tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSamantha's Master Ch. 01

Samantha's Master Ch. 01


Hi fans: I've been getting lots of emails asking when I'll post another story, but the truth is, since I started posting them my consultation business has shot through the roof. I hardly have time for anything else now. I only do referrals, but even at that, I can't handle the volume. So, I finally bit the bullet and hired an intern against my better judgment. He's ten years younger than me, in his early twenties, and oh my god is he ever a fantasy-laden, orgasmic producing, gorgeous dream!

No, I haven't done anything with him, although I can tell by the way he watches my butt and his eyes on my breasts all the time that he's interested. I have never cheated on my hubby, but we share our fantasies, so I'll probably tell him about Jason. I don't know what I'd do if Hubby said, "Go ahead!" LOL

This is what one of my clients told me during one of our last sessions. I wrote it up as related because I thought I'd let the readers read it just to see how some people's minds work, and what excites them sexually. And he thought it'd help him cope better to see it posted here. Here it is, posted in two parts. Take it for what it's worth, and I hope some of you out there enjoy reading it.

Thank you,



His story:

My name is Jack. I'd never been a Dominant in real life, and certainly not a "Master," but I have role-played on-line lots of times and enjoyed the power I felt each time I did it. That's why my real life adventure took me so much by surprise. I'd better explain. I was on the terrace at a Seattle coffee shop one day and the place was a total zoo. It was one of those rare sparkling days one gets up there in April every five years or so, and every table was filled. I'd had a "don't give a shit" attitude all morning and being around other people hadn't improved my disposition much. I'd just ordered my second refill, nearly through the Times and all their bullshit, when the most gorgeous creature I'd ever seen stepped outside with her coffee in one hand and a piece of crumb cake in the other. Every eye out there was glued to her, but the only vacant chair was the one across from me. When I nodded at her and jerked my head toward it, she melted me with a bright smile and sit down.

You could tell she was money simply by her looks and her manner. Sophisticated, poised, and elegant, she owned the place. She wore a short, black, off-the-shoulder dress, heels and simple, understated jewelry. Her dark hair was piled on top of her head, with just the right amount of strands dangling around her small, refined face. Large brown eyes stared back at me and impossibly white even teeth sparkled in the sun.

I'm average. Well, I'm pretty tall, six three, about two-fifteen when I work out, but my nose has been broken twice playing racquetball, and I'm not the most handsome man in the world. The only place I'm above average in below the belt, but that's not an attribute a lady can notice right off, so I don't meet many, drop-dead gorgeous chicks. I do get some referrals, however, from the few I have bedded. I'm proud of my big cock. It's my only physical asset that I am proud of.

I watched her break off small nibbles of crumb cake and delicately place each piece between her full lips, my mind going crazy with some wild ideas. She seemed unaware of my physical problems at the moment, crossing her long legs and blowing on her cup. It was then I noticed the gold anklet chain. Then I noticed that she also wore a gold choker chain around her swain-like neck. She suddenly glanced up and saw my eyes on her ankle, and turned red. I don't know why, I guess it was my bad attitude coming through but I just went for it.

"That a slave anklet?"

She grew red in the face and dropped her eyes.

"Do you belong to someone?" I insisted, convinced she'd finally just pop up and beat a hasty retreat to a friendlier place.

She didn't answer for so long that I figured I'd overplayed my hand then she muttered so low I could barely hear her over the traffic noise, "I did once. He's gone now."

Again, I jumped in with both feet. I figured what the fuck, right? "Was he your Master?"

A long silence first, and then a small whisper floated up through the sidewalk noise. "Yes."

Gone was the cool customer I'd seen walk in. Now she looked like a frightened little girl waiting to be scolded for some misdeed. "How long has he been gone?"

"Five weeks. His company moved to California."

I felt I was on firmer ground now so I plunged forward again. "He trained you, then?"

A long silence, and then, "Yes. Almost a year." She had a deep throaty voice that made my dick throb. She glanced up and I saw her eyes were moist, as she licked her pouty lips and again dropped her head.

Deciding to roll the dice, I said, "Then you probably need another one to take care of you and correct your behavior, right?"

She didn't answer so I growled deeply, "Well?" She jerked her head up and down in admission, not answering. Holly shit! I had her! And lord, was she ever gorgeous! "Did you know I was a Master when you sat down here?" I asked. She shook her head in the negative. "Dammit! Answer me when I say something. I'm not a fucking mind reader!"

"I'm sorry," she muttered obediently.

"Do you want me to consider you? I'm pretty busy but I have experience and have trained a number of slaves." All of it was BS, of course. I hadn't. But I just went on with the charade, "I don't know if you're even worth it." I knew I was taking a risk saying that, but it worked.

"I am . . . I am."

"Ok, maybe I'll see if you are. I'll interview you this afternoon at 5:00 PM. Give me your address."

She didn't hesitate, reaching inside a small purse that probably equaled a car payment for most folks, and handing me a card. As I suspected, the address was in an upscale community of large estates near the lake. Mostly doctors and lawyers, people like that lived there. We talked some more and I found out her name was Samantha, and that everyone called her Sam. She told me she'd been married to a noted surgeon for five years, and that her wealthy husband had run off with another male doctor. She'd known he was Bi, but it had surprised her none-the-less. He'd been domineering and commanding all through her marriage, and liked to tie her up for sex. She admitted those were the type men she seemed to be drawn to. Men like her father had been. Then she'd met her old master on line and found out what a submissive was, realizing at last that she was a sub. She'd been trained as a sub for nearly a year.

I stopped questioning her and stared at her for a full minute, as if trying to make up my mind about something. "Give me your panties," I said suddenly. Another risk. I'd only known her for about twenty minutes. Would she do it?

She appeared stunned by my remark, sitting up and glancing around at the tables closest to us before immediately dropping her eyes again, her face red as fire now. After a moment, she moved her hands under the table and in less than a second, handed me a balled up bunch of black silk and lace. I deliberately shook them out, holding the wispy little things in front of my face, and then brought them to my nose, breathing in deeply. A couple at a nearby table was staring at us now and I could see it bothered her a great deal.

"Nice," I said, smiling. "Maybe you are worth it after all."

She squirmed a bit, glancing at the couple again, and muttered under her breath, "Thank you, Sir."

Sir. I liked that. Making progress, at last. "Here's what I want. I'll be at your door at precisely five. The front door will be unlocked, so will the gate if you have one. You will be kneeling where I can see you when I first open the door. If I don't see you, I leave. You will be naked. Understand?"

It was apparent the couple at the other table was intently listening now, and Sam's face was glowing brightly with embarrassment.

"I'll interview you and see if you're right for me. I must warn you, I am a hard Master."

She nodded slightly. I smiled warmly at her, waiting, making her squirm some more. "Are you wet?" I said in a normal voice, watching her flinch as she tried not to glance at the couple again.

"Yes," she finally whispered. "A little."

"Show me." I ordered.

She only hesitated a second before she reached under the table. Then holding out her finger toward me, I could see it glistening. I smiled again. "Maybe you are worth it. See you, five sharp. "

I watched her as she walked off, her long legs flashing in the sunshine, her ass looking like a million dollars in the high-heels. Hell, everybody at the coffee shop was watching her. That ass was all I could think about all afternoon as I watched the clock-hands drag slowly around towards 5:00. I must have congratulated myself a dozen times over taking a chance with her. What a doll! A Sub! Who would've thought it seeing her walk in all haughty and cool like that? Just the thought of her on her knees, crawling around and doing my bidding, was enough to blow my fucking mind! My boner actually ached.

The place was literally an estate. A huge, multi-bedroom palace incased inside a six-foot brick wall with a rod-iron gate - which had been left open for me. A green Jag sat in the bricked portal drive-through. I smiled. This was gonna be fun. The front door was unlocked, and I pushed it open a bit. I saw her as soon as I did, kneeling on a pillow in in the middle of a large living room. She was naked. Beautifully naked, her eyes downcast. The gold choker around her slim neck glistened under the chandelier. My cock pushed against my pants painfully. I walked past her without acknowledging her, went into the living room and settled into a large leather recliner.

I observed the room for a while, letting her stew, then I said, "Come over here."

She crawled eagerly toward me, stopping at my feet.

"Look up."

She did, and I silently observed her, drinking her in with my eyes, wondering at the circumstances that had brought a sophisticated young woman such as this, to be knelling naked at my feet. I searched for any mental signs that would answer my question but all I saw were the eager brown eyes that stared back in anticipation, as though I held the answers to every problem she faced in life. The feeling of power I felt at that moment was nearly overwhelming. I wanted to see just how far I could go.

"Turn around, face away from me."

She did, her perfect ass pointed back at me. "Spread your cheeks. I want to see what I'm getting."

She didn't hesitate, spreading her tight ass cheeks, letting me feast my eyes on her glistening pink gash, and puckered ass hole. She was really wet. I liked that. It meant she'd been anticipating this as much as I had.

"Come here."

She crawled over, staring up expectantly. "Take my cock out, and hold it. Just hold it while I interview you."

She unzipped my pants and I almost came when her tiny hand wrapped around my stiff cock for the first time. She extracted it, and held it, staring into my face for the next command. It didn't come, and I saw disappointment cloud her pretty face. "If I deem you're worthy, maybe I'll let you suck my cock later. If not, I'll just leave." Something like fear filled her eyes and it was right then I knew just how much she needed this. I felt really smug. I was in total control of this magnificent creature!

"I . . . I . . . need,"

"Stop it! From now on, there is no 'I'. You will refer to yourself only as, 'this slut, your slave, this cunt, or your whore. Not 'I', not 'me', just that. Understand?"

"Yes Master."

"I am not your master yet. I haven't decided yet."

The flash of fear was back in her eyes again. She really needed this. "Yes, Sir," she muttered.

"you said you're drawn to older, strong men like your father. Did you have sex with your father?"

Tears flowed suddenly, and she nodded. Lord she was beautiful.

"When did it start? How?"

She sniffed a few times, took a deep breath and said, "I was young and it was me who started it. I used to sit on his lap all the time, and that was the cause of it. He came to my new apartment to help me put together a new TV cabinet, and I strutted around in really short shorts, bending over in front of him, my legs apart. I wanted it to happen. I wanted him to be the first for me. To thank him for helping me, I plopped down on his lap and I could feel his hard cock through my thin shorts. I moved around a bit, and he just finally groaned and . . .well . . . I let it happen."

"He fucked you."

"Yes. I reached under us and grasped his cock first, and then he carried me to the couch, laid me down and pulled off my shorts. He licked my pussy for a while. Then he fucked me. He seemed surprised I was still a virgin." She smiled sweetly as she said that.

"How often did he fuck you?"

"About twice a week for over a year. Right up until I got married. He did it several times after my marriage, but he suddenly got sick, and passed away."

She seemed saddened, so I changed the subject. "Did your old master live here?"

"Yes, Sir. He built a dungeon in the basement, with a theater, auction block and many toys. We had parties down there." She spoke with such a longing that said she'd really missed those days.

"Kiss my cock, and then show me." She lovingly kissed the head of my weeping cock, until I finally had to push her head away before I wrapped my hands in her long dark hair and shoved it down her throat.

I stood. "Rise, and show me,"

She maintained her grasp on my hard cock, leading me, as I followed her tight ass through the large house to a heavy double wooden door with locks. None of them were locked. She pushed it open and started down a winding stairway. The basement was magnificent. Luxury furniture was scattered about, a bar, numerous large TV screens on every wall, and clearly a fully equipped dungeon at one end. There was a large stage at the other end, with comfortable seating for a small audience. There appeared to be numerous small rooms off of the main room. Fuck rooms? Sleeping rooms? I'd have to check it out later. My thought was, what a vast amount of money it must have cost.

I tried not to look impressed, as I said, "Do you have a staff to help with the maintenance?"

"I did, but Master took them with him when he left."

I really loved her deep throaty voice. It gave me goose-bumps. Her hand felt wonderful on my cock.

"If I decide to take over as your Master, I'll hire more staff. Can you pay?"

"Oh yes, Sir. I just didn't know where to look for the type talent that was needed."

I reluctantly pulled my cock from her tiny hand and walked to the dungeon area. "D-rings" on every wall with chains, numerous sexual apparatuses, some that were clearly evident, others, that weren't so obvious. There was a small glass room with holes in the walls, marked "ass, cunt, and suck." Two pallets were on the floor, with stakes nearby, and dog collars with chains attached. Several overstuffed chairs were positioned strategically around the glass room. I smiled.

"This is the 'The-Total-Loss-of-Control-Room.' Or, the Control Room, as we called it. It has one-way glass, and we can see in but whoever is inside can't see out."

Half the chairs had four-inch rubber cocks protruding from the seats, the others didn't. I assumed the "cock-chairs" were for the subs. There was a wooden horsey with a saddle and two rubber dildos in the saddle that looked to be electrical. Along one wall was a device that fastened its victim on with straps, so that their every orifice was open to the public. Someone had put a lot of thought and money into this operation.

"How many people came to your parties?"

"Always about a dozen couples, Sir. We had a list of almost a hundred Masters, Mistresses and their slaves, and usually rotated the guest list."

"Do you still have the list?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Ok. I have decided your worthless ass can possibly be trained, so I will agree to be your master for a six-month trial period to see if you are a true sub. If you don't do exactly as I say, when I say do it, to whom ever I say do it to, I will leave immediately and you will never see me again. Understood?"

"Yes . . . Master."

"I mean it."

"I understand, Master. I'll be good. I promise."

I pointed at the device with all the options. "Show me how that one works," I said.

She went to it and contorted her slim body around until she was wrapped around it in impossibly awkward positions, each orifice of her body now open and exposed. What a sight. My cock was so hard I could barely extract it from my pants. Moving over closer, I stood in front of her sweet face, my cock a scant inch from her pouty lips. She stuck her tongue out and attempted to lick it, but I was just out of reach. She looked flustered so I moved closer until she was able to taste my pre-cum, making a small humming sound as she savored it. I shoved about an inch inside her warm moist mouth, and she started sucking it like a baby calf, drawing the rest inside until I was balls deep and she started gagging. In a minute or two, I was face-fucking her as she gagged over and over, spit and slime dropping to the floor beneath her. The high-class refined lady I'd seen at the coffee shop only that morning, was now gone. In her place was a whore, a total slut, who wanted nothing more than to please her man.

I knew she wanted me to cum in her mouth and there was simply no way I could resist. It started in my legs, worked its way through my body, reaching my nuts with an explosion that arched my spine, causing me to cry out as I shot load after load down her working throat. I watched her swallowing quickly, her throat muscles working to contain all of it. I quickly slipped from her mouth, walked around behind her and slammed my still hard cock into her drenched pussy! She whined like a hurt puppy. I couldn't cum again so quickly, but I was still hard and I wanted to be inside that gorgeous high-class pussy, so I hammered it unmercifully for a couple minutes until I had her cumming non-stop, over and over again. She sounded as if she was going out of her mind, and I assumed it had been a while since she'd had any cock. I promised myself she was going to have all she wanted from now on.

The first thing I did after becoming her master was hire a black couple as maid and butler, the first week, who said they were a husband and wife team. I had done some major research so I'd get the right mix, and they came with impeccable references from an old employer who'd grown too old and sickly to play the games any longer. The man, Brian, was of average height, but thick bodied and bullish shoulders and neck, with a shaved bullet head. He proved to be an excellent butler, and was generously endowed. The woman, Angie, looked like an Amazon queen, tall and shapely, with a hard body that spoke of many hours in the gym. I told them exactly what I wanted and they seemed to understand immediately.

The woman would cook if needed, clean the house and discipline my slave as required. The man would help do all that, answer the door, and be in charge of the household and my slave when I wasn't there. His wife was also his sub, but she was Bi and he let her have more freedom when it came to disciplining a sub. I insisted we keep in telephone contact at all times so I would know exactly what was happening in her training, when I wasn't there.

Each morning, Brian would turn on his cell phone so that I could hear the process. He'd lay out Samantha's clothing for the day, and then awaken her, standing motionless next to the bed, until she leaned over and sucked his cock. He was not allowed to fuck her, nor let her touch her pussy, which left her in a constant state of arousal. That's how I wanted her. I could hear her slurping and gagging on Brain's thick cock each morning when I wasn't there, heard him grunt when he came, and her humming and whining in frustration as he emptied his nuts into her mouth. One morning I heard her plea, "Please? Just do me. Please!"

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