tagRomanceSamantha and the Wolf Ch. 04

Samantha and the Wolf Ch. 04


Amanda is two months old, and my wallet is as thick with pictures as you'd expect it to be. Sam has been back at work for a month. I went back the next week. We staggered our FMLA time in case we had an unforeseen need, like difficulty finding day care or Amanda having special medical needs. Happily, everything was normal, and I had a week alone with my daughter. I see lots of her mother in her, but that could just be a romantic imagination on my part.

Every new dad looks forward to the end of the sex weeks-I mean, six weeks that they tell you to wait before you have sex again. (I swear, that was a typo that I decided to leave in because it shows you where my head was at the time.) The night of the end of the six weeks, Sam told me she wasn't ready yet. I should have picked up on the signs, but I was thinking with my dick instead of my heart. She still felt fat and unattractive. Sam leaves work and gets home before I do, so I took the opportunity to lay out the sexy negligée I'd bought for her on Valentine's Day the year before. She put it on that night and gave me a hand job, but she still couldn't bring herself to let me do anything for her. I also reverted to calling her Samantha.

A couple days later, we were discussing things we want to do for Amanda. Vacations, cultural institutions, that sort of thing. In the course of discussing music, we agreed that she should be comfortable going to the theater and the symphony. That reminded me that I still have my copy of Fantasia, where the animators did segments for various pieces of classical music. I put it on, and we watched it together. Toward the end of "Dance of the Hours", I told Samantha what I explained to the reader in my story of how we met. "I love how the hippo and all her hippo friends know she's beautiful. The elephants and the ostriches are the same way, and no one thinks it's the least bit unusual that the alligators want to seduce her." She looked at me funny. Eventually, the main alligator is chasing her around her bed, and they go so fast that he's wrapped around her waist. "That reminds me of the time on the beach when you pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood, and I chased you in circles until we landed on the blanket."

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"About what?"

"I should be insulted that you just compared me to a hippo and an elephant."

"The alligator thinks she's the most beautiful thing in God's entire creation. Well, I don't know if alligators believe in God, but you know what I mean. And the other alligators think she's beautiful too. Heck, after the main alligator and the main hippo get together, I bet the other alligators look for a hippo or an elephant that they can take home to Netflix and chill with."

"I figured they tried to eat the hippos."

I winked and said, "Well, maybe that too."

Samantha stopped the disc and smiled. "We can finish this another night. I'm gonna go change into something more comfortable."

We put Amanda in her crib. I tried to follow Samantha into our bedroom, but she closed the door. "I'll tell you when you can come in," she said. I stripped down to my underwear and put my clothes in the hamper by the crib. A few minutes later, with the door still closed, she said, "You can come in now." I opened the door. The lights were down as low as they could be. She was wearing the negligée I'd gotten out the week before. It's so sheer that I could see everything underneath. "You still think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"More than ever," I told her. I put my arms around her, kissed her and caressed both buttocks. I lifted the hem. "Your belly still turns me on." I lifted it higher. "Your breasts turn me on even more than before!" I held each one up and kissed the nipple.

Samantha lifted the hem the rest of the way and let it fall to the side. She put her arms around me and hugged me. We both felt my cock get hard. She put her hand on it and rubbed it until the head popped out of the fly. She guided me to the bed and lay on her back. "Tell me again, but keep going."

"Your lips are fuller than ever," I said, and I kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth, and we touched our tongues. "Your tongue feels as good as it ever did."

She rubbed my cock again and said, "Probably more."

I kissed her neck and shoulders. She'd put on perfume while I was waiting. "That scent you like to wear still smells good when I kiss you here," I told her. I kissed a line down her right arm and up her left. "Even your arms are beautiful now that I've seen you holding Amanda."

"I'm sure you feel that way, but it doesn't make me feel any prettier," she said. "My fingers are still bigger than they were before. I don't even take my wedding ring off when I do dishes because it's not worth the effort."

I sucked each nipple into my mouth. "Your breasts were fantastic before, and they're even more amazing now." I kissed a line down her stomach. "Even this is beautiful because of what it means to me." I didn't say the words "stretch marks," but she knew what I was referring to. Either that, or she just thought I found her big belly attractive. She was happy, and I didn't have the nerve to ask which. This brought me to the panty that came with the negligée. I kissed her pussy through the fabric. "And this will never be the same!"

Samantha turned away from me. "That's what I'm afraid of!"

I put my hand on her leg and eased her back. "In a good way," I told her. "I used to look at it and associate it with having fun. Now it means fun, love and everything else that's good in my life." I pulled the hem down and kissed her clit. She brought her knees up involuntarily. It knocked my head back up to her stomach, and I kissed that again. When she brought her knees down, I pulled the panty a little further than before, exposing probably a quarter-inch of pussy flesh. I licked what was above the line and ran my fingers along the hem. She brought her knees up again, but this time she did it in a way that brought the panty over my finger. Now that it was inside the panty, I stroked her whole pussy from bottom to top. I put my middle finger down as if I were typing and separated her lips. I could feel a little bit of moisture.

Samantha leaned toward me, put her hand on my hip and kissed me. "Deeper," she said. I probed further and added my index finger. She rolled on top of me and said, "I've missed that." I pulled my hands out so I could rub her shoulders. When I did that, my cock pointed up between her thighs. "That, too," she assured me.

"Show me," I said.

Samantha kissed my chin and worked her way down until she got to my underwear. She pulled it off a little at a time, teasing my cock. It had gone back inside when she got on top of me, but by the time she got down there, it was straining. She pulled them sides down, making the hem force my cockhead down when it wanted to point up. She pulled it down a little further, so that the shaft was out but my balls were still covered. She moved down and pulled it halfway down my thigh. She licked each of my balls and ran her tongue up my shaft, swiping left and right as she went. She stopped when she got to the head and pulled my underwear the rest of the way off. "Tell me what you want next," she said.

"The same thing I haven't had in two and a half months," I said. "To make every inch of your beautiful pussy feel as good as you make me feel. Inside and out."

"Anything else?" she asked.

"I'll let you know," I answered.

She sat up on her knees, putting her crotch in my face. I pulled the panty down, and she kicked it off. I leaned into her and resumed eating her. "Get on your back," she said. I did, and soon my big, beautiful wife was on top of me in a 69.

It was true. I couldn't look at her pussy the same way I did before, and it was heaven. I licked circles and every other shape I could think of, probing as deep as I could. It tasted even sweeter than I remembered. "Let me know if you want to-" I was going to say "swallow," but she got off and turned around. She straddled my legs. "Fuck, yeah!" I said.

Samantha pulled her cunt lips apart and pressed my cockhead into the space between them. When she let go, they formed that shape like a wax seal around the head. She eased down, taking my flesh an inch at a time until only my balls were exposed. "You're bigger than I remembered," she said, "and I remember you being pretty big!"

"That's 'cause it's been so long that I'm more turned on than I usually am," I noted.

Samantha grinned and pointed to her cunt. "The last time you were in here, we contributed to the population explosion."

I didn't point out that we continued to make love while she was pregnant. I just asked, "Ready to contribute again?"

"No, but I'm ready for you to make me come," she answered. She moved up and down, gaining a little speed.

"I love it when your tits fly like that," I told her. This prompted her to move even faster. "Damn, I'd forgotten how good your bone feels when it goes along my shaft!" I exclaimed.

Samantha leaned over and fucked me horizontally. "You mean like this?"

"I was talking about the top of my shaft, but the feeling on the bottom of the shaft is awesome, too!" She went even faster, making the latter feeling even more intense. "Oh, shit, yes. Fuck me, Samantha! Fuck me with your cunt!"

On her next thrust, she accidentally let me out, but her tits landed over my mouth. I pulled one of them in. She reached down for my cock and was able to get it back inside her without taking her tit away. "Oh, God, Wolf, I've forgotten how good you feel down there."

"Yeah, this position hasn't really been an option since before Thanksgiving," I agreed. "I've missed it!"

Her next motion had my cock all the way inside her, and my balls were still exposed to the air. I hadn't experienced this combination of sensations in so long that it put me over the edge. Samantha knew it before I did. "You're gonna come, aren't you?"


"Give it to me, Honey! Come inside me!" I had just started to come when she said, "Oh, God, I'm coming, too!" I could feel her walls contracting around me, and I felt like I was in heaven. Her orgasm made her collapse on top of me. I love it when she's on top of me during and after sex. It's like a warm, fleshy blanket who also happens to love me.

After she rolled off me, I asked, "I'm gonna get some ice cream. You hungry?"

"Yeah, but I better not. I'm still trying to lose the pregnancy weight."

I went to the kitchen and decided I didn't really want it right then after all. I wasn't going to eat it in front of Samantha, and I didn't want to stay in the dining room while my sexy, naked wife was still in the bedroom. When I returned, my hand was behind my back. "I have an idea," I told her.

She saw the glimmer in my eye and asked, "What is it?"

"Get on your back again." I put my cell phone down and covered her in whipped cream from her neck to just above her pussy. I went back and picked up my cell phone.

"What are you doing?" Samantha asked. As I snapped a picture, she covered ... her face.

"I was going to post this on an amateur site to show people how sexy you are," I said, putting the phone down.

"No! Okay, I believe you. You still think I'm sexy!"

I stood next to the bed next and told her, "And I always will."

"Now clean me up," Samantha said.

"Sure!" I said. I picked my phone up again.

"What are you doing this time?" she asked.

"Switching to video mode."

Samantha threw her pillow at me and knocked the phone out of my hand. "Fine," I said, feigning indignation. "I'll just have you all to myself." I got back on the bed. I started with her stomach. I did her right arm, sucking each finger when I got to it.

When I finished her pinky, she asked, "Why'd you start calling me Samantha? You've called me Sam almost the whole time we've known each other, and you're the only one who's allowed to."

"I thought you'd feel more feminine if I called you by something that's only a girl's name."

I did her left arm, saving her tits for last. I purposely went slowly on her tits, sucking the nipples at the end. "Don't forget my pussy," Samantha said.

"There's no cream down there, ... Sam," I told her.

"Trust me, there is," she replied.

I went between her legs. Sure enough, some of the whipped cream had slid down. I licked out each fold, and when I put my tongue back inside, I realized she wasn't talking about the whipped cream. I put my hands up to feel the sticky remnants on her tits, but she pulled me forward. I thought she'd keep going till my cock was rubbing her pussy again, but she stopped when my hands were just above her hips. "There's another part that you haven't complimented tonight," she said.

"You're right," I said. I got on all fours and helped her roll over. I separated her ass cheeks and sprayed a little bit of whipped cream there. I licked a little bit of it out before I put my cock at her asshole.

"Give it to me, you big bad wolf!" Sam squealed. Once I was inside, she started bucking her hips again. "Oh, fuck! My ass has really missed that!"

"Same here. I mean, I missed your ass. Your actual ass," I grunted. I tried to keep up, but she was going so hard that I couldn't get into the same rhythm and I accidentally pulled out. I lifted her hips up and found her pussy.

"Oh, God, yes. Fuck me, honey!"

"You ready for another baby yet?" I asked.

"Hell, no. Not till Amanda sleeps through the night, at the very soonest!"

"Then I hope the Pill's working already," I said, and I filled her pussy with the second load of the night. "Plus, I remember you wanted to make our second baby in front of the Christmas tree." Taking another breath, I said, "I like that idea too."

"Or we could do it while we're hiding Easter eggs," Sam joked.

"It seems appropriate. We already fuck like rabbits," I added.

We took a shower to get rid of the last of the whipped cream. I made sure the water was the right temperature before Sam joined me. As soon as she was inside, I soaped her pussy up good. I started with the trite move of pointing the shower head at her pussy, but she took my hand and moved it there. I put one finger in and kept adding. After a few four-finger strokes, Sam came so hard that her knees buckled. She picked up the soap and covered my dick in suds. I stood back and let the water flow over it, rinsing it off, before Sam took into her mouth. It had been so long since I got a blow job standing up that I forgot how great it feels, and I came in her mouth. I wetted her hair, preparing to wash it, and then we heard Amanda cry.

Sam didn't even dry herself off. She put on a bathrobe and went to take care of Amanda. I dried myself off, and when Amanda was asleep again, Sam dropped the bathrobe and I dried her off. I started with her back and arms, followed by her legs and feet. I brought the towel back up to do her butt and pussy. I wasn't trying to be sexual, but when I patted down her pussy, she ground her butt into my dick. I ended up fucking her in the ass again, but this time I was able to stay inside until I came. For all the sex we'd just had, seeing Sam smile before we went to sleep was the highlight of my night. Her sex drive is back to normal. In fact, she may even be hornier than I am now. I love my family.

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