out when you came in."

Oh great, I am in a pick-up joint. "I hope none of them hit on me, I might hurt someone!"

She laughed out loud, and said "I would like to see that!"

We were just starting to enjoy a good conversation, when right on cue some guy came up with a lame pick-up line. "No thanks, not interested," Samantha said, while I just ignored him. He walked away, humiliated.

Some guys never say die, and soon he was back for another try. This time I spoke up, and said "Can't you see we are a couple? Buzz off!"

He looked at us both with amazement. I guess he never thought that Lesbians might be attractive. No tool belts or steel-toed boots on us. He looked at Samantha and said "What can she give you that I can't?"

Samantha looked him straight in the eye and said "Pussy."

That did it, he walked away fast. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing, and Samantha was smiling too. "Samantha, you are really something!" She reached out and touched my arm and whispered, "Call me Sam. I prefer that."

It was a pretty personal, even intimate way to touch me, and she prefers Sam? Whoa, I am on to something here! But apparently I suffer from the same stereotype view of Lesbians that the loser guy does. I have to admit that the idea of sex with another woman has occurred to me, and it intrigues me. But I would not be interested in a masculine "butch" type. That is certainly not Sam!

Sam is a stylish, well-groomed, beautiful, and intelligent, articulate, feminine woman. Is that enough adjectives? The thought of seeing her naked, and having some kind of sex with her had me tingling.

We were both quiet for a few minutes, and then Sam said, "I guess you know that I meant what I said to that guy." I shook my head yes. Sam said "If you want me to leave, just say so. I will just walk away."

Well, I thought, you wanted an adventure, and something completely different. Go for it.

I said "No, let's just both walk away, out of here."

We got to the valet desk, and I said "Just follow me, I won't let you get lost." Our cars came up together, and we drove away, Sam following me.

We pulled in to the parking lot at my condo, and Samantha parked next to me. My unit is on the second floor, but I have my own door and private stairway. I opened the door for us, and Samantha went up the stairs ahead of me. Her short skirt revealed her beautiful legs, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her nice ass.

I poured us each a glass of wine, and we sat down next to each other on the couch. We clinked glasses and took a sip, and I said "I am so glad you came home with me."

Sam said "I am glad to be here", and kissed me fully on the mouth, her tongue exploring and finding mine. She looked directly into my eyes and said "This is a new experience for you, isn't it."

We were both silent for a moment, before I answered "Yes. But even though we just met, I am not uncomfortable with you at all." She put her hand on my knee, and as she kissed me again she slid her hand up my skirt and touched my pussy through my damp panties.

I started to do the same; I put my hand on her knee and moved up her inner thigh. She stopped me about half way, and I was puzzled. Maybe that is how this works, I thought. This was all so new to me. I said "Let's go to my bedroom." We got up and walked to my room.

I was so excited about what was happening I began to undress quickly. She followed suit, but much more slowly. I got down to my bra and panties, and then I removed the bra. I was wearing some tiny, sheer, sexy panties, and I noticed that Sam had on something more like a young boys boxers. Very strange.

We sat down side-by-side on the bed, and passionately kissed while Sam reached into my panties and fondled my wet pussy. I wanted to respond in kind, but once again she stopped me. "There is something you need to know about me. I am different. I was born this way."

She lifted up, and slid her boxers off. Words fail me, but I will just say I was shocked. In place of a vagina, she had a full-size penis and testicles. Not some grotesque mutation, but perfectly formed male genitals. To complete the picture, you need to visualize an incredibly beautiful woman, as perfect as a lingerie model, with a large penis and testicles.

She was downcast, and quietly said "If you want me to leave, just say so."

My heart went out to her. She was ready to be rejected, like usual. I wanted to have sex with her, but I also wanted her to know that she did not need to be ashamed.

"Of course not," I answered, and put my arms around her and kissed her. "Please stay."

We moved up onto the bed together, and lay side-by-side. We continued kissing as if we could not get enough of it, while she stroked and played with my pussy. She abruptly said "I know what you were expecting," and moved down to my crotch.

She began licking and flicking my clit with her tongue, and occasionally going lower and brushing it over my asshole. This was the lesbian love-making that I had indeed been expecting, and very soon I had an intense orgasm. She crawled up beside me and we embraced.

I was confused and bewildered; I didn't know what to do. I started to stroke and fondle her erect, hard penis, and I reached lower and caressed her balls. I need to stress that this was not some disgusting, freak-of-nature thing stuck on her body, it was the most beautiful penis I have ever seen. The longest one, too, straight and rock hard.

I keep using the words "penis, and balls" along with the words "She, and Her" and I realize they do not go together. If you are confused, imagine how my head was spinning. Her penis was practically throbbing as I held it tightly in my hand. I started to move down to take it in my mouth, which I thought was the appropriate thing to do. Sam touched my shoulder and shook her head.

"Don't you want me to . . ." and she whispered "That would be nice, but some other time."

We embraced again, arms around each other. Sam said "I really want to fuck you." I murmured "Yes." She finger-fucked my wet vagina for a minute, and then pushed her long, slender middle finger all the way up my ass. With her eyes closed, and her face turned away as if she was ashamed, she whispered "I want to fuck you the way that men fuck me."

I have had anal sex on exactly two occasions, with two different men. Neither time was very satisfying. The first guy acted like it was a prison rape, even though I agreed to it and was cooperating. He held me down as if we were wrestling, and jammed his cock up my ass. The second guy actually said he wanted to "cornhole" me. How charming. He shoved it in, slid in and out a few times, shot his load and promptly fell asleep.

In spite of those bad experiences, I was still intrigued by the idea, and I knew Sam would not be like that.

I kissed her and said "Yes, please!" I started to turn over, but she said "No, just stay like that. Lift your legs up as high as you can." I put a hand on each shin, and pulled my legs up till my knees almost touched my shoulders. She positioned herself, and I felt the tip of her cock touch my asshole. I was quivering with excitement. She pushed the tip in, and it stretched and filled me.

She maintained eye contact with me, searching for any sign of pain or discomfort. There was none. Slowly and carefully she pushed it up my ass, little by little. It felt like she was exploring me, finding the path of least resistance. She would have stopped at any time if I wanted her to, but the dreamy look in my eyes told her to keep going. She was very turned on, but still very considerate and gentle.

She eased it up into me, all the while gazing into my eyes, making sure it was OK. When it was all the way in, her pubic bone was pressed hard against my pussy. Vaginal juices were flowing out of me, and it ran down onto her cock. The lubrication allowed her to slide it in and out slowly.

Our bodies were in full contact, with her breasts pressed against mine. Her rock-hard nipples brushed against mine, and she fucked me slowly with a gentle rocking motion. Her smooth, feminine skin against mine, and her passionate tongue-kisses, put me into a trance-like state.

This was nothing like the clumsy attempts by the men. We kissed, we caressed, and we held each other passionately. This was feminine love-making, with one exception. Her long, stiff cock was up my asshole.

I was hoping it would last forever, but she stopped and pulled out of me. I thought that she might be finished, that maybe she did not have the full complement of male plumbing and she did not ejaculate.

I was not disappointed for long. She just wanted me to turn over. I did eagerly, and reached back with both hands to spread my butt. I wanted her to know she was welcome. I felt her move into place behind me, and her cock slid up my stretched asshole.

She fucked me faster and harder in this position, and her balls slapped up against my wet pussy with each stroke. The tip of her cock went further into me than either of the men had gone, but it was not uncomfortable at all. I was in ecstasy.

She thrust deep into me and stopped, and she pumped her load into me. She didn't grunt and groan like the men did, she whimpered softly as her cock twitched and pulsed, and spurt after spurt of her cum squirted into my stomach. I had never felt anything like it.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, and then she pulled out and we were side-by-side again. My asshole felt stretched and wet with cum. I hoped that none of it ran out of me onto the bed.

She got up and went into my bathroom, and I heard the water running as she washed herself. I was in the warm afterglow of sex, and even though I did not have an orgasm I felt completely satisfied. I guess I am bi-sexual, because even though I was turned on by her feminine body and personality, having a cock up in me was so exciting and erotic. If I were exclusively Lesbian, it would have been disgusting.

Sam came back to bed, and we embraced, arms around each other. "I never knew it would be like that," I said. Sam answered "Neither did I." That puzzled me; surely she has had a lot of experience. "Haven't you done that before?"

"No, I haven't. I have had it done to me a few times. You are the first woman I have had sex with."

My look of surprise led her to continue.

"I have tried to get together with gay women, but when they see me naked they bolt for the door. The last thing they want is a penis. I have been together with men, but about half of them hit the door when they see me, too. Most of the ones who stayed just wanted me to suck them off, which I did. A few realized there was a way to fuck me, and sometimes it was good."

"But none of them would even touch me there. I guess they thought it would turn them gay, as if it was a contagious disease. Once, while I was on my knees and the guy was giving it to me good, I stroked myself and when he came I did, too. It went all over the bed, and that freaked him out. He was gone soon."

This poor, beautiful creature. She suffers rejection from everyone. Everyone except me, that is. I took her half-hard cock in my hand and fondled it affectionately. We stayed close together, and soon she drifted off to sleep. Obviously I did too, because I woke with a start at about 2:00AM.

My mind went in several directions at once. Was Sam a gay man who became a drag queen by using female hormones and surgery? She says not, she says she was born a female in every way except for the genitals. I know this happens, so I will take her word for it.

I carefully reached over and took her semi-erect penis in my hand. I stroked it a little, and it grew hard and long in my hand. That aroused me even more, and I crawled down and took the tip in my mouth. I began to slide it in and out of my mouth, and pulled it out so I could lick the head. I looked up and Sam was smiling at me, clearly awake.

I kept giving her my best blowjob, and then I did something I have never dared to try with a man. I reached under her balls, and explored until I found her anus. I pushed my middle finger up into her, while I continued the blowjob. My reward came soon, no pun intended. She filled my mouth several times with her cum, and I swallowed it as fast as I could.

I crawled back up beside her, and kissed her. She didn't seem to mind my cum-slippery lips and tongue. I said "I can't get enough of you!" She replied "I know. I feel the same way." Very soon we were both asleep again.

Several hours must have passed, and I was having a fantastic dream, or maybe more like a nightmare. I was tied face-down on a bed, and a big bunch of men were standing around the bed, all naked. In any direction I looked, there was a stiff hard-on . I was about to be gang-banged. I should have been terrified, but I was actually aroused. The thought of one stiff cock after another going up my ass was turning me on, in my dream state anyway.

I never realized how anally erotic I am until this nights adventures. I felt something go up my ass, and I thought I was being raped, but it was actually pleasant. I came out of my dream, and then I realized it was Samantha, pushing her finger up my ass.

"Good morning!" she whispered. "It's your turn to wake up being molested!" I didn't need her to tell me anything more, I got up onto my hands and knees, in an extreme doggy-position. My head and shoulders were down tight on the bed, and my butt was sticking up in the air. To my surprise, she inserted her cock into my vagina. Needless to say, it went right in to the hilt.

She fucked me wonderfully that way for a few minutes, and then she said "This is just foreplay. I want to keep you fresh down there. I don't want to taste my own cum." She pulled out, and I tried to get my butt even higher in the air, pulling my knees up to my shoulders.

I sensed her changing her position behind me, and I felt the head of her beautiful cock touch my asshole.

Some of her cum from last night remained, and she slid up into me easily. It was amazing how far she went into me, with no discomfort at all, just erotic pleasure.

I pushed my butt back against her as she pressed tightly to me. The tip of her cock went into uncharted territory in my stomach.

She fucked me hard and fast, with her balls slapping up against my soaking wet pussy. Within a few minutes, she squirted another load into me.

We stayed in bed for a while, recovering from our exertions. When we finally got up, I went to the kitchen and made coffee, and some scrambled eggs. We sat at the table for most of the morning, just talking. The decision that resulted was that Sam would move in with me, and we would see how it worked out. My relationships with men never lasted more than a few months, but I think this will be different.

I am sure that everyone will think we are just another typical Lesbian couple, which we are, except for Samantha's wonderful anatomy.

I had some fantasies drift through my mind, imagining what it would be like if we could persuade a woman to join us for one night. I pictured Sam fucking her up the ass, while I licked her pussy. Hopefully, the woman's head wouldn't explode.

I even imagined what it might be like if I had a cock and Sam let me fuck her. I can't grow one, so I might have to settle for watching a man fuck Sam up the ass, while I suck her cock. Maybe we can find a trustworthy, kind man.

My God, I have become a wild, liberated sexual person. I have decided that my pussy is for fondling, stroking, and licking, and my asshole is for fucking.

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