I was a graduate student at the state university and had finished my classes for the week even though it was just Thursday.

Mom was a professor of literature at the university and was at the library helping with a 'get kids to read' program. I had been volunteered to read for them. There were eighty little third graders in the library.

I somehow ended up surrounded by a bunch of boys reading from a book from Gerald Durrell. It had been my favorite book growing up so I was glad to revisit with him and his menagerie.

The boys were very disappointed when they had to go so I copied the book cover and handed one copy to each kid. I told them Amazon should have it.

I went outside and waved at them as their bus left then went back in to find Mom. I found her talking to a cute, tall, somewhat skinny girl. I had seen her often with Mom and had always treated her politely.

Both smiled at me then the girl began to walk in my direction. She appeared indecisive for a moment but continued towards me.

I assumed she wanted to ask me something.

Suddenly she kissed me, a full lip kiss with partly open mouth. As she began to withdraw I gently pressed my fingers to the back of her shoulder indicating to her she did not need to end the kiss.

She didn't and it was a fabulous kiss.

When it did end she said, "Thanks. Your Mom said you would not mind."

She was blushing furiously when she resumed her walk past me.

"Did you tell that girl to kiss me?" I asked Mom.

"No. I told her you would not mind if she kissed you. She did ask me. I saw you enjoyed it."

"Yes. It was a very fine kiss. Who is she?"

"My TA, Sam."

"That was Sam? I thought Sam was a guy."

"No, that was Sam as in Samantha. She has wanted to kiss you for a while and now that she is near to completing her bucket list she is getting to the interesting stuff. Your name is still on her list.

I saw that you and Durrell had the boys mesmerized. How many do you think will go look for the book?"

"All of them. It is the finest book ever written for boys.

Why is Sam in such a hurry to finish her bucket list?"

"The stated reason is that she graduates with her masters in two weeks just as you will. The real reason is that she has a brain tumor.

It is benign, so to speak, in that it is not cancerous but it is also inoperable. She had as much of it removed as they could get twice but each time they did it grew back faster than it had before and now it has penetrated where they can't reach. She may not survive another year."

A great sadness overwhelmed me for a few moments.

"Don't fall in love with her," Mom said.

"No way. Why would I do that?"

"Because she is in love with you. Even though you had no idea who she was you always treated her politely. She seemed to think you liked her. Don't tell her you didn't know she was my Sam."

I saw her walking back towards us and I forced my sadness into a mental closet. When she joined us I scooped her into my arms and kissed her. It was a loving kiss, which she devoured.

"Mom told me I could," I said to her.

"No I didn't. He's a masher, a playboy that thinks every girl is in love with him. Ignore him. Did you lock my office? He is taking us to lunch."

"Yes, but I..."

"Make him pay for that kiss."

Sam giggled and said, OK."

I shook my head as if I had been imposed upon and mumbled, "Where to?"

I was given the name of the best Tex-Mex restaurant in the city.

I drove us there and as we walked in Sammy stumbled a bit. I took her hand and helped her regain her balance.

"Where are your glasses?" Mom asked her how Moms do.

"In my purse."

"Your purse is never going to see, it does not need them."

We were being led to our table by then so I just kept holding her hand until we sat. She retrieved her glasses and put then on. They made her look even cuter.

"Son, tell her she looks cuter with them on."

"She does. You do. The only drawback is that you now can see how ugly your lunch date is."

She burst into giggles as Mom simply rolled her eyes as Mom's do.

We ordered and began devouring the chips on the table. We talked about everything but mostly about the kids we worked with that morning.

"Did you get a headache?" Mom asked Sam.

"No. Apparently I don't get headaches when I read out loud. And no I did not get a headache while reading the menu."

"I did. That thing is longer than Gone With The Wind," I said.

Mom just gave me her soon to patented blank stare as Sam giggled.

Our food was served and we ate like we were starving which we were. We were eating lunch at two in the afternoon. After I finished my lunch I got a draft beer and Mom got a red wine.

I asked Sam if she wanted one or the other and she said she didn't drink.

Mom asked her, "Why not?"

Sam's eyes widened and Mom ordered her a glass of sweet red wine. She did not like it at first but by her third sip she was OK with it. By the third sip of her second glass she was drunk. Everything anyone did or say was hilarious to her. She kissed me twice.

Mom decided she was not in any condition to go to her dorm and decided to take her home with us.

On our way out the hostess said, "Your girlfriend is funny you need to bring her back."

"Oh, I will but from now on her wine limit is one."

We all laughed, except for Sam, she had a stunned expression on her face. I could not tell if it was because anyone thought she was drunk or that they thought she was my girlfriend.

As we drove home Sam's hilarity resumed and kept asking what the people in the small square SUV had done with the hamsters.

Mom told me to put her in my bed. I decided to ask later and maneuvered Sam to my bedroom as she protested that she was not at all sleepy. About five seconds after her head hit the pillow she was sound asleep.

Mom was waiting for me at the kitchen table drinking coffee. I made myself a cup and sat with her. She did not say anything at first.

Eventually she said, "I want you to treat her as if she is your girlfriend until graduation. You have that trip to Costa Rica and she has to set up for a classroom so you only need to be her boyfriend for two and a half weeks. By the time you return she will be in teacher meetings.

One of the items on her bucket list is to have someone make love to her and someone fuck the hell out of her. The name she has for both is you. There is no second name. She says she is not a virgin and has been invaded by three guys. She got no pleasure out of any of them. The guys apparently just used her as a cum bucket, if you will pardon the expression.

Make love to her first. When she seems ready fuck her to Timbuktu.

She will know you don't love her but never say that. And don't tell her you love her, pity is the last thing she wants."

"Is it the tumor that is affecting her eyesight?"

"Yes, and her sense of balance. So far no cognitive loss, she is as bright as ever."

"Do you love her?"

Mom was annoyed by the question and fidgeted for a while before staring at me. She began to say something but burst into tears and just nodded yes.

"I will help you make her life happy," I said then took her into my arms and held her.

She eventually got up and went to my bed and lay down next to Sam. It had been a stressful day for Mom and she was soon asleep too.

I drove over to Sam's dorm room and packed everything I thought she would need for the next three weeks. I set her stuff up in my bedroom then lay down next to her.

"Did you go somewhere?, Mom asked.

"Yes, I got her stuff from her dorm room."

"Thank you baby. I love you."

"I love you too," a still somewhat drunk Samantha said.

Mom and I laughed which woke Sammy up completely.

"Where am I?"

"In bed with my mother. You two got us kicked out of the place and I was so embarrassed I can never go back."

"What did we do?"

"Well first were the passionate kisses, to me to Mom to our waitress and to the cat that lives there."

"I kissed a cat?"

"Yes. It was funny, after the kiss you then spent a lot of time trying to spit out cat hair. Then you kissed Mom and she had to spit out cat hair.

Then you accused a family that came in of killing and eating the hamsters."

Mom lost it at that one and began to howl in laughter. Sam realized I had made it all up and began to beat me about my head and shoulders. She stopped when I kissed her but resumed when I stopped.

We repeated that cycle three times until Mom asked, "Son, do you have condoms?"

Sam was apparently still drunk enough to admit she was on the pill. One kiss later the conversation had worked its way past the fuzzy parts of her brain and she understood we were going to fuck. She blushed and hid her face.

Mom said, "Sam, we need to start on the term papers. Take a quick shower then join me in the office."

Sam stumbled when she got up and I had to steady her. I did so with an embrace then led her to my dresser and showed her where her underwear and shorts were. I then opened the closet and showed her the dresses, skirts, and blouses were. I led her to the bathroom and showed her where all her stuff was.

Her eyes were wide open and she blushed as she trembled a bit, she realized she had moved in with me.

I turned on the water in the shower and undressed her. I kissed her very fine tits as I exposed them. I kissed her pussy as I exposed it.

I kissed her as I urged her under the water then left her.

Before I left the room I picked out one of my t-shirts and laid it out on the bed for her.

I fixed a pot of hot tea for them then took the pot and two cups to the office. Mom was already in there wearing just a t-shirt.

I returned to my room and saw she was out of the shower drying herself. I took my clothes off and joined her in the bathroom. A long naked hug and kiss later I said, "Mom is waiting for you in the office."

She smiled and nodded and after staring at my rapidly rising cock for a few moments she kissed me and left the bathroom.

She was wearing my t-shirt as she left to join Mom.

I finished my shower and put on some loose gym shorts and returned to the office. I kissed both then took a beer and a textbook to our patio.

About an hour later they came out to join me. We only had two patio chairs so when Mom sat in hers I pulled Sam to my lap. We kissed.

"Sam, do you want him now or do you want to wait until tonight?

We do need to get started on the second set term papers soon." Mom asked.

"How about now and tonight?" I said as I placed Sam's naked pussy over my now free cock, it slowly slid into her very slick pussy. She had an orgasm.

Mom left us with a smile and Sam gently fucked me until she had another orgasm.

I kissed her then took her shirt off and loved her tits. She fucked me harder and had a nice orgasm that took over her body for several moments.

I had not cum but she seemed to be fucked out so I just held her to me as we kissed.

"Your Mom is waiting for me," she said.

She stood slowly as she enjoyed my cock's trip out of her pussy.

I got a big kiss and a thank you before she hurried back into the house. I had to call her back so she could put the shirt back on.

I got another kiss.

I got dressed and went to pick up a pizza. I took slices to them in the office then went back out to the patio with a beer, pizza and a different textbook.

After I was done with all three I went to the office and kissed them both again then went to the living room and watched a baseball game. It was the top of the eighth inning when they joined me on the couch.

The half inning had just ended so Sam wasted no time before straddling me. My cock finished becoming erect in her pussy.

Mom had not seen that move so she sat next to us and kissed Sam then asked me, "Which inning. What score?"

I told her then Sam hugged me to her and began a slow gentle fuck when the inning ended and she had a fine orgasm. She continued her slow pace when the game resumed.

Mom got up and left us, she had figured out what Sammy was doing.

Sammy was soon pounding her pussy on my cock. I could not hold back any longer and erupted into her pussy luckily just as she erupted around my cock.

We kissed passionately between gulps of air until our fluids became cold. She began to back away slowly and we both watched as my cock exited her pussy. As soon as it slid out Sam gave me a passionate kiss then stood up and headed to the kitchen.

I stood and was staring at the mess we had made on the couch when Sam returned with a roll of paper towels. I helped her clean up which included a wet patch under where Mom was sitting. She definitely knew Sam and I were fucking.

It occurred to me that leather couches had a big advantage.

We went to the kitchen and threw the wet, sticky paper towels away and fixed two glasses of ice water then went to bed. We had looked in on Mom but she was already sound asleep. Soon we were too.

Neither of us had to be anywhere for three days so we spent them making love, fucking, eating take out, and napping. Sam and Mom finished grading papers.

Sam and I fucked before getting out of bed each morning, right after lunch, then after we went to bed each night.

Except for our morning fuck Monday was a normal day. Mom and I usually carpooled because our first classes started at the same time and her last class ended just fifty minutes after mine. Sam did not have anything in particular to do at the start of the day so she went to Mom's office and began to add term paper grades to the computer. Her last class was with Mom.

We met at the student union for lunch and I held Sam's hand as I walked them back to their building. After my last class I went to Mom's office and I walked Sam to her last class again holding her hand. I kissed her before she walked into Mom's classroom. Mom gave me a big smile when I did.

That afternoon Mom and I resumed holding hands for the first time in fifteen years.

We went to a Chinese buffet for dinner and had a nice time as we overstuffed ourselves. I was holding each of their hands as we returned to the car. As soon as we got back home Sam hurried us to my bedroom, got us naked, and immediately began to fuck me.

No, she made love to me.

I had become convinced that she was truly in love with me.

The relationship between Sam and Mom was easy to see, they loved each other as a Mother and daughter do.

I was Mom's only child.

My own feelings about Sam became a bit muddled that week.

We spent the week showing each other love and passion. Mom stopped blushing when she saw our play. She pretended to be annoyed but Sam and I knew she was not.

She did tell me that Sam said I had given her several orgasms each time we fucked,

On Thursday we returned to the Tex-Mex place and again had a fine late lunch. Sam had one glass of wine each day for a week so she was her normal hilarious self at the restaurant not her drunk hilarious self.

Mom noticed the server was flirting with Sammy and told her.

The look on Sam's face told us she had just added an item to her bucket list. When the server returned Sam asked her to show her where the ladies room was. They were gone fifteen minutes and both had big grins when they returned. The server caressed Sam's shoulder when she helped her sit.

After she left us I said, "Now that was the last straw. I can't believe you seduced the help. I will never be able to come back for sure."

"Here, taste pussy," she said as she kissed me hard.

Sam and I fucked as soon as we got home. We then semi-dressed and went out to the patio with coffee. Mom joined us with her own cup of coffee.

We now had three chairs outside.

"What is left on your bucket list?" Mom asked Sam.

"Using my passport. I got it when I thought I was going to Mexico on the senior trip in high school but our parents cancelled because it seemed to be unsafe and sent us to Florida. That was where me and two other girls lost our virginity. That was also where me and two other girls first tasted pussy."

"Do you still have contact with them?" Mom asked.

"Not often, one married after graduation, I was the maid of honor. The other decided she preferred pussy to cock and moved to San Francisco. She has since moved to Vancouver.

Hey, I would use my passport if I went to see her."

"True, contact her."

I had mostly tuned out of the conversation, I was caressing Sam's pussy with my hand. Soon Sammy could no longer carry on a conversation with Mom and had her eyes closed as she gripped her coffee mug.

Sam's orgasm told Mom what had been going on under the table and emitted a somewhat exaggerated sigh as she again rolled her eyes and added a head shake for emphasis.

I kept my hand over Sam's warm and wet pussy as the slowly recovered then kissed me. We went to bed soon after and I fucked Sam that night in a long gentle session that degenerated into a jungle fuck before we both exploded then immediately fell asleep.

The following morning we ate a very late breakfast in comfortable silence until Mom said to Sam, "It sounded like you could cross off an important item off your bucket list last night."

"Yes, I did. He was an animal."

She kissed me hard then kissed Mom softly.

After we cleaned up the kitchen Sam asked, " We are going shopping. Do you need anything from me before we go?"

Sam was asking me if I wanted to fuck before they left.

"No, I can wait until tonight."

"In that case we are going shopping now," Mom said.

"Want to come with us?" Sam asked.

"Hmm. No thanks. Maybe next time."

Both giggled and kissed me before running to get dressed.

I decided to continue studying for my exams and was already deeply immersed into it when each gave me tongue darting kisses and left.

Apparently Mom was very pleased with the way I was treating Sam.

I was about ready for the Monday exam when they got back.

I looked at the time and it had been five hours. I got flyby kisses as they handed me a bucket of fried chicken and continued to the bedroom.

I went to the kitchen and plated the chicken and put two bags of steamable veggies in the microwave. Dinner was ready when they rejoined me.

We ate as they gushed about the fun they had. They were in full mother/daughter mode that anyone anywhere would have recognized. I smiled at them.


"Nothing. Just wondering how women can have so much fun just shopping."

"It's genetic," Mom said.

They went to the living room with a chick movie they had rented from a Redbox and I went back to study.

Mom came by and kissed me before she said, "Potty break. I have money for her plane ticket if you want her to go with you."

On her return trip by I said, "Yes."

Mom gave me a big happy kiss.

I wondered why I had not considered the question longer before answering. I knew it was the right answer but it was not what I had agreed to with Mom. I decided not to over-think it and resumed studying. Five minutes later I noticed that I was smiling. I decided not to over-think that either.

I did wonder if I was in love with her.

We did not fuck that night; Sam fell asleep in mid kiss.

I knew her health was slowly fading and she no longer had the stamina she had before but that night that realization hit me hard.

I cried myself to sleep as I kissed her.

She was fucking me when I woke up and smiled when she saw I was awake but didn't say anything. Her pace was slow although her strokes were long. She was really enjoying herself.

I began to play with her tits and her pace increased and she had a small orgasm. I began to caress her ass and she slowed again.

Mom opened the door and watched us for a few moments then said, "Breakfast will be ready soon but no hurry, enjoy the fuck," then left us.

"I love you Mom," Sam said to her then increased her pace again and had another orgasm.

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