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I am new to Literotica. I used to write sporadically and this is my first attempt in about a year. Be gentle with me, but please let me know how I can improve my skills.

When I pull up to the club, I can see that it is packed. The line is starting to snake around to the corner. I pull up to the valet stop, patiently waiting for the young new boy to get to my car. He is drooling over a deep red convertible something-or-other that has the doors that go up instead of out. Some people are such showboats, I think to myself as I check my make-up in the visor mirror.

I can see that my make up is flawless. I am trying out a new lipstick in blood red crimson that is supposed to not smudge or dry up for 12 hours. I just put it on an hour ago, so it still has the new shine look to it. My lips, already full and pouty, positively drip sensuality with this color on. I chose to accent my eyes as well, and the black mascara and eyeliner make my dark eyes look exotic and mysterious. My high cheekbones, with just a dusting of blush, give me the look of sophistication. I went earlier today to get my short 'do lined up with clippers, and it looks very sexy and different. And to set it all off, my two carat diamonds sparkle in my ears, a present from one of my present admirers. All in all, one hot mamma.

The valet finally starts to head my way. I really must talk to the manager about getting more workers out here. When the dark haired Adonis bothered to check who he would be helping out, he started straightening up his clothes and smoothed back his hair. I can see he put on his very best 'come hither' smile as he opened up my door.

"Good evenings, ma'am," he crooned softly to me as he looked me up and down. My black dress, what there was of it, was draped lovingly over the ultra-full curves of my natural 36 K breasts. Because the front slit came to below my navel, showing off my diamond navel ring, and there was no back, my breasts were unhindered by a bra. Only because I have wonderful pecs and the dress had a bit of Lycra material did my breasts still look as if they were standing at complete attention. As I slid my legs out, he was treated with a very full view of my full mocha thighs. When I moved just a smidgen more, I could tell that he saw a peep of my sparkling clit ring because the way his jaw dropped a little. My muscular calves were encased in black patent leather strips that tied behind each knee. The patent leather black 6 inch heels were a new acquisition, from another admirer who had a serious love for women's feet and anything remotely PVC. As I stood, I saw that I was eye to eye, to this yummy babycake of a valet. Maybe I won't say anything to management about the valets. He is just too sexy. As he slid into my silver Jaguar, I could see him drinking in the view of the back of my dress barely covering my bottom. The top of the back started right at the crevice of my butt cheeks and the hem stopped right below the juicy fullness of my backcheeks. I definitely gave a new definition of bootilicious. I waved the tips of my fingers at him as I headed to the door.

I could hear the groans of protests from the women and the frantic whispers of the men in line. The women wanted to know how why they were still waiting and I got to waltz right in. The men wanted to know if anyone knew who I was. I chuckled to myself and the bouncer laughed along with me. We looked each other in the eye with understanding. This scene happened everytime I showed up to the club, without fail.

Once my eyes adjusted to the candlelit atmosphere, I could see the band on stage, grooving together. Like a well-oiled machine, they could feel each other's nuances and changes almost before they happened. I started doing a slow salsa in time with the music as I made my way to the bar.

"Hey, Armstrong," I smiled at the bartender. "Gimme one Amaretto Sour and then I am on cola for the rest of the night, no matter what anyone else orders for me, okay?" Armstrong, the prettiest girl who likes girls that I know, gave me the thumbs up and sashayed over to glasses. I checked out her behind in her tight-fitting black slacks with the white blouse tucked in, ever so neat. If I were ever to be into girls, this shapely vixen would have been the one. With her hair faded like a man's, we share the same haircut. Unlike me with my feminine ways, Armstrong always looked like a hard-core dominatrix. And the way she barks at the male clientele and they eat it up, if she ever did it for money, she would make a killing.

As she sat my drink in front on me, she motioned with her head to the side. "You should see the new guy they have running this place. The women are all over him." I looked over and there was the guy who got out of the flashy red car thing before the valet parked me.

I turned my nose up and replied,"I am sure he will run through the women pretty quickly. He has a car that says 'Fuck Me' all over it."

Armstrong laughed her deep throaty laugh. I got tingly between my legs and my nipples started to get erect, but I did my best to not notice them. "That is a model of a new car that they haven't yet released. I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it is quite impressive." She glanced over at him with longing in her eyes. "I don't like men, but him, I would let him slide in and out of any of my holes any day he wanted." I looked at her like she had just grown another head and she giggled like a school girl and blew me a kiss as she went off to help another patron.

Wow, this guy must be some looker, I thought to myself. Never have I heard Armstrong talk about a guy in sexual terms. I casually look around, trying not to look like I am looking for someone who would turn her head. I can't see anyone that would do it for her like that. Then out of my peripheral, I see a goggle of females surrounding a tall, well-built man who looks like he is apart from the melee going on around him. I can see the women are touching his arm, his side, trying to claim his attention for their own. His eyes seem to be boring into me, making me want to go closer and be like the rest of the women and curl myself around him. I shake that off. That shit ain't my style. I purposely turn and look back at the band.

I see my lover in the back, making love to the xylophone. I love the way the music is flowing over me and my man, tall and dark and sexy as hell, is providing the steady undercurrent for everyone else to ride the beat. I see his dreads moving back and forth, swaying rhythmically around him. He looks so intense that for a moment, I don't think he even knows I have arrived. The he looks up at me and smiles and I know he is happy I finally showed up. I can see how the black silk of his pants and shirt are flowing together. It makes me think back to when he took me to his home in Puerto Rico and the wind always made his silks ripple in the wind. I love that about him. I blow him a kiss and look around to find a seat so I can enjoy the show.

The only seating that is open at the moment is the VIP balcony. I usually like it up there because it is quiet and smoke free. I can see the band and lay back on one of the plush couches and let the music wash over me. Tonight, I am not really feeling the VIP thang. My dress is bumping and I can tell from the vibe of the people that tonight will be a night where things start jumping. I love it when that happens. Oh well, I think as I climb curved iron staircase, I can at least see when a table opens up.

There is a leopard print overstuffed couch right next to the iron balustrade that overlooks the dance floor and stage. I make myself comfortable, cradling my drink in my hands absently. I start to relax, everything around me familiar and comforting. I lay my head back and close my eyes, letting the latin-edged jazz wash over me. Suddenly, I am not alone. I haven't heard anyone come up the stairs, and I can hear no one making conversation or breathing, but I feel their presence. The person is behind me. I can smell their Cartier cologne wafting into my space, caressing my olfactory glands. The person is waiting for me to open my eyes and acknowledge them. I can tell that because of their still silence. I act as if nothing around me has changed. I am the center of my universe. I don't react just because someone wants me to do so.

With a fluid movement, the person behind me comes around and slides next to me on the couch. "Hola senorita." His voice scrapes over my skin, leaving it aware and alert. I smile but don't bother to open my eyes or respond. I figure if I am quiet, he will get the hint and go away. "If you want me to go away, I will, mi bonita. But, before I go, would you please honor me with just one dance? I would hate to miss an opportunity to feel a lush body such as yours responding to me."

I just have to see who is this suave and persistent. Most guys just walk away because they don't like the ice princess rejection that I give. I see it is the guy that Armstrong pointed out at the bar. "Hola papi. Thank you for the offer, but no thank you. I am just here to turn a head or two and sit here and be pretty." He smiles and kisses my hand.

"And pretty you definitely are. Muy guapa. At least let me buy you one drink." He flashes a million dollar smile my way. "By the way, me llama es Jorge."

"Hola Jorge. Everyone calls me Jai." We smile at each other, digging the other one's vibe. I grab his hand. "Let's go get that drink."

As Jorge descends the stairs, I watch the sway of his buttocks encased in his midnight blue tight tailored slacks. I get so entranced that I miss almost miss a step and have to grab hold of the handrail. He turns as I am getting my bearings and gets a full view of my sex, newly shaved, with my clit ring shining out at him. Jorge grabs my full hips and pulls my sex close to his face. The stairs are so far spaced that I am only a few stairs above him, but he is now right at pussy level. I can hear him smelling my essence and it makes me start to get wet. His fingers slowly slid up my dress from the back, and I could feel the calluses on his hands scrape against my bare ass. As he let his hands slide back down, his fingernails dug gently into me. It was so erotic that I started getting goosebumps all over my arms and on my ass.

My vulva feels hot and swollen and he hasn't even touched near there yet. His hands lift my skirt and he takes his well-manicured fingers and pries my lower lips apart. Instantly, his mouth is on my clit, sucking it as if it were a miniature dick. I have to grab his head in order not to fall. There is no build up, no starting point, only instantaneous coming all over his face. I think I am going to fall and then he slips a finger into my asshole. I can't even scream, the feeling is so intense. I run my fingers through his midnight black hair. It feels silky and cool in my hands, so different from the heat of our bodies. Jorge keeps sucking me until he feels me go limp against him, my ass milking his fingers. He slowly pulls them out of me and gives one final lick to my engorged clit.

He grabs my hand and leads me down the stairs. "Come mi amor. Baile conmigo. Dance with me." I can't fight him. I want to follow him to the ends of the earth. A fantastic cum on the tongue of a beautiful man can provide the lens for a nice pair of rose colored glasses.

The band is playing a sexy ballad and everyone is dancing close and grinding. The whole club seemed to be sexually charged now. I can see fingers stroking interesting places in the couples around us. Jorge pulls me close and does not try to camouflage his fingers stroking my clit. My clit ring is turned just a bit by his stroking, making the little ball on the ring press into me, giving me even more pleasure. My knees were about to buckle when Jorge maneuvered me until I was up against the wall by the band.

I can see my man looking at me, transfixed by what is going on. The other band members are watching as well, waiting to see what would happen next. Jorge roughly pulls up my skirt and unzips his slacks. Before I know it, Jorge is inside of me. He is so thick, that my pussy lips feel stretched and overextended. I look my man in the eye as Jorge starts to steadily fuck me up against the wall. He is playing with my nipples roughly and murmuring to me in Spanish. My sex starts to gush on him. My mouth forms a perfect O as he slides his fingers back into my ass.

"And now the band will take a 15 minute break." Teddy, the lead singer, announces at the set comes to an end. The DJ booth starts to spin preselected music as the band leaves the stage. My man comes up right to where Jorge is still impaling me with his stiff thick cock. I can feel him reach behind me and hold my ass open even more for Jorge's fingers. He is standing to the side of me with his hands under my ass.

"You should fuck her harder, amigo. She has much cum to give." My man whispers it to Jorge, who is thrown off his stroke for a moment. My man takes that moment to move Jorge's hand from the breast closes to him and start to suck the nipple through the cloth. "Fuck her harder. Make my baby's pussy swollen." Jorge can hardly believe what he is hearing but I can feel him getting harder inside of me. He starts to fuck me so hard that I am being slammed into the wall. If I could die from cumming, I would right now. Oh how good his dick feels stroking in and out of my ultrawet quim.

Jorge pulls out of me and leads me over to the edge of the stage. He sat down and pulled me on top of him, making my back door stretch impossibly wide as he tore into my ass. People on the dance floor stopped to watch us, some starting to join in and openly stroke each other. You can hear moans coming from different areas of the room and sex smell is permeating in the air.

Armstrong has left her position behind the bar to get a close up view. My man is stroking himself while he is watching us and smiles as she comes up. "Armstrong, I know you have been wanting my baby's pussy. Looks like today is the day you can have your taste, bonita. Let me see my baby's pussy cum all over your face."

My man took Armstrong's head and pushed her into my open vulva. I thought Armstrong would turn and deck him, but she was so intoxicated with the smell of hot sex that she had no other thought than sucking my clit. I had never had a woman lick me, so I was unprepared for the gentle licks that Armstrong was giving to me. The feeling of my ass burning from being used so roughly by the still hard stroking Jorge and the delicate feather touch of Armstrong was too much. I started to scream through an orgasm as it ripped through me.

My ass clamped down on Jorge with a vice-like grip and he started swearing in Spanish as his thick rod pumped load after load into my ass. I came so hard that my pussy started squirting out clear girl cum. Armstrong squealed in delight as it hit her cheek. She rushed to clamp her mouth over my inner lips so she could swallow every single drop.

My man, so sexy and tall, with lust-filled eyes pulled me from between my two new lovers. He kisses me hard and I can feel his enormous hard on through the silk of his pants. "Baby, you know I am going to fuck you right now. I am going to fuck you hard." He throws me over his shoulder and carries me to the closest barstool. He roughly throws my legs up over his shoulders as he towers over me. My sex is open and waiting for him. I can feel my pussy drooling on the barstool as if it can't wait for my man to feed his dick deep inside me.

He pinches my nipples roughly as he slams into me over and over again. I start to cry as I come for him. I am begging over and over again for him to fuck me even harder. I want to feel him in my spine. He obliges me and continues to manhandle me, sweat pouring off of us, the feeling getting even more intense.

I look around him and I see Armstrong sucking Jorge's huge member. Instantaneously I am coming again. Seeing her licking the cock that I just had in my ass after she licked my clit is too much for me to take. As my sex is bubbling over with my cum, my man bites my neck and tells me that I am not done yet. I still need to cum yet again on his tool. I can tell the feeling of my inner lips milking him is driving him like wild animal.

Armstrong sits down on Jorge, facing us from across the room. She is watching us as she slides up and down Jorge's cock. It is so big that I can tell that it is hurting her. She has never been with a man before. But, rising to the occasion, Armstrong starts to diddle her clitty and as she gushes on him, Jorge pumps into her for all he is worth.

I look around the club and everyone is engaged in some sort of kinky sex play. I see fingers in asses, women licking women as they are both getting screwed by guys, even one man taking another man's cherry as he is doing a woman in the ass. I look up at my baby, so tall and sexy, dreads hanging into my face, sweat dripping off his forehead onto my cleavage and say,"Do you really have to do the next set? I feel the need to go home and have you come in my ass over and over again. I want you to use those new nipple clips that you have been hiding from me as we do it."

My man smiles and slaps my ass and says, "Baby, I don't think there will be another set. But, I really want to see you tongue Armstrong while I take you from the back." I can't wait to taste her...

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