tagInterracial LoveSamantha and Milk Ch. 03

Samantha and Milk Ch. 03


Note: Like I said before my stories meant to offend no one. Most of it is just fiction with a dash of reality.

Please do not continue if you're offended with this subject. Interracial sex was defined by those "some" who commented in my other work as pure garbage and stupidity. YOU WERE WARNED. But life can never be perfect. I thought my life was. Then my husband cheated on me. Yes, he was white and I am too. And then divorce came bla bla and etc .etc. Writing was somewhat of a past time right now for me and to vent out my feelings, not frustrations, in this world. Like I said this is mostly fiction, but some of it is true. Like the choking part. Yes, I've been recently and yes, by a black man. Please keep commenting and complaining, if you prefer rather. But if you really hate this subject, and not aroused from it, then why are you reading this?

Samantha has never been in this part of town before. The houses that lined-up the street were more like shacks than anything else. The neighborhood was quiet but not the kind of neighborhood she would want herself be seen walking. It was dark and full of garbage in most part, as if the city government had totally abandoned it. After a few blocks, she saw black faces staring at her and only then she noticed the Southern humid air was freely entering her vehicle. People from the outside could see her, a white woman with a black teenager riding in the passenger side. There were some females who looked at her as if they want to beat the heck out of her, but in the other hand some of the black men whistled when she and Dirty Moe passed by them.

Dirty Moe was riding very cocky at her side. She did not know why Moe had asked her to open the front windows but after seeing him looking all mighty and proud, she finally understood what he was up to. Moe was showing her to anyone who care to look and he even made it easy for anyone to see because he made use of the bright interior lights. He was displaying her to "hood" as his white whore. One of the men standing not far from Moe's house was a man that Moe never wanted to see. They both made eye contact, and then the black man signaled Moe to pull over. When they did, the black man got next to their vehicle and asked Moe some questions.

"Whas up Dirty? Got my Money?" asked the black man.

"Men, I promised ya I'll pay ya back when I get some," said Moe.

Samantha looked at Moe with some confusion on her face because on what he just said, a reaction that the black man duly noticed. And when she was about to cut in Moe added, "Look man, I gots nothing right now, but I promised ya, I'll get your fifty back soon."

The black man transferred his attention to the lovely white wife when he no longer cared for Dirty Moe's stupid reasoning.

"Hey there white momma? What ya doin here?" he asked.

The white wife just stared at him when Moe began to interject, "Ahh, she is my Math tutor. She 's just giving me ride."

"Oh really? Math tutor huh?" said the short black man. "Ya know what Moe? I call that BULLSHIT." He screamed at his face that for sure the neighborhood heard him say.

The neighborhood went silent and people standing by the road almost immediately left and went in doors. They knew what was about to happen, someone is going to get something from the short black man. His name was "Reginald Jackson" AKA "Nasty Short". He was bald and standing no more four feet and nine inches. Nasty Short was too big to be called a midget but he was definitely small when compared to a regular sized person. He had the arms of a boxer with formidable strong punches. But his nasty demeanor coupled with his masculine physique made him the most feared black man in the neighborhood.

"Alright . Cool. Take it easy brother, I'll tell you," said Moe.

"I'm her lover," said Samantha.

"What? No," said Moe looking at her with disgust. "Ya no girlfriend of mine girl. Don't be spreading that shit here." He shot back.

Moe got out the vehicle to talk to Nasty in a more private manner and hoping to make a deal with him. Reggie did not seem convince but after Moe agreed to share her with him he finally relented. Moe asked Nasty to forgive his debt if he would get a shot at the lovely wife.Nasty immediately got excited about the proposition and his black cock started to ache when he grabbed hold of it while he was on his way back to the vehicle. All of them got inside her car and told to drive a few more houses. When they got there Nasty walked next to her while she held Moe's right arm for protection. She then found herself being sandwiched by two black guys, a situation that she will find herself repeatedly in that night.

Before they even got inside the bedroom Nasty positioned himself in front of her and yanked her white breasts out of their confinement. She reacted with approving moans. He immediately and hungrily sucked on her left tit as he roughly slipped his right hand inside her underwear to finger her aching white cunt. Dirty Moe was behind her but he was not about to miss the action. He placed himself behind her and grabbed her ass spreading it apart exposing her rose bud. He wet his finger with his tongue and placed it on her anal entry way. He forcefully subjected her anus to open up with his probing finger. When Moe realized that her sphincter finally relax he took hold of her remaining breast, pinching her hardening pink nipple, while he nuzzle on her soft and creamy neck. The white wife was in heaven or even if it was hell, she would still surrender herself to it. The feeling she felt was like no other. She was getting pleasures from multiple sources. Both her breasts felt very sensitive to the attention their getting, including from the lips that's eating her neck. But for her, the main sensations came from having her pussy and ass fingered by two black men. Their fingers fought for every small real estate her pussy and ass had to offer. Sometimes they seem to penetrate her alternatively but mostly they settled in plugging her holes at the same time. Their actions drove her crazy and when her explosive orgasm arrived, she could only repay them with lustful moans. She turned her head slightly to kiss Moe even though she expected to be denied but this time Dirty Moe did not reject her soft white lips. She did the same to Nasty Short but she had to bend forwards because his height was too short for her to reach. Nasty was the one who first initiated their entanglement and was also the first to break their interracial bonding.

Milk arrived at his house that night feeling very hungry. He had some leftover fried chicken and some mashed potato from last night that he was hoping to consume. When he was walking toward his front door, he noticed something different about that particular night. The neighborhood was eerily silent, as if some local cop ordered a lockdown. The night was very humid, a typical late summer in the South. He opened the fridge and took the food out then into the dirty microwave. He removed his work pants and gave tugged to his raging manhood. It grew bigger in his hand especially when he pictured the lovely Mrs. Samantha from a week ago. After two minutes, he reluctantly let go of his dangling cock when the microwave started beeping. He was about to eat when he realized that he ran out of gravy. He reckoned that perhaps his Uncle Milton's kitchen might have some. A little annoyed, he put his pants back without bothering to slip his underwear. When he got to his Uncle's house, he heard noises, distinct noises that can only come from a woman in ecstasy. He thought maybe his Uncle Milton got some company but "it can't be" he said to himself. Because his Uncle was still in the jobsite before Milk had even left. "Fucking Dirty Moe" he thought. He looked around and followed the sounds coming from his cousin's dingy bedroom.

"Time to fuck this white momma properly," announced Nasty Short. "Get on the fucking bed and open your white mouth. I'm gonna tickle your white throat."

"And I'm gonna fuck me some pussy," Moe proclaimed.

"Please be gentle. You guys are too big," Samantha pleaded to the both of them.

"Hey white momma. Have you eva had your throat fucked like a pussy?" Nasty asked.

"A little," she replied.

Moe just laugh with her answer and gave Nasty a fist bump.

"Well, this will be different. Because I ain't stoppin 'till my black cock is empty. Got that?" warned Nasty.

Samantha did not know what to feel whether to feel horror of to feel pleased from the proposition.

Milk heard squeaking sounds as well as whimpers when he stepped in front of the door. He grasped the knob and lightly turned it to open the door and there he saw his cousin's sweaty ass plowing a white woman from behind. His cock got hard for the second time since he arrived from work. He felt jealous with his younger cousin because in his age in the forties, he still has not been with any white woman.

Milk was about to interrupt his cousin Moe when he saw Nasty thrusting in front of the unknown white woman's face. He was feeding her with his big black cock by holding the woman's neck that guided his every penetration. Milk knew Nasty very well. And like his cousin Moe, he too owes Nasty some money. Nasty had been arrested many times with multiple drug charges and some assaults with attempted robbery, and he was the first black from the ghetto to get out alive from prison. Nasty was the local bully, a small time drug dealer. And anyone who does not pay him on time will get beaten if not stabbed. Milk thought that the white woman was perhaps a crack addict looking for some fixing and that her situation was a form of payment for drugs. But no matter how Milk adjust his position he could not see the woman's face and that his cousin Moe's pounding made it even difficult for him to see who she was.

Nasty Short dangled her head onto the edge of the bed to line her properly, and told her to open her mouth as wide as she can, while Dirty Moe spread her white legs apart and placed the head of his big black cock on her entrance. Both their cocks are impressive, Moe has ten inches with a sizeable mighty girth while Nasty was a bit short with only nine inches in length but with a whopping six inches around. Then both black bodies took their proper positions and without further ceremony plugged her at the same time. Both black cocks partially disappeared into her body and more and more went in, in just a matter of minutes. Her moans could not escape from her mouth because of Nasty's huge size while her pussy repeatedly made farting sounds from Moe's black cock invasion. Their dual and simultaneous penetration of her white pussy and ass made her eyes turned white and rolled in the back of her head. To think her assault was over would be a mistake. Because she soon found herself being pulled by Nasty, trying to logged more of his thick black cock inside her throat while his black balls covered her nose. She tried to push him away but his strong hands kept her from doing so. More and more of Nasty's cock went in and every inch further made it harder for her to breathe. She saw stars first then slowly her vision got blurry and then it went black. She was dying, unable to breathe and was about to pass out. Even Moe had to stop when he noticed what was happening.

"Ya gonna kill her nigga. Pull out!" warned Moe but still not letting his own cock get out from the white wife's cunt. He too was greedy black fucker.

"Nah, she won't. Bitch just needs to be reminded that she can breathe through her nose," said Nasty Short as he pulled out a bit to touch the woman's nose.

With that, the tan color of her lovely face came back. When she regained consciousness however, she looked up and realized that she was again eyeing nasty's sweaty black ass. It was clutching and winking at her, as if inviting her to play. She felt Nasty's rough and callous hands massaging her neck feeling his own cock bulging from the inside of her throat. Moe, in the other hand, felt some relief when the woman started to moan wildly again. He reminded her of his presence by impaling more of his black cock inside her married pussy. His effort was rewarded when he saw his cock glistened from the white woman's pussy juice, a sign of approval he thought. Her pussy pulsated and clutched his cock, inviting more and more of him. Soon he bottomed out; his balls slapped her ass and can hold no longer.

Milk just had to relieve himself and it was too much for him to bear. He freed his cock and began to masturbate with such force. He wanted to come before the two jerks see him. He was beating his big black cock as fast as the two men doing to the white woman. He rapidly pumped his mandingo tool while his eyes never left the scene. When he heard the white woman moaning with ecstasy his cock exploded producing rope after rope of thick cum hitting the door, then making a pool of cum between his black feet. He gave it a few more tugs then decided to scram before being spotted. After he left his own gravy on the floor Milk went straight out the backdoor deciding he would just eat his mashed potato without the brown sauce.

Samantha could not control her pussy's reaction to Dirty Moe's black cock. She was about to come and when she realized that both men had penetrated her fully her pussy orgasmed like never before. It was the biggest orgasm of her life. She pulled both men in for more by grabbing both their sweaty black asses. She felt victorious when she was rewarded with a pair of hairy black balls sitting on top of her nose and another pair resting on her white ass. Both men emptied their black cocks this way, they kept themselves still, as if they're in a middle of a sacred prayer, and only the white woman made any movements. Her pussy was filled with Moe's hot black cum while most of Nasty Short's cum went straight to her stomach. Her orgasm seemed like forever but it elevated on a higher level when both black men began to move in unison. They began to fuck her harder and faster for another thirty minutes. And for that entire time, she came again and again, and her pussy kept spewing thick juices like it was not going to end. Her jaw was about to fall off when nasty pulled out to spray her face with his remaining black cum.

"Gimme that face bitch, I'm cummin some more" screamed Nasty.

"Yes! Come in my face," responded Samantha.

"I LOVE BLACK COCKS. I LOVE BLACK COCKS," She said finally what she wanted to say all along.

Long stands of sperm came ejecting from his black cock and landing on her pretty white married face. It hit her face as fast as the speed of sound, blinding her. Moe did not want to be beaten because he too withdrew his black cock from her and hurriedly splattered her white breasts and body with him young black cum. Both just stared at her when scooped all the black sperm around her face and breasts and hungrily deposited it to her awaiting mouth. Swallowing black cum, she thought, must be her best trait. She then got off the bed and went on her knees to properly clean both their black cocks. She can never get enough eating black cocks and soon she found herself giving both men another round of cock sucking. She only let go of their cocks when Nasty announced that he had to go. She asked if she could see him again and his reply was that only if he wanted to. But with Dirty Moe, it will not be a problem because she knows where to find him.

The married white wife was very satisfied and happy when she drove herself back. Her pussy leaked with Moe's cum while sat at her SUV. The smell invaded the vehicle's interior, in which by the time she got home, her nose became accustomed to it. "Black Cock Breath" she said to herself as she checked her make-up in front of the mirror.

"Hey honey," greeted her husband when she entered the front door.

"What are you doing up late? I thought you have work tomorrow," she said.

"I came down to have some late snack. Wanna join me?" he asked.

"No. it's OK, I'm fine. I'm full," she said rubbing her stomach.

"Are you sure? I'm having some Ice cream." He offered her as he was heading to the kitchen.

"No baby. I don't want Ice cream. Plus, I had some chowder," she said as she tried to control herself from laughing.

"Oh yeah, what is it like?" he asked again after she turned around heading upstairs and out of his view.

But before she even reaches their master bedroom she placed a finger on her panty less cunt and took swipe of the leaking black cum between her legs. She licked her finger clean, then shouted back to her husband and said, "It was CREAMY and VERY THICK and I HAD TWO OF THEM."

To be continued.

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