tagLesbian SexSamantha Takes a Vacation

Samantha Takes a Vacation


Samantha Grace is a twenty-six year old successful advertising executive. Other than her recent breakup with her girlfriend, her life was perfect. That separation, however had a devastating effect on her. Every time she recalled the day two months ago she wanted to cry. She had been with Patricia for six years, ever since they first met in college. She had been setting at her desk and thought about the evening to come. It was their sixth anniversary and they were going to have a wonderful evening out with dinner at their favorite restaurant, a play and a late night carriage ride through central park. She decided right then that she was not going to set at a desk all day. She closed down and headed home, stopping for two-dozen yellow roses on her way.

When Samantha, Sam to all her friends, entered their condo it was quiet and Sam went to the bedroom expecting to find Pat still curled up in a blanket. But Pat was up and she was setting on the edge of the bed and completely nude. The look on her face said about everything. Anything still missing was resolved when the very young, very beautiful first year college student from across the hall emerged from the bath, just as nude as Pat. After a moment of embarrassment, Pat recovered nicely. "Sorry sweetie but you must understand why I've been entertaining myself during the day. Just look at her." Pat held out her hand and the young girl came to her and Pat pulled her onto her lap.

"Get your shit and get the fuck out." Sam spoke in a very clam and soft voice, almost a whisper. She turned and left the condo. She spent three nights at the Ambassador Hotel but when she tired of shopping for a new change of clothes every evening she finally returned home to find Pat and her personal things gone. Pat's key was on the kitchen table, no note.

Sam tried to get on with her life and do her job but in the end she simply could not manage returning to her empty house. She requested and got a month's leave of absence from her job, packed a few bags and hit the road. That was a week ago. She was now setting in a booth in the Courtesy Diner on route 301 in south Florida. It was November so she had pointed her Mercedes 240 SL convertible south.

She was currently obsessing over a very tan knee peaking out from a hole in a pair of worn jeans. A tall slim girl with long straight black hair was wearing those jeans. She had long slender arms that were very tan and she had on a tiger striped top, which was sleeveless and short at the waist. She was revealing a bit flesh along a narrow waistline, above the top of the jeans; she was apparently tan all over.

But why, she wondered, did a bare knee seem so erotic when that was all that was being revealed. The bits of raveled strings around the opening were almost as attractive as the knee. She admired the long legs and the round ass and the lean back. And, Oh fuck, Sam turned her attention back to her burger and fries. When she had looked at the girl's smooth and beautiful face she was met with two large dark eyes staring back at her.

Sam did not dare look up for the longest time. She had finished her lunch and when she reached for her check she saw the young girl stand. Hoist a large backpack over one shoulder and turn toward the door. Sam could now see that the girl had holes in the knees of both pant legs. As she walked out the door Sam's eyes followed those tight jeans across the parking lot. The bell cuffs were so long they drug through the gravel causing little puffs of dust trail after her.

Sam went to the register where a high school aged girl with a bored look on her face gave her back the wrong change from a twenty-dollar bill. She made four dollars for eating lunch there. She folded it along with another three and tucked it all into a tip jar beside the register. The young girl sprouted a huge smile at the idea of such a large tip.

Sam looked at her. "Relax sweetie, you're going to need it when the owner closes out tonight." The girl watched Sam leave wondering what that might mean.

Sam was pushing the Mercedes at eighty in a fifty-five down the two-lane road; the top was down, her short blonde hair whipping in the breeze. By the time she saw the girl from the diner standing on the side of the road under the shade of a wide spreading Live Oak she was well past, Sam tried to decide if the girl had her thumb out, hitching a ride or just resting in the shade. She let the car slow until she found a side entrance where she could turn around.

As she reached the girl she saw the young thing was definitely hitching. Her right hand was out with a thumb in the air. She drove a ways past where she stood and made a u-turn. She drove up beside her and stopped in the middle of the lane. There were no other cars in either direction. The girl looked both ways. "Need a ride?" Sam said.

"I'm going to Everglade City." She replied.

"Never been there." Sam said. "Would I like it?"

The girl tossed her backpack in the back seat and leaned over the door. Her top stretched across her chest outlining small firm breasts with erect nipples. "You might."

Sam looked into the back seat. "I haven't agreed to give you a ride yet."

"I can always take it back out." She said.

"No." Sam smiled at her. "Lets go see what's in Everglade City."

"Don't you want to know my name?" The girl asked as she opened the door and slid into the passenger seat.

Sam checked the rearview mirror as a truck passed from the opposite direction blowing a loud air horn as it passed. The girl gave the driver the finger. "Are we angry?" Sam asked.

The girl smiled at her. "Just don't like horns." She replied. "It's Jessica. Jessica Roberts. I have an ID if you want to see it."

"That won't be necessary. San offered. Christ, she thought, she could not take her mind off of the holes in the girl's jeans. Now she could see there were smaller ones higher up the legs along her thighs and there was one, oh my god, she thought. There was one hole about an inch in diameter on the inside of her thigh just below her crotch.

"Hello? I said my name is Jessica." The girl said.

Sam snapped out of her trance. "Yes, I heard you. I'm Sam.' She floored the car and it shot up the road pressing Jessica into the seat and reaching eighty in a little over twelve seconds.

"Yea!" Shouted Jessica. "Whoo!" She raised her hands high in the air and waved at nothing. Her long black hair whipped around her face and she was trying to gather it and hold it out of her face.

Sam took an elastic hair tie from the otherwise unused ashtray and handed it to her. "Oh, thanks." She said and fixed her hair into a ponytail,

As Jessica pulled her hair out of her eyes, Sam found herself looking at the holes in Jessica's jeans, her knees and now the one by her crotch.

And once again Sam was caught admiring the girl when she noticed Jessica had finished fixing her hair and was intently looking at Sam who was looking at Jessica's legs. Just then Jessica turned in the seat and raised her left foot, pulled off her sneaker and placed her foot on the console. This move spread her legs wide apart and brought her left knee up near her face.

Sam was having trouble driving and watching the road. Jessica ran her hand along her right thigh. When a finger found a hole she poked her finger in it and rand it over her smooth tan skin. A wheel dropped off of the roadway and gravel flew into the air as Sam jerked the wheel to right the car. Jessica never wavered. She extended her left foot where her toes found their way under the hem of Sam's tee shirt and she lifted her foot running it along Sam's ribcage. Sam was swerving in and out of her lane of traffic. Thankfully there was very little traffic.

When Jessica extended her leg and the heel of her foot settled into Sam's crotch, Sam sucked a deep breath and widened her legs. He left leg was pressing against the door panel and her right foot shoved down on the accelerator involuntarily. The car leaped forward and swerved across the oncoming lane and Sam desperately struggled to bring the car back under control. She couldn't move her right leg to get to the brake.

Finally she took her foot from the gas and pressed the break pedal. As the car slowed and Sam regained control, Jessica removed her foot from between Sam's legs, got to her knees and leaned in to Sam. "Maybe you better find a place to park this thing before you kill us both."

"I'll be fine." Sam said, but just then she saw a path leading into a section of woods and thought 'what the fuck'. She pressed hard on the breaks, the car swerved and she turned onto the dirt road. Once there she maneuvered the car around potholes and downed branches until they were well off of the road and emerged from the trees to find a deep blue pond surrounded by green grass. Farther beyond, a grove of ripe orange trees went on forever. Sam brought the car to a stop and turned off the ignition.

She turned to Jessica. "I have never done anything like this in my life. I sure hope it's worth it."

Jessica took her arm and pulled her out of her seat and onto her lap. She kissed Sam deeply and used her tongue exploring Sam's mouth. When their lips parted, Jessica said, "I can almost guarantee it." Jessica opened the car door and climbed out. She puller her tee over her head and tossed it to Sam. She was not wearing a bra. Her small breasts stood up high and her nipples were long and firm with small areolas. Sam watched as Jessica unbuttoned those jeans that caused all of this to begin with. With her thumbs in the waistband she wiggled her hips urging the tight jeans over her ass and down her thighs.

Sam was kneeling in the passenger seat when Jessica stuck out a foot and said. "Help." Sam took the cuff of the jeans and pulled the leg free. Jessica then offered her other leg and Sam pulled it free as well. Jessica then stood in front of Sam in just a pair of leopard skin patterned bikini panties. Sam thought she had the longest legs she had ever seen. They were lean yet muscular. They were smooth and perfectly tan. Jessica moved to Sam who immediately wrapped her arms around her waist. Her hands ran over a magnificent ass as she brought her lips to Jessica's stomach. She kissed her over her abdomen and licked her navel. Her hands cupped and caressed her ass cheeks. Jessica ran her fingers through Sam's hair.

Jessica finally pulled Sam's mouth away from her. "Turn in the seat." She instructed. "Face the back." Sam turned so her knees were in the passenger seat and she faced backwards, She placed her hands on the headrest. She watched Jessica as she pealed the panties off, tossing them on the back seat. She put a hand on Sam's shoulder and pushed her back against the dash. Jessica then stepped into the seat. With one foot on the console and one foot on the edge of the seat, she sat down on the back of the seat and opened her legs wide.

Sam looked at the perfect pussy. She had medium sized labia, and a pronounced clitoris that extended a full inch beyond its hood. It curved downward in a slight arc. Her pelvic hair was shaved smooth except of a tiny 'V' just above the clit with a narrow shaft of hair above that. It formed an exquisite arrow directing the lucky viewer to the treasures beyond. Jessica held out her hands slowly opening a closing her fingers beckoning Sam to her. Sam leaned into her until Jessica could take her head in her hands.

Jessica laced her fingers together at the back of Sam's head and guided her new lover's mouth to her pussy. Sam was with a total stranger in a place she did not know being manipulated and controlled by another woman. Sam was in heaven as her lips met the sweetest pussy she had ever tasted. She kissed her way along Jessica's labia and down the inside of her thighs. She licked her length and her tongue poked into her vagina. She felt Jessica's fingers tighten around her head.

Sam slid her tongue deep into Jessica's vagina and started working it along her inside vaginal walls. Jessica's muscles were contracting on her tongue with every stroke and her ass was starting to move. Sam ran her fingers up Jessica's sides and over her pronounced ribs and when she found those small pert tits, she took her nipples between her fingers and rolled them side-to-side.

Sam was fucking the girl with rapid thrusts of her tongue and Jessica was pulling her face into her crotch. Jessica was groaning. Her fingers massaged Sam's scalp. "So good." She said. "So fucking good." Jessica started to hump her face in time with the tonguing she was receiving. "Oh here baby.' She said as her body shook and a climax rose up from her toes and shot through her cunt and up her spine causing her back to arch. Her pussy started leaking juice. Jessica tugged her mouth tight against her and her fluid started to flow. "Here baby." She said again and started squirting into Sam's mouth.

Sam slurped the pungent offering without thought and continued doing so until the aftershocks stopped rocking through Jessica and her ass settled down on the seat back.

"Oh fuck." Jessica said. "I knew you would be good when I saw you setting in the diner." She patted her new discovery on the head. "I never thought you wound cause me do that thought." She pushed Sam's head back until they could look at each other. "Honest baby. I've never let go like that before. I hope you didn't mind because there was no way I was letting you go till I finished.

Sam kissed her on the inside of her thigh and rested her head on her leg still looking up at her. "Can't say I blame you but even though I think I know please don't ever tell me what really happened."

"O. K." Said Jessica. "But I will not promise I won't do it again."

Sam lifted her head. "Someone is coming." She said. Sam started to scramble but Jessica put her hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down where she had been, kneeling in front of her.

"Relax baby. We're not hurting anything." Jessica explained. She turned her head to see a farm tractor coming through the orange grove. As it came closer Jessica patted Sam on the head again. "Everything's fine. Just fine."

Sam couldn't see but when the tractor engine stopped she raised her head to see a young girl setting in the seat. She was short and slim and pretty with red hair stuffed under a ball cap and fair completion. Beside the hat she wore a pair of leather work gloves, work boots and a lime green bikini.

"Interesting." The girl said.

"Just having a rest." Jessica offered.

"You must have been the one doing the resting. Looks like she's been quite busy." The girl nodded at Sam as she replied.

Jessica looked down at Sam and patted her head. "Busy, yes." She said.

The girl hopped down off of the tractor and walked over to the car, pulling her gloves off on the way. She leaned on the door as Sam looked up at her and smiled. "Howdy." She said. "I'm C. J." She added.

Sam smiled. "Howdy C.J."

"Nice work clothes." Jessica said. I'm Jessica and this here hard worker is Sam."

"I was headed for the pond for a swim. In the heat of the day it makes me feel good." C.J. said.

"Well." Jessica said. she hopped down off of the back of the seat and helped Sam out of the car. "Suit you self." She looked at Sam and then at C.J. Then she put a hand on Sam's back and inched her forward until she was right in front of C.J. "Baby here wouldn't mind feeling good to,"

As C.J. took her hand, Sam said. "I don't swim." C.J. led her over to the edge of the pond and Sam said again. "Really I can't swim." C.J. pulled her close and kissed her gently.

When their lips parted C.J. Said. "I don't think that's what she had in mind." C.J. pulled the top string around her neck and then the one at her back and the bikini top fell away. She had medium sized tits and they stood out quite proud. She pulled the strings on each hip and brought the strings forward handing them to Sam. Sam pulled the bottoms free and dropped them. C.J. had a bushy red pubic mound but it was nicely trimmed.

"Lay down." She said. Sam knelt and then lay back onto the soft cool grass. C,J, kicked off her boots and knelt between her legs and bent over letting their lips meet. They kissed and sucked lips and probed with tongues and let their hands roam over each other. C.J. began kissing Sam's chin and down her neck. She ran her mouth across Sam's chest, sucking her tits and licking down her abdomen. When she reached Sam's navel, she ran her tongue around it and into it and Sam's stomach muscles contracted. C. J. continued roaming over Sam's body with her mouth.

C.J. raised her head and looked at Sam whose eyes were closed and she was licking her lips in expectation. When she sensed C. J. had stopped, Sam opened those eyes and looked down toward her latest new friend. C. J. lowered her mouth and kissed Sam right on her clit and Sam's knees jerked backward. She lowered her head and sucked on that clit and Sam drew her knees up and her legs fell open. "Perfect." C. J. said. She began a serious attack on Sam's sex as she pushed her tongue into her vagina. Sam raised her hips to meet that tongue and her fingers found hands full of curly red hair. She moaned as this complete stranger was serving her in a cool grassy field in the middle of nowhere. How her life had changed. She was snapped back to reality as C.J. left her vagina and sucked her clit into her mouth. She bore down on it with her lips as her tongue worked at it with a rapid flicking.

Sam arched her back and felt the first tingling of an earthquake about to erupt from her deepest recesses. She pushed her ass up and was humping the young girl's mouth. "Oh, Holy, holy, holy fuck!" Sam cried. She began cumming and C.J. was slurping at her sex . Sam moaned out in pleasure. "My God!" She cried. "I, I, Oh fuck it." She said. Her head fell back into the grass and she closed her eyes but her ass continued to slowly rise and fall on C. J.'s mouth. She released her handfuls of hair and her arms fell to her sides. C. J. continued to lap at her and lick up her labia and probe her vagina.

Finally, when Sam had grown still and her breathing was close to normal, C. J. pulled her mouth from that swollen clit. She slid her hands under Sam's knees and pushed her legs up high and wide apart. She lowered her mouth and placed a long loving kiss on her ass hole. She then sat up, lowered Sam's legs and then stood. She walked to the edge of the pond and waded in.

Jessica said. "Well wasn't that just special." Sam looked over and Jessica who was setting cross legged just five feet away where she had watched the entire episode.

"Yes." Sam said." It was." Then she giggled like a school girl. "Have you been there the entire time?"

"Yes." Jessica smiled.

"You learn anything?" Sam asked.

"Yea." Jessica said. "You might be a slut who will let anybody fuck her."

"Hey!" Sam called but Jessica was up and headed for the car. "Lets get dressed and get out of here. It's still a long drive to Everglade City."

Sam scrambled to her feet and ran to the car. The two girls hunted and sorted clothes and pulled on panties and wiggled on jeans. When they were dressed and climbing into the car, C. J. walked up carrying her clothes. She was on Jessica's side of the car. She leaned her elbows on the door. Jessica held up her baseball cap and handed it to her.

C. J. Smiled. "I swim here every day at four. Why don't you hold onto this and maybe you could bring it by another day."

"We'll see what we can do" Jessica said.

When the convertible turned onto the highway, Sam hit the accelerator and away they went.

It was dark when they rolled into Everglade City and parked in the lot of the Traveler's Inn. When Sam returned to the car she held up a key. Last room, one king bed. I took it. You can sleep in an arm chair if you're prudish or picky."

"Oh heaven forbid, the two deadly P's" Jessica taunted. "My mother warned me about them." When Sam parked in front of room 42 she said. "Showers and dinner?"

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