tagGroup SexSamantha's Summer Party

Samantha's Summer Party


One of my best friends, Samantha, lived with her parents in a large house on the coast, and to celebrate summer they decided to throw a little party. I was a little bit apprehensive about going to begin with as I didn't know most of the people attending, but after Samantha spent hours making me feel guilty, I decided to go.

Despite being good friends with Samantha, I didn't really know her parents either. They both spent a lot of time working abroad, so even Samantha didn't see them very often. She told me her parents had some clients visiting the UK, and they wanted to show them a good time.

On the day of the party I rifled through my clothes trying to find something suitable to wear. I didn't want to look slutty, but I also didn't want to look out of place. Finally, I found a scarlet red slip dress. Although it showed off my busty cleavage, the hem rested just above my knee.

By the time I arrived the sun was staring to set, but the evening temperature was still felt very warm. There were a few lights lit inside the house, but nobody came to the door when I knocked. I decided to follow the music and walked round the side of the house to the garden.

I thought the house looked fabulous, but the garden blew me away. There was a large swimming pool at one end, which looked heated with the mist rising from the water. In front of me was a path leading into the garden, which continued on down to the beach. I removed my heels and clambered barefoot along the path.

Samantha's father, Paul was standing behind a large barbeque, which looked to be on fire with the amount of smoke rising from it. Behind another table full with salad, plates and various types of alcohol were Samantha and two men.

"Hey, Sophie you made it!" Samantha shrieked.

The two men turned and nodded politely at me as I approached them. I smiled back, aware of their eyes wandering up and down my body.

"Of course I made it," I smiled. "I said I would come."

"Well, now that your here go and help yourself to some food before it all gets eaten." She demanded, passing me a plate.

I smiled at Samantha before I turned towards the barbeque; I sensed that something wasn't quite right between the three of them.

"Hello, Paul." I said, approaching the barbeque with a plate in my hand. "I love your house, especially the garden."

"Thank you, Sophie. That's very kind of you to say so." He replied, placing a rather large sausage onto my plate. "Don't be shy and help yourself, there's still plenty of food left."

He suddenly looked restless as he looked up at Samantha, obviously flirting with the two men. He squirted some ketchup onto my plate, then led me to another table and handed me a glass of wine. I took a large sip, the strong taste made me shiver as it went straight to my head.

"Thank you," I said, placing the glass onto the table and taking a bite from the sausage.

"I love the way you do that, by the way." He smiled.

I raised my eyebrows, the sausage wedged into my cheek. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"The sausage, I love the way you gobble it." He said, with a low, dirty chuckle.

My stomach gave a flutter, had my friends father just said what I thought he said? I decided to play it cool and not reply to his inappropriate comment.

Then, I suddenly felt something soft pressing into my arm. I looked down to see a very large breast, barely contained in its flimsy white bikini top, nudging against my arm. My eyes lazily travelled upwards to see the tanned skin and sparking blue eyes of Samantha's mother, Catherine.

She looked beautiful with deep hypnotic eyes as she stood next to me in her white bikini top and thong. I suddenly felt over dressed standing next to this goddess.

"Catherine! I thought you were entertaining our other guests!" Paul exclaimed, looking furious. He looked across at Samantha, who was glaring over from between the two men. One of them moved her hair away and whispered something into her ear. Samantha smiled as she bit her lip, then the two men pulled her towards the beach. What on earth is going on here, I thought?

"Well, now it's your turn." Catherine replied, pouring herself a glass of wine.

"Sophie, you remember my wife, Catherine, don't you?" Paul asked.

"Yes, yes I do. Hello Catherine." I said.

Hi, Sophie, It's been a while. Last time I saw you, you were a young girl." She smiled, turning to look at her husband "I think I can take over from here, Paul."

Paul walked off abruptly towards the house, and left me alone with Catherine. This party was starting to feel a little weird. Samantha had invited me but left me to fend for myself. I hadn't seen her parents in a few years; they were always globetrotting with Paul's job. Who were those two men? And why was Samantha blatantly acting the little minx in front of her parents? I was starting to feel uncomfortable, and I think Catherine sensed it.

"Ignore him, Sophie," she said. "He is trying to impress some clients."

I nearly choked on my wine as she watched me, her eyes constantly drifting to my breasts. Catherine was still standing close enough for her own breasts to be touching my arm, almost nudging my own breasts. My stomach tightened as I realised how close together our busts were.

"Do you like them?" she asked, as I stared at her tanned cleavage. "They're my best feature, don't you think?"

She tipped her head back and laughed, and then she draped her arm round my waist and pulled me tight against her body. "It's ok, no need to be shy, Sophie," she purred.

Catherine picked up her glass of wine and, with her arm tightly wrapped around my waist, led me towards the swimming pool. It was dark now, and the temperature was starting to drop. Most of the guests were already in the house and, due to my late arrival; I hadn't even met them yet.

As we reached the pool we both turned to look at the beach, hearing Samantha shriek with laughter. In the moonlight I could make out Samantha pulling off her dress as the two men watched her. Then they picked her up and carried her petite frame back to the small fire that was burning. I could see her pulling at the shirt of one of the men while behind her; the other man already had his shirt off and was unbuttoning his trousers.

"They're two of Paul's clients," Catherine said. "Want to join them down there? Could be fun?"

I didn't reply, instead I continued to watch as Samantha undressed one of the men and pushed him onto his back. She then crawled over him until her breasts hung over his face. I glanced at Catherine; an intense heat started to flow through my body. Catherine nudged me and pointed. One of the men came and stood in front of Samantha while the other man sucked on her breasts. The man standing bent his knees, bringing his cock level with Samantha's face. I watched, along with her mother, as he thrust his cock towards her face, and she took it in one hand before guiding it into her mouth.

"Let's go for a swim and leave them to it." Catherine murmured.

I was trying to figure out what was going on when she grabbed my hand and, before I could protest, pulled me into the water. As I surfaced, Catherine sprung up in front of me. "Better take that dress off, don't want it getting ruined." She giggled.

She spun me round, so I had my back to her, and pushed the dress off my shoulders. It was very tight as it clung to my wet skin. She brought her hands round to the front of the dress and slipped it off, her fingers brushing against my breasts. Aroused by her actions, I tipped my head back slightly and let out a soft moan.

I noticed my bare breasts were just within her grasp, and my heart started to race as I wanted her to wrap her fingers round them. I had never been this intimate with a woman before. I had never even wanted to be touched by another woman before, until now.

Those few motionless moments brought intense pleasure as I eagerly waited to see what she would do. Then, I watched as her hands moved towards me, and grabbed my breasts gently. The knot of excitement tightened further in my stomach as she caressed, massaged and groped my soft flesh.

I then turned round to face Catherine, she looked straight at me, her lips parted, her shoulders right out of the water so that her breasts were in full view. My nipples hardened as I realised I was now aching to touch her. She floated closer towards me and took my breasts back into her hands. I slid my own hand over her body before cupping her swollen breasts with my tiny hands. Catherine pinched my nipples between her forefinger and thumb, teasing each sensitive bud. My back arched, lifting my breasts out of the water, and I squeezed harder on Catherine's breasts.

Then, I felt her lips brush against my mouth, tickling my lips with the tip of her tongue. My lips opened and welcomed her wet tongue. Bolts of electricity shot through my body as we kissed and our breasts squashed together.

Suddenly, there was a big splash and Catherine pulled away from me. As I opened my eyes and turned towards the splash, I saw Paul, naked, swimming towards us.

"Do you mind? You're interrupting." Catherine hissed.

"Where's Samantha?" he asked.

"We last saw her down on the beach, entertaining your two friends." She replied.

I glanced round the pool, and saw several guests watching our little show. Paul swam up behind me, and I watched Catherine's eyes light up. Under the cover of the water, Catherine edged her hand towards my pussy; sliding my panties to the side she parted my soft shaven lips with her fingers.

"I'll have trouble deciding who I should have first," Paul chuckled. "Both of you have such beautiful, juicy round tits."

Moans and groans echoed round the pool as the other guests gathered closer to see what was happening, and then one of the men quickly stripped off and jumped into the water. He swam up beside Catherine, pushed me aside, and snaked his hands up over her breasts, squeezing them hard together, pushing them out of the water. Everyone watched her nipples harden like bullets.

I felt excitement and pleasure like never before, I wanted to finish what Catherine had started. I quickly pulled her back towards me, leaned over her stomach and nuzzled up until my lips touched the curve of her breasts. I hungrily took one of her nipples into my mouth, and sucked hard on it.

Applause erupted around the pool as I realised that I had been groping Catherine's pussy while I licked her breasts. My fingers tightened their grasp as Catherine started to thrash about in the water. Her obvious arousal encouraged me to suck her nipple harder, and to ram my fingers further up inside her soaking wet pussy while I groaned with satisfaction.

Then, suddenly, Catherine came, unmistakeably, moaning loudly. Strong spasms tightened and loosened round my fingers as I continued to probe deeper between her legs.

Catherine and I didn't have much time to enjoy our moment together as Paul and the other man started pulling us both through the water. The shallower the water became the more of our bodies were exposed, and everybody round the pool started clapping. Paul's impressive cock shot to the surface like a rocket, and banged against my face.

Paul cradled my head carefully and, standing to the side of me, pushed the swollen tip of his cock against my lips. For a moment I froze, gripped by fear and pleasure, then my mouth opened slowly. It felt as if someone or something was controlling my body as my tongue came out and welcomed his large, stiff cock into my mouth. As it began stretching my lips I started to draw and pull on his length, my cheeks caved in with the urgency of my sucking.

Catherine was pulled away by the other man as he stepped in between her legs. His cock was hard and ready as he pushed it under the water and, without any hesitation, rammed it into her pussy. I sucked on Pauls throbbing cock while I watched the other mans buttocks clenching as he fucked Catherine hard.

Keeping his cock buried deep inside my mouth, Paul brought his hands down over my stomach and between my legs. He spread my pussy lips apart and roughly rubbed my sensitive clit as it throbbed under the water. My eyes were wide open, focusing on Catherine and the cock fucking my face as I slowly started to lose control.

My body grew weak as I responded to Paul's brutal stimulation. Sensing my weakness, Paul quickly withdrew his cock from my mouth and tilted me forwards. Losing my balance, I reached forward and grabbed the hips of the man fucking Catherine.

Everything seemed to happen so quickly. Paul grabbed my arse cheeks for his own balance and then slammed his cock hard into me from behind. I was wet and ready as his length stretched my sensitive insides and buried itself deep inside me. My body started to rock violently back and forth as Paul thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside my shaking body.

I watched as Catherine opened her mouth and moaned loudly. Her eyes closed as she continued to moan, grasping the shoulders of the guy fucking her as he clenched his buttocks one last time and unloaded his hot cum into her willing cunt. It was this display of intense pleasure that brought on my own powerful climax.

As my pussy convulsed around Pauls fat cock, he growled behind me and lifted me out of the water with one final thrust of his cock. His cock was buried so far inside my body that I felt the tip of his cock twitching inside my womb as he filled me with cum.

I suddenly remembered our audience as laughter, followed by clapping, broke out around the pool. Catherine grabbed me, with groping hands, and pulled me to the edge of the pool as the other guests started tearing their clothes off and jumping into the warm water.

"Sophie, that was beautiful. I wish we could have been alone." Catherine murmured, putting her arm round my waist and pulling me closer. "Why do men always think that women can't be satisfied without a cock?" She continued.

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact that deep down your all filthy whores, gagging to be fucked silly." Another man's voice chipped in.

Catherine's face quickly turned to horror as she looked at the man who had just joined us.

"Sophie, this is Terry, Paul's boss." She said. He looked down at my breasts and smiled before he roughly pulled Catherine by her hair and pinned her up against the pool edge.

"You're all filthy whores," he chuckled, turning his head towards me and smiling. "Especially this one, she loves it anyway she can get it. Isn't that right my dear Catherine? The rougher the better."

"Fuck you Terry!" she spat.

Terry swept one rough hand down to her breasts and squeezed hard. "Get inside the house -- now." He ordered, before hoisting himself out of the water.

"Don't go with him. Stay with me." I pleaded quietly.

Catherine smiled and kissed me gently on the lips. My body longed for her touch, and then she pushed her tongue between my lips, into my welcoming mouth. I closed my eyes, blocking out all that was going on around me, and savoured the sweet taste of her tongue.

"You don't understand, Sophie," she said, slowly breaking the kiss. "I have to go with him."

Catherine hugged me tightly then let go. She climbed out of the water and walked towards the house, completely naked. I opened my mouth to call after her, but nothing came out.

I pulled myself out of the water and grabbed a towel from one of the nearby sun loungers. I glanced round the pool, wondering once again what kind of party I had been invited too. There were now naked bodies everywhere, male and female, touching, groping and penetrating each other.

"Hey, Sophie, are you having a good time?" Samantha asked, suddenly appearing from nowhere.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about what happens at these parties. But I knew that if I did, you wouldn't have come."

"But don't you think I had the right to know?" I said.

"I know, and I'm sorry." She replied.

"Anyway, that doesn't concern me right now, Sam. What does concern me is the fact that you invited me in the first place. What kind of party is this?" I asked, sounding annoyed.

"Calm down for a moment and listen." she said, almost whispering. "My mother and father have been struggling with the business since the recession hit last year. I don't know when it first happened, but my mother used herself to seal some sort of deal, and since then it's become a way of life."

"I don't want to know about your parents seedy dealings, why did you invite me?" I persisted.

"I didn't know it was going to turn out like this, honestly I didn't. I asked you to come because I didn't know any of the guests." She replied, looking as though she felt guilty.

"I don't believe you, Sam; I saw the way you were with those two men, and in front of your parents." I said, as if lecturing her.

"Oh, come on, Sophie, you looked to be enjoying yourself in that pool a moment ago, and with my parents I might add." Samantha fired back. "I don't see you rushing to leave either."

I had no reply to her comment, she was right; I did enjoy it, until her father rudely interrupted. "Forget it, it's too late now. Do you have somewhere I can shower and dry my dress please?" I asked.

"Of course, just go up the stairs and turn left. That's my bedroom. Feel free to try any of my clothes on if you need to." She said, before jumping into the pool.

I managed to find Samantha's room without being hauled into one of the mini-orgies that were just getting started round the pool. I decided that I would quickly shower, dry my dress and get the hell away from this house. But then I felt a sudden emptiness inside me as I turned on the shower and stood for a moment, thoughts of my experience with Catherine entered my head. Was I a lesbian? At the very least I must be Bisexual, I thought.

I tried to shake the image from my head as I dropped my towel and stepped into the shower. I stood with my hands against the wall and my head directly under the spout, taking comfort from the hot water as it rained down onto my body.

Then, suddenly, a man was right there, cramming himself in behind me. I couldn't see his face, but his tall muscular frame filled the shower cubicle and he started to run his hands up and down my sides. I remained perfectly still, shocked by the sudden intrusion as his hands made their way over my stomach and up to my breasts. His soft moans tickled the back of my neck as his gentle caressing turned rougher and harder.

"Don't bother struggling, just relax and enjoy the ride." A mystery voice said.

My pussy quickly responded as he started to roll my nipples with his fingers. The pleasure he gave me was short, but long enough to seduce me as he spun me round to face him and pushed me down to my knees. I couldn't get a good look at him through the steam, to see if I recognised him, but that no longer mattered as I took his rock hard cock into my hands. I watched it quiver and rise, until it had stretched to its full size. His head rolled back against the shower wall as he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them hard. His cock felt strong and powerful as my tiny fingers gripped it tightly and started stroking, moving my hands harder and faster up and down his solid length.

His hands stretched out helplessly and grabbed my shoulders before he pulled me right into him. His cock jammed between my breasts, so I let go of him and pushed my breasts tightly together, squashing his cock between them. My nipples tingled and my stomach tightened as he started to fuck my cleavage.

He began to shudder, and his hands clenched down harder on my shoulders, and then, just as I thought he was about to cover me with his cum, he took my hands and forced me to stop. He roughly pulled me to my feet, spun me round to face the wall, and pressed himself up behind me. He then lifted one of my legs and cupped one of his large hands under my soaking wet pussy. He parted my swollen lips and slid his fingers inside me; the hot water ran down my body and mingled with my sticky juices.

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