tagBDSMSamantha's Sex-Dungeon

Samantha's Sex-Dungeon


I was relaxing in my palatial, modern bathroom taking a long, hot bath that was filled with expensive oils and salts. I had spent a lot of money getting the bathroom of my dreams, but I deserved it. Heated floors, Italian tiles, expensive lotions, mirrored walls, and every sex-toy imaginable made this retreat my favorite little corner of the world. Normally I kept it to myself, and only a few of my favorite studs were allowed to come in on occasion for a well planned day of wet, hot sex. I had caught my daughter using it once, defiling it so she could take a shower with her dyke-bitch girlfriend. I punished both of them severely with my largest black strap-on cock, and my daughter's slut was so humiliated they broke up. My daughter never quite forgave me but I really couldn't give a shit.

I was reading an erotic novel, one of the really dirty ones where the desperately horny housewife meets a number of muscular, successful men who make it their sole mission in life to fuck her brains out and buy her expensive things. They all had big cocks and lots of money. I had just gotten to a good part. A rich, handsome Spanish contractor had just given the main character a diamond bracelet and asked her to leave her unsatisfying husband. She refuses at first, but then he pulls out his big, steamy cock and fucks her in her marital bed, ejaculating deep into her neglected love-hole. I wish I could meet a man like that, not like my ex-husband. Who needed love when you had money and mind-blowing sex?

I was now aroused enough that I was ready to finish myself off. I could have brought myself to orgasm with my hand, but I wanted something with a little more of a kick to it, like I imagined the handsome Spanish contractor would give. I stepped out of the bath and walked over to the other to the counter to see what sex-toys I had at my disposal, all the while keeping myself on the verge of cumming with my expert fingers.

I saw myself in the dripping, steamy mirror and admired my lewd, voluptuous body. My normally waver brown hair was straight and wet, sticking to my arched back and draping off my thick ass. My stomach was flat though, and my waist showed all those long hours I spent in the gym doing cardio . . . and fucking younger men. My breasts were large, firm, and defied gravity with impossible vigor. I had fucked a lot of plastic surgeons to keep them that way as I entered the later part of my forties.

I didn't hate getting old, I had spent my youth well, getting fucked by the fattest cocks and marrying men with the fattest wallets. I did everything and regretted noting, and now I was going to do myself. I grabbed a large purple vibrator I had next to my expensive lotions and licked it down, slickening it with my spit and imaging it to be the proud member of the Spanish contractor, pulsing with adulterous lust. I flipped the switch at the base of the thick plastic cock, turning it on and making it vibrate with unnatural power. I was going to fuck myself so silly with this I would need a nap . . .

But then I heard a window break. It was close enough that I knew it was in my house. I calmly put down my pseudo-Spanish boyfriend and grabbed a thin, silk kimono that I had nearby without bothering to dry off. I didn't know if it was a burglar breaking in or just some punk who lost his baseball, but either way, someone was about to get my foot up their ass.


"Damn, who knew such a fine ass milf lived here," the cocky little boy complimented me as I opened the front door to my house. He didn't even bother looking at my face, but I suppose my giant wet tits weren't very covered by the almost transparent silk kimono I wore.

I had guessed correctly that a little punk had broken one of my windows with his baseball, as evident by the baseball glove he was wearing. He was a cute little bastard, I had to admit, as I checked him out in return. He was very short for a boy of 18 or 19, the top of his head only coming to my collar bone. His skin was a tannish brown, several shades darker than my own tan skin, so I guessed he must have had some Hispanic heritage, especially considering his dark brown hair and sparkling dark eyes. His young body was a sexy mix of boyish good looks, a baby smooth face, and a musculature that seemed cut from stone.

His clothes he wore would have been slutty on a girl, so they were even more provocative on a boy. A ludicrously short tank top that revealed most of his six-pack abs, a pair of cutoff jean shorts that were so tight on his strong, hairless legs that I could clearly make out his impressive bulge. He held a baseball bat propped up over a shoulder, and his baseball cap advertised a team called the 'Cocks.' When I was a girl this kind of clothing was only worn by very openly gay men, but recently it had gotten popular with young straight boys in my town. There was defiantly nothing gay about this horny little stud, and something about his raw boyish sexiness convinced me he had no trouble getting young, eager little girls to drop their panties.

Normally a sexy little boy like this would have turned on my cougar instincts instantly and I would have made a snack of him, but the only think I loved more than sex was the sanctity of my home, and this cocky little shit had violated that. I was fuming with anger, steam still rising from my dripping body, and my face must have been a mask of hate.

But the little stud boy didn't even notice my anger, or if he did he didn't care. He openly glared at my tits, hard, body, and long legs with perverse appreciation. His face had the cockiest little smirk I had ever seen, like a cat that had just gotten all the canaries and milk he could eat.

"My face is up here," I pointed upward to my angry face with my middle finger, subtly telling him to go fuck himself.

"It sure is, mamacita. Does that pretty face know where my baseball is?" He was unmoved by my anger. He stretched his back using the baseball bat, holding it with both hands behind his back, every muscle in his stomach flexing with impressive articulation.

"Your fucking ball broke one of my windows."

"Yeah, which one?"

"I don't know. I heard the glass break and I came out here to see if it was a burglar or something. I don't know which room it went in."

"Don't worry gringa, I'll find it." And then, without any invitation from me, he pushed his way into my home. The little bastard even had the nerve to put his hand on my left breast, shoving me slightly out of his was as he walked right into my living room. His dirty cleats were tracking dirt on my hard wood floors and leaving scratch marks I would now need to polish out. It seemed that he liked my expensive mini-mansion, who wouldn't, as the entire western wall was made of large open windows looking right down the hill and onto the beach. He whistled, "Damn, this is one swanky casa. Your husband must be loaded, eh mami?"

"I divorced my worthless husband years ago, but I kept the cash. Do you see a ring on me?" I gave him both middle fingers.

"Sorry lady, but I wasn't looking at your hands," he said as he gave me another apprising look before going back to searching for his ball.

He bent over my one-of-a-kind glass coffee table, even though it was pretty obvious that the ball was not in my living room. I got a good view of his tight little ass though, and it was absolutely scrumptious looking. There was a bowl of organic fruit on the table, and again without any invitation he picked up an apple and bit into it. His bite was quick and aggressive, but he chewed it with slow, thoughtful movements of his jaw. The apple was ripe, and its juices dripped down his chin and hand. He licked at the juices on his fingers before turning his attention back to the stolen fruit. I found the sight to be suggestive and erotic, obviously wondering if he ate pussy the same way he ate fruit, my lurid thoughts sent electric chills down my spine and into my aching crotch. I shunned those thoughts away though, I wasn't going to let my inner cougar make me forgive some little beaner just because he had a sexy ass . . . and lips . . . and body.

"Damn," he muttered while taking another bite of my apple. "Who is this sexy bitch?"

He picked a framed picture from off of my mantle and examined it. It was of my daughter Sadie at the beach with her ex-boyfriend. He was a large muscular Negro wearing a black speedo, I forget his name, Jerome or Jemar or something. I never could remember those stupid nigger names. My daughter was leaning away from whoever had taken the picture, showing off her firm white ass in a green micro-thong. Worse, she was sucking lewdly on a ridiculously large chocolate ice-cream bar. It was a provocative photo, but I kept it around because it was one of the few that were of my daughter with a man instead of some tattooed cunt-licker, and I liked having a reminder of the black stud himself. Even while he was dating Sadie, and even though I was still married to my husband, that stud had also been fucking me every chance he got. I forget his name of course, but I remember his cock like it was splitting me open just yesterday.

"That's my daughter Sadie," I answered. "And I'd appreciate it if you didn't call her a bitch."

"Whatever," he didn't seem to care that he had offended me. "Looks like she prefers chocolate, typical white girl. You okay with that?"

I had been, but mostly because I was getting my fill of chocolate too. She had dated black men to shame her father, as she now dated dykes to shame me.

"Shouldn't you be looking for your stupid ball?" I walked over to him as I spoke. My loose kimono came undone (I had never really fastened it well since hearing the crash) and he got a quick unobstructed view of my wet, naked body. I quickly refastened it though, tying the sash tightly around my waste this time, but most of my cleavage was still visible, and the silk itself did nothing to hide my hard, pointy nipples. I did nothing to acknowledge that he has just seen me in my entirety, and I just stood there waiting for a response.

He smirked, and I could see the bulge in his tight shorts twitching. "Maybe it landed in your bedroom."

Cheeky bastard, he obviously just wanted to see where I slept, but I agreed. "Let's have a look."

I walked up the elaborate staircase to the second floor and he followed me like an eager little puppy follows a piece of meat. My kimono was so short that it hardly covered my curvy hips, so I know that he was getting a good view of my hairless pussy and ass, but I didn't mind. Let the little bastard look, he was never going to get a piece of it. I'm sure he was getting turned on, but as soon as we found that fucking ball I was going to kick his ass out on the curb so I could get back to my masturbation needs. He'd probably have a raging boner to deal with, but he'd just have to use it on whatever little slut he was currently popping. I almost felt sorry for whomever that girl would be, she was going to get the shit fucked out of her.

The double doors to my master bedroom were already open and he let himself in without an invitation. I could tell immediately that the ball had not come through any of my windows, but for some reason I let him look around anyway.

"You've got a real big bed, mamicita. So sad you're all alone in it," he smirked as he looked at my king sized bed. Little did he know that I had probably fucked more men in that bed than his whore of a mother did in her whole life.

"Let's look somewhere else," I hurried him impatiently

The next room we came to was Sadie's, which had been unoccupied since she had moved out for college, but I kept it the way it was for when she came back to visit. There were some posters of rock bands, rappers, and other things young women liked, but there was also a large poster of two naked women kissing. The windows weren't broken, so we continued on.

The next room we came to was my son Mark's room. I was actually surprised he wasn't in there masturbating like he usually was. My son was without argument the biggest loser I had ever known, even more useless than his father. They were both spineless wimps with short, little cocks, but at least Mark's father knew how to make money. Mark's room was a mess, littered with nerdy shit like comic books and video game boxes. The Hispanic stud-boy seemed a little interested in some of my son's things, and I honestly wouldn't have cared if he had taken something, but he didn't. I guess this kid actually had a social life and could get girl's to drop their panties, what did he need with these virgin toys?

"Hey," he got my attention. "Is your son Mark?"

I was a little shocked. My son didn't have any friends. "Yes. Do you know him?"

"A little. We go to school together, but he mostly keeps to himself. I don't think he likes me very much."

"Why's that?" I was curious, although I suppose there were a lot of reasons to hate this arrogant beaner brat.

"He had a big crush on this new girl named Alice. She was pretty cute. White, blue eyes, always wore her blonde hair in pigtails, and she looked young, you know, even though she was totally legal."

I knew where this story was going. The disproportion of this boy to my son was as wide apart as a whore's legs, but for some reason I was getting a little excited. My heart was beating faster, and my still aroused pussy began to leak a little. I had given up on my son ever becoming a real man, so I delighted instead in his humiliation.

"Anyway, he asked her to the Homecoming Dance before anyone else and she said yes. I went with a couple of my girlfriends, but I noticed Alice kinda standing by herself. Mark was a pretty lame dancer and I think she was embarrassed to be seen with him. I started talking to Alice and she was pretty cool, you know. She even spoke a little Spanish. One thing led to another and Mark caught my popping her cherry in the bathroom. I told him he could have sloppy seconds but he just took off, which was fine for me. I got to fuck three different girls that night back at my house."

I had actually remembered that night. Mark had come home crying before locking himself in his room and masturbating till the morning. "Well it sounds like you had plenty of fun. What's your name by the way?" Wait, why the fuck was I asking this little shit for his name? I just wanted him out.

"Enrique. And you?"

"Samantha Day."

"Can I call you Sam, or Sammy?" The little prick smirked, perhaps he realized his story of sexual domination was making me a little wet.

"You can call me Mrs. Day," I responded sternly, but I was not as angry has I had been earlier. There was something irresistibly charming about this boy, despite what a little dick he was. "Let's go find your ball, ok cutie?"

"Hey, I've already got two big balls right here, next to my big fucking bat," he said grabbing his large bulge.

I snickered, but left the Mark's room and continued my search of the house. I checked the downstairs one more time as Enrique followed me around, paying more attention to slips of my wispy kimono than to the search. After I few minutes I realized were the ball must have gone, knowing that there was only one window left I hadn't checked, but I couldn't go there with this kid following me, it would be too embarrassing. There had to be some way of getting into my secret room without him noticing.

"And this room?" he asked, coming to a door decorated with flowers and unicorns.

"My youngest daughter's. Daisy." We went inside and I could tell immediately that there was no broken glass. Looking around it was hard to tell that Daisy had just turned eighteen. Her big bed was covered with stuffed animals and her walls were plastered with the feminine faces of teeny-weeny popstars. She even looked radically younger than her age, being less than five feet tall with little itty-bitty-titties and big round eyes. But I knew my daughter had inherited my insatiable, violent libido. In the pile of stuffed animals was hidden a big purple dildo that she strapped on to her largest teddy bear every night, and under her bed was a box of porno DVDs. She liked to watch gay twinks fucking each other up the ass.

Mark was staring at her picture intently. He looked a little embarrassed even. "Daisy? I thought her name was Jenny. No, wait, that was her friend, the redhead."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing! Nothing. Let's check the other rooms."

There was a little twitching in his shorts as he mentioned my daughter. I wasn't stupid, I could tell that he had met Daisy before, and I knew the Jenny girl he was talking about. She was a slutty little retard from down the block who I had caught licking Daisy's cunt once during one of their 'sleepovers.' I knew they were both having sex, and according to rumors I heard from another mom they liked to double up on the same boys. Was Enrique one of them? Shit, he was. I could tell. Enrique had fucked my daughter, and for some reason that thought of her petite body bouncing up and down in his chiseled lap made me wet.

"Hey, what about this room?" he asked. It was too late. I hadn't been paying attention to where he had been wondering and now he was down a small, easily missed hallway to a door that looked like nothing more than a closet.

I thought I had locked it, but a he turned the knob it came open and he stepped inside. I followed him, thinking I would yell 'Wait!' at any moment, my heart ready to explode in my chest, but the rush I was feeling was neither fear not embarrassment. My pussy was pulsing and my tits stood straight out like little canons. I was aroused.

He was standing in the middle of the room with his mouth agape. His baseball was in the corner surrounded by some broken glass, but that was the furthest thing from either of our minds right now. The room looked like a gym, but all of the machines and apparatuses were clearly meant for one purpose: sex. There was a sex-swing, a bed, a fully stocked bar, a basket full of sexual lubricant and condoms, and the wall was decorated with high quality pornography of the most graphic nature.

"Holy shit," he hasped. "What the fuck is this shit?"

He turned to me just in time to see my slowly peel off my silk kimono, fully revealing the hard, lewd body beneath it. I held the kimono briefly, playing with it like a toy, before just dropping it the floor. I walked past him to the bar and poured myself a glass of white wine, my large milky tits bouncing hypnotically with every step.

"This is my fucking-room," I finally answered before chugging my white wine, intentionally allowing some of it to spill and splash onto my large, flawless tits. "Or my sex-den, or my special place, or my rape-cave, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. This is where I come to fuck. I don't mean sex, or making love, I mean FUCK! This is where I bring my boyfriends once I get bored with them so I can spend one last night doing every sexually horrific thing imaginable with their sorry asses."

Enrique was silent (for once) and his smirk was gone. His face was one of disbelief, and his knees shook and he glared vacantly at my wine spattered tits. His erection was becoming so hard that I was afraid the zipper in his shorts was about to explode.

I decided to play with him a bit more. "I've had women here too, but rarely. I'm no lesbian, but I enjoy breaking a pussy on occasion, and once I get horny I really will fuck anything. Anything. The things I've done to women in this room would give you nightmares. I've taken them closer to the edge of sexual insanity than you will ever go. I have broken their wills, made them my willing sex-slaves, keeping a few of them locked up in here for days before cutting them loose again. I've fucked women so hard they will literally forget their names, so I will give them new ones. Names like Slut, or Bitch, or Pussy-Toilet. Do you know the English teacher at your school Mrs. Cummings?"

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