tagBDSMSamantha Ch. 02

Samantha Ch. 02


The Master’s warning telephone call came, three rings was her cue to assume the appropriate position for his arrival. She listened and counted, one ring, two, three, four, five, Samantha picked the receiver up.

“H, Hello?” she said hesitatingly.

“Hello little one”, replied a familiar soft male voice.

Samantha’s heart missed a beat, was Master cancelling his visit? Tears of panic rolling down her face.

“Hello Master”, she replied, trying to hide the quiver in her voice.

“Anything wrong Master?” she asked, crossing her fingers hoping it was just a call to say he would be late!

“No, no little one, please get the spare room ready as I have two guests with me. They will be joining us for the next few days. Make sure they have everything they need in their room, we will be with you in ten minutes”.

The phone went dead as he finished speaking. Samantha let the receiver drop back on the cradle and leant against the wall, her body trembling, her face wet with tears. She had been so afraid He was going to cancel the visit; the panic within her had been so extreme she thought she would die! Moving away from the wall and steadying herself, she wiped her face and quickly went upstairs to get the spare room ready.

Samantha had just got herself into the centre of the lounge when she heard the key in the door. Her Master had arrived! She quickly knelt, with knees apart, hands on thighs, head and back straight and eyes lowered to the floor, her breathing still a little fast from her earlier panic and rushing around.

Her Master’s voice came floating into the room from the hallway. She could hear he was talking to someone but couldn’t hear what was being said. The footsteps on the stairs told her that Master was showing the guests their room and knew that he would inspect hers’ to make sure it was as it should be. She heard a door close and one set of footsteps coming down the stairs. The Master glided into the lounge as if he was on a cushion of air.

“Greetings my little one, I see you have done well in getting everything ready”, he

said softly, noticing the pinkness in her cheeks through having rushed to please him. He smiled to himself, she was a good submissive, the best he had had for a long time. On this visit she would join his flock, she would be ready and only too willing. He brushed these thoughts out of his mind, there was work to be done and he only had a few days to complete his mission.

“Greetings Master, I hope your journey was not too tiring”, she replied, his aroma making her a little dizzy, her pussy getting wet just by his presence.

“No little one, it was a good journey, any tiredness I may have soon disappears when I

see the light in your eyes. Raise your eyes to me please”, his voice mellow and gentle to her ears.

Samantha raised her eyes and looked directly at the Master. A fine figure of a man standing in front of her, dressed in his usual black clothes, his muscular arms showing subtle lines through his shirt, his lean face with square jaw line could make him look so severe, yet a smile would soften the lines and warmth exude from him. His dark eyes were often hard and cold but today they were soft and gentle just like puppy dog’s eyes, his dark hair short always well groomed. Her eyes wandered to his crotch, she could see the outline of his desire, wishing she could move forward and take hold of him to caress and suck him, to gently bring his desires to the surface, to feel the explosion in her mouth and take his hot juices within her own body. She noticed he looked younger this time, perhaps a trick of the light? As the Master looked at her he remembered the first time he met this wonderful creature.


It had been raining hard and the roads were wet, spray coming up from the other cars, the wipers having to remain on even though the rain had stopped. As he listened to the relaxing music of the Four Seasons by Debussy, his eyes roved the shops and watched the people; dusk was falling making the light quite eerie. As he drove in the traffic stopping and starting, he noticed a young woman huddled in a doorway her long blonde hair-soaking wet, she had obviously been caught in the downpour. He drove past slowly, as luck would have it she looked up and their eyes met, holding the gaze for the few seconds that he drove past. Driving further down the street Damian couldn’t get the woman’s gaze out of his mind. He decided at the next lights he would do a right and go round the block and see if she was still there, why, he wasn’t sure, all he knew was that he wanted to glimpse her again.

As he went round the block and back up the main street he started searching the doorways, he passed where she had been but she was gone. He was disappointed, sighing; he put his foot on the accelerator and moved quicker through the street. His eyes straining in the dim light he saw her appearing out of a shop, her wet hair hanging limp against her back and her wet clothes sticking to her body. He braked sharply, a car blew its horn at him, the driver shouted abuse as they went past him. Damian didn’t take any notice; he was too busy watching the woman walking towards where he had stopped. As she walked towards the car Damian got out and went to the passenger side and opened the door. As the woman approached her head lowered to the ground she didn’t see him there until it was too late, she bumped into him. On looking up she saw this gentle warm face looking at her, their eyes met and their gaze held for a few moments as if words were passing silently between them. With a smile she slid into the passenger seat, Damian closed the door and got back into the driver’s side and pulled off.

“Hi, I’m Damien, and you are?” he asked quietly.

“Samantha”, she whispered.

“Pleased to meet you Samantha, may I drive you home before you catch yourself a death of a cold?” asked Damian.

“No thank you” she replied.

Apart from the music playing in the car, nothing was said for a few minutes. They were both about to say something and they both stopped. Smiling, Damian invited Samantha to speak first. She lowered her head and watched herself twiddling her fingers and requested he speak first.

“Okay”, he said.

“If you don’t want to go home, where would you like to go”, he asked, noticing a few

tears splashing onto her hands.

“Somewhere warm and safe please”, she whispered.

Damian didn’t reply. He decided he would take her to his place so she could have something warm to eat and drink, have a hot shower and dry clothes, maybe when she was feeling better she would talk to him. Twenty minutes later he parked up on his driveway and invited Samantha into his home. He took her straight upstairs to the bathroom, turned the shower on and whilst it was running told Samantha that clean dry clothes were in the next room and she should help herself until hers were dry. She nodded and thanked him as he left the bathroom closing the door quietly behind him. As he went downstairs to the kitchen he was aware of his thoughts and feelings, the movements in his crotch. He quickly dismissed them and got on with preparing dinner.

The dining table was already laid for two; a few candles around the room alight, throwing shadows on the walls, the red roses in the centre of the table sending a heady scent into the room. As Damian had finished making dinner he could hear Samantha upstairs in the bedroom, he hoped she would find something nice to wear. Going into the dining room Damian made sure everything was just right, he wanted Samantha to feel safe in his home and his presence, maybe she had been specially sent to him, maybe his Masters had forgiven him and were giving him his final chance to make good.

In the bedroom Samantha found a beautiful white chemise and matching gown, it seemed to beckon to her to be worn. She slipped it on and looked at herself in the mirror, her face seemed to glow, her hair shone more and her eyes sparkled like diamonds, her lips seemed softer and pinker than usual. The chemise she was wearing wasn’t what she would normally wear, but somehow it seemed right, and she felt safe. Samantha walked downstairs in her bare feet very quietly, she could see Damian standing in the dining room, she entered silently, her eyes adjusting to the dimness of the room.

Damian beckoned her to step forward in front of him. As she did his eyes roamed over her from head to foot taking in her gentle movements, the gentle wafting of her hair and her smell making his senses reel. Their eyes locked, her eyes wanting, asking, but no words passing her lips. He whispered to her to kneel at his feet, she did this without question. Now he knew she had been sent, he took her, there and then, made her his, dinner forgotten, all that mattered was that this beautiful creature belong to him, her mind, her body and eventually her soul.

That was twelve months ago…now his work was almost done. She had trained well, the final part of her training almost complete…this would be his last visit!

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