tagRomanceSamantha Ch. 02

Samantha Ch. 02


The next day was a blur for the new king. Henry managed to complete his duties, but all he could think about was seeing Samantha that night. Somehow the day went by, and Henry returned to his quarters. The queen was safely alone in her room with her maids, and the king quickly sent for Samantha.

When the squire came to Samantha and told her Henry was waiting for her, she left immediately. The young girl had realized that pleasing the king was her ticket to a new and wonderful life. Samantha actually had visions of Henry disposing of his wife and making her queen instead.

Samantha arrived in Henry's room and the king couldn't grab her fast enough. He pulled the girl to him and mashed his lips to hers. Samantha returned the kiss with passion and then pulled away so they could undress. When the two were nude, Henry pushed Samantha down to her knees. The girl immediately knew what the king wanted, and without any hesitation she engulfed is entire tool with her mouth.

Henry couldn't get enough. It was every bit as wonderful as he had remembered. That mouth and that tongue felt incredible. The king knew he wouldn't last long under that treatment, but then, just before he was going to erupt, Samantha pulled her mouth off him. Henry was going to complain, but the girl was pushing him back onto his bed.

Samantha was tired of sucking the king's dick. She knew he enjoyed it, but damnit she wanted a fuck. So, she released Henry's organ and pushed him down onto the bed. Then, before the monarch could even move, the buxom girl straddled his cock and plunged herself down onto it. She couldn't help letting out a little sigh as the royal staff entered her soaking channel.

It was amazing. Henry had always enjoyed sex of course, but over the last few years it had become difficult. As his girth had increased, it had become physically difficult for Henry to mount a lady comfortably. In fact, unknown to him, the king's prowess, or lack thereof, had become a source of some humor among the female servants. But this was wonderful. Henry could just lay back with his cock all the way inside this beautiful brunette. His body posed no difficulty in this position, and the king just let Samantha do whatever she wanted.

As soon as she was mounted, Samantha began to move up and down on the king. Gradually, she began to rock back and forth as well. Between the pole going in and out of her cunt, and the way she was rubbing her clit against the king's body, Samantha was about ready to explode herself. Without even realizing it, the girl began to move faster and faster. Her breathing was becoming short and Henry could actually feel the spasms begin inside her.

Then, with an animalistic shriek, Samantha was cumming. As she did, her moist channel clamped down on the king. With that, Henry let out a bellow and followed his lover into the land of orgasm. It was several minutes before either of them could speak. When they finally returned to reality, Samantha was lying on top of the king, with his now soft organ still tucked nicely inside her. Henry was in no hurry to leave Samantha's warm tunnel, so he just wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him.

When the finally separated, Samantha got up slowly and let the king's cock slip from her body. She dressed and turned to leave, but Henry stopped her. The king was simply infatuated with this beauty and was going to keep her with him as long as possible. So Henry sat Samantha down and explained how her life was going to change forever.

The king told Samantha, that he had to have her with him. So she was going to become the lady Samantha. The girl didn't understand, but Henry explained that he would introduce her to the court as the youngest daughter of an Italian Duke. With her dark hair it would be believable, and no one at the palace knew enough about the Italian court to question it. The only people who knew about her were himself and the rest of that hunting party, and Henry assured Samantha that they were totally loyal to him.

Samantha wasn't too sure this was a good idea, but she also knew that she really didn't have much say in the matter. If she displeased the king, there was no telling what he might do. Besides, as a lady, she would be able to help the rest of her family. Her father had struggled for so many years, and the death of her mother five years earlier had taken its toll. Also, the fact that he had no sons, but only three daughters meant that he had no one to help feed the family or earn money. Samantha knew that if for no other reason, she had to go along with this to help her father and sisters.

The next morning, Samantha was lead into court by Sir Landon of York. Sir Landon had been a member of the king's hunting party, and had agreed to help the king in his plot. The good knight approached the king and told him that he had the honor of introducing the Lady Samantha of Napoli, youngest daughter of the Duke of Napoli. The duke requested that Henry allow the young woman to be his guest and to learn the ways of the English court. This was actually a very common practice at the time. It was understood among the royals, that the real reason for a lady to visit, was to find a husband thus securing a diplomatic relationship between two governments. So everyone in Henry's court assumed that this lady was simply a noblewoman hoping to marry into English nobility.

After the introduction ceremony was over, Henry invited the young woman to his quarters. While this was uncommon, it was not unheard of and was considered a great honor. For the king to ask for the company of a visiting noblewoman implied that he felt relations between England and the lady's country were extremely important. So, as Samantha accompanied the king, the entire court was buzzing about Henry's diplomatic success with the Italian court.

Henry and Samantha managed to look properly serious, until they arrived back at the kings quarters. When they were safely inside, they both fell on the bed laughing. It was quite some time before either regained their composure. Henry recovered first, and pulled Samantha to him to kiss her. Samantha quickly responded and the two lovers embraced and kissed passionately. Somehow, over the next few minutes, clothes were shed and the king and peasant once again stood naked together.

This time Henry took charge. He walked his beautiful Samantha over to the bed and bent her over it. From behind, his girth didn't' present any problems, and that ass on Samantha was a dream come true. It was round and soft and just perfect. Henry reached underneath Samantha's ass and found that she was already wet. The king was certainly ready, so without any hesitation, Henry rammed himself home inside the beautiful woman's slit.

Samantha had hardly regained her balance after the king had pushed her over, before she felt him thrust into her. After that, she didn't care. It felt wonderful. Samantha just pushed back against Henry and hoped this would go on for a very long time. Each thrust of that rod into her cunny, sent shivers up and down the girl's spine.

Henry continued to ride Samantha. It was so hot and wet in there. But as he fucked her, he looked down and saw another hole. The king had never actually buggered a girl, but he had of course heard about it. And now, with that big soft ass right in front of him, he had to try it. Henry rubbed his finger over Samantha's tight opening, but it was too dry to really go in. Quickly the king brought his finger to his mouth and covered it with saliva. Then he put it back to Samantha's anal opening. This time it slid in without any trouble.

The peasant girl wasn't sure what was happening. No one had ever touched her there. It felt strange, but it wasn't unpleasant. So Samantha relaxed and went back to enjoy her long hard screwing. But then, just as she was getting close, she felt Henry pull out of her. The girl was completely confused. She knew Henry hadn't come yet, so why was he stopping. Samantha started to turn around, when she felt Henry's cock return. Only this time it was pressing at a different opening. Samantha didn't even have a chance to wonder what was happening, when Henry's cock made its way into her bottomhole.

Samantha actually collapsed onto the bed, but Henry just followed her down. The head of his prick was already lodged into Samantha's anus, and as he fell on top of her, it simply jammed a couple more inches inside. Samantha squirmed on the bed, but Henry's weight had her completely pinned. All she could do was simply lie there as inch after inch of the king's organ made its way up her backside.

The feeling was overwhelming. Samantha felt like her poor ass was going to split open. And each time she felt like she was completely full, more of that thing made its way inside her. By the time she felt Henry's stomach resting against her butt, Samantha couldn't believe how far that thing was jammed up her ass. And the strangest part was that she could actually feel it pulsing inside her. Then just as the girl thought she might get used to the feeling, Henry began to thrust in and out of her anal hole.

It wasn't really painful, Samantha decided, just strange. She felt very full and wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. But then, as Henry continued to plow her behind, it began to feel better and better. Without even realizing what she was doing, Samantha reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit. Soon, she was pushing her ass back to meet the king's every thrust. It was incredible. Samantha knew she was going to cum, and wasn't even sure she knew why. Then a moment later, it didn't matter. The girl let out a shriek to wake the dead and began pushing her ass up and down on Henry's pole as fast as she could.

The king was in paradise. The feeling inside that hole was indescribable. It was so tight and so hot. Henry was trying to make it last as long as he could. And to his absolute shock, Samantha seemed to be loving it as well. The king struggled not to cum. More than anything, Henry just didn't want this to end. But when Samantha came it was impossible. The way she moved and the way her hole clamped down on him, Henry didn't have a prayer. A moment after Samantha, he too let out a yell and began thrusting for dear life. Five minutes later, two sweaty and exhausted lovers were still lying on the bed. Henry was still inside of Samantha and neither one of them had the energy to move.

Two hours later, when Samantha finally left Henry's chamber, the smile she had on her face convinced everyone at the court that their king was a master diplomat. After just two hours, he had charmed his way into the lady's heart. The king just smiled as he saw his retinue. If they only knew what he had charmed his way into.

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