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Samantha Fairy


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Hello. My name is Samantha. I am a fairy. Well, I'm not a real fairy. There are real fairies. There is even a fairy in the garden named Samantha but I'm not her. I'm a statue of a fairy. I wasn't always a statue though. I was once a living woman. I only became a fairy after my spirit was placed in the statue while my body was cooked. Yes my body was cooked and eaten by my lover Jenny but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.

Like I said I wasn't always a statue. I was once human. At the time I was 28 and I like to think that I was attractive even if I didn't have any dates. I guess it's because I was so shy. I still am even though I've gotten used to being nude. I pretty much had to get used to being nude since I am nude statue but it's still embarrassing having strangers looking at me. As for my looks, I had long brown hair that I didn't do anything with other than tie it back and because I wore glasses no one could see my green eyes. And my 5'10", 130lb body was hidden under baggy loose clothes. I like to think and I have come to know that my 34-24-34 figure was quite nice. I never really new it though until I met Jenny. Like I said I was shy. I wanted someone to notice me but I was afraid of the attention.

One day a woman came into the shop I worked at. she introduced herself as Jenny and asked me for help. She was so beautiful I couldn't stop looking at her. Of course I was all the more embarrassed when she asked me to show her to the erotic book section and asked me my opinions on several titles. Nobody knew I read those kinds of novels much less that the lesbian ones were my favorites. I could feel the heat rising in my face until I thought I would die blushing right there!

After selecting a few titles, including one I told her I liked, she asked to be shown to the photography section. Once there she had me help her chose a couple of nude photography books. Then she selected some nude painting and sculpture books. Then we went to the health section where she picked out some books on erotic massage and a book about lesbian sex. They were all very graphic with beautiful nude women in them. I was so I wanted to die! It was bad enough that this beautiful woman was talking to me but I was starting to feel the effects of being near her and talking about sex. I was having trouble breathing and I was praying she couldn't tell my nipples were hard or that my pussy was getting wet. When she asked if I'd ever thought about modeling all I could say was "ME!" as I tried to cover myself with my hands. She laughed a beautiful laugh and said that she thought I would be good at it.

Finally she had everything she wanted and went to the check out. I was so relieved that my embarrassing situation was over but I was also a bit sad that this beautiful woman who payed attention to me had gone. I was also terribly aroused! I went to the restroom to splash water on my face in an attempt to cool off but I ended up masturbating there. I had never done that before and I was as mortified as I was relieved when my orgasm finally came. I prayed that no one had heard me. I quickly dried my pussy and flushed the toilet so no one would guess at what I'd really been doing and then washed my hands.

When I came out I thought I would be alright when I saw no one around. Then I turned around the corner and walked straight into her. As I apologized and knelt to pick up her bags she said "Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you all over.". I was stunned. She'd been looking for me? Did she know what I had been doing? I stood up, blushed hard, and holding her bags to my chest, as if they'd protect me from her. "You were?" I asked wondering why she'd been looking for me. "Did you need help finding something else?"

"No dear. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I hope that the next time I need help finding a book that you'll be around to help me". I blushed harder and whispered that she was welcome and that I would be happy to serve her. I don't know why I said serve and not help but I meant it.

She came by about once a week after that. I was always happy to see her and serve her. If I was busy when she arrived she would patiently wait until I was free. Then she would playfully scold me while I apologized. During that time we became friends and we even started to exchange emails as well as see each other occasionally outside of work. I learned that she was an art teacher at a small college in a nearby town and she learned about me. I was surprised but pleased that she wanted to know about me. And when she did stop by the shop she always bought a book I recommended and she even recommended a few to me. I'd never thought to read about bondage but lesbian bondage soon became my favorite. She even recommended a few websites that specialized in that and had many stories and pictures I would use in my fantasies at night. Of course she was the mistress and I was the slave. I didn't know when it happened but I had fallen in love with her.

I never thought of our outings as dates however. It was to much for me to hope that she loved me too. I'd thought it was just friends going out together. Little did I know that she was going slowly with me but now that I do know, I am grateful. Had I known then that they were dates I'd have panicked and left and I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. She finally did ask me out on an "official" date when she knew I was ready and I accepted happily.

I was so nervous getting ready. I was afraid I wouldn't look good enough but when she arrived to pick me up she told me I looked wonderful. It felt so good to hear that from her. She of course was breathtaking and I felt pale compared to her but she made me feel special at every moment. Dinner and dancing was wonderful! She didn't laugh when I said I didn't know French or how to dance. She just ordered for me and gave me my first dancing lesson. I think some of the other customers were amused by my clumsiness but they didn't matter to me. I only had eyes for Jenny.

It was a wonderful evening and I loved every second of it. It only got better though when we got home. It was the first time I'd allowed anyone into my home much less my bed. She slowly and gently led me to the bedroom however and became the first person to see me naked since I was in diapers. And she thought I was beautiful. When she had removed her clothes and laid me on the bed I knew I was going to die happy right then. She didn't laugh at my inexperience or that I wasn't shaved. She just took me slowly, gently, and so lovingly. It was the most wonderful experience of my whole life. After she held me as I cried and kissed away my tears. I'd never been so happy.

We became lovers after that with her staying occasionally with me during the week and me spending weekends with her. We would go on dates and she would introduce me to new things. It was during this time I learned to love the feel of a bald pussy and kept mine that way always. She introduced me to bondage. I was scared at first but she went slowly with me as always and I learned to enjoy being tied up and teased. And when I was ready she even taught me how pain became pleasure.

Several months after we first met I lost my job when the economy went bad. She didn't hesitate. She had me move in with her. I would clean the house and prepare her meals while she was working. Sometimes she had me help her with work. When she wasn't teaching classes she was in her studio painting and sculpting. Occasionally she would have me show students or a model she'd hired in to her studio but mostly she used me. I was so flattered that she would want to use me that I never questioned how she wanted me to pose. Sometimes they were just "regular" nudes but occasionally they would be more erotic. Some poses were embarrassing but it always made me feel good that she wanted to keep me like that.

During that time she began to take a more dominant role with me until she finally collared me and made me her slave. It felt so good to kneel naked in front of her as she locked the collar on me. After that she burned all my clothes. From then on the only things I would wear were my collar and my chastity belt. As she locked the belt on me she told me that my clit and pussy now belonged to her and that only she could touch them. I never touched them again. Mistress Jenny was kind enough to grant me an orgasm occasionally when I'd been very good but mostly I was locked away. After a while I didn't even miss cumming anymore. I just looked forward to pleasing her.

When the weather became warmer she began to sculpt a life size model of me. She said it was her grand project for the winter festival. She was starting it in the summer as it takes time to do a sculpture that big. First she had me pose until she found the position she wanted me in. Then she began to take pictures and drawings of me. Then she began to take molds of my body. The plaster felt cold and slimy but I did my best not to move. It took a while to get all the molds done as she did them in sections. The best part of it was when I got to spend several hours out of that belt. I never even tried to masturbate though as I feared being punished. Finally she had all the molds done and began the process of making a sculpture of me. The first one she did was plaster so she had a design to work off of. Occasionally she would recast parts of my body with me in slightly different poses but mostly she was satisfied with it. When she had it the way she finally wanted it she would begin to make a bronze version of it.

I was amazed by it all. The statue looked exactly like me. Every detail and perceived flaw was there. The statue was so life like that Mistress would say "Good morning Samantha" to the statue when she came in to work in the morning and "Goodnight Samantha" when she'd leave at night. It always made me smile when she did that. During one of these recasts of my lower torso Mistress said that she was tired of unlocking and locking my chastity belt every time. It made me sad that I was such a burden to her. When I asked if there was anything I could do she smiled and said "Yes dear. There is one thing. Will you do it?" I told her I'd do anything for her. She said "Good girl" and after the mold had dried gave me my first orgasm in months. Little did I know it would be my last.

The next night was Halloween and not only was Mistress an artist and teacher but she was a witch and she had a special ritual waiting for me. In her studio was a stone altar that she had sculpted. I'd assumed it was a work bench as it was always covered by a cloth and covered in supplies. This night however it was completely cleared off and ready for me. I was bound to it with my arms and legs spread. Mistress painted some weird designs on my body while chanting. I thought it was paint and that she was just playing up Halloween. I found out later it was blood and that she was very serious.

Of course I got more and more scared as time went on. Mistress noticed and gave me a kiss and said "It's alright my brave pet. I am very proud of you for doing this for me. Just be still and it'll all be over soon.". A few minuets later she stopped chanting and began to rub my clit. It felt so good! Then she picked up a clamp and placed it on my clit and pulled. It hurt. When it had been pulled as far as it would go she looped a length of plastic around the base of my clit. The plastic loop was connected to a little electric device used to gather cables. With a push of a button she banded my clit. I couldn't help screaming. My Mistress kissed me and told me it would be alright and that the pain would fade soon. She was right. In a few minutes I could feel my clit getting numb and I began to calm down. Mistress said I was a good girl again and climbed up onto the altar and placed her pussy over my face.

I lost track of time as I licked her to one orgasm after another. After her fourth or fifth orgasm she told me that that was enough and got off. She kissed me and said that she was proud of me. She then rubbed my clit and asked "Can you feel this dear pet?" I couldn't feel a thing and told her so. Her smile was so bright it made me feel good. Then she picked up a knife and said "Thank you pet. I love you" and cut off my clit.

Even though my clit was numb it still hurt when she cut it off and the pain was unlike anything I'd ever felt. Still I think most of the pain was in my head. I expected it to hurt a lot so it did. I remember I screamed and screamed and then screamed some more before passing out. The last thing I remember before passing out was her holding it up and saying "Now it's mine forever.". When I woke up, it was to a lot of pain and the smell of burning flesh. It hurt so much! I can't imagine how much more it would have hurt it I hadn't been numb. Mistress was so happy though. And that made the pain worth it. She kissed me and said "Thank you pet" I had barely managed to tell her I loved her before passing out again. When I woke again Mistress had covered me in a blanket and was sleeping in a chair next to me. When I croaked out "Mistress?" She immediately woke up and kissed me. She gave me some water and told me she was proud of me and that she loved me so much. It really made me feel good. She had to help me up as it hurt so much to move. My whole lower body was wrapped in bandages and it was too painful to close my legs. She helped me to her bed and told me to rest.

During the week it took me to recover Mistress treated me like I was a china doll. She was with me constantly and anything I needed she gave me. When the week was over and I could move well enough on my own again she let me see her art work. The bandages came off and she held a mirror so I could see my pussy. Only I didn't have one anymore. My clit, hood, and labia had all been cut away and burned and the entrance to my vagina had been sewn so that only the tip of her little finger could get in. I was shocked. Mistress was so happy though. She kept saying that I'd made her so happy and that she was proud of me and loved me very much. I began to feel good about my sacrifice. I didn't use them anymore and it had helped my Mistress and made her happy, so I felt happy.

Several days later when I was feeling a lot better she began to use me as her model again. No more did she have to unlock and re lock that awful belt anymore. I was proud of my sacrifice then. And her statue of me was getting closer to completion. I thought it looked wonderful but she kept saying that it was missing something. A month later she told me it was almost finished. She said a few more hours of work and then she could put the finish on it and it'd be done. I was proud of her. The statue looked amazing. It was me as a fairy sitting on a rock with her elbows on her knees and her hands holding a book. She told me she was going to place "me" under a tree next to the stream that ran through the back yard. I thought it was a beautiful spot and it was my favorite spot in the whole garden.

A week to the day was my last. She said a couple of dear friends of hers named Amy and Sue were coming over for a visit and she wanted to serve the very best. I told her I would do my best and she said I know you will and stuck a needle in my arm and pushed the plunger. I was so confused! I tried to ask what was happening but I couldn't. I remember everything getting hazy and Mistress catching me. The last thing I remember before I blacked out was Mistress saying that I was going to be wonderful. When I woke I was in the kitchen. I was in a large pan and my hands were tied to my ankles. I was covered in honey and surrounded by vegetables and broth. I was confused, scared, and my belly hurt. Mistress kissed me and told me there was nothing to worry about. She said that she had to remove some parts but that she knew I would make dinner very special. Then she asked if I loved her. "Of course Mistress" I said. " I love you more than anything!" "Thank you my love" she said back to me as she kissed me one last time. Then she placed an apple in my mouth and slid me into the oven.

I didn't notice the heat at first but it quickly became too much. I tried to scream and get out but I couldn't remove the apple and Mistress's bonds were too tight. The pain got to be so intense that all I could do was scream until I passed out. The next thing I remember was floating in blackness and it was peaceful. There was no pain anymore. There was nothing but peace. Eventually I began to worry about my Mistress and I wondered what she was doing. Then I began to feel a gentle tugging. Eventually it grew so strong I felt like I was falling. I screamed and passed out again. When I woke up I was in Mistress's studio. Mistress looked so happy! She said "You're awake! At last you're awake!" and gave me a kiss. It felt so good but I was confused. I didn't understand what was going on. When I tried to ask her my lips wouldn't move. Nothing moved. I couldn't move any part of my body. I began to get scared and Mistress told me not to fear. She said that I was alright and that some men were coming by to put me into the garden. Then she asked if I'd like to see the finished statue. I did but I still couldn't understand why I couldn't move.

She left me for a bit. I tried to see where she went but I couldn't. All I could see was the statue's arms and hands holding a book. She came back a minute later pushing a big wheeled mirror and I gasped! I was looking at the statue of a fairy version of me. Then I realized I was looking at me! Somehow Mistress had placed my spirit into the statue! While I was still grappling with that, the men came and placed me in the garden, right in my favorite spot. I was embarrassed as I could hear them commenting about my body and what they'd like to do with it if it had been flesh and blood. Little did they know that not only could I hear them but the remains of my original body were locked forever inside my bronze body.

I'd learned what happened to them after they left. As soon as Mistress had paid them she came back and began to kiss me and told me what had happened. After she'd knocked me out, she removed the organs that were not edible and burned them. Then she sewed me up and began to get me ready for dinner. It was about then that I woke up. After I was done cooking Mistress took me out and served me to her friends. She told me that I tasted very good and that I was the best dinner they'd ever had. I felt weird about that but happy and proud that she enjoyed me. I had told her that I loved it when she ate me. Now she'd done it for real. What made me cry was when she told me that she'd planned to serve me as dinner for a long time but that she loved me so much that she couldn't bear to part with me. So she made a statue of me and began to place bits of me inside it. And when she finally did cook me for dinner she had my bones and ashes placed into the statue. After finishing it she began a ritual that would bring me back inside the statue and here I am. When she'd finished telling me she began to kiss me again and started rubbing her pussy against my leg. It felt good. I don't know why I could see her much less feel her but I didn't care and I still don't. I love her and her touch feels better than ever. She quickly took her clothes off and continued to make love to me and it felt wonderful! When she started rubbing my pussy. It felt so good but I was still a bit shocked. I was identical to the original me in every way except one small detail. I had my hood and labia back again but I had no clit. Mistress must have sensed my confusion because she looked into my eyes and said "Don't you remember. That's mine forever. Then she rubbed herself to orgasm against me. I still have never had an orgasm since the day mine was sacrificed but she's had plenty of them and I love giving them to her!

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